tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Teachings of a Goddess

The Teachings of a Goddess


"If love is a glimpse of heaven then I am right. The nakedness of a woman is the essence of god and her body is the gate to heaven." ~ Blackie (my inspiration for this erotic tale)

I dreamt last night of a small cottage at the base of a monstrous mountain whose very peak was hidden in an unbounded sea of clouds. I slept peacefully inside the cottage tucked between two satin sheets with my brunette hair sprawled across the pillow waiting for the sun to arouse me. The morning rays slowly emerged through the window stirring me to life. Without thought I slid my legs to the side of the bed starting my morning ritual.

A few steps from the bed I felt a sudden emptiness, a tug on my soul pulling me another direction then the one I was headed. I glanced back to see what sensation pulled at me to find on the bed the shell of my image still lying upon the those satin sheets. Without giving it another thought the monstrous mountain outside the window beacon to me and I felt it's life pull me toward it. Forgetting my body my only desire now was to explore the mountain, to reach its peak and see what alluring power was summoning me.

With the very clothes I slept in I set off on this adventure, set in my mind nothing would keep me from reaching the top. At first the journey was simple a walk through a meadow, a rocky path and cluster of trees were my only obstacles. As the climb advanced so did the difficulty. The cool breeze stilled and then became a wind of great magnitude, the chill in the air bite harshly at my bare skin and the rocks became much larger. Nothing deterred me from the path I had set for myself and upward I went seeking the captivating sensation that drew me to such an obscure place.

The peak of the mountain was a steep cliff with finger holds that burned with a coldness I endured through with agonizing pain. The pain was intense and yet, I kept to my goal. Above me I could see the faint glow growing and it only encouraged me to press forward quickly. As I came upon the ledge I slipped my arm up to have a better view of what had me enticed to take such a perilous venture.

Much to my surprise I found the glow radiated from a woman who was sprawled upon a cushioned couch of elegance. She lay there, naked and contently bored. The fine curves of her body were attractive but that was not what attracted me to her. She stretched and smiled at me as I pulled myself up onto the peak of the mountain, her home, which was made of white marble and tall pillars that were adored with sheer curtains. I could not bare to take my eyes off her beauty in fear she would vanish. She sat most delicately on the edge of her couch and with her feet crossed as she spoke to me.

"Many don't take the most difficult journey to seek after me." Her voice rang out. I was speechless, struck with awe at how exquisite her aurora was, it was that which attracted me. Her beauty was spell-binding and had captivated my body imprisoning it to her command.

I found my way to my feet and suddenly felt embarrassed by my attire. I had only one desire, to climb the mountain and because of that I had forgotten to change. Even at that I was dirty, sweaty and tired. I quickly clenched my arms trying desperately to cover myself ashamed of standing before such greatness. I let out a small whimper of discomfort. And for the first time I had the urge to return the way I came and glanced down the cliff's edge wondering if I should return.

"No need for you to be ashamed of yourself." She said rising to her feet. "Those who reach me the way you do are nothing less than heroes. I welcome them with a humble admiration."

'A hero?' I thought to myself and crossed my brow at the thought of how untrue that word was to describe me.

"Scowling is not attractive." She said almost in a whisper. "Let me teach you of how goddess like you truly are. Let me show you the wonders of your power, oh great hero." With each word singing of praise she stepped closer to me. I felt her essence of seduction emit. It penetrated me, causing a stir of lust that was awaking with a fire deep inside. "Inside each of us is a goddess waiting to be taught, waiting to be touched and waiting for the god to command her as she commands him. Let me teach you."

She stood before me, equal in height with golden hair cascading around her bare shoulders. Her skin looked so smooth, soft and so very enticing that I desired to touch it, to feel the silkiness beneath my finger tips. As I was mesmerized in my thoughts, I lifted my hands to do as I thought and before I could she spoke.

"Control." She simply said. It wasn't a command or scolding of a sort, just a simple word implied to gather myself, my thoughts and my actions. I knew what she wanted. With that I peered into her eyes as she undid each button of my blouse. They smiled back at me with a gleam of pride and strength softened with a lure of an enchanting mystery.

I surrender to her touch lapsing my arms to my sides and allowed her to undo the buttons. Delicately each button slipped through their holes with ease. With each undone, it revealed my body. When the last button was released from its trap the blouse fluttered over the side of the cliff, catching on the current of the wind and sailing off into darkness.

A sudden urge of willingness to please her swept over me and I wanted to rip my pants off. But her word 'control' rung in my minds eyes and I reframed allowing her to slip them over my hips and down my legs. I quaked with a heighten sense of excitement. I gasped as her fingers brushed my leg. She stood, leaving them around my ankles and put her hand into mine.

How yielding, how sweet, how erotically simple this was. She lead me out of my pants and to her elegant couch. "One's body yearns for lust but it is control that makes lust more pleasurable." She smirked with a teasing smile. "A goddess is always in control of her actions, no matter how intense the sensations arise." On her couch was a comb, she reached for it and started to comb my hair. Softly she untangled each knot and spoke to me her wisdom of seduction.

"She controls the actions of the god as well. It is by her command he gives her pleasure and how fast it is to be given. Never totally surrender yourself to his command but allow him to believe it is he you worship." Her body was so near to mine it was hard for me to think of anything other than her. My heart quicken and I felt the tightening of my bosom wanting so desperately to be satisfied. I thought I would lose all control when I felt the touch of her nipples brush against me. She tormented me as she spoke, "Yet, we know it is he who worships you. Never forget, your body is the gate way to heaven." She pressed her body against mine and wrapped her elegant arms around my waist. The comb fell and lost in her touch I swayed my head to the side closing my eyes. I was losing control. "Open your eyes." She whispered. Her breasts pressed into my back. I had no concentration and when her hand crept upward finding the swell of my breast I shuddered. "Oh yes. This is nice." She said nuzzling my neck. "Keep control my beauty. When I am done I want to see the wanton look in your eyes." Her fingers massaged my breast I took a deep breath and gained as much control as humanly possible when being seduced by a woman whose nakedness was the essence of a goddess.

"A goddess has no limits." She said slipping her body around mine to face me. Feeling the hardness of her perked nipples I had the sudden urge to kiss her luscious lips. But the more she talked the more I found my control despite how my body screamed to take her and ravage her body with an unbridled lust. My mouth slipped open at the thought. As if she could sense my desire, she pushed me to my limits by pressing forward very slowly she whispered very near my mouth, "But a god must always be given limits. They have no control and it is ours to tame." Her lips lightly trembled so close to mine. "A god needs our guidance." Her eyes soften with the wonton glaze and my hands found their way around her waist drawing her nearer to me. "He knows no boundaries only to fill his desire." I watched her mouth anticipating what was to come next. They felt it so close to mine and with each word spoken my fire surged more. "He does not realize he is not here to feed his savage cravings, he is here to feed ours." She leaned slightly forward, her bottom lip between mine, I dared not move. She closed her lips around mine and for a fraction of a second let it linger there. Quickly she dropped her head allowing me to smell the sweet fragrance of her beautiful hair. Kissing my shoulder she found her way to my breast.

She was truly a master. It was nothing for her to fall knees while staring up at me cupping my breast in her one hand while the other held me close to her. "Your body is a temple." She took her eyes from me and stared at the nipple. I watched her, intently. She twirled her tongue around it once, wetting it enough for me to feel the warm. "No one other than a god may enter." She glanced up and watched me as she suckled my breast. The twirling of her tongue, the light suck of her lips, the massage of her fingers... I gasped. I was losing control once again. She nipped. I gasped deeper this time.

When I thought I was about to lose all control and succumb to her, she pulled away. "When a god is about to lose control seduce him another way. Never allow him to fulfill his desire until you have had your fill of him." She rose to her feet. "Remember you are a goddess and your body is not his for the taking but to be worshiped. The longer and more tantalizing you tease him the more willing he will be to walk to the ends of the universe for you." She studied my face as our naked bodies still pressed together. "You are so beautiful." She said and her eyes rested upon mine with a smile. "It is time."

"Time?" I asked.

"To find your first god." She backed away from me with her arm still holding my waist. She glanced behind her as we both watched a man approach us.

He was tall and handsome with dark features. His black hair and sharp chin pleased me as he drew closer. He smiled with his eyes watching mine. As he approached me she whispered in my ear, "You are his gate way to heaven, you will make him a god."

I stepped toward him with all willingness as if I knew I was born to do seduce a god. I slowly undressed him intentionally touching him now pushing him to his limits. I could hear his small gasps and felt his body tighten when each button was slowly undone. And when I undid his pants I knew he was ready to appease me.

When he stood before me naked, she whispered again.

"Now it is time to learn how to make him a god." With that I fell to my knees...

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