The Taylor Family Ch. 03


Her daughter's shocked gasp, meanwhile, seemed to break Ann out of her trance at long last. Suddenly finding herself staring into the eyes of her daughter, it never even occurred to her that the natural and normal reaction should be to scold the girls. Instead, her first response had she been able to find her voice would have been to apologize to them for invading their privacy like this and then to beat a hasty retreat.

Under the circumstances, the very best she was able to manage was a sheepish little smile.

Kristen was almost certain then that her mother not only did not have a problem with her children indulging in incest, but that she was actually very aroused by it! One more bit of evidence was all that she needed to test this and the knowledge that Ruth had not come yet gave her the perfect opportunity.

Never taking her eyes off her mother's, Kristen raised two fingers to her mouth to run her tongue over them slowly and sensuously, getting them good and wet and slippery. That hand descended then to the boiling center of Ruth's passion, the fingers sliding all the way into her cunt.

The effect this was having on Ann was nothing short of electric. Her baby girl knew of her presence there in the doorway but did not object to having her witness this act of pure love! More, she was very carefully and deliberately showing her exactly what she was doing to her little sister!

Ann was a mere instant away from ripping off all of her clothes right then and there and rushing into the room, when it happened.

"Honey?! I've got the number here! Did you find out what the girls wanted on their pizza?!"

The sound of her husband's voice rising up the stairs finally broke the spell Ann was under, reminding her of how much there was to lose if this affair were to become public knowledge. With a strangled cry that spoke of her anguish at this lost opportunity, she forced her unwilling feet to carry her away from that den of delights, shutting the door again.

Staggering away, she knew that she would need a few moments to recover her composure and leaned heavily against the wall opposite her daughter's bedroom.

Those few moments became even longer when she heard the unmistakable sounds of Ruth being finger-fucked to what must have been an awfully nice orgasm come filtering through the door.

Just as she imagined that she was all right to face her husband again, just as she had made her way to the top of the stairs, she heard the door to the girl's bedroom suddenly swing open and had to stop again, turning to look.

Laughing playfully without a care in the world, still as naked as the day they were born but carrying their bathrobes, the sisters came racing out hand-in-hand and hurried into the bathroom without ever once looking back towards her.

It looked to Ann like they were looking to get cleaned up now that they'd had sex and meant to share a bath. The images of the pair together in a steamy shower, no doubt taking full advantage of the opportunity to get wet and wild with each other, was almost the finish of Ann as she stumbled and nearly fell down the stairs.

She had no choice but to pause again, knowing that she could not face her spouse so long as she was in this kind of state.

* * *

The subject of their mother's behavior raised much debate between the two girls.

Based on everything she had seen, Kristen was of the opinion that the older woman not only approved of her children having sex with each other, but was anxious to join in. After hearing her older sister's vivid retelling of what had happened, Ruth could hardly argue that their mother was upset with them for committing incest, but she just could not wrap her mind around the idea that she might be prepared to do it herself.

With both girls steadfast in their views and unwilling to be swayed, it was eventually decided that they would just ask the woman herself. Knowing that their father would be gone the next day as he was going to play a round or two of golf with some friends, it was judged that this would be the best time to speak to her as there was no chance of such a sensitive discussion being overheard. Of course, it went without saying that it also gave them plenty of privacy to do some exploring should it turn out that Kristen was right.

Bedtime came and the girls put on their nightshirts and retired to their separate beds, aching to get together in one but knowing it might not be the best idea.

It was a Taylor family tradition that their parents would stop to wish them a good night - their father just waving from the door in passing, their mother stopping long enough to give them a chaste peck. Their mom might be okay with this, but there was no telling how their father might react to discovering his nubile teen daughters naked and in the same bed.

Right on schedule, their father appeared in the open doorway to the bedroom, barely glancing within as he bade them a good night.

Their mother appeared a few moments later.

Ann was barely dressed in a blue teddy that seemed to have been crafted mostly out of sheer lace. Her full breasts might have begun to sag as the passing years caught up with her, but it's cups were designed to push her bosom up and out and they did their job very well. The crotch was narrow, barely covering her most secret treasure and turning into a thong at the back. Even with a sheer blue kimono thrown on over it, left untied to make sure her audience got the full effect, it was the next best thing to being nude.

She was a little hesitant about walking into the girl's room like this, knowing that she could no longer boast of having a body that even came close to rivaling either Ruth's or Kristen's. On the other hand, the open-mouthed stares she was getting from them both were both reassuring and ego boosting and so she drifted into the room with a girlish titter.

Putting on a coy smile, Ann arrived at Kristen's bedside first, reaching down to gently take hold of one of her hands. "Sweet dreams, baby," she purred, running the fingers of her other hand through the girls hair as she leaned in to kiss her lips.

This was not going to be just another innocent peck between mother and daughter though.

It started out as a "first kiss," that kind of tentative, exploratory kiss that all new lovers share as they begin to realize the depths of their attraction for each other. It quickly grew deeper and more passionate as Kristen started to kiss her back, lips parting to let their tongues dance. One of the younger woman's hands rose to the back of her mother's neck, making sure she didn't go anywhere until after she had been thoroughly kissed.

From the other bed, Ruth watched with wide and wondering eyes, hardly able to believe what she was witnessing.

It had seemed so incredible to be attracted to her own sister, much less to actually have sex with her. To think that their mother might also be interested in fooling around with them was just impossible, though. On the other hand, there was no arguing the fact that her mother was dressed in sexy lingerie and willingly making out with Kristen.

Ruth let her eyes run up and down her mother a couple of times and decided that this was not something she was going to have a problem with.

Throwing off her bed sheets, she slipped out and padded silently over to the other bed, coming up on her mother from behind.

Ann was so involved in kissing her eldest girl that she was taken by complete surprise when the younger girl suddenly drew up close behind her, reaching around with both hands to lay claim to the older woman's breasts. Gasping, she drew back a little from Kristen, twisting to look back at the girl who was fondling her and was met with twinkling eyes and an impish grin.

Ruth kissed her firmly, her tongue pushing it's way in for a jousting match.

Left breathless and weak in the knees in the aftermath of this dual onslaught from her girls, Ann was concerned with only one thing - getting herself laid as soon as possible. "Please," she whimpered to them softly, urgently, "please take me."

"No," Kristen answered firmly.

Ann looked shocked and horrified. "But . . ."

"Dad will be waiting for you, mom," the girl reminded her. "If you don't go and join him in bed soon, he's going to come looking for you."

"Yes, but . . ."

Ruth agreed with her sister on this. "Don't worry, mom. It's just a little delay. Tomorrow, when he's off playing golf, we'll have plenty of time to get to know each other a little better."

Their mother looked as if she was about to cry, but also knew that her daughters were right. There was no way in the world that she wanted Roger to know that she and the girls were playing these kinds of games, after all. This kind of scandal could not just wreck a family but might also see someone end up in jail.

However reluctantly, Ann pulled free of both her daughters and trudged off to the door, not looking back for fear that she would lose the last of her strength and go running back to try to plead her case.

She pulled the door shut behind her, certain that it would be a good idea as her girls were bound to do some more playing - without her.

"Poor old, mom," Ruth commiserated after she was gone. "That is a woman who desperately needs to get fucked to within an inch of her life."

Kristen agreed. "I think dad might try to help her out with that. When she walks into their bedroom and he sees her dressed up like that, dad is bound to think that she did it for his benefit, you know."

The elder girl pulled back her sheets then in silent invitation, smiling broadly.

Pausing only long enough to pull off her nightshirt, Ruth hurried to take her up on the invitation.

To Be Continued . . .

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