tagMatureThe Teacher Has a Secret

The Teacher Has a Secret


"Sarah, I hear you're pretty good with computers, could you help me set up my new computer at home?" Mr. Maser said after we had finished the last class of the day.

"Sure, Mr. Maser, what kind did you get, a desktop or a laptop?" I asked.

"Desktop I think, it was on sale and comes with everything including software."

"Did you wanna do it tonight then? Tonight would be good, my Mom watches this 2 hour show on TV that starts at eight, I hate the show really but I don't get a say in the matter, she's hooked on it." I told him.

"Okay then, after supper about seven, be okay?" He asked as he only lived just down the street from my house. "Okay Mr. Maser, see you then."


After supper I strolled down to Mr. Maser's house and he showed me all the boxes that the computer came in that he hadn't opened, plus he showed me where he wanted it setup, which was his late daughters bedroom. It was a tragedy how she died; Anna was so young at 20 years old and was hit by a drunk driver on her way home from college.

Her room had more or less been preserved the way it was with her posters and graduation certificates still on the wall along with pictures of herself and her Dad. I got the impression that they were really close, Anna was just one year older than I was today, when she died two years ago.

Mr. Maser opened the boxes and carried the parts into the bedroom and I sorted out the wires and slapped it together in no time flat. I plugged everything in and it was time to turn it on and see if it worked. It worked perfectly so then I loaded the extra software and put all the manuals on a bookcase shelf.

"Wow, that was quick and painless Sarah, thank you so much." Mr. Maser said.

"Your welcome Mr. Maser. So your daughter Anna was in college when it happened then, she looked very pretty in her picture?"

"Yes she was, Anna meant the world to me. Maybe you would like to take a few of her things; I really have to start on removing things such as all her clothes. Many of them are brand new; some were only worn one or two times. Just check the drawers and if you see something's that you like you can take them."

"Well thank you, I'll check then if you don't mind." I said before he left the room.

I opened the top drawer of a 4-drawer chest and there were really nice sweaters, I picked one out and then went to the next drawer, which contained blouses so I picked out a nice one. Then I looked in the next drawer and it was almost full of panties, many were still in the original unopened package. About half of them were standard cotton panties then the other ones were a mix of styles, some low riders and even thongs made of satin or silk.

The bottom drawer was virtually all brand new matching sets of lingerie some from Frederick's and some Victoria's Secrets and others. All very classy and very sexy to say the least, they must have cost a fortune, probably hundreds or even thousands of dollars were in that drawer. Wow, there was no way that I could afford any of those and I know Mom couldn't afford to buy them for me as we only just got by on her wages.

"Oh I see you found the lingerie, very pretty aren't they?" Mr. Maser said.

"Very expensive I would think, too."

"Try a set on and see if it fits you Sarah, they are brand new, you can use the bathroom."

I was reluctant but I did really like the white ones so I took a set to the bathroom and had to completely strip off. The matching set contained bra, panties, short camisole and garter belt plus stockings. Wow they looked absolutely gorgeous and so exotic.

Mr. Maser tapped on the door and asked if they fit me okay.

"Yes, they are perfect and so fantastic."

"Can I see, Sarah?" He asked and I was a bit shocked but after a moment I thought why not, models show them off and you see them on TV. So I opened the door.

"Wow, its like they were made for you Sarah. My Anna would model all of her new things for me. Why don't you try on another set?" He said and suddenly I felt fine about showing him. I couldn't very well change and then go back and look in the drawer so I just went as I was and looked for another set that I liked. I found the most beautiful set of light pink, so I took those to the bathroom.

"Just call me when you're ready Sarah." He said.

I slipped out of the white set and put on the pink set and these really looked classy so I opened the door and called for Mr. Maser.

"Wow, Sarah, they truly look magnificent on you." He said and it made me feel so good.

"You should try on some of those brand new panties." He said and I was right into the modeling mode so I went and looked in the drawer and took out several packages then I went back to the bathroom.

I removed the pink set and put my short top back on then tried on the first set of black satin panties. They were very sleek and I wondered what the girls would think at school. I opened the door and let Mr. Maser see them and he asked me to walk around and turn a few times. "Excellent Sarah, you would make a fine model."

"Thank you Mr. Maser."

"Listen I've made us a bite to eat and a slice of pie, if you're ready."

"I'll just get changed then."

"Oh okay." He said so I changed.

We sat at the kitchen table and pecked away at the snacks then I ate the piece of apple pie and looked at the clock. Mom still had about 90 minutes left of her show.

Mr. Maser was so nice and treated me with great respect like an adult as we chatted about various things, which always seemed to come back to his late daughter Anna. At some point I felt really sorry for his devastating loss, I think we had something in common as I had lost my Dad when I was seven.

The conversation turned somewhat towards sex but it was very subtle and not really probing so I was fairly comfortable with it at that point. He told me that Anna discussed her sex life very openly, as they had always been that way.

"Do you hug your Dad a lot Sarah, Anna and I would hug often?" He asked as I put the dishes in the sink.

"No, my Dad passed away when I was seven. So it's just been Mom and me at home since then." I said and suddenly I became a little teary eyed. He spotted it and stood behind me then hugged me.

"I'm very sorry to hear that Sarah, anytime you want a hug I'm here for you." He said as he wrapped his arms around me from behind.

"There are times when I really miss him. It seems to be more and more since I got to be well into my teens." I said as the tears started to flow.

"Yes, I understand Sarah, my Anna would come to me for very personal advice about men or boys in her life. She knew that I could be trusted with anything and she would want to know things that only her daddy could teach her and I would show her whatever she wanted."

"That must have been wonderful for her."

"Yes, sometimes she just needed to be shown real affection from a man. We never had sex of course but we would please each other and she would go away so relaxed and feeling so good that she could conquer the world."

"Oh my, you must have been really close."

"Yes, a special closeness, that kind that only a father and daughter has." He said and my tears started to fall again as I realized that I didn't have a dad to be there for me to show me that closeness.

"That must have been heavenly." I said as I cried.

"I can show you Sarah, I can be your father for you, tonight if you wish and show you just a portion of what you have missed."

"Oh Mr. Maser, I don't know what to say."

"Well go and one on one of those sets of lingerie and I'll show you how good you can feel. That's why I bought them for Anna, it was our secret and now it can be yours."

"Which one shall I chose?"

"Whichever you like best Sarah, then come back here to our favorite place which was right here at the sink." He said and I was so, I don't want to say brainwashed, but I truly wanted a father and needed to know how it would be if he was alive today. I went to the bathroom and chose the pink set and put it back on.

"Oh Sarah you look stunning, you can call me daddy if you want, how's that, then it will be much more realistic for you. Now stand at the sink, as if you were doing dishes then it will be perfectly natural. As your daddy I would probably be walking around relaxed as I did with Anna, just wearing my boxers so I will change and be back in a moment."

A few minutes later he came and stood behind me and gently wrapped his arms around me then stroked my neck and ran his finger over my ear, then nuzzled it with his chin.

"How's my girl today?"

"I'm fine daddy."

"I've really missed you sweetheart.'

"I've missed you too daddy."

"You're turning into a beautiful young woman Sarah, I'm so proud of you."

"Thank you daddy."

"Daddy needs to get much closer to his girl." He said as his body came closer and pressed against my back.

"That feels so nice daddy."

"Does my girl need some affection today?"

"Yes, daddy. Always from you." I said and his hands rubbed the sides of my breasts and then across my tummy.

"Does that feel good sugar, do you need more affection?"

"Yes Daddy." I said and his hands held my breasts and then his thumbs rubbed over my nipples until they were hard and it felt so wonderful.

"Does that feel good Sarah."

"Yes daddy." I said as he lightly kissed my neck while holding my breasts.

"Can you feel me honey?" He said as he pushed against my butt and I could feel that he was getting hard.

"Yes daddy."

"Does it feel good to know that you turn me on Sarah."

"Yes Daddy." I said, as he pushed harder against my butt and I could feel his erection so I slowly pushed back.

"Your breasts are beautiful sweetheart, daddy's very pleased with your figure."

"Thank you Daddy." I said as his hands stroked up and down my side and occasionally slid over my butt cheeks. His touch was truly heavenly, as I had never had a man touch me so gently before. I had had the occasional boy but he was fairly quick with just a few kisses and then he was pawing me and wanting to have sex.

His fingers on one hand stroked my upper thighs and lightly passed over my little bush then back to my thighs again while his other hand held my breast.

"Does my baby want more affection, or should I stop?"

"More affection daddy, please don't stop."

His hand brushed over my bush several times and each time going a little lower as he kissed my neck and pushed against my butt. Then his hand settled fully over my pubic bone and he pulled me back into him. "Just bend over a little for daddy." He murmured and as I eased over a little I felt his hard penis pushing slowly up and down my crack.

His fingers spread a little as they slid down from my pubic bone and rubbed over my pussy then back up again. His tongue lovingly licked my earlobe as he spread the fingers on his other hand all over my breast. I was feeling wonderful and I didn't want it to stop but he moved his hand off my breast.

I could feel him shuffling behind me and realized that he had dropped his shorts but then his hand went back on my breast and he was back doing the same wonderful things.

"Does my baby want me to stop now?" He said as he gripped my pussy and my breast gently.

"No daddy, please don't stop."

He stroked my pussy and ran his fingers up and down between my lips and I could feel his erection even more now pushing up and down my crack. "Bend over a little more sweetheart and ease your legs open." He said softly. Then suddenly I felt his hard penis pushing between my legs and I could really feel him throbbing through the thin silk panties. His hand gripped my pussy again and pulled me back into him several times then he went back to rubbing it as he pushed himself into me numerous times while his penis slipped back and forth over the silk panties.

"Daddy's going to squirt his love juices on you soon baby, is that okay?"

"Yes daddy... please daddy... rub my pussy... harder." I said and he slid his hand down the front of my panties and rubbed between my wet lips. I gasped as he rubbed over my clit and pushed back. "Oooooo, oooooo." I cried.

"Do you want Daddy to stop?"

"No... No. Keep going daddy... please, please... don't stop." I cried as he rubbed over my clit and I was oozing from my pussy already as the fires were lit inside me. The flames were getting higher and higher as his hard penis pushed more quickly and as I bent forward a little more it rubbed firmly between my wet lips and over my oozing vagina with just a thin piece of silk between us.

"I love you baby." He murmured as he went faster.

"I love you too... daddy... keep doing that... oh daddy... keep... going... oh god."

"Is baby going to cum?"

"Yes daddy, hurry, oooooo... squirt all over me... daddy... oooooo." I mumbled and then I felt the warmth and the wetness as he squirted between my legs and all over my silk panties and garter belt. I could feel it dripping down my inner thighs and it felt incredible.

"Oh daddy that's wonderful... oooooo... oooooo... NOW daddy... NOW." I cried as I reached the fever pitch and orgasmed. For a brief moment I felt myself gushing and then it stopped but the wonderful feeling was still there.

He turned me around quickly and held me tightly against him as his penis slipped back between my wet crotch then he kissed me passionately and put both hands on my butt cheeks. I felt absolutely marvelous as he squeezed my butt cheeks and pulled me into him and his wet penis almost pushed through my wet silk panties. "Oh Daddy that was incredible, you made my pussy so wet." I murmured.

We stayed in that position for several minutes as we clung together and when I looked towards his face I could see tears running down his cheek.

"My beautiful Anna, you were wonderful as usual." He said and then cried. I shed a few tears with him and told him that my daddy was wonderful to me tonight.

Moments later we backed away from each other and looked down at the huge wet stain all over the front of the pink silk panties and then at the cum running down my inner thighs.

"Oh Daddy, did you ever CUM." I said as I stroked his still almost hard penis.

"I only save it for my GIRL." He said before I went to the bathroom and peeled off the panties and garter belt. Then I had a quick shower and changed into my street clothes.

"Thank you so much Mr. Maser. It was terrific."

"Maybe do it again next week, Sarah?"

"Oh YES. I'd love that Mr. Maser."


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