The Tease


When you have a new love and things are going good in the relationship you want to find new ways to make it exciting for your partner......

My boyfriend was on his way home and I had been thinking all day of something that I could surprise him with when he got home. I went into the bedroom and pulled out a new outfit that I recently purchased for a special occasion. I also had a couple of toys that I wanted to experiment with. As I took out the nipple clips and chain, I was debating if I should try them or not. I ran my hand over my breast and down to the nipples, playing with them to get them nice and hard and sticking out, I decided that I would use them for the first time tonight. As I clipped them on, I could feel a tingle in my nipple that I've never felt before, giving it a little tug to see how it would feel. I was getting wet just from the thought of being able to have my nipples pulled on and it felt so good. I knew this was going to be an exciting evening. Next, I started putting on the blue satin corset with lace around the top, it fit really well and showed off my curves and chest protruding out of the top, keeping the chain hidden. I decided on a black lace thong to go with it, sliding it up my legs into the right spot, I could already feel the wetness between my legs starting. Once the thong was in place, I just had to reach down and put my fingers under it and give my clit a slow rub, just to let me know what was to come soon. The lace stockings were next, working them up each leg, making sure to get the lace pattern nice and straight and then hooking them to the garters of the corset.

Putting on a hint of perfume in all the right places, I was ready for a good fucking. I threw on a black satin robe to cover the surprise that he was going to get when he arrived. I went into the living room to get things ready for his show. All the lights turned out, I began to light a few candles and place them around the room, not too much light, but enough for him to see what was happening. I moved the table away from the sofa for more room, but knew that I was going to use that also. Everything set, another toy on the table to be used later and now just waiting on him to arrive.

I hear the car pull up in the driveway, I hide in the laundry room, not wanting him to see me beforehand. I hear him stop at the front door, he's reading the note that I wrote and stuck on the door letting him know that he would get a surprise if he followed the directions. He comes in and it's nice and dark with just the light from the candles shining around the room, I know that his mind is racing now and can see that the mood is set for a nice evening. I can hear him walk down the hallway into the bedroom and after a few minutes the shower turns on. Ok, good I have a few minutes to get the finishing touches into place. I get a tray out and place a banana, some grapes and a few strawberries on the platter and take them into the living room and set them down on the table next to the other toys, these will work well. Making sure the music is ready to go at a touch of the remote, I have loaded the disc player with some sensual songs that will only add to the desire.

My excitement is already building, my mind going over all the things I want to try. I hear him walking in the hallway towards me, my heart starts to beat a little faster wondering what kind of reaction I will get from all of this. He enters the living room, walks towards me with the towel around his waist just as I instructed him to do. He tries to ask what is going on, but I quickly put my hand on his mouth..shhhh...and I take him by the hand and lead him to the sofa and sit him down. I slowly take the satin tie from my robe, taking both of his hands and putting them together behind his back, I tie them. He is looking at me like he is unsure of what is going to happen. So I tell him the rules, no touching or speaking from him until I say so, he smiles and with a nod agrees.

I reach for the remote, turn the music on that was sitting there ready, Always and Forever starts playing, I go back towards him and take the towel and open it up. I want to be able to see his cock go from being soft to rock hard, sitting there throbbing wanting to be relieved.

I move back around the end of the table, start moving slowly back and forth to the rhythm of the music, taking my hands and moving them gently over my body, feeling the cool slick satin under my fingers. My nipples are already hard and more wetness starts to flow as I move back and forth in time with the music, feeling up and down my sides and around to the front to the opening of the robe. I am watching his face, and he seems pleased at what he thinks is about to happen, his dick is already starting to grow giving me a sign that it's also interested. I slip the robe off each shoulder one at a time and let it drop to the floor, unveiling the blue satin corset and black thong I carefully picked out. Still moving with the music, I use my hands to run over every inch of my body, up and down, knowing that he wishes he could be the one touching me. I start to make a turn, keeping in time with the music. I want him to see my what my ass looks like, so I bend over away from him, letting him see a view from behind as I run my hands over my ass cheeks and giving a soft moan with the slap I just gave myself..mmmm, it's feeling so good already. I turn back around, I can see that he and his cock are enjoying the show already. Almost all the way extended, his dick is looking so good it makes me want to go over to it, but I don't, no yet.

I reach down on the tray I sat there earlier and get the already peeled banana, bringing it up to my lips, I start to lick all over it. Up and down the sides and slowly bringing it back up to the top, circling it with the end of my tongue. With a few soft moans as I imagine it being his hard dick, I take it in my mouth nice and slow, all the way in until I've worked it all in my mouth. Moving it back and forth, being very gentle as if it were him in my mouth, I slide it back out inches at a time until the end is back at my lips going over the curves of them. Moving it down my chin, down my neck, until I get to the crease where my breasts are showing, working it in between my tits. Up and down the middle for a minute, then moving down towards my clean shaven pussy. I rub it on the outside of my thong, I want him to see it teasing and pleasing me at the same time. Gently touching my already swollen clit, it makes me moan with excitement as I catch and hold my breath for a few seconds. His dick is rock hard, I can see the pleasure in his eyes and the need from his cock.

I lay the banana back down on the tray, then I start at the bottom of the corset, one by one undoing the hooks as I work my way up to the top. Reaching the top, sliding the pieces apart, I let my breast start to fall into place. Tossing it aside, my nipples are sticking out so far wanting to feel the warmth of his tongue running over the ends of them. I take the chain that is hooked to my engorged nipples and with the slightest ease, tug on it, that feels so wonderful and I can't help but to let out a moan of pleasure. My other hand starting to make its way down, I need to touch my clit, rub it for him, let him know that I like it. I hear him breathing heavily, longing to have his hand where mine is, pleasing me. Being so caught up in the moment, the music has faded into the background. I could barely hear the song Let's get It On playing when I reached down to get the grapes and strawberries, swaying to the music, I moved towards him. His dick fully enlarged and sticking straight up, desperately wanting to be relieved, was tempting me to climb on. With one of the strawberries, I put it to his mouth, wanting him to take a bite and taste it's sweetness. His lips parted, I inserted the luscious fruit halfway into his mouth, he took a bite. As he was savoring the flavor, I took the rest and moved it down to my hot pussy, and added some of my own juices to the already sweet fruit. His smile widened as I raised it back to his lips, running it over his mouth very lightly, just enough to get my own sweet taste on his mind. Then I raised it to my own mouth, licked it all over with my tongue, enjoying my own sweetness for myself. I put the rest in my mouth thinking how good it was, and how much this must have teased him knowing that I enjoyed my own taste. The grapes were next. I picked up two of them, took both of them in my hand and proceeded back down to my hot pussy. Rubbing them in the juices that were filling the whole area, I brought them back up and with my other hand, I took one and moved it towards his mouth once again. This time I was going to let him taste me along with the fruit. I placed it in his mouth and he closed his eyes and slowly rolled it around, letting the taste of my pussy cover his tongue. Letting out a sound of pleasure, I took the other one and placed it in my mouth, also enjoying the taste along with him. I can see a small amount of sweat beading around the edges of his temples, he is so heated up, almost hurting for relief.

One more new sensation to try before we both explode with excitement. I make my way back to the table, waiting there is the final tease. I place the band around my tongue and think how much this will put the finishing touches on him wanting to cum. I kneel down in front of him, I turn on the tongue vibrator and begin to lick his thighs. I can feel him getting tense with pleasure. As I move up and down each thigh, being careful to only get close enough for him to feel my breath on his balls, he begins to move with me, enjoying the feeling but also longing for relief. I take my tongue and very lightly, barely making contact, run it up the front of his hard and throbbing dick. Almost jumping with pleasure, he is catching is breath and holding it as he lets out a couple of moans, wanting me to take his whole cock in my mouth. I can see his excitement with the leaking of his cum oozing out the end of his dick, I lick it, wanting to taste it and tease the head of it at the same time. Up and down very, very slowly letting him feel the tingling that I know is going thru him. My own juices are starting to drip down between my thighs, so wet and hot, my clit is throbbing wanting to be rubbed until it can't take anymore.

I pull myself back up towards the table, we are both breathing with such anticipation that it's hard to control. I lay back on the table, wanting to give him an invitation to look at how hot and wet my pussy is for him. I move my hand down and start to massage my swollen clit. Mmmm, it feels so good and so wet. He is watching me enjoy playing with myself and I'm enjoying being able to touch it and feel it, knowing that it will be contracting with waves of pleasure soon. I take my fingers inside of me, moving them back and forth, wishing it was his hard dick inside of me instead. Back to the clit for more playing, I am on the verge of being sent into those wonderful spasms.

Now with almost everything blocked out in my mind, I can hear I Want Your Sex playing in the background and it's making my urge more intense. I lean up and turn over, with my ass facing him and legs spread apart, he can see my hand working harder and harder to free all the juices that have built up inside of me. I want him, I can't take it anymore. I tell him to ease towards me with his hard cock, I want him to enter me from behind. He starts moving towards me, trying to shake his hands free from the satin tie, he gets them free and his hands grab my hips. Thrusting inside of me, I almost came as soon as he entered me, but I want more. I want him to fuck me, fuck me as hard as he can. I can tell that he is wanting the same thing. Holding on tight to me, he is pounding my pussy as hard as he can, I can feel him going deep inside of me, oh yesss. I am rubbing my clit at the same time, fuck me baby, I want to feel your hot cum shooting inside, I want to feel you throb inside of me when you shoot everything you have in me. Faster and faster, with more urgency it gets harder and harder, both of us moaning with pleasure and pain wanting to have that release that is built up inside of us.

Finally he speaks, bitch you teased me long enough now I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before. His body slapping against mine, his hands forcing my hips towards him, he is fucking me so hard now. I tell him to make me cum, make me cum hard on your dick, do it baby, oh god I can't take much more. Faster, harder now, my hand rubbing my clit so hard, I can feel him starting to shake, I know he is almost ready to release all of his hot juice in me, fuck it. Fuck it, oh yeah, you fuck me so good, I can feel the tingle of my orgasm starting. Don't stop, oh yeah, don't stop, fuck my pussy baby. Within a second, the waves of pleasure and contractions and shooting thru my body, tightening around his hard cock, I let out a scream. He can feel my pussy all around him pulsing, pulsing on his dick. He grabs me, almost to the point it hurts, He was ready to explode. Letting out moans of pleasure, I could feel his warmth fill me up inside, the pulsing and then shooting some more in me. I was still moving back and forth, I wanted every drop in me. He was shaking with pleasure, then realized he was gripping my hips, he released his hold and let out one last moan. We were both gasping for breath, trying to get our minds back focused and back to where we were. Rubbing my ass while he was still trying to control his breathing, I know that this was one of the best fucks of his life. He pulled out and collapsed on the sofa as I stayed there still enjoying the feeling of him being inside of me.

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