tagLesbian SexThe Tenants Ch. 03

The Tenants Ch. 03


Authors Note: This is my eighteenth story and it’s the third part of The Tenants saga. It’s purely fiction and I hope you all enjoy it. I have much more than this planned for my characters and I hope you’ll all bear with me while I attempt to get all my ideas out.

As always, comments are always more than welcome and please take a look at my other stories!


The summer was over and fall was upon us. It was a cool but sunny day when Brian moved his few belongings into the house.

He had stayed the night before in my room…in my bed…inside me. We’d stayed up half the night fucking…having sex…even making love. It had been such a long time for both of us that when the sun rose and shone through the window we both wished we could have had a little more time to simply enjoy the feeling of another person next to us.

Granted, Andrea often shared my bed, and as much as I loved the soft, gentle curves of her body, the sweet smell of her lilac perfume and fruity shampoo I still missed the strength of a mans arms around me in the night, smelling a mans aftershave lingering on the pillow in the morning.

It was a weekend…neither Brian nor I worked and Andrea had no classes so we all put in a strong effort to get all of Brian’s thing into the house, in order, set up, unpacked and feeling like “home” by dinner time. Then we hoped the nice weather would hold out long enough for a BBQ and maybe a dip in the pool afterwards.

Since both Andrea and I liked cats his “temperamental cat” Meow was welcomed into the home and a small area set up in a storage area for the litter box and dinner bowls.

Andrea was still most comfortable in tank tops and shorts even with the weather cooling down. Today was no exception. She was wearing a pair of skin tight, very short, black biking shorts and one of those tank tops with a built in bra, also black. The all black ensemble was designed to give off “leave me alone” vibes and to show that she was still upset with me over the fight we’d had the night before about my having sex with Brian. She was growing increasingly jealous of my wanting him and not JUST her.

She did give off a “leave me alone” vibe but that was more due to her attitude and her facial expressions and body language. However, the skin tight black outfit had an opposite effect on me. Seeing the darkness of the fabric contrasted with her pale, flawless skin…her perky nipples poking through the fabric…noticing no panty line which either meant she was going commando or wearing a thong all made me feel like throwing her down and ravaging her every time I looked at her!

Even with her attitude and her standoffish behavior she was still gorgeous and alluring, not to mention incredibly sexy!

I, on the other hand, wasn’t dressed quite so seductively. I was in a pair of faded old jeans and a stained Budweiser t-shirt with my hair pulled back into a pony tail.

I wasn’t the only one who had dressed grubby…Brian was also in a pair of old jeans and a very old looking t-shirt. However, the change in attire from his business clothes didn’t change at all how incredibly sexy he was…in fact…it may just have magnified it! With the t-shirt I could clearly see his well muscled arms and I loved watching him lift and carry boxes so I could see him muscles ripple…his firm ass looked absolutely squeezable in the jeans and I had to struggle to keep my hands from doing just that!

Due to the fact that his ex wife had taken most of his belongings in the divorce moving Brian in didn’t take very long. We all changed into swim wear and met out on the back patio.

Brain offered to take over the BBQ and prepared steak and potatoes and carrots for dinner. While he was cooking Andrea and I went for a dip in the pool.

She was wearing her white bikini which had a thong bottom and a barely there top. I could see her nipples through the thin fabric and knew once she dived in it would be pretty much sheer and I’d be able to see the full lips of her pussy and her wide areolas and my mouth was practically salivating at the thought of seeing her so revealed and yet covered.

I was in my black one piece with the built in push up bra to show off my deep cleavage.

Neither of us went unnoticed when we walked out of the house hand in hand. Brian almost dropped the bottle of BBQ sauce when he looked at Andrea. I smiled to myself feeling a sense of pride that this beautiful, sexy young woman shared my bed…that she found me attractive and that she was jealous of the incredibly handsome man who couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

Andrea’s tits are only a B cup, but because her breasts are smaller they are perkier and firmer than my larger ones. Had I been the one wearing the bikini my breasts would have looked saggy, but hers looked simply delicious!

As we walked past Brian I gave his tight ass a hard squeeze through trunks and said, “We’re going to take a dip in the pool…you just make sure nothing gets burnt darling” and nibbled his ear before running over and diving into the deep end.

Andrea was right behind me and we both did a few laps before we relaxed and simply waded together in the deep end.

“So you two sounded like you had an awfully good time last night…I hardly got any sleep” Andrea said with venom in her voice underneath the smile she gave me.

“We did have a lot of fun…he’s such a wonderful lover…he’s so…attentive” I said, then slid my hand across her breast making her nipple react to me, “did you enjoy listening to us? Did you sneak a peak?” I asked playfully, hoping to turn her jealousy into desire.

Her face took on a somewhat pained expression as she said in a soft voice, “I always love listening to you cum…even if it isn’t me making you cum.”

I traced my fingertips along her jaw line before running them across her lips. This was a ritual for us…tracing each other’s faces…we both loved the soft feeling of another lips and whenever we did this it was meant as a show of affection…love…tenderness…intimacy. She knew what my touch meant and she pulled away from it. She faced the other way and just as she was about to get out of the pool I put my hand on her shoulder and turned her to face me.

“Andrea…I love you…as a friend and as a lover. You have taught me so much and I love you so much…I don’t love Brian. Granted I’m attracted to him and I enjoy being with him, but I don’t love him. I know it bothers you that he shares my bed some nights and not you, but would you ask me not to be with a man if that’s what my body desired?”

This time she was the one tracing my lips as she said, “I love you so much…I thought it would be friendship and sex but I fell for you and I don’t want to loose that. If you want a cock now and then we can pull your old toys out of the closest and play with them, but do you really need to be with him?”

I frowned at her, “Hun, you know as well as I do that what you just said is the equivalent of a straight man saying ‘isn’t me going down on you enough? Why do you need to be with another woman?’ and you know the answer to that.”

She gave me a small smile and then sighed. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be jealous but when I hear you scream his name I feel like it should be MY name you’re screaming as you cum, not his. I feel like I should be the one in their making love to you not him. Sometimes I do peak…I sit on the floor outside your bedroom door and open it and watch you two fucking and get myself off and then go back to bed…but when I go back to bed sometimes I cry from the pain in my heart knowing I’m not enough for you.”

I could hear the sadness in her voice as much as I could see it on her face and I hugged her tightly. I pulled back a little bit and placed tiny kisses all over her forehead, cheeks, nose and finally her lips. We kissed long and deep, not passion but love, tenderness, intimacy and closeness. I pulled away from her and said, “I know it’s hard for you to understand…I know how you feel about it all…but when you see Brain and I fucking and it turns you on…is it just because it’s me?”

She blushed a deep red and wouldn’t look me in the eye as she quietly said “No”

I tilted her head so I could look into her eyes as I said, “Maybe you’re just as bi as I am hunny” and kissed her passionately before she could respond.

We floated in the pool kissing deeply and getting hotter and hotter…her hands moved to my breasts and began tweaking my nipples through the thin fabric of my bathing suit as my hands cupped her ass and ran along her back.

We were so caught up in each other Brian has to stick his foot in the pool and splash us to let us know dinner was ready.

As I climbed out of the pool I noticed Brian’s cock hard and ready making a tent out of his trunks as he walked awkwardly back to the BBQ to dish up dinner.

We sat at the table and ate in silence. The sexual tension was strong enough to cut with a dull knife. The swelling in Brian’s cock didn’t go down at all as we ate…probably due to Andrea and I sitting across from him and Andrea having her hand on my thigh rubbing her fingertips across the edge of my pussy all through dinner. Not to mention that Andrea’s bikini was completely see-thru thanks to our dip in the pool and her nipples were hard and poking through the thin fabric and you could see her pussy lips swollen and puffy from her lust through her bottoms.

I would occasionally make eye contact with Brian and lick my lips seductively around my fork as I ate…I knew he was getting hotter and hotter thinking about Andrea and I together and knowing he was so hard and ready and hot for us made me even hotter!

As soon as we were done eating Andrea and I went inside to “shower the chlorine off” and Brian just grinned at me as we left the table.

Andrea was so hot she practically ran into my bedroom and began stripping her bikini off. I waited until she was completely naked and laying on the bed looking up at me with pure lust in her eyes before I said, “Are you not feeling well darling? Would you like to take a nap?”

I was toying with her and she knew it…and we were both loving it. “No I would not like a nap I would like to cum!” she said, her voice a low growl of passion.

I licked my lips and began stripping the suit off as I said, “Well…I don’t know for sure but I can try to help you with that if you’d like.”

She grabbed me as soon as the bathing suit was off and pulled me down on top of her, “Yes, I would like…I would like right fucking now!” she whispered hoarsely in my ear as she pushed her hot pussy up against me.

I grinned as I moved my body down between her legs, leaving slow, lingering kisses along her body. When I got to her pussy I looked up into her lust filled eyes and slowly moved the tip of my tongue out to lick her pussy in one quick motion from bottom to top. She moaned out and her eyes fluttered closed and she pushed her hot pussy up against my waiting mouth.

I began by slowly licking her clit, around it, across it, flicking it with the tip of my tongue until she was on the verge of orgasm, every muscle in her body tight with tension, waiting, begging for the release…the release I would not yet give her.

A moment from orgasm I slipped my tongue off her clit and slipped it down to lick at her juicy opening. She growled at me, letting me know she enjoyed what I was doing but was frustrated that I’d kept her from cumming.

I gently lapped at her wet cunt until her body began to relax somewhat, her breathing returned to a more normal level and then I moved in for the kill…I lifted my face from her pussy and looked up the length of her body with an over exaggerated pout on my face, “Poor baby…I’ve been trying so hard to make you cum but I just can’t see to do it.”

She looked down at me with sheer lust in her eyes as she growled low in her throat, “You could have made me cum but you stopped! Why are you being such a bitch!? Get back down there and make me cum! I need it!!! PLEASE!”

This was going exactly how I wanted it too, but I would play the innocent virgin a little while longer, “But darling, I’ve done everything I can think of to pleasure you but none of it’s been enough…perhaps you need more than I can give you…”

I saw the thought flash through her eyes…I saw her body tighten as she envisioned it…then I saw the frustration move over her face in a wave of passion and aggression that only fueled my fantasy more and made my body ache to fulfill it soon.

“You are NOT inviting him into our bed! I don’t need him! I need YOU!”

I made my face look hurt, pouted even more and she sat up slightly and cupped my face in her hands, “Oh baby…I didn’t mean to yell at you. I know you enjoy him now and then, but it’s just not for me. I can live with you fucking him a couple nights a week, I can live with him in the same house, but I will not share a bed with the two of you. Please baby can’t you understand that?”

I leaned in and kissed her softly, letting her see I wasn’t upset and then began deepening the kiss until we were both throbbing with need again. I pulled back just as she pressed her breasts towards mine and made myself look away from her, coy and somewhat ashamedly as I whispered low in my throat, “Not him hunny, I know you don’t want him…but maybe something besides just me would be what you need tonight.”

She was playing right into my hands, believed I was ashamed of the idea I jad in mind for us when I was nothing but excited to have my fantasy fulfilled, “What are you talking about baby?” she asked in a soft voice as she looked into my eyes.

I pulled my face from her hands and said softly, “Nothing, it’s nothing, let me try again” as I began moving back into my position between her legs.

She reached her hand out to stop me, “Baby, just tell me…if there’s something you want to try you know you can always tell me…I’ll always do my best to help you play out your fantasies.”

Inside I felt triumphant and hornier then ever, but I made my face show only embarrassment as I reached into the night stand and pulled out a new toy I’d bought just the other day and hadn’t told Andrea at all about. Her eyes widened as she looked stared at it in amazement.

It was a strap-on cock…but it was more than just that. The harness was skin tones almost perfectly to my pale flesh. The cock that stuck out of it was a mould made of Brian’s wonderful piece of equipment. The mould had been done in flesh tones and except for being a solid color looked very realistic since it had taken on the veins, bumps and ridges of his own marvelous cock. What made this strap-on unique, however, was that it had a second replica of Brian’s cock on the inside! I’d bought the harness separately and purchased two cock mould kit’s and Brian and I had a blast making the wonderful moulds of his cock a few nights before he moved in.

Andrea just gazed at it in amazement as I began whispering in a low, submissive voice…“I know your not into men…I know your not attracted to Brian but since he and I have been fucking I’d often fantasized about the three of us. I knew it would never happen because your not into him…but I was online surfing a while ago and I saw something like this…I tracked it down here and had to buy it…thinking maybe in a way we could almost fulfill my fantasy of having him with us by having us fuck each other and at the same time be able to almost be fucked by him. I’m sorry hunny…I shouldn’t have bought it…it was a impulse based on hormones…I’ll return it tomorrow.”

I moved to put it back in the drawer when she stopped me, “Well you can’t return something like that after it’s been used baby. I’m willing to try if it’ll make you happy…why don’t you put it on?”

I gazed down at her…feeling incredible emotions for this beautiful, young, caring and sexy woman and felt my body begin to boil with lust as I moved to put it on.

My pussy was already soaked with excitement so the inside cock slid easily inside me and I moaned low in my throat as I felt it fill me up. Andrea made sure everything was secure and then laid down on the bed. She enjoyed being the submissive one…the bottom to my top and she knew I would want to be the one on top for her first fuck.

I waited a moment…wanting to see if she would continue or back out…she just looked my body up and down. She finally put her hands on my hips and moved me between her legs…she looked straight into my eyes as she put her hands on either side of her sweet pussy and spread herself open for me and almost growled, “Come on Kim…fuck me!”

I knew Andrea could take up to three of my fingers inside her so I just dove right in! I pushed the head into her tight pussy and let her body relax before pushing all the way into the hilt.

I held inside her for a moment…letting her body adjust…her eyes fluttered as she looked up at me, “God Kim…it feels good!” her eyes fluttered again, “Mmmmm…I just clenched my pussy muscles around it…I’ve never felt so tight or so full before!”

I let her play with the cock inside her for a bit before I pulled out a bit…leaving just the head of Brian’s cock inside her and held there.

Her eyes fluttered open, she frowned at me…”I thought you were going to fuck me baby…your not chickening out now are you?”

I placed my hands against the metal bed frame and shoved the cock deep inside her without warning. “OH GOD!” she screamed as I pushed the cock as deep inside her as I could.

I ground my pussy up and down against the cock inside myself, making the leather harness rub against her hard clit and she moaned loudly as she ground her pussy up against the harness. I glanced out the window across the room and saw Brian standing on the back deck with his trunks down around his ankles with his marvelous cock in his hands, stroking himself as he watched me fuck my lovely little Andrea for the first time.

Knowing he was watching got me so hot I thought I’d cum right then! Instead I took a deep breath and became more determined then ever to make sure Andrea loved this and began to crave cock as much as I did.

“Go on hunny, stick your hand down there and rub your little clit while I fuck you!” I said as I pulled back and made room for her hand to move.

The second her fingers rubber her clit she moaned and bucked up against the cock and I knew she was going to cum soon.

I let her start rubbing her clit slowly before I began pumping Brian’s duplicate cock into her pussy in a steady rhythm.

I knew Brian could hear us and I wanted to give him a show so I began talking dirty to Andrea as I fucked her with Brian’s cock…”That’s it hunny…you like it don’t you? You’re such a horney latté whore! You love it don’t you? You love the cock inside your pussy? You love seeing my tits bounce as I fuck you with this cock don’t you? Oh ya Andrea…rub your clit for me baby…rub it hard as I fuck you! I want you to cum for me! I want you to cum all over my hard cock! I wanna’ fuck you till you cum all over my cock!”

Andrea was moaning loud and rubbing her clit so fast I knew she was about to cum. I started slamming into her harder, faster and finally she screamed out, “Yes Kim! Fuck me!!! Fuck me hard baby!!! I wanna’ cum on your cock! It feels so good baby! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I NEED it!!! Yes…YES…FUCK me I’m CUMMING!!!!!”

I shoved the cock deep into her pussy as she came. Her body shivered and let out a deep, low, growl of pure pleasure as her pussy gripped the cock deep inside her body.

I let her come back down from her first cock initiated orgasm before slipping out of her hot pussy.

As I began untying the harness she gazed up at me with heavy eyes and caressed my ass as it came out of the harness, “That was incredible baby…I never knew a cock could feel so good…but you didn’t cum…do you need more than just a cock inside your pussy to make you cum tonight?”

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