tagInterracial LoveThe Teacher Gets An 'A' Ch. 2

The Teacher Gets An 'A' Ch. 2


"Mrs. P, you sure did earn an 'A' for that performance," Julius told her and she felt herself blush, her face crusty from the dried cum and her legs beginning to feel the same way. Buck took her by the hand and led her out of the storeroom and down the hall to the girl's showers where he turned the water on and helped her underneath it, "I'll see if I can find you a towel Mrs. P," and she watched his figure turn from her, "Call me Gia, Buck," and he saw the smile on her face. She could hear the boys in the storeroom watching her as she tried to wash the cum off of and out of her, finding that she even had some in her hair, so she started searching for some shampoo, noting that their voices had quieted.

She found some shampoo and applied it liberally to her hair, as she worked it in with her fingers, when suddenly hands closed over her pert tits once more and she struggled to see who it was, the shampoo stinging her eyes as she opened them, it was James. His hands marveled at her pert little tits, his inexperienced fingers closing around her nipples as she tried to get the shampoo out of her hair and then she looked to see his smaller cock jutting out. That was the one thing she loved about younger men, they could get hard again and cum in no time, her hands sought out his young cock and she stroked it as he bent forward and closed his mouth over her nipple and sucked in, his teeth grazing it as she found herself moaning once again. Then she felt other hands on her as the three others joined in, their youthful, but much larger cocks poking at her as she fought to stroke them all.

"Yo Mrs. P, we was thinking, we would like a taste of that prime white ass of yours," and her motions stopped as her body tensed, "NO!!! I couldn't, you would rip me apart!" and she felt herself back up against the short shower wall as they moved in front of her, their eyes filled with lust. "You all raped me, yes I enjoyed it after awhile, but NO!!! Not my ass," and she began to tear up once more, "What the fuck is going on here?" she heard Buck say as he showed up with several towels in hand. "We going to take this tight white ass Buck, you want some?" and she felt her face get flushed from the thought of all of them having her ass, "Like hell you are! You're lucky she hasn't thrown your little black asses in jail, now get the fuck out of here!" and she watched as they hesitantly moved away, their pride definitely shaken as they left.

"Thank you Buck," she said as her arms closed around his waist, his clothes getting wet from the shower, "I got your clothes Gia, your bra is history I'm afraid and there are no buttons left on your blouse. Your panties are rather destroyed as well," and she looked at him in admiration, remembering his cock deep in her throat not an hour before. "I'll wait for you outside Gia, whenever you get done and see you to your car, it's dark already," and she watched him silently leave, her arms feeling very empty now and she returned to bathing herself. She shut off the shower and could hear raised voices in the hallway outside, then she dried herself and pulled her slacks up her legs, seating them against her naked pussy before she tried to put her blouse on. Buck had left a couple of safety pins and she pinned the front of her blouse together and slipped her shoes on and headed for the door, her long, wet hair hanging behind her as she walked.

" Fucking punks! They think they can do anything they want, don't know what's happened to the youth of today," Buck said as he handed her briefcase to her and walked her towards the doorway to the parking lot. The parking lot only had a few cars in it as she looked in her briefcase for her keys, she scanned the area and seeing no one, she reached up and put her arms around Buck's neck as she drew his lips to hers, "Thank you Buck. For all your help, for that wonderful cock of yours, " and she slipped into her car and watched him in the mirror as she drove away.

She thought about that evening all the way home and she could feel her slacks getting damp between her legs, that had been just what she had needed, now all the days of wondering were over, she experienced a black man, several as a matter of fact. She parked her car in the communal lot and headed to her townhouse, her legs still quivering slightly from her recent activities, and she checked her mailbox, drawing the few letters in it out before she walked towards her door. After she had unlocked the door and she turned the handle, someone crashed into her as the mail went flying over the foyer floor and she crashed down on her face to hear the door slam behind her.

She raised her head to see all four of the boys in her foyer, "You know what bitch? Fuck Buck! We want that white ass of yours and we're going to have it!" as hands jerked her already tattered clothes off of her, the material ripping this time as she writhed on the floor. She wondered how much more her battered body could take, not that she hadn't cum plenty herself, but such large cocks took getting used to and she felt herself picked up and taken up to her bedroom and thrown on the bed, "Do it man," Andrew said and Julius took her blouse and tied her hands behind her again, she started to scream and her slacks were secured to her mouth as a gag as total fear and helplessness swept over her.

James started playing with her tits again as she watched the other three disappear and then a few minutes later, they returned with the clothesline she had stretched across her basement ceiling and they pushed her onto her stomach as they tied her ankles to the bed posts, her legs spread wide. "Yo James, get in there and try your hand at eating that white pussy man," and they giggled as he stepped back, "Go on man, it won't bite you," and he nervously approached as she felt his weight on the bed and his hands on her pussy. The others grabbed her and pulled her to her knees so James could get his face against her pussy, his tongue felt like a hot iron as it stabbed into her and then stopped, "Man this thing is slimy," James said and they all laughed, "Get to work punk!" and he settled back in as his tongue flicked over her sore pussy, her body betraying her once more as his tongue found her clit.

"Yeah, right there boy, she likes that," and he concentrated on her clit, his tongue bathing it as she moaned through the gag and thrust her clit at his tongue. Her whole body convulsed as her orgasm struck, her moans sounding peculiar through the gag as they increased in strength and frequency until she collapsed and he stopped, "Did I do it right?" James asked the others, "Look at her man, she's fucking cranked up!" and she could feel her flushed cheeks as they all stared at her. They took her gag off, sensing that her recent orgasm would make her more cooperative; besides, they wanted her mouth again too. She felt weight on the bed again, "Man, what the fuck are you doing?" and she looked to see Julius talking, "I'm fucking first!!!!' and she felt the weight suddenly torn from the bed as the boy got off, "Please, Julius, don't do this. Please," and she felt him rubbing his huge cock up and down her ass, teasing her pussy with it and then back up and down her ass. "It will rip me apart Julius, I beg of you," and she felt his cock slide into her pussy, as her body accepted it willingly, her recent orgasm having paved the way as it slid into her and she fought to catch her breath at its size.

He fucked her for a few minutes and then she felt his cock pushing at her tight ass, "Noooooooooooooooo," she screamed as he applied pressure and she felt herself ripping apart, "Please Julius, at least get some lubricant, in the drawer!" and he stopped and told Andrew to look for it, "Bitch might rip my cock off, she is tight." She heard the drawer open and close and then she felt the lubricant dribble on her sore ass, "Yo man, look!" they had found her vibrator and she could hear it humming as they played with it, "Shove it in her pussy man, will take her mind off of what's to come," and she felt it inserted as the switch was turned to its highest setting and her pussy vibrated, getting so wet.

She felt Julius' thumb pop into her anal cavity and she jumped at the pain as it slowly worked the lubricant in and out and then she felt his cock applying pressure once more to her ass as it slipped of several times and then popped through, her face contorted in pain. "Damn this bitch has a tight ass!!!!" Julius yelled as he worked to inch his cock into her, her teeth clenched tight as she struggled to accept him. She felt his hands grab her stomach as he held on and pushed harder, his cock filling her completely as she tried to relax, knowing that it would go much easier if she did. One of them began to play with her clit as the vibrator hummed and Julius held his big, thick cock inside of her, she felt herself getting excited as the finger on her clit rubbed furiously, her moans coming quicker as it did and then she felt Julius begin to move in and out of her, adding more lubricant as he did.

She felt something on her lips and opened her eyes to see Robert's cock being thrust at her and she opened her mouth, taking it inside as she bathed it with her tongue. Hands played with her tits as her whole body was fucked at once, wave after wave of pleasure cropping up as her ass got used to its intruder and she really felt like a cheap slut now as they fucked her and she begged for more. She felt Julius tense up and grasp her hips as he shot into her, the hot cum coating her insides and then Robert blew in her mouth as she choked on all of his cum, coughing as she tried to catch her breath.

"You got one tight ass Teach, I bet you never let them white boys have it either," and he laughed as she felt his cock slowly deflate in her ass and he backed out, "Yo, who wants to go next?" and she shuddered to think that all four of them were going to violate her sore ass tonight, James, why don't you go next, after all, you never had no ass before, much less a tight white one," and they all laughed as James got embarrassed. After Julius and judging from the size of the others, James' smaller cock would be welcome as he offered it to her mouth, "Get me good and hard teacher," and he shoved it past her lips as she looked at them and closed her mouth on it and began to suck.

She felt him grab two handfuls of her hair as he began to thrust harder into her mouth, her jaws so tired now from the day's suckings, and before she knew it, the vibrator was turned back on and she began to feel herself getting close to another orgasm as she sucked James' cock harder and he jerked her hair as he fucked her mouth, "My cock sure looks good sliding in this white mouth," and Julius replied, "You should see how good a black cock looks disappearing in that lily white ass," and she sucked him harder, her vibrator now pushing her over the edge as she came once again, her whole body shuddering and her mouth causing James to lose it as his cum shot into her mouth.

"Damn!!! This bitch done made me cum in her mouth," James said as she worked to suck all of his cum out, her orgasm making her insatiable, "Told you she wanted some black cock, this bitch has been feeling and tasting black cock for a long time, and we just the ones to satisfy her needs," and she felt the vibrator switched off as her body began to return to normal. "I told you punks no, and no is what I meant!" and they all turned to see Buck standing there in the doorway, "Now get out of here before I have you all put in jail!" and they started grabbing their clothes and putting them on. Buck could see the that she thought of him as her savior as he ushered the boys out of the house and locked the door before returning to untie her, "I'm sorry Gia, I should have known they'd try something like this, fucking punks," and he worked at the bindings on her ankles and then tried to untie her blouse, "All black men aren't like that, they're young and very full of themselves, " and as her wrists were freed, she wrapped her arms around Buck as she buried her head in his chest and sobbed.

"Let's get you to the shower and let you get cleaned up," and he helped her to her feet and steadied her as she walked towards the bathroom, he sat her on the commode as he adjusted the water temperature, "I'm not going to be able to do it Buck, you'll have to help me," and he slowly began to strip off his clothes as she watched that beautiful cock of his come into view once more and then he helped her up and into the shower.

He got her head wet and then leaned her against the shower wall while he lathered her head and she just stared at his cock while he worked and then he brought her back and rinsed her hair off before returning her to the wall as he grabbed the sponge and soaped it up and began to bathe her. His hands felt wonderful as they moved over her body, her nipples popping out at their touch and she felt herself getting quite warm once more as his hands worked to scrub her pussy and she slowly gapped her legs for him, causing her to lose balance as she slipped to her knees and looked at his cock before her and took it in her hands as she stroked it and guided it into her waiting mouth.

It wasn't like the others, Buck's was warm and wanted, she had wanted it for a long time and now she had it as her mouth caused it to grow between her lips with her sucking and she looked up to see Buck staring into her eyes. "You don't have to do this Gia," she heard him say, but this was what she wanted, a thick black cock between her lips, burrowing deeper into her mouth as she sucked on it until she could feel his big black balls on her chin, knowing she had accepted all of it. She stared at his handsome face while her mouth was engorged on him, his balls finally hitting her chin as her throat struggled to accept his manhood and she could see the impending flood in his face as it began to contort and her mouth was filled with his delicious cum.

His hands rubbed in her wet hair as he filled her mouth and she swallowed it down, a taste she loved now and she wanted to feel it inside of her as well as she slowly finished him up and pulled him out of her mouth, still stroking him as he softened. "They were right Buck, I wanted black cock, needed it in fact. Watching all the black male students would get me so wet, and you, I used to watch you all the time as you worked. Your strong muscles flexing as you did and wonder what it would be like to have you," and she kissed the head of his cock before he helped her up and finished her shower and shut the water off.

He helped her dry off and then dried himself as he watched her eyes surveying his strong, black body as he did. "I'll help you into bed and then I'll go," he said, "No Buck, stay, please stay with me," and he looked at her cute face as she begged and he finally gave in as he helped her into bed and climbed in beside her. The smell of sex was all through her bedroom and it was beginning to get her excited once more as her hands sought his massive cock and began to stroke it, "I want to feel this in me Buck, I need it to fill every part of me," and he looked at her sweet smile as her eyes pleaded with him.

"Fill my ass with it Buck, the boys unlocked a secret fantasy of mine when they took my ass, just get the lubricant, it's still quite sore," and he hesitated before she began to plead with her eyes once more. She pushed the covers off of them as she spread her legs wide, "I want to see your face as you fill my ass, please Buck, fuck my ass!" Hr reached for the lubricant and applied it to her red ass as she moaned at his touch, knowing she would soon be filled there once again. She could see his cock growing at the thought of her ass and she couldn't wait to feel it as he inched towards her, his cock glistening from the lubricant Buck had applied to it and then she felt the pressure of it's head as it pushed, her whole body relaxing to let it in, knowing that she wanted this one in there.

She sighed as the head pushed in, his strong arms on either side of her waist as he slid more and more inside and she watched the look of contentment on his face as he enjoyed this just as much as she did. Her hand darted to her clit as she worked it in a frenzy to fully enjoy all of this and his cock began to glide in and out of her, his thrusts increasing in force and pleasure as she soon felt his balls slap her ass cheeks and her finger went into overdrive on her clit as she came in rapid succession.

Her orgasms began to cause her ass to spasm and she could see by the look on his face that he would soon fill her and she rubbed her clit faster, her orgasms succeeding in bringing about his as he moaned out and she felt him squirt into her, a big smile came over her as she watched his face and saw his pleasure. He collapsed on top of her, his cock still buried as he smiled at her, "Oh Gia, I loved that. I never had a better ass in my life," and he kissed her, his forward movement to meet her lips causing his cock to pop out as their tongues met.

They awoke some time later, still in the same position as he once again kissed her and then slid off to her side to cuddle her into his arms. "Promise me we can do this again Buck, promise me," and he stared at her, "Without a doubt Gia."

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