tagIncest/TabooThe Taylor Family Ch. 05

The Taylor Family Ch. 05


As the car backed slowly out of the driveway that Sunday night, her father looking back to make sure he didn't plow into anything, only Ruth noticed the face in the window watching as they departed.

The teenager resisted the urge to wave, but did allow her sister a grin.

She and Kristen had been fortunate enough to get away with the crime they had committed today, their father never once suspecting that his family had just spent the day having wild and unrestrained sex. They had made every effort to cover up their incestuous antics to be sure, but Ruth knew that the distraction she had given him in the garage had also played a part in keeping her dad oblivious.

Ruth had immediately confessed to her sister how she had dallied with their father in the garage. She remembered with some amusement how shocked the older girl had been when she learned that she had sucked their dad off. The one thing that had stunned Kristen even more was that their father had actually let her do it! Kristen had spent quite some time pestering her sister for every last detail.

The eighteen year old noticed how her older sister's face disappeared just as soon as the garage door started to close, looking away so that her father wouldn't see her smile. She didn't have to be told that Kristen was heading back to have a little more fun with their mother. She almost felt sorry for poor old mom.

Indeed, Ruth had promised to try to give them some warning on her return to make absolutely sure that their dad would once again fail to catch them red-handed.

Of course, after a shocking event like getting blown by his own daughter, it was really only a matter of time before her father found some way to get Ruth alone for a little while either to ask her not to do that again, or instead to beg her to do it again. Ruth had guessed he would need a day or two to process what happened before he was ready to have that kind of conversation, but that had been a misjudgement.

In fact, it had been only a handful of hours after his return from the golf course before he pitched his idea.

Trying hard to make it seem like it was something that had just occurred to him, Roger had suddenly announced that he needed to do some shopping. His office was going to sponsor a little league team, he claimed, and one of his bosses had asked him to look into how much baseball gear costs these days. Since he only watched sports on the television and didn't play them himself, Roger had asked his youngest daughter to come with him to the local sporting goods store to help him find the best equipment possible for the kids.

Giving him a knowing smile to let him know that she knew it was all a tall tale, she had quietly agreed.

Now, as she and her father hurtled down the street, she could only sit tight and wait to hear what he would have to say.

* * *

Bending down, Ann examined the tupperware containers that populated her fridge, trying to figure out what was in each of them. After the kind of day she had just had, she simply didn't have the strength to cook a whole new meal and meant to serve leftovers for dinner tonight.

A hand smoothly gliding over her ass made her jump in surprise, banging her head and nearly dislodging an entire shelf worth of food.

"Sorry about that, mom," Kristen told her, wincing sympathetically. "But never mind dinner right now, okay? Let's go play some more."

The older woman straightened up, turning to face her eldest girl while rubbing her bruised head. "But, honey," she protested, "they shouldn't be gone for long. We don't want to start something we can't finish, do we?"

That brought a little smile to the teenager's lips. Though she had no way of knowing for sure exactly what would happen between her sister and father, she expected that he would end up begging her to let him fuck her. She'd been on a lot of dates with octopuses who didn't want to take no for an answer and it looked like her father was just as much a guy as any other man was.

She couldn't tell her mother any of that, though. She and Ruth had already agreed that they would not let the older woman in on what happened in the garage just yet.

If dad was as freaked out by the thought of incest as his wife imagined he would be, the matter would be forgotten and their mom would never even know it happened. On the other hand, if he wanted to pursue a little family fun with his youngest daughter, or if he proved amenable to the notion of taboo sex with the entire family, then a very different response was called for.

"Don't worry about that, mom," Kristen said. "I have a feeling they are going to be a while."

"But, honey," Ann persisted, "we haven't eaten anything but pussy all day! Aren't you hungry? I'm starving."

"So, we'll order a pizza or something later," the teenager answered dismissively.

"But . . ."

Kristen groaned in frustration. If her mother wasn't going to listen to reason, a different form of persuasion would be needed. Grabbing hold of the front of her mother's jeans, she marched off across the house dragging the stumbling woman along behind her.


* * *

It was a fall evening, the darkness unbroken even by the light of the moon thanks to a heavy overcast of low hanging clouds.

The local office supply store always closed early on Sunday and so it's parking lot was now almost clear of cars, it's scattering of lamps were dark, and there was no one around to witness whatever was about to happen in the four door sedan that had just arrived, gliding to a stop in one of the spaces. The engine was shut off and the night became still again save for the creaking and popping of a hot engine slowly cooling down.

The automobile's interior was dark to be sure, but the faces of the car's two occupants were softly lit by the dim light cast by distant buildings and the busy streets. The effect was actually quite a romantic one.

Ruth looked to the man sitting behind the steering wheel, a coy smile playing on her lips. "I thought we were going to the sporting goods store, dad?"

He didn't answer at first, gripping the wheel tightly with both hands and staring straight ahead, breathing deeply. He could still hardly believe that his teenaged daughter had done what she had just a couple of hours ago in the garage, his mind whirling and spinning as he tried to make the right decision about what to do about it.

"I think you know that I made all of that up, Ruthie," he would finally tell her, his voice sounding a little hoarse. "We urgently need to talk about what you did to me this afternoon."

Her smile grew a little at his choice of words. "You didn't like it?"

"I did like it," he breathed, determined to be nothing but honest with his little girl during this oh, so important conversation. "I can't tell you how much I liked it."

"Well then?"

Roger let go of the wheel when he heard it creaking, concerned that he was gripping it so hard that it might actually snap. He tried to just put his hands in his lap, but was too wound up right now to keep them still and so he clasped them tightly and hoped his daughter couldn't see how they trembled in the gloom.

Finally, he looked at her and started speaking.

"Honey, I need to make sure you understand just how serious what you did is. Girls your age should not be having sex with anybody. You just don't understand how easy it is to catch one of those sexually transmitted diseases, plus there's the very real chance that you might end up pregnant! It's just foolish and stupid to put your future at risk for the sake of a few moments of pleasure.

"It's also incredibly dangerous to be having sex with someone in your own family. That's incest, honey! Trust me, nine tenths of the people in this world would call us both disgusting perverts because of what happened between us in the garage. They'd call the cops, lock us up in a psycho ward, and we'd never be able to see each other again. Can you imagine what your mother and sister would say if they ever found out? Something like this could actually break up a family."

As she sought for a way to answer him, Ruth knew better than to mention that her mother and sister might not actually be so upset over the idea of incest considering that she had spent the last couple of days having sex with them both. If he was really going to get all bent out of shape over a little . . . family fun, then it would be better not to mention just how much fun the rest of them were having.

On the other hand, if he was saying that he didn't want to have anything more to do with her sexually, she wasn't sure that she was going to be willing to take no for an answer.

Just as her big sister took after their mother by being into all things girly, Ruth was following in her father's footsteps by being interested in all things athletic and, as a result, there had always been a special kind of bond between the two of them. She was not looking forward to putting that relationship at perpetual risk by running around behind his back, sleeping with his wife and other daughter.

With the two of them getting along so well together, with her dad still what any objective observer would consider a reasonably good looking man, and with her memory of how well hung he was still fresh, she was loath to let him put an end to their burgeoning affair.

When she finally answered him, she opted to tell him the truth - just not all of it. "Don't worry, daddy. I'm not having sex with any boys."

"Good, good."

The girl watched him carefully - certain that he believed her, but noticing that he still remained as tense as ever.

He went silent again for a few moments, debating something with himself fiercely. There was more that he wanted to tell her, but he was absolutely certain that doing so would be a huge mistake that he would regret for the rest of his life. Even so, there was no stopping the words now came spilling out of him.

Clearing his throat nervously and looking away again, he eventually told her, "I love your mother, honey. I love her every bit as much today as I did on the day I married her. I'm convinced that she loves me, too. I just want to make sure that you understand that.

"Even so, things aren't great between your mother and me right now, dear. Like I said, we still love each other and I'm not trying to say that we might be getting a divorce or anything, but your mother and I aren't as intimate with each other as we should be. We're both at fault over this, but sometimes it feels like we're just roommates or friends or something, not husband and wife. We hardly ever have sex anymore either, and when we do it's nothing to write home about. Our lovemaking has become dull . . . routine."

"I'm sorry to hear that, daddy."

He didn't respond to her sincere statement, the words still rushing out of his mouth. "I just want you to know that I consider it a huge compliment that you might have wanted to do something like that with me. You're a wonderful person and a very beautiful young woman, after all. With things so . . . awkward between your mother and I right now, I can't even begin to tell you how tempting it was to try to pursue this with you . . . no matter how weird and perverse it was."

Roger was kicking himself as he kept right on talking, wondering why he couldn't shut up. "I mean, it's a pretty wild and sexy fantasy to think about you and I together, isn't it? I mean, it's not every day that a fabulous babe like you comes on to an old guy like me and I'll never forget the sight of that wonderful rack of your's bouncing and swaying and I just cannot say enough about what a great BJ you gave me . . ."

Clenching his teeth, he finally managed to shut his babbling mouth only then, looking away with a fiercely burning face.

A small smile touched Ruth's lips. She was certain now that everything would be fine.

"Well," Roger said at length, "now that we know we won't be having sex," a cringe appeared at how he'd just put that, "why don't we go back home?"

He reached for the key to get the car's engine started again, but her hand darted out to catch him by the wrist.

* * *

Ann found herself completely helpless - utterly at the mercy of her own daughter.

The middle-aged woman had been placed on Kristen's bed this time as the two women were not looking forward to another rushed, last-minute clean up. Given that they had no idea when Roger and Ruth might come home and that he never came into the girl's bedroom in order to give them so privacy, it just seemed so much safer to play in here.

Standing beside the bed with her arms crossed, Kristen considered the older woman with a pleased smile.

Ann was sitting up against some pillows with her arms stretched out to either side. Her long legs had not been tied down, but were splayed out in front of her. The shirt she'd been wearing only since her husband got home was now pushed up to her chest, revealing her heavy breasts. The slacks and underpants she had seemingly just finished putting on had now vanished, leaving her twat fully exposed.

Though she was happy that her little girl was pleased, Ann was also a bit troubled. It felt kind of odd to be sharing an intimate moment with just one of her girls. She was so used to thinking of them as a team that it worried her a little to spend time with just one of her girls.

She certainly hoped Ruth didn't feel like they'd cheated on her when she came back and found out about this.

"Now then," Kristen finally said, "what am I going to do with you?" She was about to join her mother on the bed when something on the dressing table happened to catch her attention.

It was her very best brush - the same one she had been using to get ready for a date just before that first wrestling match with her sister got so out of control and launched them into this incestuous lifestyle. An evil grin appeared on her face as a scheme occurred to her and Kristen paused long enough to collect the brush before finally coming to sit down on the edge of the bed.

Ann saw all of this and was even more worried. What did her little girl have in mind for that brush? Was she going to fuck her with the handle? Ann even wondered if she might actually be thanking of spanking her with it! Her butt was unavailable because of how she was arranged right now, but there were plenty of other places she might decide to whack.

Her mother's face was an open book to Kristen and she could see the apprehensiveness, but she did not want to let the older woman in on everything that was in store for her just yet. The teen decided to calm her down with a demonstration, rather than an explanation.

Taking the brush by the handle, she ran it's bristles in slow circles over the back of her hand with a smile on her face, demonstrating just how soft they were. Ann just watched all of this with wide eyes, uncertain.

The brush was then raised towards the older woman's face, Kristen letting the bristles caress her mother's cheek ever so lightly.

Ann let out a soft sigh, reassured and not just enjoying the tickling touch, but actually leaning into it. As the brush moved in slow, deliberate patterns over her cheeks and neck, she raised her chin a little to make sure it could roam wherever it liked.

Pleased with her success, Kristen did not keep the brush there for too long, though. Lowering it to the other woman's heaving bosom, she now worked those bristles over almost all of those drooping spheres. She made a point of ignoring the fat nipples for the time being though, remembering how sensitive they were and watching as they grew harder and harder from the caressing alone.

For Ann, the ticklish feeling had developed now into a tingling one and she arched her back needily, pushing her breasts out to receive her daughter's attentions. Her eyes were drifting closed and little shivers raced through her as the pleasure swamped her senses, deep moans of delight rumbling up her throat.

"Yes, Kris," she whimpered, shifting her shoulders as she actually tried to make her breasts move so that the aching nipples would end up under the brush. "Oh, God, yes, baby . . ."

Only know did Kristen let the brush work it's magic on her mother's teats. The effect this had on Ann was immediate and overwhelming.

As the bristles made a pass over one diamond hard nipple and then the other, Ann let out a hoarse, choked cry. It was an orgasm, one that swept in so suddenly and intensely that it surprised both mother and daughter. She jerked so wildly as she came, bouncing against the pillows behind her, that the headboard rocked and threatened to tear loose from the bed.

Though caught by surprise, Kristen still had the presence of mind to keep working the brush on those nipples, trying hard to help her mother along by making this climax last just as long as possible.

Slowly and a bit unwillingly, Ann started to come down from her orgasmic high.

Her eyes dancing and her grin bigger than ever, Kristen now abandoned those boobs and started brushing her way gently down her mother's belly, making no secret of where she was heading.

Breathing hard, Ann bit her bottom lip and waited excitedly for what was coming.

* * *

Ruth had closed the distance between herself and her father without a moment's hesitation.

Pressing the length of her body into his, the aroma of his manly cologne filling her nostrils, the teenager soon decided that she liked the feel of a masculine frame almost as much as a feminine one. Looking up at him through her lashes, a small smile raising the corners of her lips, she pulled the hand she still held down to her lap, placing it on her thigh perilously close to her crotch.

His eyes were huge and wondering. "Ruthie . . ." She would never know what he'd meant to say.

Leaning in, she pressed her lips to his ever so lightly in a tentative, exploratory kiss, her eyes half closing. Their lips lingered against each other and whispered moans made their way up from the backs of their throats, this first kiss igniting all kinds of fires within them both.

It was she who eventually broke the kiss, drawing her head a little back again. He followed after her instantly, his lips returning to hers as if drawn by some irresistible force. This second kiss was even longer than the first, firmer, and even more arousing. It was joined by some movement down below as well as that hand on her thigh slid down between her legs, firmly griping the inside of her thigh.

Though he had not yet claimed it as his own, Roger would have sworn that he could feel copious amounts of heat radiating through the crotch of the girl's jeans. He wondered if his inexperienced and virginal daughter might be soaking wet already, but was too involved in other matters just them to carry out an investigation.

At length, this second kiss would draw to a close too, but this time neither of them attempted to draw back. If anything, this was just a momentary break so that they could inhale a new lungful of air.

The third kiss followed swiftly, even longer than the first two and undeniably harder. When his lips parted, his tongue begging for admission into her mouth, she was only to happy to oblige and the couple shared a deep, wet kiss that did nothing to quench the inferno building within each of them.

Breathless, their heads spinning and their hearts pounding, father and daughter stole a moment to get their bearings back, gazing at each other with happy smiles.

No longer holding onto him as that hand showed no inclination to move from where she had placed it, Ruth grabbed the bottom edge of her shirt and hauled it up. Her top came off and she tossed it carelessly into the car's back seat. This left her topless as she had not been wearing a bra, her full bosom bouncing out into the open.

As his gaze dropped to enjoy the view, Roger had to wonder just why he had thought this would be a bad idea.

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