tagBDSMThe Temple Ch. 01

The Temple Ch. 01


Kathryn Belsky pulled her car into a parking space and turned off the engine. "What in the world," she muttered to herself, "am I doing here? Am I doing the right thing? Hell, am I even wearing the right clothes for this?" The "here" in this case was a former church in a rural area southwest of the city. Rumor had it the church had been bought by an unknown individual and turned into his house, but no one had been inside since the congregation moved to it's new home several miles away.

The "what" Kathryn Belsky was doing was responding to the latest in a series of cards she had received from an unknown admirer. The card had "commanded" her to come here on this Saturday morning, and required her to wear specific clothing. This was the latest in a series of "commands" she had received from this unknown person. Had she been told at first to come here, she would have thrown the note away. Instead, they had started off over five months ago as simple notes from a secret admirer. These notes had included little suggestions on how to relax, like listening to some quiet music or reading a book in a scented bath. She even followed the recommendation to keep a journal of how she had followed the suggestions, and what the results had been.

After several weeks, the notes had become more suggestive, more erotic. Kathryn actually hadn't minded; it had helped her indulge in the fantasy of an unseen lover. Her "seen" lover of nine months, Paul Trowbridge, was certainly a nice man and a somewhat-imaginative lover. But the two of them had been moving very slowly in their relationship, and Kathryn was becoming a little impatient. Impatient enough that, as the notes became more racy, Kathryn was willing to indulge.

One of the first "suggestions" she had indulged in was to take another comfy scented bath. This time, though, the suggestion included massaging herself. Though she had only massaged her legs and feet, it had proven extremely relaxing. The idea of following the secret bidding of an unknown lover had also sent a small thrill through her, which she duly recorded in her journal. She also wrote down her uncertainty as to why she was so thrilled, but that she truly enjoyed the feeling. The journal was also her secret, kept hidden in a chest of drawers under some old blankets. She wrote about each note, when it was received, how polite it had been, and how it had contained a small sheet of instructions. Every time, Kathryn wrote about how they made her feel, the good, the bad, the weird, even the sensual.

Over time, the tone of the instructions began to change. It was a subtle change, so subtle that, even when Kathryn wrote about them in her journal, she didn't realize they were becoming more commanding in tone. They went from "You might try..." to "you might want to..." to "I think you should try..." to "I would like you to..." to "I want you to...". Her own reflections changed as well, from "He suggested to me..." to "He asked me to..." to "He wanted me to..." to "He told me to...". Even as she wrote these changes, it never occurred to her that she was giving control of herself to someone else, something that she would have denied ever being possible if someone directly asked her to.

The latest card had arrived the previous Monday. As per the "recommendations" of an earlier note, she first read the card and it's instruction list in a hot, lavender-scented tub, the room lit with candles. Every time before, she sat and soaked for a while, contemplated the instructions, then followed them to the letter. This set, though, was different. After having her massage herself, the note told her to come to the church on Saturday. It instructed her on the type of clothing she should wear (a front-button blouse, white socks, white panties and back-clasp bra, and her choice of skirt/slacks/jeans) and instructed her to bring along several other items in an oversize purse. Kathryn had chosen to wear a white blouse and gray skirt, her usual work attire as a legal secretary. Under "normal" circumstances she would also have worn either a slip, or a camisole and half-slip, but those had not been included in the list of "authorized clothing". The note had also included a key to the church, and a necklace with a silver pendant that she was to wear as well.

Kathryn walked up to the door, her purse slung over her right shoulder. The wind began to whip her skirt around, making her hope the key in her hand would work and she could get out of the cold, gray weather. It did, and she was quickly inside, making sure the door was closed and locked behind her, as she had been instructed. Though the entry way was sparsely lit with candles, she could see where remodeling had been done, turning the back half of the old church into a series of rooms. What the rooms were, she couldn't tell in the darkness. A few steps in, and she heard voices. After a few minutes, she realized it was chanting, like monks from a medieval monastery. While wondering how many people might be waiting for her, the music drew her on, into the remainder of the chapel, which was totally dark. Suddenly, a green spotlight came on above her, bathing her in an eerie light. She froze in her tracks, looking around and seeing nothing. Then a voice boomed out.

"What are you doing here?" Though loud and obviously altered, the voice was still soothing to her ears. It was gentle and polite, not harsh and accusatory. It asked a simple question, to which she mumbled an answer. "Please, speak up, I did not hear you."

"I said," Kathryn stammered, "that I was told to come here, to meet someone here."

"And how did you get in?"

"I-- I was given a key for the front door."

"What is your name?"

"Kath-- Kathryn Belsky. Why am I here?"

"Relax, and you will find out. Who told you to come here?"

"I, um, I'm not sure. I've been getting a series of notes --"

"There is one way to prove who you are. Remove your jacket, and unbutton your blouse." Kathryn did as she was told. And as she followed the instructions, the light overhead changed from green to red. Soon Kathryn had dropped her jacket and opened her blouse, her purse at her feet. There, hanging between her breasts, was a brightly polished Ankh that readily reflected the green light she stood in. It and the necklace it hung from had been included in the last note Kathryn had received. Those instructions had told her to wear the necklace to this meeting. Now she knew why.

"Yes," the voice gently boomed, "you wear the Ankh, the Symbol of the Summoned." A spotlight came on far ahead of her, revealing a person wearing an old hooded robe, very similar to that worn by medieval monks. "Welcome, Kathryn. You have done well. When the light over you changes to white, another light will come on. Walk into it. There is no reason to be afraid. You will not be harmed." Soon, a few steps ahead of her, a blue spotlight came on overhead, and the light she stood under turned white. She stepped forward into the blue light, not realizing the light she had left had faded out. "Do you understand why you are here, Kathryn?"

"I assume I'm going to meet this 'secret admirer', whoever or wherever he is."

"In part, Kathryn. You will meet him. And you will be very happy. Now, Kathryn, are you ready to continue the journey?"

"I, um, I think so. But I didn't know I was on a journey."

"Yes, Kathryn, you're on a journey. A journey of self. Now, to take the next step, you must do as I say. Are you ready?"


"First, take off your shoes and socks. You will not need them again until you leave. Sit down if you need to." Kathryn sat down, removed her shoes and socks, and stood back up. "Now, Kathryn, the time has come to truly begin revealing yourself. You will now remove all your clothing except your bra and panties."

"Wait, you want... want me to strip?"

"Yes, Kathryn. You've followed the other instructions I have mailed you, have you not? And were not some of them similar to that command?"

"Well, yes... yes, I did," Kathryn stammered. "Some of them were even more exotic than that. I guess... it's the new setting, not being at home --"

"Relax, Kathryn... close your eyes..." Kathryn closed her eyes and listened to the voice, and the music. "You are safe here, Kathryn Belsky, as safe and intimate as in your own home. Do not worry," the voiced said to her. Kathryn found the voice and the music soothing, and was soon very relaxed. "Now, Kathryn, take off your blouse." Already unbuttoned, Kathryn pulled it from under her skirt, slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. The light above her changed color, reddening her creamy skin, along with the satin and frilly lace imprisoning her breasts.

"Mmmm... yess..." the voice softly moaned, admiring the close-up view of her breasts through a video camera with a super-zoom lens. Though he couldn't determine her actual sizes or measurements by looking at the monitor, the mysterious robed man admired how Kathryn's breasts, held in a size 34-C bra, were nicely proportioned with her well-toned 5' 3" body. He especially liked the sight of her nipples, dark spots under the white fabric, perked and straining to break through their lacy coverings. He also enjoyed the shimmer of light on satin, changing as her breasts heaved with every breath.

"Now Kathryn, take off your skirt. Let it fall away, taking with it your outside concerns. From now on, until you leave, this is your world... nothing else exists outside of it. This place... this... 'temple'... is your universe." As the voice said this, it became softer... breathier... almost hypnotic. "Drop your skirt, Kathryn... join me... in your new world." The words and the tone of the voice affected Kathryn. In a slight daze, she slowly unbelted and undid her skirt, dropping it on the floor. The voice again quietly moaned in delight, marveling at how Kathryn's pubic mound filled her matching French-cut panties, themselves only slightly lighter in color than her creamy thighs and hips.

"Kathryn, you follow your instructions well. And your choice of undergarments is excellent. Most excellent. Be pleased... I am. Now, when the light turns white, pick up your purse and move to the next spotlight." Within a few minutes, the light above her turned white and a yellow spot appeared a few steps ahead of her. She walked into the yellow light, the second white light fading away behind her. A bit more alert from her walk, she had to ask a question.

"What kind of place is this? What kind of church has people stand in their undies under spotlights?"

"This is The Temple, Kathryn. The Temple of my Dominance over you... of your submission to me. Here is where you complete your discovery of yourself... and begin your service to me."

"My submission to you? My service to you? I'm not some maid or on-call sex slut. What makes you think I'm here to do something that crazy?"

"Have you not already been submitting to me, Kathryn? Have you not been following the instructions I have mailed to you over the months?"

"Well, yes, I have."

"Why did you do so?"

"At first, it was... curiosity. That, and it felt nice to have a secret admirer. Then, well... I don't know."

"Did you continue to do so because you wanted to... or because you needed to?"

"Well... it's become both. I want to follow the commands... because I need the control. And following the commands has brought me much sensual pleasure, which is something else I need."

"Have you followed all the commands I have sent you? Including what to bring with you today?"


"Then show me your 'pleasure harness'." Kathryn reached into her purse and pulled out a bra. Almost two months earlier, a note had arrived with instructions for her to buy a new bra, and cut out the breast cups. She was to wear it as directed in later notes, and call it her "pleasure harness". She now held up the cup-less bra for the unseen voice to see. "Tell me, Kathryn, have you always followed the instructions I sent you regarding this device?"

"Yes, Always."

"Then tell me what you did the third time you wore it."

Kathryn stopped to think, trying to recall the third time she had worn the altered bra she held in her hands. The first time, she had been instructed to wear it (and nothing else) while sleeping one night. She then recalled the second, where she had been told to wear only it, a pair of panties and a pair of high-heeled shoes in her home as she went about her regular routine. Then the third wearing leapt into her mind, and she began to shudder.

"I... I received the... the instructions," she stammered, "and read... read them in the bath. After drying off, I went to my kitchen and got my cooking timer, as was required of me. Then I went back to my bedroom, found a comfortable chair and placed it in front of my closet mirror."

"Your closet mirror, Kathryn?"

"Yes. You see, I was directed to sit in front of a full-length mirror. The sliding doors on my bedroom closet are full-length mirrors."

"Go on, tell me what you did."

"As directed, I was wearing only panties and my pleasure harness. I sat down, set the timer for ten minutes, then looked into the mirror."

"And what did you look at in the mirror?"

"I was directed to look in the mirror at my breasts. And only at my breasts. I was allowed only to think of my breasts and their sensual use."

"And what thoughts did you have?"

"How they looked. How my nipples began to harden as I kept looking at them. How good it would feel if they were fondled. How sensuous they were, or could be. How it would feel to... to have things done to them."

"Things, Kathryn? What 'things'? And done by whom?"

"Well, I don't know how to --"

"Say what you thought, Kathryn. What you desired. Tell me... now."

"My first thought was how nice it would be if someone held them. Just gently squeezed them." Kathryn grew silent, not wanting to share or face her desires. But the voice would not allow that.

"That can't be all, Kathryn. Very few women find themselves sexually on fire simply from a gentle squeeze of their breasts. Now, tell me what thoughts you had... all the thoughts you had... about how your breasts would be used."

"Well, one time... Bill suddenly bit one of my nipples while having sex with me."

"Bill? Who is Bill?"

"Bill was my late husband. He bit my left nipple... it shocked me. Not only that he bit me like that... but that it felt so... so good... so sexual... when he did that. I guess that opened a floodgate of thoughts, because soon, I was imagining what it would feel like to have my breasts pulled on... my nipples squeezed... twisted... sucked on. How it would feel if a special man lavishly took one of my breasts in his mouth... the tongue playing with my nipple... while fondling and pinching the other."

"Did he touch you anywhere else, Kathryn?"

"I didn't think about that... I was only allowed to imagine my breasts. But I did begin to imagine how it might feel if a special man were to rub... his... his..."

"His cock, Kathryn? Don't worry about being overly proper and prim... say what you feel... what you desire."

"Yes," she huskily breathed. "How it would feel to have the shaft of his cock rubbing against one of my nipples... the head tracing through the valley between my breasts. His body on mine as his cock rubbed against me between my breasts. Then I started imagining more things, like how a vibrator might feel against my nipple. How it would feel if he changed the speed of it. If he held it against my nipple... or clamped it on. Even how it would feel if he slapped or spanked my breasts."

"Did you ever think of how it would feel to do those things to yourself, Kathryn?"

"Yes," she gulped, as though admitting a forbidden pleasure. "I could see me doing all of those things as well. And it felt good... needed... but not as good as if someone else were doing those things to me. I wanted... I needed... someone to... to..."

"To use you, Kathryn? Stimulate you, invigorate you, and ultimately use you for his pleasure?"

"Yes," she breathed.

"What other reactions did you have?"

"I.. uh... I became... turned-on."

"How so?"

"I... well... My nipples hardened... I became moist. I know I was only supposed to think of my breasts, but I couldn't help but notice how... how 'wet' I was getting. I began to feel sexually turned on. I became..."

"Hungry, Kathryn?"

"Hungry... on fire..." As she said this, the light overhead began alternating between red and yellow. "I had to feel sexual. I needed a touch, a stimulant of some sort."

"Did you touch yourself then, Kathryn?"

"No, no... I didn't touch myself... I only looked."


"Because at that point, I wasn't allowed to. I could only look at my breasts in the mirror... and dream of how they would be used."

"How they would be used? Used by who, Kathryn?" Kathryn just stood there, lost in thought, contemplating a truth she was only now willing to realize. She dearly loved Paul, and had had several other lovers over the years since her husband's death. But none had created a fire of this magnitude in her, and she doubted any ever would. No, the only hands she could imagine touching her, engorging her, controlling her, belonged to the unseen voice. "Tell me, Kathryn, who would use your breasts the way you pictured?"

"Only you," she whispered. "You are the only one to make me feel this way. To fill me with fire. To... to..."

"To control you, Kathryn? To make you what you were that night? To Dominate you?"

"Yes," she said, her voice cracking with the full realization of her submission. Part of her mind accepted it, part of her mind still tried to fight it. "No... um... what's happening? Why am I here?"

"Look behind you, Kathryn." She turned around, giving the voice a full view of how her panties struggled to contain her butt cheeks. The earlier spotlights came on. "There is your way out. You can leave now, if you wish. You can leave... confused... unsure... incomplete. Or you can face forward..... kneel down... and continue your journey... learn... understand... become whole. And become fully mine. The choice... is yours." Kathryn looked back, seeing her clothes in the lit aisle, and an escape from the craziness around her.

"If I stay... what about... about my relationship... with Paul?"

"Is he your boyfriend?"

"Boyfriend... lover... best friend..."

"Does he give you what you want? What you need?"

"Well... no..." She started crying. "That's why I started following the notes at first. He was there, but he wasn't enough. The notes intrigued me. They gave me something I wanted. Then, they became something I... I needed. I'm not sure I can... say... say anymore... I'm sorry."

"Relax, Kathryn," the voice soothed, and the light over her turned blue. "Relax, you have just faced something momentous in your life. Let yourself be at ease, because you still have a decision to make. Be calm." It took ten minutes, but Kathryn cried out her tears and was soon much more relaxed. "Kathryn, you asked what would happen with your boyfriend if you stayed. You must understand that if you stay, your relationship with your boyfriend may end. Is that something you can risk? If not, then leave, but know I am here if you should change your mind. But if you can risk losing your boyfriend, if you can face the truth of your submission, if you can serve me as you seem to desire to, then turn around and kneel to face your future."

Kathryn stood for several minutes. The voice was silent, knowing she had much to contemplate. Kathryn took a half step towards the exit, then stopped. She hugged herself, just standing there. Then she turned around, facing away from the exit, and knelt down in the blue spotlight.

"You are not yet ready Kathryn. Until you can face your submission without hesitation, you are not ready. Go. Get Dressed. Leave."

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