tagLoving WivesThe Tattoo Parlor Visit Ch. 02

The Tattoo Parlor Visit Ch. 02


Felix had called me on my cell phone about a message I had left him at his studio. His voice sounded so sexy it got my juices going so I decided it was time for another trip to his place. Thinking I'd use my new tattoo ideas as an excuse I walked into his studio to find several people talking behind the front desk. Saying hello to everyone as I walked towards them I saw Felix wasn't there. I glanced up to see if the door to his studio was open and it wasn't. "Damn!" I chatted with some of the other employees for a bit and then casually asked if Felix was out. They said he was upstairs but with a client. Just then the door opened and Felix appeared along with his client. They came down the stairs, finished their business and the client left. I greeted Felix and asked if he was expecting anyone else soon. He said that was it for the afternoon but he had someone coming it late that evening. I asked his if he minded going over my ideas for my new tattoo and he gestured towards the stairs.

Walking up the stairs with him behind me I could feel my panties getting wetter by the minute. I knew he was staring at my ass. We entered his studio and he closed the door behind us. I asked him how he was doing and he grinned at me as he replied "fine now". I could only imagine what was going through his mind. I know what was going through mine. He sat down on his stool and asked me my ideas on my new tattoo. To show him I placed my right foot on his thigh and leaned over to explain how I wanted it to spiral around my leg starting at my ankle and moving upward. All he saw was my very ample cleavage. He placed his hand on my calf to hold me steady and looked up into my eyes. I found myself lost in those deep dark eyes of his. He ran his hand up and down my calf as I tried to explain what exactly I wanted but I was having trouble getting the words out. He chucked a bit and said not to worry; he had some ideas of his own.

He gently lifted my foot off his thigh and pulled me onto his lap. Wrapping my arms around his neck he pulled me into a deep kiss. My panties were soaked. I asked him about how much this tattoo would cost and he said not to worry about it. He asked me how my nipple ring was doing and to show him I put his hand to my breast. He gently squeezed my breast and I nibbled on his neck. He tasted yummy. I told him I planned on getting the other nipple pierced soon and asked him what he thought of that. He kind of chuckled and said that sounded like a good idea. "Then I'd have a matched set" I told him. All the time we are talking he's playing with my left breast and running his other hand up and down my back. If I were to get any wetter would have left a puddle on the floor.

That was when I noticed his hardening cock pressing against my pussy. He stood up slowly pulling me with him. As I wrapped both arms around his neck and we shared another very deep kiss he let out a little moan. Neither of us could take much more of this. I pulled my arms from around his neck and walked over to lock the door. Turning back to him I pulled my shirt off over my head and he did the same. "MMM", more nice tattoos I had never seen before. Walking over to him in just my panties, shorts and bra I ran my hands across the warm dark skin of his chest, raking my long nails across his nipples. He pulled me towards him and while kissing me starting tugging my shorts down over my hips. As they landed on the floor I kicked them off with my feet and started undoing his pants.

As there were people downstairs, we tried to be quiet as I finished taking his pants off. He was commando! There he stood in front of me in all his glory, and what glory! He was beautiful, with his dark warm skin, little grin on his face, and his very thick dark cock jutting towards me. I fell into his arms and yet another hot wet kiss. Even though he wasn't my husband, I just couldn't get enough of this man. He reached around me and unhooked my bra, gently pulling it off me. Cupping both of my breasts he ran his thumbs over my nipples making them even harder. All that was left was to remove my damp panties; which came off very quickly.

We were all over each other like two animals in heat. He ran his hands all over my body, his fingers feeling the wetness he caused between my legs. Looking into each others eyes, all we saw was lust. Groping each other we landed with a thud on his leather tattooing chair. He stood up and gently pushed me back onto the chair so that I was reclining. Opening my legs, he went down, on me. Oh what that man can do with his tongue! I reached an orgasm so fast it surprised both of us.

Looking up at him with a dazed expression I told him "Fuck me; now!" "What about your husband" he asked? "I need you inside of me Felix" is all I said. He was only too happy to oblige. "Hard and fast baby" managed to escape from my lips. His thick, hard cock entered me swiftly and I was in heaven. It was the first time someone other than my husband had ever been in me and it felt good, very good. He slammed into me over and over so hard I thought I'd fall off the tattoo chair. He kept thrusting his thick, hard cock into my wet pussy. Soon, I could feel another orgasm approaching. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more I could feel his rhythm change and I knew he was close to cumming. "Please cum inside me Felix" I moaned. We both let out shouts; climaxing together. My hands reached around and my long nails dug into his ass, as I pulled him as deep into me as I could.

We clutched at each other as the waves subsided, both of us shaking from the intensity of it. I could still taste a bit of my juices on his lips as he kissed me. Gently he pulled away from me. I could see his semi-hard cock glazed with our juices. He looked down into my eyes and told me I was beautiful. I grinned up at him and told him he was beautiful too. It was then we both heard the people talking downstairs and we started laughing. We quickly got dressed and tried to look presentable. I asked him when he could do the tattoo and he said soon, very soon. He said not to worry about the price; it was already paid for, in full.

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