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The Test


Sometimes fantasies do come true. Ex-in laws can become great friends! This story describes a first time for a couple of things, intercourse being the main one, and the discovery of a mother and daughter's beginnings of physical love as well. If reading about incest bothers you, even though this just describes a beginning, then you should choose another story. If not, enjoy!


Bill stirred as the first glow of the morning sun crept into his room. Through the open window came the cheerful sounds of early birds feasting on their morning meal. He instinctively reached for the seven inches of morning wood, unconsciously stroking the warm meat between his legs. He gave it a squeeze and rolled over, deciding to sleep for just a little while longer on this warm summer Saturday.

Drifting off to that half sleep, half awake state where his imagination worked its way into his dreams, he began to half imagine, half remember his most recent sexual encounter.

It was only a few weeks ago, summer was pushing spring out of the way, temperatures remained steadily in the 80's in his Carolina town, and Bill was busy working his way through life. His wife had left him less than a year ago, and he was just about settled in to his new digs.

Answering the phone that day was the beginning of an adventure that he would remember for a lifetime. The call was from his ex-wife's sister, Lucy. He was surprised to hear from her as they hadn't spoken to each other at all since the divorce. Figuring that she must want something he was a little skeptical, until he heard her request.

"Bill, Holly is going to start college in September, very near to where you live. I was wondering if she could stay with you while she checks out the campus and living quarters there."

Holly was her 18 year old daughter. He hadn't seen her in a few years, although they had had a fairly close relationship. Bill was more than twice her age, but he couldn't help but get a little stir whenever he saw his pretty little niece. He was very careful though, making sure hugs were given in the company of others and being sure not to touch her anywhere near 'those' places. He had heard of people being put in prison for a long time for less, and had no desire to be among them.

"I'd be delighted to help out Lucy, it's been a long time since I've seen her. Will you be driving her here? It'd be great to see you too."

"No, I wish I could, but you know how it is. Work always gets in the way of pleasure."

Bill wondered if there was a little bit of a hint in her reply. He wouldn't mind having a taste of her, it would be like boinking a younger version of his ex.

"Well, that's too bad Lucy. I'd love to have the pleasure of your company too. When will Holly be coming?" Bill answered, wondering if maybe she caught his drift too.

The two worked out the details; Holly would be arriving by bus in about two weeks. Bill didn't give it much thought other than cleaning up his house some just before she arrived. Two days before she was supposed to arrive, he got another phone call. It was Lucy again.

"I've had a change in my work schedule, and it seems that I'm going to be able to drive Holly down there after all. Can you put up with two ladies instead on one?"

Bill was taken aback for a second, but gulped back his stammer with a very smooth "Why sure, I can make room for you both. It'll be my pleasure to see you as well." He had made his reply sound casual, but was really very excited that Lucy was coming too. His attraction to this lovely widow was still very much alive, but he didn't want to sound too enthusiastic, trying to 'play it cool'. He often wondered why she had never remarried, figuring that no one could replace her late husband.

The two women showed up at the scheduled time, and Bill was pleasantly surprised to see them. Holly had grown into a very sexy looking young lady.

He remembered a time a few years back, when she was about thirteen. Sort of a tomboy, although she didn't dress and act like a boy. She could play sports with the best, but maintained her femininity all the time. The two of them were tossing a football around, and then started playing a little 'one on one'. Holly grabbed the ball and juked left, then right and tried to scoot past him, but he caught her and they both tumbled to the ground. He had a playful grip on her as he rolled her over, but something told him that she wasn't just being playful any more. He quickly rolled away and let her up just as Lucy came out and called them in for supper.

"Are you two done grappling on the lawn?" she asked with a smile. "It's time to eat."

They both came in and washed up for supper, Holly sat on the side of the table next to Bill, with his wife on the other side. It seemed to him that she was sitting closer than necessary, and he started to fidget.

"Holly, give your Uncle Bill some space, will ya?" Lucy admonished.

"He's not really my uncle ya know Mom. If Aunt Peg and he weren't married I think I'd seduce him."

"Shame on you young lady, he's more than twice your age!" Lucy said with a grin. She was sure that her daughter was joking, and nothing more was said about it. Holly continued to 'invade his space' though, but neither adult women seemed to notice. He let it go as a case of infatuation and pretty much ignored it.

Now this young girl stood before him, transformed into a beautiful young lady.

"Well well, Holly, you sure turned into a beautiful woman!" he complimented.

Holly blushed a little and thanked him for the kind words. She was about 5'6" with shoulder length golden blonde hair, in contrast to her mothers dark locks. He wondered if her hair color came out of a bottle, but if it did it surely looked natural. He unconsciously gauged her bra size at 35c, but she somehow looked as if she was going to grow some more in that department. That youthful look was still there. "After all," Bill thought. "she's still a teenager." Her full lips were coated with a light pink shade, but she applied nothing else to her flawless skin. She didn't need to, much like her mother.

Lucy was more beautiful than he remembered. It had been over a year since he'd seen her, and somehow she looked different, more sultry. His hopes grew, thinking that she had made herself up to look sexy for him. He was getting excited, thinking that he may get a chance to bed this raven haired beauty.

Lucy was about the same height as her daughter. Although somewhat heavier, she was still fit. Bill imagined that Holly would fill out about the same. Her breasts were larger and fuller than the younger girls, with just a slight amount of padding on her hips. She looked just perfect for fucking to Bill. She must have noticed him checking her out, because she broke the pause with a nervous laugh.

"You like what you see Uncle Bill?" she asked coyly.

"Mom!" injected Holly, "Give him a break, he hasn't seen you in a while, isn't he allowed to check you out?"

"Sure he is dear, but I'm not so sure he's allowed to undress me!" she replied tongue in cheek. It was obvious that she wasn't offended, and that the two girls were teasing each other. Bill was happy that the two of them had what seemed like a close relationship.

He brought their suitcases in and showed them to their room, at the opposite end of the hall from his. Leaving them alone to unpack their things he went and lit the barbecue for dinner. When he found out that there would be three for supper instead of two he'd gone to the meat market and picked out another porterhouse steak to throw on the grill, so he was well prepared.

After a wonderful repast and catching up on old times, the three sat down to watch a movie, a sexy romantic comedy that Lucy had brought with her on dvd. Bill was enjoying the company, sitting on the couch between the two women. The plot was somewhat similar to their present situation, and he wondered if she had picked it out with that in mind. In it, the mother and daughter were both in love with the same man. The funny scenes were good, and the romance was quite steamy. The two ladies both seemed to get closer to him during those scenes, and by the end of the film he had his arm around both of them. He thoroughly enjoyed the closeness, and hoped for more of it soon.

After the movie was over they decided to call it a night. Bill got in the shower before bed, and he could tell that the other shower was running as well. He left the pair to themselves and crawled into his bed. He normally slept in the nude, not having worn clothes to bed since his wife left him. Tonight he decided to wear a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, in case he had to get out of bed for any reason.

It wasn't long though before he realized that he couldn't sleep with even undergarments on, so he fished through his closet for his almost unused bathrobe and set it next to the bed, shucking his underwear and crawling back in. "That's better" he thought as he began to drift off to sleep. It wasn't long before he was sound asleep, snoring peacefully.

Sometime during the night he felt a presence. As he woke up he noticed the sweet smell of perfume, and when he glanced up through slit eyes he saw a woman standing next to his bed. She was wearing a sheer cover-up and in the moonlight that spilled in from the open blinds he could tell that she had nothing beneath it. He could see the swell of her breasts holding the fabric slightly away from her stomach until it draped back to her hips.

"Lucy is making her move," he thought, doing his best to keep his breathing even, feigning sleep. He wanted to see how far she would go while thinking he was asleep. She stood there for a moment as if in thought, then shrugged out of her cover, revealing herself to his slit eyes. His first glance of her nude body was by moonlight, and she was something to behold! Thoughts of Greek statues came to mind, although he could tell that she was well tanned, not the pale white of the carved figures.

He slowly rolled to one side and she hesitated, and as she did he was able to look at her pubic mound, lightly covered in blonde fur. "Wait a minute," he thought. "I know that Lucy's not blonde, in fact her hair is almost black. Could this be who I think it is?"

The realization that it wasn't the older woman got his blood rushing. "What the hell is going on here, this is too much," he thought. "Lucy will skin us both alive if she sees what's going on."

He steeled himself in spite of his trepidation, wanting very much to play this thing out just a little longer. He resolved that he would stop her if she went too far, but also wondered just how far that was. He hadn't been with a woman in a while, and his bloated balls proved that. In fact, his cock was stirring as he lay there staring at those young pussy lips just inches from his nose. He tried to surreptitiously inhale in order to take in her aroma, but it seemed that her recent shower had erased her female scent for the time being.

"This has got to be some kind of test, I'll bet Mom is just around the corner checking to see if her daughter is safe with me."

A few seconds later the test became more difficult, as Holly lifted his sheet and pulled it back, the cool evening air causing goose pimples on his skin. He actually wondered if it was the air or the anticipation of what might come next. He decided to continue his sleep act, and faked a little moan as he rolled over onto his back. This allowed Holly space to lay down beside him, which she did. He now had a nubile 18 year old beauty lying beside him, with her hand on his thigh. Sliding her hand up his leg she cupped his full balls, gasping as she saw the size of his penis. It wasn't a particularly long cock, but it was very fat. He wondered how many dicks she had to compare to his.

She became bolder now, believing that he was sound asleep, and she grasped his manhood in her small hand, lightly squeezing the length as her head moved closer to him. "Oh man, she's gonna suck my cock, what am I going to do?" Thoughts raced through his mind of sitting up and stopping her, or trying to remain still to enjoy the feast. The second thought won out as she twirled her tongue on the tip, picking up the drop of precum that glistened there. He almost moaned out loud when she engulfed the head in her petite mouth, and it took a monumental effort to keep from cumming right then.

"This isn't happening, it's just a dream," he thought. A very exciting mind (and cock) blowing dream. "I hope it doesn't end too soon."

Of course it wasn't a dream. It was a scheme; one that mother and daughter had dreamed up together. It was a test. But not a test to see if Holly was safe, rather a test to see if he could handle her.

Bill moved his hand slightly and 'accidentally' brushed it across Holly's pussy lips, feeling the moisture that was forming on her excited young petals. Moving his hand back across his face he inhaled her scent, this time enjoying the unmistakably sweet aroma of pussy. He loved the smell of pussy, and this one was so very fresh. The intake of her musk coupled with her lips wrapped around his cock were too much for him, and he could feel his orgasm welling up on him. He wanted to somehow warn her, but was unable to make her stop. All he could do was moan loudly in warning as his cock erupted in her mouth, shooting hot streams of jism into her throat as she sucked. She wasn't surprised, in fact this is what she wanted. Her mother had told her that he would be a better first time fucker for her if he wasn't on the brink of orgasm the whole time.

You see, that was their plan. Holly wanted to have a man, but Lucy didn't want her first time to be a bad experience. A bad first time could ruin a woman's sex life, and she didn't want it to happen to her daughter. Thus this scheme, which worked out perfectly with Bill's location and the college she was to attend. Holly revealed to her that she'd always had the hots for him, and that he had always been a perfect gentleman. Those revelations led to him lying there with his cock spurting ropes of cum into her mouth. He thought of continuing the charade a while longer, but his curiosity got the better of him. He had to find out what was to 'cum' next.

"You're a bad girl, Holly Lee" he scolded, looking down at the young lady with jism dripping from her lips. "Your mother will skin you alive when she finds out about this."

"Are you going to tell her Daddy?" came her innocent reply. "I sure hope not, because I want so very much more from you."

"Daddy?" he mused. "I'm not your daddy young lady, I'm your uncle."

"Ex uncle," she pointed out. "No blood relation to me. I'm sure you know that."

"Well, that doesn't make it right, we're years apart."

"That didn't stop you from letting me swallow your cock now did it? You don't think that I didn't know you were awake now did you? Rubbing your hand on my pussy and smelling my juice, admit it, you wanted it as much as I did."

She had him there, he was caught red dicked. What could he say. Nothing, so he just looked at her.

"I want a lot more than just the taste of your cum Daddy, I want you to be my first man. Mom thinks that you're the right one for me too."

"Sh-sh-she knows?" came his incredulous reply.

"Sure she does, we talked about it after she first asked you if I could stay here. It seemed like a perfect match. I've always been attracted to you, and my mom has too.

"I don't know what to say girl. I'm flabbergasted. But I will warn you about one thing, I'm not your normal straight laced type lover. Once you get me started, you're going to find out some extraordinary things about my style."

"How so, Daddy?" she asked.

By way of answer, he knelt between he legs, opening her up and slithered his tongue up and down her folds. She moaned in appreciation as he slid his tongue into her cunt, then gasped as he made a point on the end and poked it at her unyielding ass hole.

"Oh my, I've felt a tongue on my pussy before, but never ever in the back door. I love it Daddy, do it some more!"

"This is one hot little vixen, I wonder if I am still dreaming" he thought. Aloud, he told her "you have to know that wherever my tongue goes, my cock is sure to follow."

"Oh Daddy, I don't think that fat cock will fit in my ass. I'm not even sure if it will fit in my tight little pussy."

"Well, if we decide to continue here, we're going to find out both. Now where's your mother?"

"I'm right here Bill. I apologize for not telling you about our plan, but we figured this would be the best way to introduce you to it." Lucy interjected, stepping into the room as she spoke. She too was naked, and he could see that he was right about her hair color. While Holly's pussy was covered with a very thin wisp of blonde hair, Lucy sported a thick bush of curly black hair. Her all over tan showed that she wasn't worried about a bikini line, both women had none, top or bottom. "They must sunbathe in the nude together" he thought. "I wonder what else they do together."

She seemed to read his mind, and told him that the two of them were more like sisters than mother and daughter. They both liked it that way.

"Well, that was obviously not the first time that you've sucked a cock Holly. What else do you know?" he asked the younger lady.

"I've had my pussy eaten, and given a few blow jobs to keep boy friends at least a little satisfied, but my hymen is intact. That's where you come in, Daddy."

"What's this Daddy stuff, might I ask? I know I'm old enough to be your father, but eh?

"I don't know, I guess you're the closest thing to a father figure to me, I just feel like calling you that. Does it bother you?" Holly answered with a frown.

"No honey, just curious. I can't help but wonder though, you have to admit it's unusual."

They all agreed on that, and discussed things a little longer, but Lucy was eager to continue. She dropped to her knees at the side of the bed and began to fondle his cock, caressing his balls while licking the sensitive underside. Not more than a few minutes had passed since his mind blowing orgasm, but his cock was beginning to stir again at the attention that she was paying to it. He reached for Holly and guided her mouth to his, sharing their first kiss that wasn't just a peck on the cheek. His tongue entered her mouth and did battle for position. She was an experienced cock sucker and he was now finding out that she was a good kisser as well. They held the kiss for a very long time as his cock grew to its full proportion in Lucy's mouth. This whole situation was so incredible to him that he just let it happen, forgetting about anything else but these two horny women before him.

He broke the kiss and guided Holly up his body until he had her turned around so she could watch her mother suck his cock, and he could taste her sweet pussy and ass hole. Snaking his tongue into her virginal cunt, he wet his finger and slid it gently up and down on her clit, eliciting a long low moan from deep within her throat. Her juices were flowing freely in no time as he enjoyed this delightful nectar, replacing his finger with his tongue on the engorged clit. He had tasted a few younger girls when he was growing up, but didn't remember any pussy that tasted and smelled this sweet. He slid a finger into her virgin tunnel as he moved his tongue to her tight little rosebud, wriggling just past her sphincter to taste her musk. Holly was glad that she had washed thoroughly in her nether regions, anticipating her 'daddy' tasting her young folds. She hadn't imagined him poking his tongue in her asshole, but she sure loved the feeling.

Lucy had worked his cock back to full erection with her expert sucking, and Holly was trying to pay attention, in spite of the considerable distraction of the tongue fucking her butt was getting. She watched as her mother swirled her tongue around the sensitive crown, then engulfed the entire seven inches. Her tongue licked at the sides and underneath as she rose up, then pushing down she opened her throat and hinged her jaws to accept the fat manhood. Bill was enjoying this expert blow job more than he could ever remember, and having cum just a few minutes ago gave him plenty of control.

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