tagIncest/TabooThe Taylor Family Ch. 02

The Taylor Family Ch. 02


Author's Note: Be warned that if you're looking for a steamy sex story, this is not it. This part is more about setting the stage for it, you understand. You'll have to wait for chapter three before my little family starts hopping into bed with each other, but I'll eventually get mom, dad, and both daughters involved in the incest.


The Taylor sisters had risen late this Saturday morning of course, but with no school to attend or appointments to keep that was perfectly acceptable.

After the bizarre events that had taken place the day before, the two teenagers had made plans to spend this day together in the hopes of getting things back to normal between them. To that end, they were going to visit the shopping mall and see what there was to do there when you don't have a whole lot of cash.

If this day was supposed to be all about proving what a normal pair of siblings these girls really were though, it had not gotten off to a very promising start.

Both Kristen and Ruth had carefully prepared for this day as if they were going out on the most important date of their young lives. They had bathed themselves and styled their hair, applied some make-up and dabbed on a little perfume. Only when it came to dress did the girls manage to hold back, resisting the temptation to dress up in favor of keeping to casual slacks, T-shirts, jackets, and sneakers.

The young women were so preoccupied with getting ready and convincing themselves that this was not actually a date that neither of them noticed that they were being keenly watched. While their dad paid little attention to them, still all but hidden behind his morning newspaper, their mom could not keep her eyes off them. Whenever one or the other of her little girls happened to pass by, her eyes would track them like the head of a sunflower follows the sun.

Once all had been prepared, the two girls borrowed their mother's little two door coupe and took off for the mall, leaving behind them an obsessing mother and an oblivious father.

Ann Taylor followed her daughter's as far as the door to the garage and watched in silence from the window as they sped off together.

Given the scene she had stumbled onto that morning, it was probably natural that she would be a little worried about what might be happening between those two girls, but the way she'd responded to her discovery proved that she just wasn't thinking like a concerned parent should.

She could not help but recall the vision of what had been in Ruth's bed this morning - the image had been playing and replaying vividly before her mind's eye all day now. The fact that both girls were still dressed in their nightshirts suggested that things might not have progressed very far yet between them, but the intimacy of their pose was unmistakable and unforgettable. What was going on between those two?! Was it really possible that they might have violated the ancient taboo against incest?

Meanwhile, why wasn't she at least a little upset over the notion they maybe they had? She was their mother! She had given birth to both of those girls and it was her responsibility to see that they were raised to be decent and upstanding citizens of the human community! What did it say about her that she was instead drooling over fantasies of the two of them making love to each other and feeling a little faint over the idea of somehow getting her girls to let her join in the perverse fun?

Ann had been making her way back to the living room and her husband when that last thought made her freeze in her tracks.

Join in? A threesome with her two daughters? Lesbian incest? Oh, my . . .

Without even thinking about it, she changed direction and went dashing for the bathroom to play with herself again. Though she had told herself that she was just putting on some sweat pants and an old T-shirt today because they were so comfortable and because they weren't expecting any visitors today, she would soon realize that it had really been because it gave her such quick and convenient access to her most intimate places.

Places that were on fire this morning and surely would be all day.

With only a locked door to hide her shame from her spouse, she shoved down her sweats and her panties and took a sat herself down on the toilet seat to get to work. She had used her fingers to do this earlier when she first spied the two teens in what could only be described as a lover's embrace, but this time she thought to grab up a little wash cloth and rub it between her legs and the rough texture against her most sensitive parts sent her straight into orbit.

Breathing hard and dripping with sweat as she came back to herself in the aftermath, the entire bathroom reeking of the smell of sex, Ann reflected that she was going to wear herself out if she spent the entire day running off to masturbate every few minutes. Given that they were now all alone in the house, perhaps if she could talk her husband Roger into playing with her, it would distract her from these weird thoughts about her children for a while?

It might have worked, but it was not to be.

Somehow, the notion of going to bed with her own husband just wasn't very appealing after the taboo busting fantasy she had just enjoyed.

* * *

Sitting in one of the plastic chairs in the mall's one and only shoe store, Kristen held up one foot to have a better look at the adorable little pump she was trying on.

"Isn't it cute?!" she gushed. "Isn't it too die for?!"

Still kneeling on the carpet where she had helped her sister put the shoe on, Ruth could only roll her eyes. Fashion was just one of the many stereotypical girly pursuits that a tomboy like her just could not fathom. What was the point of a fragile little thing like that when you could do so much more with a sturdy pair of sneakers? For goodness sakes, they fit her foot so snugly that Kristen had not even been able to get the shoe on all by herself.

"Yes, Kris," she answered dryly, "but if it was any tighter you would probably end up losing that foot."

"Oh, stop it. These things are always tight at first. It'll loosen up once it's broken in."

"But how can you get them broken in," Ruth scoffed, "if you can't even walk in the stupid things?"

The best way to respond to that, Kristen decided, was to prove her wrong. She put her foot back down firmly, hoping that her sister didn't notice the little wince of pain when she did so, and rose to her feet. Steeling herself to hide any trace of discomfort, determined to not let even one whimper of pain escape her lips, she resolutely marched across the store and then back to the other girl.

It was a brave effort to be sure, but it was spoiled when she was all but hopping by the time she returned, crying, "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow . . ."

There was a distinct I-told-you-so gleam shining in Ruth's eyes, but for once in her life she managed to not say it out loud. Instead, she deftly guided her sister back into the uncomfortable chair and launched an attack on that shoe, hoping to get it off before any real damage was done. The deep sigh of relief that Kristen let out when it came off was very eloquent and Ruth could not resist a little chuckle at the other girl's expense.

"Well, maybe those were a little tight," Kristen sheepishly conceded. She would normally have added something more - something about how her judgement in shoes was usually better and how this one unfortunate incident really should not be held against her - but her train of thought was derailed when she noticed what her sister was up to.

"Um, Ruthie? What are you doing . . .?"

"Nothing," Ruth replied casually, not looking up from what she was working on. "Just making sure that stupid shoe didn't hurt your foot."

In fact, what the younger girl was doing was cradling her sore foot in her lap, using both hands to tenderly stroke and firmly knead the exposed flesh.

Kristen had to admit it was the finest foot massage she had ever had, but it was more than just unusual for her sister to be giving it to her. In normal times, it seemed like the only time these two girls ever touched each other was during their wrestling matches. An exercise into intimacy like this was completely unknown to them. After the weirdness of the previous day, this was starting to set off alarm bells in the elder girl's mind, but it felt so very nice that she found it disturbingly easy to drown out that noise.

"Thank you," she breathed at length, biting her bottom lip. "That feels . . . really good."

Ruth heard the tone of her voice and could not help but look up into her eyes for a long moment, getting a little lost in their warm depths. She saw something in there that made her rejoice, but also knew it was something that she did not dare acknowledge right now.

"I'm glad you're . . . enjoying it."

* * *

Surrounded by the infernal machines - their screens flashing brilliant and hypnotizing colors, their speakers blaring tinny music and disturbing sound effects - Kristen just knew that she was going to get a migraine.

At least for her, the unpleasantness of this place was only heightened by how the video game arcade had been designed. The entrance had been sculpted to look something like a cave entrance, a huge sign overhead proclaiming this to be "The Gold Mine." Kristen didn't need to be told that the only people this place was a gold mine for was whoever was raking in the profits from all of the kids who were spending what little money that had here. In any case, the underground theme had been duly carried over in the dimly lit interior what with the walls being made to look like rough stone and the few pillars holding the ceiling up being made to look like unfinished timber beams.

The result, at least so far as Kristen was concerned, was a claustrophobic atmosphere, the noise echoing oddly and the glowing screens seeming even more brilliant and dazzling, Under normal circumstances, she would not have come within ten yards of this place.

Kristen had never really been able to grasp the appeal of video games somehow, but having just dragged her sister into a shoe store and made her endure just over an hour of oohing and aahing over shoes, she just hadn't been able to talk herself into refusing when her little sister insisted on stopping here.

Ruth quite clearly did not share her big sister's discomfort with these surroundings and this was probably her destination of choice whenever she had some money burning a hole in her pocket and could score a ride. She had certainly known exactly where to find the machines she wanted and her game play was good enough to suggest that she'd had plenty of practice.

The girl had wanted to share this experience with her and had begged her big sister to plug in some money and play the games with her, but it was taking all of Kristen's will power just to keep her in this place and she felt no need to waste what little cash she had. Ruth had looked a little hurt that she wouldn't want to share this with her, but Kristen was sure she'd get over it.

So, instead of trying her own hand at one of these pointless games, she merely stood at her sister's shoulder - trying to block out the distracting lights so that she could see what Ruth was doing in the game, trying to tune out the cacophony of noise so that she could hear as the younger girl excitedly described what was happening.

As a matter of fact, Kristen had edged in awfully close to her little sister and it was not just so that she could hear her better.

The fragrance she detected rising from Ruth was intoxicating and it drew her in closer and closer so that she could breathe it in more deeply. Kristen knew perfectly well that her sister hardly ever wore perfume and the thought that she had put some on just for her was making her belly do some interesting flip flops.

The game came to it's inevitable end when her character was killed and Ruth finally thought better of feeding this machine any more money. Letting her hands drop away from the controls at last after immortalizing her name as one of this video game's top scorers, the young woman took a step back and was a little surprised when she ran into Kristen.

Ruth had been so distracted by what was going on in the world of artificial reality that she had not noticed just how close her big sister was standing to her. In times past there would have been a mumbled apology or perhaps a "Watch where you're going!" but not today. This time, Ruth was perfectly happy to lean back into her sister and enjoy this moment of closeness, of almost embrace.

Judging from the sigh she heard behind her, Ruth knew that Kristen didn't have any problems with it either.

It was so easy to forget that they were in a public arcade, surrounded not just by machines but also by other people. Ruth found it hard to keep herself from reaching back to grasp the other girl's hand and Kristen was just thinking about how easy it would be to slip her arms snugly around her sister's waist.

"Ruth! I didn't know you were in here!"

The sudden cry startled both the girls and they jumped apart as if they'd just gotten caught doing . . . well, doing what they had done yesterday. Spinning to find the source of the shout, they found none other than Charlie Jones trotting towards them with his normal big, friendly smile plastered on his face.

A lean and lanky boy of just barely eighteen years, this young man had been Ruth's very best friend in the whole world ever since the two of them bonded over a big box of crayons way back in kindergarten. There were those who might have thought him too cute for his own good with his blond hair, blue eyes, and sprinkling of freckles. There were a very few girls who wondered what he might be packing considering his big ears and large hands, but most of the feminine side of the species couldn't quite get past how gangly and clumsy he was, how he lacked any real muscles, and how awkward and shy he could be. As always, he was dressed today in high top sneakers, cargo pants, and a T-shirt advertising his favorite rock 'n' roll band.

"Charlie! What are you doing here?" Kristen noticed that, while her little sister sounded awfully surprised to see her pal here, she did not seem at all bothered by it.

The young man motioned behind him at a small school of kids who were bunched around one of the video games and Ruth recognized them as friends he and she shared. "The gang and I are just hanging out. Would you like to come and join us?"

Ruth glanced back briefly at her sister with the kind of smile that could only melt the other girl's heart. "Sorry, but I'm spending the day with my sister."

Charlie frowned in confusion at that. He was familiar enough with the dynamics in the Taylor home to know that the two girls didn't often get along. It was unusual to say the least to have them spending time alone together when they didn't have to. "Are you sure?"

The idea of seeing her special day with Ruth come to an end hurt her more than she could say, but Kristen nonetheless felt the need to give her little sister the option. "It's okay, Ruth, if you want to go spend some time with your friends . . ."

Ruth wasn't having any of that, though. "Sorry, Charlie. I'll see you later, okay?"

"Sure." Though he was still obviously uncertain about what might be going on between the sisters, the teenaged boy this time took the hint and returned to his friends on the other side of the arcade.

Kristen's heart sang at the thought that her little sister had just blown off her friends, preferring to spend time with her. She slid in close beside her, draping an arm lightly around her waist and letting one of her firm breasts rub up against Ruth's arm. The embrace seemed to take the younger girl by surprise, but she was obviously pleased.

"Say, Ruthie," she ventured, "how about you show me how to play that game again?" Ruth answered that with an odd look, asking without words why she would want to pull free of the older girl just to play some video game, but her sister was already digging into a pocket with her free hand for a quarter. "It doesn't look too hard. I'll bet I can beat you."

The smile that made an appearance on Ruth's face then absolutely lit up this darkened place. For Kristen, that alone made her migraine well worth it.

* * *

Kristen frowned across the little table as she took notice of her little sister's meal. "I can't believe you eat that junk."

Ruth didn't seem to understand what she was getting at and spent a few moments pondering the big greasy cheeseburger, seasoned fries, and large soft drink spread out in front of her. "What do you mean? This is great!"

"It might taste good, Ruthie," came the retort, "but it's so bad for you! I swear I can hear your arteries clogging up from way over here."

Ruth raised an eyebrow. "Look around, Kris. We're in a shopping mall's food court! All they have here is fast food places. Even if I had wanted something that was better for me, there's not a lot of healthy food to choose from around here."

Kristen just scoffed at that, motioning towards the big salad and diet soft drink that were sitting in front of her.

Ruth had a unique talent for grumbling under her breath and yet still managing to be clearly heard. "Rabbit food."

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with a salad, Ruthie, and I will have you know that they taste great." Kristen stabbed her fork into the salad and brought up a small load, holding it out towards her sister. "Here, just give this a try."

Ruth's eyes sparkled and she wore a small smile on her face.

She leaned across the table to accept the mouthful, her eyes never straying once from the older girl's, but also dared to bring her hands into play. With one hand, she lightly caught the other girl's wrist on the pretense of steadying the fork, but the activities of the other hand did not have any innocent excuses to offer. It came to rest on Kristen's forearm and moved in a slow, rhythmic caressing motion.

Kristen's response was to suck in a deep breath and shiver with pleasure. This was certainly not an appropriate way for two sister's to behave towards each other, but the idea of protesting or pulling away never occurred to her.

More than satisfied with the results she had achieved, Ruth then sat back for a moment to munch on the mouthful she had been given. "Not bad," she conceded thoughtfully, "Not bad at all. But have you even tried these seasoned fries? I'm telling you, they are addictive!" Using her hand, she scooped up a couple of the fries in question and held them out.

Recovering some of her equilibrium, Kristen was eager to prove that she knew how to play this game, too. Holding her sister's eyes with her own, she leaned forward to accept the sample, both hands rising to hold and stroke just as the younger girl's had. The older girl threw a new wrinkle into the works, though.

Still maintaining the eye contact, her gaze smoldering, she continued to hold onto her sister's arm even as she tried the fries. "Mmm, those really are tasty." Then, under the pretense of getting at the bits of seasoning that were still clinging to the girl's fingers, she took the fingers into her mouth one by one and sucked them clean, her tongue sensuously stroking each digit.

The shudder that coursed through Ruth was so intense and so profound, the gasp she let out so very loud, that Kristen wondered for just a moment if the other girl had actually had a little orgasm.

The teenagers remained like that for quite some time, their eyes locked together as they leaned forward over the table towards one another and held onto each other's hands, but ever so gradually they started to remember that they were in a very public place and surrounded by a lot of humanity.

Kristen's eyes cut to the right, Ruth's to the left. Sure enough, after a display like that, almost every eye was on the two of them.

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