tagGay MaleThe Thirsty Roofer

The Thirsty Roofer


Luckily the car accident hadn't been worse. I'd banged up my knee a lot, broken several ribs and was a bit bruised elsewhere. Each morning, prior to heading off to work, my wife would make sure I was prepped for the week of bed rest recommended by my doctor. My water bottle was filled, pain medications positioned nearby, and reading materials and the TV remote were within reach.

None of those items were really necessarily to keep me distracted from my discomfort and the jolts of pain every time I moved in my bed. Each sunny morning, from my second floor bedroom window, I had a great view of some hot studs building a new house behind my own. The gaggle of hot, hairy, sweaty hunky men seemed to be putting on a show for me as they finished framing the walls, got joists in place and began working on the roof. Sweat-soaked wife-beaters, well-worn jeans conforming to muscular asses and framing very nice bulging crotches, and heavy work boots all added visual inspiration to the cock stirring in my cotton pajama bottoms.

On Saturday morning my wife left early to join her sister in a town about an hour away for a day of mall shopping. No noise from hammers, saws or nail guns was coming for the construction side behind my house. Sun shining in the window warmed my morning wood. I threw off the sheet and pulled the waistband of my PJs down under my tight, shaved balls. I found that I could stroke my hard, veiny cock easily, without causing much rib pain. My smooth prick twitched, and oozed precum, as I slowly worked my callused hand up and down the shaft.

I caught a large drop of clear liquid just before it dripped from my cockhead - and brought my finger up to my mouth to savor the sweet juice. I winched a bit as I twisted to reach the tube of hand lotion on my nightstand. Squirting a line of the cream down the length of my cock, I was soon sliding my greased hand up and down the hot piece of meat. With my other hand, I collected a glob of lotion from my balls, worked it down between my legs and rotated a slick finger around my pulsing hole. One finger began poking in and out of my ass, causing my cock to pulse repeatedly with pleasure. I worked another finger into my butthole, putting pressure on the hard knob within me, and increased the intensity of prick pounding..

An explosion was building in my gut. Tensing my body caused by broken ribs to hurt, but the moan coming from within me was a mixture of pleasure and pain. Closing my eyes, I gave in to my cumming and the first blast of spew hit my right cheek. The second splatted on my hairy chest and a third gooed up my stomach. My body seemed to collapse into the mattress and I slowly rubbed the mess of cum over my stomach and tender chest.

I opened my eyes and looked out the window into the sun. That's when I locked eyes with one of the hunky roofers. He was standing atop the new house, and one hand was kneading a now large bulge through his 501's. Seconds seemed like many minutes, until we both seemed to shake ourselves out of a kind of hypnotized state. My rooftop voyeur walked down the roof and out of my line of sight, as I carefully got out of bed and went to the bathroom to shower. About an hour later, wearing just a bathrobe, I carefully made my way downstairs to the kitchen to fix myself something to eat.. As I was cleaning up the dishes, there was a heavy knock at the door. I was very surprised to see my Peeping Tom roofer standing on my front porch as I made my way through the living room. I felt my face go bright red as I opened the door.

"Sorry to bother you, but for some reason the water is turned off at the job site behind your house and I was wondering if I could get a drink of water," was the request of the blue-eyed specimen of masculinity standing before me.

"Sure, sure," I stammered, "Why don't you come on in and I'll get you a glass."

His manscent was almost intoxicating as he brushed past me - a mixture of sweat, dirt and musk. My eyes were glued to his gorgeous ass as he followed my direction to the kitchen. I got him a glass of water from the door of the fridge and explained that I was home slowly recovering from a car accident. He shared that he was working at the house on a Saturday to do some roof flashing and get the construction job back on schedule.

Damn! His eyes. The thick golden hair on his forearms. The outline of his pecs and perky nipples under the stretched wife-beater. The package he was carrying in the front of his Levi's. As he finished his big glass of water, I hoped he didn't notice that my cock was growing under my lightweight robe.

"Can I get you anything else?," I asked as he set the tumbler down on the kitchen counter.

Staring directly at me, in one smooth move he pulled the tank up off his body and over his head - and then used it to wipe the sweat off his scruffy face and perfect chest. He walked right over to me, saying "Yeah, I'm still thirsty."

My robe was pulled open and off my shoulders, falling to the eating area floor. My hot visitor dropped to his knees and his mouth met the head of my cock as it began to travel upwards. He took it deep into his throat with one steady movement and I could feel him pulsing around the shaft and head of my prick. I braced myself with both hands resting on the kitchen table. One of his hands began to pull roughly on my nutsack, while the fingers of the other pried at my asscrack and found the hole I'd lubed up earlier with my own digits. Fuck, it was like this hot guy was starving for cock as his head bounced up and down on the shaft.

Readjusting a bit, and trying not to cause myself any pain, I was able to grab a handful of his dirty blond hair and attempt to force my purple rod deeper into the guy's mouth. The forefinger and thumb of my other hand were able to find and apply pressure to one of his eraser-nub nipples, causing a moan in his throat that vibrated throughout my body. I was gasping for breath and sweat was dropping off my body onto the stud beneath me.

I was trying to hold off, but I could feel the cum churning within my balls. A guttural animal sound came from my core, as the first shot of cum blasted down the throat holding my cock captive. He then pulled back a bit and saved the rest of my load in his mouth. I yelped in surprise and pain as my new friend spun my body around, roughly pulled my buttcheeks apart and dove into my hairless crack. The five o'clock shadow on his face created an incredible sensation while brushing my tender ass. Only then did I realize that he was feeding my manhole the cum he'd retained in his mouth. He was using his tongue to shove my own jizz into my ass! Soon there was very enjoyable rhythm to the tongue-fucking I was receiving. I grabbed both sides of the table and enjoyed the ride.

My sex partner continued to eat my ass as he slowly got up of the floor. My butt seemed to rise up voluntarily, attempting to avoid the loss of connection between mouth, tongue and hole. It was then that I heard the familiar sound of a button-fly being pulled open with one strong yank. Trying to see what was going on behind me, I saw that the roofer was commando under the jeans as they fell down around his work boots.

I felt a good-sized mushroom cockhead rotating around my now messy butthole. I screamed as the head suddenly popped through my sphincter and the entire shaft plowed into my body. I was getting the fucking of a lifetime and, although my ribs and leg hurt like hell, I was basking in every intense moment of my skewering. Panting, and forcing my ass back onto the invading probe, I lost all track of time. My fucker was now shaking sweat from his hair and body as he pistoned my ass. His breathing got faster, and then there was a huge void in my butt. There was an amazing growl and cum was immediately flying all over my smooth ass and back.

I remained bent over the table as the construction stud pulled up his jeans and collected his wife-beater from the countertop. He slapped my ass with a loud "smack' as he headed for the front door.

He yelled, "Thanks for quenching my thirst!" as the door slammed shut.

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