tagIncest/TabooThe Taylor Family Ch. 03

The Taylor Family Ch. 03


"Hey, Ruthie? Did it seem to you like Mom was acting a little odd?"

Kristen was not watching where she was going, looking back over her shoulder even as she was dragged along by the hand by her little sister. Somehow, she managed to avoid walking into anything as she was guided at something just short of a dead sprint up the stairs and into the bedroom the two teens shared.

"Never mind that now," the other girl answered, propelling her sister towards one of the beds while she paused just a moment to throw the door shut behind them.

"But . . ."

Ruth reclaimed her sister swiftly, an arm going around her waist to guide her over to one of the two beds, sitting down together on the edge. As far as she was concerned, there was something very, very important that the two of them needed to be attending to right now and it wasn't a discussion about their mother's antics.

To be honest, Kristen was just as interested as her little sister in dealing with that other matter, only she was too distracted to focus.

There was something about the way their mother had been behaving since their return from the mall that was both odd and familiar and it was bothering her that she couldn't quite figure out what was going on. She thought that if they took just a moment to talk about it, they could probably sort the issue out without too much trouble and then proceed to that . . . other matter.

Kristen opened her mouth to speak again, but her lips were suddenly covered by Ruth's in a hungry, intense kiss. Every last synapse in the girl's brain promptly shorted out and she forgot what she had wanted to talk about.

Turning her full attention back to her sister, Kristen gave as good as she was getting, kissing her back fiercely. With tongues tussling, their arms went around each other in a crushing embrace, wanting to feel every inch of each other's bodies. As they held onto each other and shared plenty of long, deep kisses, the two teens soon forgot that anything at all existed beyond that bed.

It was a heady moment for them both - knowing full well just how forbidden this embrace was but being unable to resist, already feeling the first stirrings of that same wild ecstasy that claimed them both the previous night.

A little pressure from Ruth was all it took to make Kristen lie back across the mattress, the younger girl coming with her and moving a single hand up under her sister's shirt.

Kristen gasped, finally breaking off the kiss as she felt that probing hand sliding up her flat belly. A little concerned that this might mean she was going a little too fast here for her sister's liking, Ruth stopped her hand just short of the older girl's breasts, her fingertips resting lightly upon the bottom edge of Kristen's bra.

"Is something wrong?" wondered Ruth nervously.

Kristen was smiling, though. "Sorry, Ruthie. It's just that I felt your hand go under my shirt and knew you were planning to grab my boobs."

The smile was reassuring, but Ruth was still hesitant. "Should I not have done that?"

The question seemed to surprise the older girl and she started to realize where her sister's mind was. "Ruthie, I've gone out with my share of guys and most all of them have tried to cop a feel at some point or other. Let me just say that I have never, ever been tempted to let anyone grope me, though . . . until today."

"You mean . . . me?"

The only response Ruth received to was a deep kiss, but what an eloquent answer it was!

The two teens lost themselves then in another round of passionate and seemingly endless kisses and the younger girl's hand lost no more time in claiming it's prize.

* * *

Ann Taylor was livid as she stomped her way up the staircase towards the bedrooms.

What does a woman have to do to get laid in this house! First, she had begged her husband to fuck her, but he had refused because he wanted to watch some stupid game on the television! Then, she had all but thrown herself at her two daughters, but they had not given her a second look, brushing past her and sprinting up to their room! Didn't these stupid people understand that she had needs?!

Well, she was too keyed up right now to simply let this go. She meant to follow those two girls and press the issue.

Arriving at the closed door to her daughters' bedroom, she didn't hesitate for a moment to throw the door open wide. All of her plans went up in smoke however when she got a good look at exactly what her girl's were doing.

Kristen was sprawled on her back across one of the bed with Ruth on top of her, both completely oblivious to her presence as they were focused entirely on making out right now. With wide eyes, she saw that one of the younger girl's hands had gone prowling up under her sister's shirt and was obviously caressing a pert breast. Kristen, in the meantime, had one hand on the back of her sister's head, but the other hand was on the small of her back and ever so slowly moving downward towards Ruth's butt.

There was no question anymore, no way the scene she had stumbled onto this morning could be somehow explained away as innocent.

A small sigh that spoke of happiness and relief escaped her. She knew that she really shouldn't be so pleased that her two girls were sleeping together, but it actually made her feel a little better to know that her dirty mind hadn't invented a relationship between the two girls simply because she wanted to get into bed with them.

And speaking of getting into bed with them . . .

Just as she was about to make her approach to the bed though, there came the unmistakable sound of footsteps coming up the staircase. She knew it had to be her husband, but this was soon confirmed by the sound of Roger's voice.

"Ann, honey?! Are you up here?"

Ann ducked back out into the hallway quickly, closing the door again as quickly and silently as she could.

Incest was something best practiced in secret and so she naturally didn't want their father to catch sight of Kristen and Ruth tangled up in each other like that. She could only hope that they would not hear his voice, think they might be on the verge of getting caught red-handed, and stop what they were doing. They were both such beautiful girls and they looked so intensely erotic when they were together like that and she vowed to do everything in her power to help them continue this torrid relationship.

It went unspoken that she was also concerned that if this sibling affair came to an end, she would never have the chance to get into bed with them herself.

"Oh, there you are, dear!" Roger was smiling broadly as he arrived at the top of the stairs and spied his wife loitering outside their daughter's bedroom. "What a great game that was! You should have sat down to watch it with me!"

Darting worried looks back towards the bedroom door, Ann tried to find a way to silence him without it looking like that's what she was doing. "So, our team won, then?" she asked innocently, her voice soft.

"It certainly did," he answered enthusiastically, his voice still much too high for her liking. "It came right down to the wire, but just before time was going to run out, just before they were going to have to go into overtime . . ."

Ann could bear it no longer and, before she knew what she was doing, she had her finger to her lips and was frantically shushing him. "Please, Roger, we need to be quiet!"

He gave her a confused look. "How come?"

She stuttered and stammered for several long moments as she tried to come up with an answer for that, her face going a beet red as she imagined that she had just ruined everything not only for herself but for her two little girls. It was a great relief then when she did manage to conjure up a plausible lie.

"It's the girls, dear. I guess they wore themselves out running around that mall all day today. They are just having a little lie down and I didn't want you to disturb them."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Roger looked properly chastened, the volume of his voice dropping rapidly.

Figuring she still needed to get him away from there before an errant moan of sexual satisfaction was heard from behind that closed door, Ann darted across to her husband and latched firmly onto his arm, leading him back downstairs.

"Come on, why don't you tell me all about that game?"

His smile returned at that, his head bobbing up and down agreeably. "Sure, okay. I was thinking about supper though. What are we going to have to eat tonight?"

"I know what I was hoping to eat." The words slipped out of her before Ann even realized that she was speaking, her mind still on the two girls on the other side of that door.

* * *

Her big sister's hand moved slowly down her back, not making even the tiniest attempt to disguise where it was heading, and did not stop until it had come to rest squarely on Ruth's ass.

Ruth looked down at the girl beneath her, her eyes sparkling and a smile on her lips. "I knew you liked my butt," she purred, referencing that little incident that happened outside a shopping mall fitting room.

This time, Kristen didn't even try to hide it. "As a matter of fact, I do! I can't even begin to tell you how hard it was not to haul those little shorts down. I mean, there we were out in public with a lot of people all around us, but I still had to force myself not to start undressing you."

The younger girl seemed delighted to hear this. "It's nice to know you find me so irresistible, because I was certainly having a hard time keeping my hands off you today, too."

Lifting herself up and off of her sister at last, her hand emerging from under her shirt, Ruth moved to straddle her sister's belly to make absolutely sure that the other girl's hand wouldn't have to let go of her bottom. Kristen's other hand was unavoidably dislodged, though it proved only too happy to join the one behind Ruth.

Once she was happy on her perch, Ruth lost no time in tugging her shirt off and pitching it over onto the other bed. She hesitated then though, giving her sister a chance to look over what had been exposed and to pronounce judgement.

Kristen dragged her eyes slowly up her sister's body, lingering on those generously sized boobs being pushed up and out by the bra she was wearing. A playful pout appeared as she considered that piece of underwear.

"You know, I can't even count all the times over the years you've distracted me by not wearing a bra. There was something just . . . mesmerizing about seeing those big tits of yours swinging and swaying underneath your shirts. Not to mention, arousing! So how come today of all days you decided to wear a bra!?"

Ruth felt her heart lurch at the thought that her sister had been interested in her long before that incident the previous evening, had been making a point of intently watching her breasts.

"Sorry about that, Kris." The girl lost no time in unfastening her bra and slipping it off, letting her full bosom come bouncing out into the open. Both of Kristen's hands immediately gave up that butt they had been gripping and rose to eagerly stroke and caress Ruth's breasts, twin moans of pleasure escaping both of the girls.

Ruth reached down now, her own hands going to Kristen's smaller breasts. "Hey, your wearing a bra, too!" she complained with a grin.

"I know," she answered with a smile. "Unfortunately, you're just going to have to live with it for now. I can't get it off right now with you sitting on me like this."

"I suppose I could move . . ." the younger girl ventured, eager to see every last inch of her sister.

"Not now," Kristen responded quickly, her hands moving ceaselessly over Ruth's big boobs. "I'm right in the middle of something."


Ruth sprang up and off of her sister, grabbing the front of her shirt to haul her back upright. Kristen squealed in surprise, but not displeasure as she was swiftly and roughly stripped of her shirt and then her bra. Now naked from the waist up, the older girl reveled in the way her sister was eyeing her firm bosom.

When her sister then tried to return to the bed however, Kristen stopped her immediately. "Let's go ahead and get the rest of our clothes off now."

Eager to get back to more pleasurable pursuits, the two teenagers lost no time in getting stripped down to their birthday suits. They were too eager in fact to even do any ogling, though the truth was that they had caught plenty of glimpses of each other in the buff over their years of sharing a bedroom. As they would learn over the coming days though, there was a real difference between seeing something in passing and having it shown to you for a reason.

In an instant, they were once more in a tangle on the bed, their hands everywhere and their mouths occupied with hungry and feverish kisses. As they worked each other over, their legs became intertwined once more just as they had the day before and began again to rub in that oh, so special way.

"Oh, Ruthie!"


Thrusting and grinding their swampy mounds against each other, bumping and jostling their breasts, arching their backs and throwing back their heads, the two teenage girls were soon utterly lost to the world. Soft grunts and strained moans were escaping them as the friction built up and it was not through any conscious decision that they did not rise to an ear-splitting crescendo but rather due to the fact that they were finding it so hard to catch their breath. Enjoying this more than was humanly possible, desperately anxious to reach the final, inevitable climax, neither girl held back or made even a pretense of trying to resist the onrushing orgasm.

It struck savagely, utterly consuming them, and leaving both Kristen and Ruth limp and exhausted in a heap atop the bed.

As her world slowly started to reorient itself back to normal in the aftermath, Ruth had to smile softly as she remembered something she'd said right after the first time they had done this. Yes, it really was even better without any clothes in the way.

The young girl felt a hand in her hair then, turning her face to her sister's. A sweet, tender kiss followed, something that seemed totally out of place after all of the wild, animal passions that had just been unleashed.

Ruth may have been the athletic tomboy, but it was her sister who got her second wind first. Kristen rose up shakily on her hands and knees without a word, moving so that she was straddling her little sister again, but this time the other way around.

Her head dove straight between the other girl's thighs and started to dine on that most intimate of places, but she kept her own cunt high above Ruth's head, letting her look but not touch for a moment. Ruth's arms snaked around her sister's waist to pull her down, her head shooting up off the bed, and swiftly the circuit was complete.

Feasting on forbidden fruit, the two teens proved themselves to be rather sloppy, but voracious eaters.

* * *

It was torture for Ann.

She knew full well that her two daughters were just upstairs, having wild and passionate sex. She yearned to be a part of that, craved both of those young women and wanted to do things to them that would make a prostitute blush.

She couldn't go near them though because her husband Roger was underfoot and would certainly catch them all. In fact, she had been reduced to running interference to keep him from going anywhere near the girl's bedroom for fear he would stumble onto the truth. More, she had condemned herself to have to listen to his play by play account of the big game. It had seemed an excellent diversion when she suggested it, but now she was almost ready to pull her hair out.

She just had to grin and bear it however, unwilling to do or say anything which might betray her two girls.

Dinner was a lost cause, though. There was just no way she could have focused enough on what she was doing to prepare a meal without burning down the house. Roger didn't have a problem with delivery though, suggesting pizza and heading upstairs to see what the girls wanted on theirs.

Ann dashed after him in such a panic that she nearly took a tumble, telling him that he should find the phone number for the pizza place and that she would go talk to the girls. She sprinted up the stairs before he could react, leaving her husband behind in an instant.

At the door to her daughter's bedroom, Ann stopped dead in her tracks.

It seemed to her very likely that her girls were still indulging in the carnal delights and so they would likely not be too interested in having a pizza right now. She also didn't care to interrupt their lovemaking just to ask them such a stupid question. Just because she couldn't join in the fun didn't mean she had to spoil their good time. Having told her husband that they were resting, she figured that she would just have him order one with all of their favorite toppings and let them eat it later either cold or reheated in the microwave.

Standing in that hallway with only a thin wooden door standing between her and the girls though, there was no way she could resist taking a peek. Cautiously opening the door, she stuck her head inside the bedroom.

What she discovered was that her daughters were now both completely nude and more than lived up to all of her daydreams about just how perfectly delectable their young bodies were. God, how she wished she could rush in there. What made that yearning almost overpowering was the fact that her girls were now locked up in the classic sixty-nine position and were quite simply devouring each other.

Letting go of the door she had been holding onto, Ann was helpless to stop herself from reaching down to grab herself between her legs for the hundredth time that day as the fire of pure lust threatened to flare up out of all control. Her other hand went to one of her breasts, gripping it firmly.

What she did not realize at the time however was that by letting go of the door, she allowed it to swing wide open, fully revealing her presence there if either girl happened to look in her direction. Even if she had realized this, it's not likely she would have been too concerned though.

When they had the chance to enjoy the sight of each other without any clothes on, after all, why would either of them care to look in any other direction than at each other?

Kristen was the first of the girls to reach orgasm, rearing up as waves of what must have been sheer ecstasy tore through her young body. Ann had never seen her oldest girl so beautiful as she was while lost in the throes of that spectacular climax and she could not have torn her eyes away from that sight for anything. Her back arched, her upper body raised up in the air, and her firm little breasts jiggling exquisitely as her whole body shook, she was the ultimate picture of lewd beauty.

Then the young woman's eyes popped open.

She was so lost in her own fantasies, that it took a long moment for Ann to realize that her daughter was staring right at her. On the other hand, Kristen was so overcome that she wasn't really aware of what she was looking at either, the world seeming to swim and spin around her. Ever so gradually, the world sorted itself out and Kristen finally realized what was right in front of her.

Kristen was not unaware of how much trouble an incestuous romance could incite - after all, wasn't that why she'd resisted the temptation for so long after that wrestling match got out of hand? Thus, finding herself caught by their mother while in so compromising a position with her sister was naturally a source of great alarm for her. She let out a gasp and might have leapt right off of Ruth except that the other girl was still holding her tight, both arms wrapped around her.

Slowly, it dawned on the girl that her mother was not behaving like a furious mother should, distraught over the depths of depravity her children had sunk to. The expression on her face, the hand on her boob, the other hand between her legs, all combined with the impression she had gotten earlier on her return from the mall to suggest that her mother might not be so very upset by this turn of events.

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