tagErotic HorrorThe Tentacles Ch. 01

The Tentacles Ch. 01


There are 3 girls in the house. Jenna. Kathryn. And Kelsey. Here's there ages. Jenna is 20. Kathryn is 24. And Kelsey is 22. Kathryn has F cup tits. Jenna has E cups. And Kelsey has C cups. There all virgins. Kathryn had a flexible body. Kelsey was good at bending. And Jenna was a extremely good sleeper same with the other girls. Mostly Jenna was the best. Kathryn lives in a Mansion. The other girls are staying the night there. Well there staying there for a few days. The mansion was two story's. Kathryn's room was on the 2nd story. The girls Knocked on her door. And Kathryn was up stares listening to peaceful music on her MP3 player. She didn't here them knock. The girls opened the door and sneaked around. Jenna saw Kathryn's basement and went down there. It was dark and she could barely see, she looked and saw a shaft that leads deeper underground and saw it was locked.

Jenna unlocked the metal door. And walked a couple feet in. And she heard a screech deep in the cave. And she ran away leaving the door open, she ran up the stares and left the basement. But she was in such a rush she left it open. She ran to the shower and hid in there calming down. She was breathing so hard she didn't notice someone was in there taking a shower. It was Kathryn in the shower, and Jenna pulled the shower curtains and saw Kathryn rubbing her nipples. She said "KATHRYN!" Kathryn looked and saw Jenna, and Kathryn's reaction was covering her nipples embarrassed. Jenna said "Kathryn why are you covering your self? We are girls we can see each-other naked no shame. Kathryn said "I..I was making my self feel good" Jenna said well we are here you no. We knocked and you didn't answers so we let our selves in. Kathryn said "Oh k, ill meet you both in my room" Jenna walked out and got Kelsey and went to Kathryn's room. They looked around.

Kelsey searched under Kathryn's bed. And Kelsey found a box, Kelsey opened it and saw pictures of Kathryn spying on Kelsey watching Kelsey masturbate! Kelsey was shocked to see how horny Kathryn gets. Kathryn only took pictures of Kelsey when Kelsey masturbated. she put it back looking like no body looked at it. Kathryn comes in and says whats up! Jenna and Kelsey said nothing much. Kathryn looked at the time and saw it was nearly night time. Kathryn said "lets watch a movie." The girls agreed so Kathryn looked in her movie closet and looked. She forgot how much movies she got when she was a horny teen

"Sex adventures, Hard core sex, Anal sex, rape, young girl masturbates, sleeping girl pumped, teacher punishes student, virgin pussy. Then she saw a movie and grabbed it and put it in. They watched the movie. Then it was 10:00 P.M. so they got set to go to bed. Kathryn slept in her bed, and Kelsey and Jenna slept on the ground, Jenna slept on the right, and Kelsey slept on the left. Kathryn was wearing a bra. Kelsey was wearing a skirt wit no panties and a pink bra. Jenna was wearing silk panties and a silk bra. In the basement, something slithered out... Something weird...Slimy...purple..pulsing... There were a hole bunch of them. 10 20 30 40 50. Maybe 60. Of them slithered out looking around.

These things. These tentacles searched the 1st floor. And went into the laundry room, found Kathryn's panties and looked at them. Then they found the stares and worked there way up. They found Kathryn's room, and saw Kelsey sleeping peacefully. They got closer to her wondering what she was. They took a look at her. She was in a pink blanket. They pulled it down still wondering what she was, they saw her bra but then one looked at her legs and saw where the led. One saw her Virgin vagina. It looked closely. Then it realized she could be fucked and give birth to more.

For short, she can get pregnant. It got closer and rubbed her pussy, and she reacted. By making a soft moan. The others above see they can remove her bra. They popped her bra off they looked at her C cup tits. They look at her nipples and rub them. They got hard as a rock. And Kelsey blushed in her sleep. And she frowned. Then two tentacles squeeze her tits, and two more suck on them and getting milk out of them. Kelsey moaned more loudly. Then her pussy started getting wet. Then a tentacle started rubbing her pussy it slowly. Then she was wet enough for penetration. The tentacle tried to go in her hole but it was too tight.

Then the tentacle made a noise and got a really smaller tentacle to suck her clitoris. It did and made Kelsey even more wet. So wet it dripped down to the ground. Before you knew it there was a wet spot on the ground. Then the tentacle went in deep in her. Kelsey started to drool out her mouth. She wasn't enjoying it though. The tentacle shot a load of cum in her. Then she made a loud moan. Then one tentacle started choking her and while it was choking her and went in her mouth to make the young half virgin shut up. Then the tentacle came out of her pussy and moved in her ass. Two tentacles grabbed her legs and spread them.

And then the tentacle wanted her to feel more non-pleasure. It made a noise for another tentacle to go back in her pussy. And one did and they fucked her so hard that she started getting pushed back against a wall. And in a few minutes she had her back against the wall.

To be continued... this is just the beginning for the Innocent girls

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