tagRomanceThe Third Date Ch. 01

The Third Date Ch. 01


The irony didn't escape either of us. Two people, who just recently met, enjoy their third date over a thousand miles from home... And what a date it was, Darling. The 48 hours we had together went by way too fast but I remember every minute, every detail, every touch, every look, every smell, every sound... That's why I think you asked me, before our last kiss, to write what transpired – so we each could hold on to this time together forever...

It was nothing short of miraculous that our schedules allowed for such a tryst. When the window of opportunity presented itself, we looked at each other in disbelief but then... we each mulled the possibilities over and over until the idea of a fantasy trip started to meld into a reality! It didn't take long for us to toss caution to the wind and set forth a chain of events that eventually led to you touching down at a remote airport just a few minutes before one on that special Friday afternoon.

Jackson Airport, in the heart of the Wyoming ski country, is a tiny, yet crowed, facility. Once on the ground it actually took you only minutes to exit the plane and find your way to the baggage ramp. I was there and I saw you before you saw me...

The seconds dragged on until finally our eyes met. I was directly ahead of you leaning against a pillar. All the noise; the bustle, the announcements, the baby's cries, the shrieks of loved ones seeing their families, goes silent as our eyes meet... Your smile beamed and I found myself hearing nothing except my heart beating...

You walk towards me and I towards you. Our pace quickens and two steps before we join you drop your carry-on and purse... Then in a sight fit for a picture, you wrap your arms around my neck and press your body next to mine.

"Wow, it's really you and you're really here" I say.

"Yes... it's really me and I'm really here..." you reply.

I look into your eyes and my smile grows even bigger.

And we kiss.

Our two previous dates included plenty of smooching, but this kiss... a kiss between lovers standing in the baggage claim area of a tiny airport in Wyoming, was special. I felt the tingling of electricity travel from the top of my neck all the way down to my knees... I looked down to make sure my shoes were still on!

We could have stood there for hours but there was a schedule to keep and slowly I release you. Hand in hand we collect your one checked bag and head to the exit.

Outside, the weather is changing. What was first a bright day has morphed into a sky of slate gray... The forecasters got it wrong again... the snows that were expected on Saturday have decided to arrive a day early...

We race to our truck. I have a surprise in store for you but first we must be driven south for an hour. Paul, a hired driver, takes your bag and opens the door for you. You climb into the truck and I follow. The darkening sky dropped the temperature a few degrees so we snuggle up together until the cab warms up...

"There's a cooler with some lunch in it!" Paul states.

We look and sure enough there's a small ice chest with sandwiches and sodas. We are both starving so we dig right in... No booze on this leg of the trip... we've got more to do!!!

We enjoy our lunch listening to Paul tell us about the history of the area. We drive south from Jackson on Hwy 189, which takes us along the south edge of the Wind River and the foothills of the Wind River Mountain Range. The countryside looks desolate... but there was a lot of history to learn about the area.

Finally, we reach the outskirts of the tiny town of Bondurant. This is where Paul turns off the highway and onto a dirt road. One mile of bumps and we've reached our destination.

The surprise I have for you is this... We are going to ride horses the last 3 miles to our cabin! I remember the look on your face when I told you this... I wasn't sure if you were surprised, shocked, angry or excited!!!

We exit the truck and immediately notice the colder weather. Paul had been monitoring the weather... the snow was falling faster than expected but we should be able to get to the cabin before the heavy stuff started to fall. So, without wasting any time, we grab our bags and walk over to the small stable tucked away in the woods.

Your mount is a chestnut mare named Roxie. I'm going to ride a palomino named Ashland. Paul helps with the saddles and within minutes are gear is set and we're ready to mount.

Paul gives you a brief horse riding lesson and soon your left foot is in the stirrup and your bootie is firmly planted in the saddle. Roxie is a veteran trail horse and she knows to follow Ashland... so without a hitch, we depart the stable and head to the trail leading us up the mountain side.

We can barely talk to each other about anything else but riding the trail since commanding these horses takes all of our concentration. But, in between trail checks I spy looks at you. Your hair is down and drapes over your shoulders beautifully. Your face looks fresh and seeing you concentrate flatters your appearance. Shelly, you looked magnificent upon Roxie and I started to have fantasies about seeing in you in your black boots and nothing else...

My mind was snapped back to reality by the increasing snow fall. The trail was becoming covered in snow and we slowed the horses down a bit. 10 minutes later, there's half a foot of snow on the ground! Soon after that, there's almost a foot!

The horses are becoming unsure of their footing so I decide to dismount and walk our party the rest of the way. I tether Ashland to Roxie and lead us through the snow.

You were so cold, Shelly, but you kept smiling and talking to me. When I heard your teeth chatter, I grabbed a trail blanket out of one of my saddle bags and reach up to try to cover your shoulders with it. Your skin was pink from the cold but your smile was bright... your eyes sparkled...

You decide that you've had enough riding so you ask to walk with me. Of course! That would warm you up... so I help you dismount and we walk hand in hand the last mile...

We smell the cabin before we see it. Coming around the last bend in the trail the heavy snowfall has trapped some of the chimney smoke and our noses are treated to a whiff of burning firewood. We both delight in the fact that Paul has prepared our cabin for us!

The snow is almost two feet deep and each step is hard but we press on and shortly we arrive at the adjoining stables. You help me dress the horses and as I pack away the saddles you brush each of our mounts. Food and water is waiting for Ashland and Roxie and they are only too happy to call it a day and spend the weekend munching on oats and staying warm!

I grab the saddle bags and take your arm. Together we march from the stables to the stairs of the cabin. Before we make our short climb, I turn to you.

"Thank you for coming this weekend..."

And I kiss you.

And see a snowflake land on your cheek.

"You are very, very welcome..." you reply with a rosy grin.

"Let's get warmed up." I say as I lead us up the stairs.

We walk the steps to the door and I unlock it. The warmth greats us like a downy blanket and we can't wait to rush inside and shut the door.

This part of the entranceway is covered in a large rubber mat... designed to accommodate the removal of snowy clothes. We fumble with our gloves and our jackets but soon we have our heavy gear perched on the wall pegs.

I reach out and put one hand on your chilly cheek and bring your face to mine. Our lips press ever so slightly and our eyes close... I touch your other cheek with my free hand and our kiss grows deeper. We open our eyes and spend a few seconds looking into the depths of each other...

I'm cold but the kiss has warmed me up... you too judging from the flush on your neck...

Again, we separate since our clothes are soaked and need to be removed.

"How about a hot tub to warm us up?" I suggest.

"A hot tub... HERE???"

"Yes, take a look out on the deck... it's tucked away on the right. It's large but doesn't block the view of the mountains..."

Your face crinkles and your brow furrows...

"Shelly, just wear some underwear... we're here to learn about each other and have a good time... no stress at all..."

Your face turns back to mine and you smile.

"Thank you... "

"So, here's the bedroom. I put your bags on the bed. Just put your wet clothes on the floor and freshen up. The hot tub will be ready in about 20 minutes."

I give you a quick kiss and close the door.

You later told me that you were so nervous those first few minutes that you almost decided to leave. We had only had two dates... one a lunch date to meet each other and the second a dinner date that allowed us to enjoy each other's company. Kissing and holding hands - that's all we had done. This weekend would be the first time we would have any real time for ourselves... we were excited but anxious... and a bit scared...

Standing alone in the bedroom, your pulse was racing as you undressed. I could have walked in at any minute! You wondered what I would think of your body, would I find you attractive, desirable... You then bent over and slipped your damp socks off and removed your thick sweater and shirt revealing your sports bra. The garment was sheer and the material brushed your nipples lightly as it was removed. You then stepped out of your jeans and looked over your shoulder... you sensed a presence but it was just your nerves. Once your jeans drop to the floor, revealing a beautiful lacy pair of tight panties which clung to your figure and shaped your ass, you took a moment to admire yourself in the full length mirror. Yes, you thought... yes, he will find me very attractive...

With a renewed sense of confidence, you removed everything and find a fresh lingerie set. This time you don a black lacy bra with matching panties. One more peek in the mirror and with a smile you reach for the towel, cover yourself, and enter the living room.

Standing next to the large fire, you watched as I tended to the hot tub. You saw how cold I was so you walked over to the kitchen and searched for something to warm us up on the inside.

Within seconds, you had discovered the wine rack and selected a French red for us to share. The glasses were suspended over the rack and the wine opener was in plain view.

As I walked back into the cabin I heard the "POP" of a wine cork and saw you pouring us each a glass.

Let me describe what I saw...

There you were, adorned in nothing but a forest green towel, your hair flayed over your bare shoulders and two black bra straps providing a hint of what was underneath.

Your skin was flush and your lips full and moist.

I remove my outer gear on the mat then meet you in the kitchen.

"You look frozen!" you say.

"I am... the temperature is dropping and the snow is falling faster."

"Are we going to be OK?"

"Absolutely, even if it gets really bad, Paul has a tractor he can ride up here... he the local Saint and pretty much takes care of everybody's bad weather emergencies!"

"So we're safe..."

"No worries, Babe. We've got everything we need."

Your smile returns and you hand me my glass of wine.

"You better get out of those wet clothes... it's time for us to warm up!" You exclaim with a wink.

I run into the bedroom and remove all my wet clothes. I had no idea how soaked I had become. But standing there in front of the mirror in just my boxers I notice that I'm getting hard... Now it's my turn to wonder what you will think of my body...

I push those thoughts out of my mind and completely undress. I toss my clothes into a heap and put on a fresh pair of undies. I grab a towel but decide not to wrap myself... better to see what your reaction to my body is earlier than later!!!

I grab my glass, take a huge sip, and re-enter the living room.

I find you refilling your glass... we are both searching for something to warm us and calm our nerves.

"I'll take a refill too, please..."

And you tend to my glass.

"I think the tub is ready... shall we give it a shot?" I say.

"Let's go!" you reply.

We charge through the deck door and run to the hot tub. It's freezing and the snow is pattering us with icy flicks.

It is ready! The steam is pouring off the top of the hot tub water and I toss my towel onto a stool protected by the ledge of the roof. I climb in and instantly the hot water is stinging my cold legs!

I turn to help you in.

This is my favorite memory of the entire trip...

I caught you looking at my body and when I turned and meet your eyes you grinned. I offered you my hand and before you took it you reached and unfolded your towel. In one graceful move, you exposed yourself to me and dropped your wrap into the deck. For just a second you allowed me to look at you... and I did...

You looked beautiful.

Your skin was red from the cold and covered in goose bumps but this didn't stop you from raising your hands above your head to twist your gorgeous hair into a tight bun. I must confess... this is when I notice how large your breast are and how pronounced your nipples had become. I was thankful that my growing hardness was concealed under the water...

You took my hand and carefully made your way down the three steps into the tub. I handed back your glass and we take a minute to allow our bodies to adjust to the heat.

For the first time we actually get to talk without an audience or distraction.

You tell me all about your trip that day... how you had to get up at the crack of dawn to make your flight to Denver then rush to make the connection to Jackson! How you almost forgot to wear outdoor clothes and that you left your phone charger at home!

We also catch up on what had happened since our last date. It was comfortable to be able to share everything with someone who wanted to share with me...

We found ourselves scooting closer to each other with each sentence. Before long, I had my arm around you.

And the little kisses... I was stealing them from you as often as I could.

The wine had worked its magic. Our insides had warmed and our nerves had been calmed. Our conversation was flowing with ease and we enjoyed watching the late afternoon sun begin to set in the west... well, we couldn't really see the sun for the snow but the dimming light was creating a highlights on the horizon... it was a beautiful sight to behold.

I give you one more kiss and pull you closer. I reach over with my free hand and take your wine. You start kissing me gently at first. I feel your hand against my thigh.

Our kiss takes a turn for passion and our embrace grows. I explore your lips and relish the feel of your teeth against the sensitive tip of my tongue.

I reach for and take your bun in my hand. Gently, I pull your head back and expose your neck... Along your jaw I kiss... tracing delicate lines to your throat and over the curve of your shoulder. I feel your arms reach around me... you're coming closer...

You're breathing harder. And so am I. My kisses return to your lips and you pour yourself into my mouth. Eagerly you share yourself... our kisses growing deeper and longer...

I pull away and look at you.

I take your hand and bring it to my mouth. Each finger I explore with my lips, each space between is explored with my tongue... I watch your eyes as I do this and notice that your chest is heaving just slightly. You take this opportunity to adjust your position and face me directly. I slide in closer... my knees touching the insides of your thighs.

I release your hand and place it around your waist.

"Come here, Gorgeous..."

And pull you into my lap.

I was nervous doing this... not sure if the time was right but the moment called for such a move and I wasn't going to pass on action on my desires for you.

As I pull you too me you instinctively bend your knees and slide your thighs along mine. Your hands park themselves around my neck and we find ourselves facing each other.

There was no hiding my erection... it was firmly pressing against your mound. I'm only separated from you by two thin garments.

You come close for a kiss... and I feel your breasts against me. I feel the fabric of your bra, the firmness of your lobes and the strain of your nipples.

And we kiss... mouths joined – bodies pressing – bodies responding...

I move my hands down your back, across your bra strap, to your ass... I take a cheek in each hand and pull you closer into me. I need to feel you against my hard member...

Our kiss does little to muffle the soft moan you release and I feel you squeeze your legs against my torso.

And we part...

You separate yourself from me and what happened next was one of the most erotic surprises I had ever witnessed...

You stared at me, smiled, and said, "This is for you..." as you reached around your back and unclasped your bra... If fell into the water as my gaze left your eyes and began to admire the sight before me...

I was caught in a trance... there before me were your breasts - each with an erect nipple begging for tender attention. Snowflakes fell on your upper body and trickles of water ran down your impressive cleavage making the sight almost surreal.

You leaned forward slightly and my mouth found a home at the bottom of your right breast. I kissed it upwards along the fold of your lobe. I let my days' worth of beard comb across your flesh and gently tickle the edge of your areola. I removed my face and placed it between your breasts... this time dragging it a bit firmer across your left breast... again stopping short of touching your nipple.

I felt you lean into me further... you wanted more stimulation but I was taking my time.

My arms gripped your waist and as I prepared to swallow a nipple into my mouth I pressed your sex harder into mine.

I felt you jerk in response... the stimulation is making it hard to control your reflexes. Another moan leaves you as I feel my face being pulled deeper into your chest.

With your entire areola between my lips, I circle my tongue over the peak of your nipple. I feel it grow even larger and the little dimples surrounding it become more pronounced. My work completed for the moment, I force my way to your other breast and repeat the same... all the while hearing and feeling your heart race.

The temperature of the water and the excitement of our play, push us dangerously close to overheating. Your face is beat red and we need to cool off.

I remove myself from your chest.

In a mild fit of delirium, you look at me in bewilderment.

"We need to cool off for a bit...

I take the spa pillow and place it on the padded edge of the hot tub. I turn back to you, place my arms behind your back and under your legs and lift you completely out of the water. The cold air feels good against our hot skin and I carefully lower you onto the warmed padding along the edge.

"Lay flat and close your eyes..." I ask.

The only response you offer is to smile and close your lids.

You're perched on the tub padding. Your arms are above your head and your left knee is slightly drawn upward. I see the steam rising from your skin... we did need to cool off!

As I kiss you I reach over with a free hand and take my wine glass. Your belly button is before me and I carefully pour a few drops into it. The chill causes you to flinch.

"Don't open your eyes..."

You don't.

I start lapping the wine from your tummy. You gasp as my tongue slowly works its magic. I start to move up your belly and play close attention to the breasts I have become newly acquainted...

Your chest is my playground. I kiss, lick, nibble and suck each inch of your bare skin. My hands glide along your tummy and explore the sensitive parts of your upper arms. I see that you are tossing your head, slowly, from side to side... I'm torturing you with my very slow progression and you are trying to will me to go faster...

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