The Taylor Family Ch. 02


Going a bright red, the two girls retreated to their own sides of the table to finish their meals quickly so they could escape all of this attention.

* * *

"Considering how much complaining you did about my trip to that shoe store," the older teen observed dryly, "I can't believe you've dragged me in here."

Intently studying the racks of clothing in front of her, Ruth dismissed the argument out of hand. "That was different. All you were doing was drooling over some stupid shoes that you could never afford and would probably never actually wear. I, meanwhile, am looking for something useful and practical." She pulled a hanger down from the rack and studied the pair of shorts they held. "You know how much time I spend running around and playing sports with my friends over the summer."

Kristen ran a knowledgeable eye over the shorts, one hand rising to finger the material. "Oh, I wouldn't get these if I were you. You'll be putting them through a lot of wear and tear and they don't seem very durable." Taking the hanger from her sister, she returned them to the rack and then pulled the younger girl over to a different display. "Come over here. I think these would be a lot more hard wearing."

Ruth followed after her, but groused about it just loud enough to make sure her sister heard. "Excuse me, but I think I would be a better judge of what I would like to wear."

That earned an arched eyebrow from Kristen. "Oh, yes? And which of us actually knows anything at all about clothes and fashion?" The older girl did not wait for a response to that, turning her attention immediately back to the display in front of her and rummaging about for just the right pair of shorts. "Here we are! Take a look at these!"

Ruth carefully considered the garment her sister had found for her, noticing that the shorts were quite a bit shorter than the other ones had been. "Um . . ."

"Oh!" Kristen continued with a delighted little squeal. "And look at these tops! They would go perfectly with those shorts!"

The shirt that was pressed into Ruth's hands seemed a little thin to her in fact, and she found herself wondering if it might go transparent if it got soaked through with sweat or water or something. Further, there were a few buttons up at the collar and she wondered just how long they would last in a particularly rough game. It seemed as if she was always losing buttons. "Um . . ."

Kristen propelled her sister towards the dressing room. "Go and try them on!"

Still considering the shorts and shirt her sister had picked out, Ruth seemed to resist this idea. "What for? I know what size I wear."

"It doesn't hurt to make absolutely sure. I mean, the clothes might seem perfect, but they'll be of absolutely no use to you if they don't fit. Right? Isn't that what you were telling me back at the shoe store?"

"I guess so."

"And when you have them on, you simply have to come back out here and show me."

A small smile appeared on Ruth's face as she understood. "You don't think I'll be able to figure out for myself if they fit me?"

Putting her hands on her hips, Kristen just repeated, "Which of us knows anything at all about clothes?"

With a smile a mile wide, Ruth took the shirt and shorts and quickly vanished into one of the store's cramped little dressing rooms. If her big sister wanted a show, then she was resolved to give her one! Tearing off her own clothes, she then put on the new ones, studying herself in the mirror and taking great care to make sure everything was just right.

When the younger girl emerged from the dressing room a few moments later, Kristen's mouth fell open and her eyes glazed over. There was a coy smile on Ruth's lips - she'd gotten exactly the reaction she had been hoping for.

The shorts were very short indeed and showed off the young girl's long, smooth legs very nicely. Meanwhile, the short-sleeved shirt was not one of those abbreviated ones that left the belly bare, but Ruth had not bothered to close even one of the button's at the collar so that her sister caught a tantalizing glimpse of cleavage. Given that they had shared a bedroom all of their lives, Kristen had of course seen her sister in a lot less, but she just could not stop staring at her little sister even so.

Thoroughly enjoying the way her big sister was drooling over her, Ruth turned this way and that, posing for Kristen and allowing her to get a look at her from every last angle. The answer was pretty obvious, to say the least, but Ruth still had to ask.

"So, what do you think? Do you like?"

The sound of the other girl's voice finally broke Kristen out of her trance. Stepping forward, she answered, "Well, I don't know yet. Let's just see how well these are really fitting you."

Ruth had figured out that her sister had made her try these clothes on in the hopes of seeing her in a little less, but she had not imagined that it would also be used as an excuse to get her hands on her. Kristen hurried over though to fiddle with this and adjust that and, even though she never actually put her hands on anything too intimate, the younger girl still ended up feeling pretty thoroughly groped.

When her sister actually knelt behind her and spent a lot of time adjusting her shorts however, Ruth couldn't hold her tongue. Looking back over her shoulder with a smirk, she warned, "Be careful, Kris, or you're going to end up pulling them down. Or did you want to see my butt?"

Kristen was indecisive for a moment, studying the body part in question and running her tongue slowly and sensuously over her lips. It clearly took a supreme effort of will power, but she finally withdrew her shaking hands and spoke in a breathless voice. "Yes, I think these should fit you fine."

Ruth stuck out her bottom lip in an adorable pout. "Really? Are you sure you don't want to see my butt?"

Giving her sister a pleading look, Kristen could only whisper a heartfelt, "Ruth . . ."

"Okay, okay, spoilsport," Ruth said with a heavy, theatrical sigh, choosing to let her off the hook. Without a backwards glance, she turned and disappeared back into the fitting room.

Rising slowly and awkwardly back to her feet, Kristen leaned heavily against a nearby rack of dresses for support as her legs seemed awfully wobbly.

Over and over, she silently told herself that she had not been tempted at all to haul down her little sister's shorts, that she had not been dying to not only see the girl's butt but to actually get her hands on it.

No matter how often or how firmly she might tell herself this however, she couldn't quite make herself believe it.

In the dressing room meanwhile, now safely out of sight, Ruth sagged down onto the little bench that had been provided there. Though she took some pride in the fact that she had been able to retain her composure out there in public, there was no denying that it was going to be necessary for her to take a moment or two to catch her breath and try to slow her pounding heart.

For just an instant there, she had thought that her sister really might be about to haul down those tiny little shorts and the notion had set her whole body ablaze.

One hand gravitated quite naturally to the swampy center of the inferno, but she resisted the idea of playing with herself here for fear of getting caught.

* * *

No day at the mall would be complete for any teenager alive without a stop at the movie cinema to see a show. The prices were too high, the seats were often ripped up, the floors were sticky, and the walls were so thin and poorly insulated that you could clearly hear what was playing in the next cinema, but the tradition prevailed.

Unfortunately, the Taylor sisters had very different views on what constituted a good movie.

For Kristen, there was nothing better than a good romance or a nice tear-jerker and so she naturally gravitated towards the latest chick flicks. For Ruth on the other hand, there was nothing better than a good adventure flick with lots of shoot outs and explosions, but a good gross out comedy came in a pretty close second.

When the two teens elected to catch one of Hollywood's latest efforts at the mall's cinema then, the debate about what they would see grew just a little heated. They could have seen two separate shows of course, but that was unthinkable given that they wanted to spend this day together.

With no compromise movie available either, they hung their heads in defeat and retreated from the cinema.

This was how Kristen and Ruth ended up on one of the park benches - the kind that was provided for the comfort of weary shoppers, but was made of metal and so was just uncomfortable enough to ensure that they would be back on their feet in short order and into the stores again. The bags containing the things they'd bought meanwhile were arranged neatly at their feet.

Ruth looked at the bags ruefully. "Given how little money we had, who would have thought we could have bought so much stuff?"

"I'm an expert shopper - what can I say?" her sister replied with a little grin, the pride evident. "I know how to get the biggest bang for my buck."

"Hard to argue with, I guess," Ruth chuckled.

Kristen slumped back a little on the bench, wishing it had been given even a little padding. "I'm glad for this chance to sit down for awhile. Do you realize that we've spent almost the entire day on our feet now? And I'm not nearly as athletic as you are."

"Oh, you poor baby."

Without even thinking about what she was doing, Ruth slipped an arm around her big sister's shoulders and pulled her in for a cozy cuddle. Kristen did not protest though, eagerly laying her head down to rest on the other girl's shoulder, snuggling in comfortably and even letting out a contented sigh.

Delighted, Ruth boldly chose to press a tender kiss to the older girl's temple and was rewarded with a throaty noise that could only be described as a happy purr.

And that was how the couple would remain for almost a half hour, each of them loath to bring this moment of closeness and intimacy to an end .

* * *

It had been a very long day for Ann Taylor as she tried to deal with her perverse new desires and waited impatiently for her two daughters to come home.

She'd had to run to the bathroom so many times to try to tamp down the inferno that was burning inside her that even her husband Roger had noticed and worriedly inquired if she was feeling all right. Well, she could hardly tell him the truth - that she was burning with lust for their daughters - so she'd just assured him that she was fine and tried to change the subject. Even so, she did think it best if she stopped running off to masturbate every few minutes.

The problem with this however, was that it left her feeling as if she was on the verge of exploding!

No longer able to deal with her bodies disturbing needs all by herself, she eventually broke down and approached her husband. Ann made it quite clear to him what she wanted, going so far as to suggest that she might be prepared to do things with him that she'd always been unwilling to try before, but he refused her even so.

Unaware of the state his wife was really in and not quite getting that she was willing to play the slut for him just this once, Roger was not interested in an afternoon romp while the big game was on TV. He could not actually use that excuse with her though and so he just complained that the girls might come home at any moment and it would be kind of embarrassing for them to walk in on their parents fooling around.

Grumbling to herself, Ann gave up on her distracted spouse and headed upstairs.

If nothing else, she could focus on preparing for her daughter's eventual homecoming.

* * *

"Well, here we are again," Ruth said with a sigh that sounded almost sad. "Home again."

Back home again at long last that afternoon having just spent the best day together either of them could remember, the two teenagers emerged from their mother's car. Neither of them had wanted to see this day come to an end, but there really is a limit to just how much time a person can spend in a mall. The idea had been floated that they could have gone to take a walk in the park, but the temperature had dropped and it would have been no fun to shiver throughout their stroll.

"Yeah." Kristen sounded no happier than her sister did and reached out to take hold of her hand as they met in front of the little coupe. "This was a good idea, you had, Ruthie. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had today."

"I'm so glad, Kris," Ruth gushed eagerly, squeezing the other girl's hand. "I had a blast, too."

The moment grew longer and longer as the two teens stood there in the garage silently, smiling lovingly as they gazed deep into each other's eyes, holding onto each other's hands. There was an undercurrent here of something more than mere sisterly affection and it was very possible that something forbidden might happen if they would only let it.

Remembering her sister's concerns of the previous night though, Ruth's courage failed her and she tried to let Kristen off the hook. "Come on. We'd better start unloading all of that stuff we bought."

Ruth tried to let go of her sister's hand and started to move away, but Kristen was quick to grip her even more tightly and pull her right back.

"Aren't you forgetting something, Ruthie?"

A little startled by the older girl's behavior, Ruth wracked her brain worriedly for a moment. The last thing she wanted to do was end this fabulous day by doing anything that might annoy Kristen, but she honestly could not imagine what she might be talking about.

"Am I?"

Kristen tried to affect a playful, teasing look, but any pretense of innocence was spoiled by her smoky eyes and husky voice. "Well, it's customary to get a little kiss at the end of a date?"

Ruth was shocked to say the least.

Did she want to kiss her sister? Of course, she did! She had wanted to do that and more at least since that wrestling match the day before. On the other hand, she could also remember that little conversation they had shared in the aftermath. But if she was determined to not permit anything even vaguely incestuous to happen between them, why was she now calling their day together a date and asking for a kiss?

Thinking that maybe Kristen was a bit overcome after all of the little intimacies they had shared at the mall, that she was saying things she would probably regret later, Ruth once again tried to play it safe.

Stepping closer to her sister, the young girl leaned in to give her a kiss, careful to only let her lips brush Kristen's cheek.

Kristen put on a pout, not even trying to hide her disappointment. "I think I'm beginning to understand why you don't get asked out on more dates, Ruthie." Without waiting for a response, she pulled the younger girl up against herself, belly to belly and breast to breast, one of her legs moving almost naturally in between Ruth's. "Let me show you what I mean."

Gazing up into her sister's eyes, her entire body feeling Kristen's entire body, Ruth very nearly swooned.

Kristen kissed her lips.

It was a tender and loving kiss at first, really only a little more than what one might have expected to see between two relatives, but it would not stay that way for very long. What should have been a relatively brief peck quickly lengthened and deepened though, growing more and more passionate by the moment. They clung to each other desperately for what seemed like an eternity, an audible moan of ecstacy escaping them both when their lips finally parted.

"Wow . . ." Ruth sighed, looking at her sister in wonder.

"Yeah," Kristen agreed wholeheartedly. "Wow."

Now it was Ruth who took the initiative, moving quickly as if wanting to make sure this was done before either girl could think better of what they were doing. Taking hold of her big sister, she turned and pushed her up against the wall, firmly pinning her there with her own body and once more kissing her.

It was a fierce, bruising kiss that, on the one hand, seemed to last forever and, on the other, came to an end all too soon.

Pulling back at long last, Ruth looked at her big sister with a shy smile and her heart leapt when she saw it mirrored on Kristen's face. A significant line was being crossed, but this time there was no fretting and worrying over that fact. Searching each other's eyes and finding only excitement and happiness, they both came to the same decision at the same time.

"Let's go inside," Kristen murmured. "I think we need to spend a little more . . . quality time together."

"I'd like that."

Hand in hand, the two girls made a dash for the door to go inside the house, but their plan to just sprint upstairs to their bedroom and close the door behind them was not to come to fruition. Instead, they had hardly taken three steps indoors before they were intercepted by their mother.

Ann Taylor had carefully prepared for this encounter. She was freshly bathed and perfumed, had made sure her legs and armpits were shaved smooth, had styled her hair and put on some make-up, and had even dressed in her tightest jeans and a blouse that she left unbuttoned enough to show off plenty of cleavage.

Ann knew exactly how perverse it was for her to be throwing herself at her own children like this and felt like such a slut, but at that precise moment she just didn't care.

"Welcome home, girls," she said to them in an emotion choked voice. "I've been waiting for you."

To Be Continued . . .

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