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The Therapist


Cory stood on the tips of her toes straining to reach for the object of her desire, a jar of fettuccini sauce.

"Damn spaghetti sauce!" She rasped under her breath.

Her body stretched, almost like a misshapen dancer as she reached for the jar. So enthralled in the activity at hand, that she did not feel the presence of heat behind her, and only after she saw a large, masculine white hand reach and grab an can of 'Mama Mia's Famous Fettuccini', did she turn around. Gasping and colliding with the shelf that was behind her.

"I'm sorry if I was in your way. "She said, expecting to look directly into the eyes of the person whose way she was in.

But, all she saw was a chest. A much muscled chest, at that. Cory bit her lip and looked up at the stranger quickly trying to gain her composure. He had to be at least 6'6 because, she was 5'8 and with her heels on she knew she was a cool 6'2. Her gaze was met with broad shoulders and strong arms, with veins lining them, which she could clearly see from the sleeveless black t- shirt he wore. Even though his legs were covered in thick gray jogging pants she knew every part of him was rippled. His face had strong features, which she yearned to reach out and softly adorn with kisses. When her hazel eyes finally traveled to his eyes they were met with green ones, which stared back at her curiously.

"Umm, is that jar for me?" She asked with a shy a smile and slowly reaching out to retrieve what she hoped would be hers.

"No." the reply from his baritone laced voice.

Cory looked at his lips as he spoke and was in awe; they were full and kissable. The kind of lips that you wanted to suck on, to bite on, to grace your body as he made love to you. "Oh, I'm sorry." She said shaking her head as her nose crinkled in disappointment.

Cory turned around and was about to try and once again retrieve a can, when she felt a large hand on her waist. She turned slowly. And was greeted with a warm smile, "I was only kidding, I could never resist helping a lady in distress" His voice carried that cocky northern tone that she had become accustomed to since moving to New York.

"Oh, ok thank you." She said once again putting her hand out to accept the jar, and shivered when she felt a spark as his skin touched hers.

"Your welcome, you're not from here, are you?" He asked his eyes dissecting her as he waited for her answer.

"No, I'm not." She replied her southern twang coming out more then usual, a habit that often happened when she was nervous. Cory turned to put the jar in her basket, and heard the stranger step closer to her, his scent filling her nose; sweat, and a light cologne made her lick her lips before she turned around.

"I'm Jake Nicholls; it's nice to meet you." He said as he extended his large hand and waited for her to take it.

"I'm Cory Roberts, its pleasure as well." She said shaking his hand and loving the filling of him enveloping him with her touch, even if it was just his hand.

"So Cory, what do I get for helping out a lady in need?" Jake asked seductively with a boyish look on his face.

" Ummmm.." Cory thought and then got a excited look on her face. As she dug through her huge leather purse, "I have some...chocolate!" She said in a chipper voice.

Jake took a step towards her. "I don't want chocolate." He replied in a serious tone.

"Oh, its low calorie, so you won't have to worry about fat or anything and it has proteins and vitamins. It's really good, and I can tell you work out so you don't have to worry about gaining weight, here try some." She replied handing him the mini bar.

"No, I don't want THAT chocolate, sweetheart; I like my chocolate warm and out of any wrapper. Wrappers of any kind tend to get in the way of what I want"

Cory gulped, and bit her lip. Trying to play it off, she hoarsely replied. "Well I can give you a free session, how about that?"

Jake looked at her for a moment before responding,"What kind of session?"

"A sexssion, I MEANT a session! I'm a sex therapist." Cory said trying to act nonchalant.

"Oh, really, a sex therapist sounds enticing." The words oozed sex as they rolled from his lips.

"So are you up for it?" She asked looking up at him expectantly.

"I'm always up for it, sweetheart." Jake replied a devious smile covering his face.

"Oh, okay, well can you come tomorrow at 4:45pm? My last client leaves at 4:30."

"Yeah, I can definitely make it."

Cory gave a nod, before handing him her business card "Well nice meeting you Jake and I'll see you tomorrow at 4:45 pm." she said with a professional smile.

"Nice meeting you to Cory, and I'll be there."

The two turned in opposite directions, Jake swaggering off cockily, like a man who had just discovered Atlantis, and Cory walking away thighs clenched as she tried to stop the juices that were soaking her thin lace panties and running down her thighs. She needed to go home cook dinner, have a hot bath and a meeting with her best friend, her vibrator, or Vibe as she liked to call him.

That night, Jake tossed and turned thinking of Cory, and how sexy she had looked in her black pencil skirt and white frilly top, her patent leather red pumps adding spice to her simple yet fantasy filled outfit. He had watched her biting her lip and reaching for the jar of sauce while her bottom poked out and her legs strained, before he decided to help her. Thinking he would help her, she would fawn over him like most women and he would have her in his bed TONIGHT.

But how was he suppose to know that he would take one look at her hazel eyes and golden skin and want to kiss her senseless. How was he suppose to know that her hair would look so soft in the bright lighting of the grocery store and that she would smell of vanilla and rose, and that he would want to pull her hair will he ravaged her body from the back. How was he suppose to know that her gentle and southern lined voice would have him wanting to make her yell his name till her throat was soar and her neck was lined with kisses from his mouth.

Jake looked down at his hard member which had sprung back to life, as his thoughts of her were once again awakened. He threw his head back on his pillow in aggravation. And slowly his hands made their way to his member; his strokes were slow and easy at first, with images of Cory on her knees looking up at him, while she took him in her warm mouth. As the need for her grew, so did the pace of his strokes, becoming harder and faster as he imagined is was Cory's wet pussy that he was fucking, imagined it was her pussy clenching on to his dick for dear life, imagined it was her wanting him to cum more than her next breath. He felt his body strain and the muscles in his legs and butt tighten as his dick started to pulse and his hot seed erupted all over his stomach and thighs.

"Damn Cory." he thought as he drifted off to bed, with dreams Cory tormenting him.

Cory had finished dinner and her hot bath and sat in her living room, watching her collection of ' Sex and the City' Although she was watching the television, her mind was on the Jake and how his hands would feel on her body, how his tongue would feel, how he would feel inside of her.

Slowly, she unbuttoned the oversized oxford shirt she was wearing and pulled down the fronts of her bra to give her access to her nipples. She let her fingertips run around her nipple before she assaulted them with her fingers, gently squeezing and cupping them as her other hand grazed over her thigh, until it reached the waist band of her panties.

She moaned as she slid her hand under her panties and teased the lips of her pussy, which were already coated in her juices. Gently stroking, until she finally allowed herself the pleasure of feeling a finger inside of her. Cory moaned and slowly began to pull out her finger, deciding to focus on her clit, she rubbed the blood engorged digit gently as she began to create tiny circles, and pleasure began to pulse through her body. Cory's hips began to rock up meeting the gently yet firm hand on her clit, she squeezed her nipples hard, whishing that it was Jake pleasuring her, that it was Jake bringing her on the brink of orgasm.

"Jake, please fuck me." the words escaped her lips, as she could feel the orgasm coming.

"Jake please let me cum." She rasped as her hips started to jerk uncontrollably and her hand started to get tired knowing that release was just around the corner. She worked her hand harder, faster, working through the ache of the muscles that told her to stop. But she couldn't it felt so good, it felt too good. Too good to stop squeezing her tender chocolate dusted nipples, too good to stop pleasing her clit and torturing her hand.

And then she came, her toes flexed and she immediately go a feeling of release as the orgasm calmed her, her fingers still working to get every second of pleasure. After, she laid there, her hand still in her panties, her nipples still pulled out from her bra, and her head thrown back as pleasure and peace glazed her eyes.

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