tagLesbian SexThe Thrill of the Gym

The Thrill of the Gym

byMr Story Teller©

Lustful visits to the gym fulfill Clare's desires

Based on the desires of a close friend and family member, Clare asked me to write her a story around her time at the gym and in particular one pretty young woman who she admires very much.. This is her story, enjoy..

The car park was full as usual, as Clare looked for a space to park her new Audi convertible. Looking round, she spotted many of the usual cars and knew that it would be busy in there and like most days, she'd ask herself why does she not come at a quieter time.

5pm was the busiest time for a week day and Clare would come straight from the office, do 45 minutes in the gym, 20 in the pool, and another 20 in the spa. Every visit had a similar routine and every time Clare would enjoy being around other people. As usual, she took pleasure in knowing that many of the men would be admiring her as she worked out. And that only made her visits all the more worthwhile.

The gym was modern and up market, with the warm-up and weights area central to all the equipment. Anybody using the floor mats to do their stretching for warm up and cool down was in the central area, for many a watchful eye. This never bothered Clare inasmuch it gave her pleasure to know that others found her attractive; and there was many an occasion that she prolonged her exercises under the watchful eye of a male admirer. These occasions usually led to a visit to the spa where she could relax and take a sauna or Jacuzzi and often she would allow herself the pleasure of the open shower..... This was particularly pleasurable for any promising voyeur, because if you were sat in the sauna with its smoked glass door, you could watch without being clearly noticed. (A fact that Clare liked.... A LOT!)

Sexy thoughts were never far from Clare's mind whilst at the gym but a lot of time most people were just silent admirers. By her custom and habit, Clare was not one to chase a situation, she liked the attention but unless she was approached she generally kept herself to polite conversations and the odd hello here and there.

One growing thought had emerged in Clare's mind and that was that over the recent months, she found herself becoming the voyeur as well as the subject. She found herself looking out for particular men she found attractive and also she was spending more time in the ladies' locker room in various states of undress. The latter pastime was becoming a growing pleasure and not only was she enjoying admiring the toned bodies of many other women, but also, she discovered a new exciting pleasure of offering herself as eye candy for those hungry women who overtly found her attractive.

The more the thoughts grew the more acceptable they became and soon it was a clear realization that she was finding many other women attractive and the increasing sexual content to her thoughts was providing Clare with a new sexual desire! This new development in her horny lust was suddenly challenging her sexuality in a way that she was thoroughly enjoying. For many years, Clare was aware of the beauty of other women but suppressed them as just odd thoughts. However, now she was newly excited by the possibility of being desired by another woman and the possible opportunity of exploring the bisexual side of her fantasies.

Let me tell you a little about Clare:... As author of this story I'm well qualified to paint a picture for you, and having known her for many years, I'd like to think I know her better than most. I remember her as a young innocent girl who was willing to allow me to explore her young body. I remember her as a pretty teenager whose body was developing into the kind of figure all men would admire; then I remember her as a grown young woman with good legs, a hot bottom and stunning breasts.... now I know her for her thoughts, her desires and of course those wonderful heavy breasts I mentioned before.

Clare's breasts have been a constant focal point of my desires and also a great source of pleasure for the both of us. Saying that she also has a wonderful ass and a pussy I just love to eat and fuck, on many occasions I've spread her legs to taste her hot wet pussy, and on every occasion, I have to admire her hard clit which always responds sensitively to my every touch.

So, there you have your picture, a pretty woman with a fit body and great tits!

Clare's attire for the gym was usually long grey gym pants and a white cropped vest with a white bra that tightly supported and pushed her tits together. Her cleavage is truly a wonderful sight! And at the gym it never fails to attract others, one particular fan was a certain young woman who was new on the scene.

It was after a good workout and swim that Clare first noticed a younger woman who was probably in her early twenties. She was just entering the exclusive MEMBERS SPA AREA which is exactly where Clare was also heading, the young woman was wearing a small, white, two piece swim costume, which showed off her tanned body and firm breasts perfectly.... Instantly Clare was drawn to her dark skin, dark brown hair and big wide brown eyes.

Almost against her will, Clare wanted to be closer to her to admire her beauty, she was being drawn to her in a manner she'd never really experienced before and in a way which instantly made her pussy throb and her nipples stiffen.

As she entered the spa the younger woman was already in the Jacuzzi and Clare didn't exactly know what to do, Standing there in full view she had to make a quick decision. Her first thought was the open shower and without knowing it set off a chain of events which would lead her to a place of fantasy.

The young girl was indeed in her early twenties, her name was Joanne and she was a graduate student, having just finished university in the town. Joanne had only been to the gym on a couple of occasions before this visit and she enjoyed the spa area very much. Much like Clare she was increasingly enjoying the company of the many male admirers but was also becoming increasingly aware of some very attractive women; noticeably Clare.

As she sat there in the Jacuzzi she looked up to see Clare enter the spa and watched as she placed her towel and water bottle on one of the loungers. Pleasingly to the eye, Clare was wearing the same blue, one-piece swim suit she wore the last time, a swim suit that did little to hide the fullness of her breasts and even less to hide the size and condition of her nipples. Not only that but it was high cut over her waist and was tight against the bulge of her pussy.

Joanne recalled her previous pleasure of watching Clare shower and was again beginning to feel the throb of her pussy and the firming of her nipples. Little did Clare know that only a few days previously, a young beautiful woman was sat behind the dark glass door of the sauna, sliding her hand down inside her own panties as she watched Clare shower.

Joanne was hoping Clare would shower again so she could take in the beautiful sight of the wet swimsuit clinging tightly against her body. She wanted to see again the water running down Clare's body and just as before, running over her pussy onto the floor; from where she watched it was almost as though she was watching Clare having a pee in the shower, and this turned her on immensely.

This was one such fantasy that Joanne had previously taken pleasure in and on many occasions she had enjoyed the excitement of taking a pee in public. Whilst at University she often took a pee in the showers with the knowledge that a couple of other students who regularly showered at the same time took pleasure in watching her shower. The excitement of being watched and admired almost always ended with Joanne touching and caressing herself and on some occasions, her fingers would find the sweet spot of her pussy and she'd openly masturbate in the shower for her admirers.

So as you can imagine, watching the water run from between Clare's thighs was a particular pleasure for Joanne and the excitement was building by the moment. Both women had a similar agenda but at the same time, neither had any idea what the other was thinking. Clare was excited about the prospect of the pretty younger woman admiring her sexy body whilst at the same time, Joanne wanted desperately to repeat the voyeuristic pleasures of the time before, as it turned out, neither was to be disappointed!

Turning towards the shower was the first time these two women made eye contact and Clare was pleased to see Joanne's gaze already upon her. Both girls smiled as they explored the beauty of each other's face and simultaneously said, "Hello." It was a brief encounter but an open and welcoming one, also it confirmed two important things. Firstly it confirmed to Joanne that Clare knew she was there and that anything Clare did in the shower the girl in the Jacuzzi would be able to see; Secondly it gave Clare the exciting sensation that this pretty face in the Jacuzzi was alone and maybe the perfect audience for her repeating the pleasure of exposing her sexy body around other women, especially this one!

This wasn't the first time Clare had enjoyed such pleasure but it was certainly the most attractive female audience she had experienced. Over the past few weeks another woman seemed to always shower at the same time as Clare and not only did Clare leave her cubicle door open for others to see, but this other woman did the same; and always in the cubicle directly opposite. As the water ran from her head and through half closed eyes, Clare could see the other woman watching her shower and at the same time Clare admired her voyeurs' voluptuous figure. However, her glances were just that, brief and unfulfilling.

Over four or five visits a pattern emerged and the other woman was always there around the same time, sometimes already showering and sometimes appearing moments after Clare arrived. She was a mature woman with big rounded breasts, a little overweight but it was a gym, after all, but the most exciting thing to Clare was that for the first time in her life this other woman made no attempt to hide the fact that she was enjoying watching her shower and also Clare was becoming aroused at the experience of being watched.

The shower area was becoming a place of immense pleasure and Clare was beginning to wonder how to heighten the enjoyment. The one thing of concern was the other people around who might not approve; she desperately wanted to caress herself for this woman but the busy shower area was too risky.

One day Clare had a simple thought and on her next visit she didn't use her usual shower, but instead went to the very end cubicle. Lo and behold the only other person who would be able to see into that particular cubicle would have to be in the one directly opposite. It was then no surprise to Clare, that only moments later the same woman from before appeared opposite and began to shower with the door open, this time unlike other times Clare kept her costume on for a little longer, and this time the experience was going to be a much more intense than ever before.

Double checking, Clare took a peek out and clearly even the cubicle diagonally across wouldn't be able to see her, unless she stepped forward and out from under the shower. The excitement was evident in Clare's nipples as they were already prominent and so obvious through the thin material of her swim suit. As soon as she stepped back under the water with her back to the other woman she knew that should she turn around now watchful eyes would fall upon her breasts and her large erect nipples; this thought excited her more and her mind was now reeling with possibilities and desires. She knew she wanted to reveal herself and knew she wanted to admire the other woman too.

It was only 30 seconds or so later that Clare decided to turn and face across the shower area, for the first time she looked the other woman in the eye and the next few moments secured a trust that all was ok and that they both had similar intentions. It was Clare who made the first move and began to wash her upper body whilst watching the other woman watching her. Running a handful of shower gel over her shoulders she deliberately crushed and lifted her breast with her forearm; the result of this act was for the other woman's eyes to drop and stare at Clare's tits and in the process to begin what was to a very exciting and rewarding time for both women.

The acceptance by Clare clearly had the desired effect on the other woman as her posture became much more relaxed and now for the first time Clare had a clear indicator of her intentions and feelings. Not only did the other woman reach up to caress what was now a pair of very firm nipples, but then she also proceeded to pull her top down to her waist exposing her fat tits.

Suddenly Clare was able to admire another woman's sexy body without it being a quick sneaky glance and not on screen or magazine, this was the real deal and this was right here, right now, and not only that but for the first time ever another woman was performing a sexual act, specifically for her.

Watching the woman massage her big breasts gave Clare a new form of excitement and one she was keen to explore much, much further, dropping her own swim suit and revealing herself was a big step for Clare but the passion burning inside her was too strong to interfere with other, more rational thoughts. This was so much more exciting that her previous pleasures of just being semi-naked around other women and thinking they may be admiring her, this was Clare showing herself off to an admirer who, in turn, was offering her own body for the same visual pleasures.

The other woman was smiling into Clare's eyes as she continued to soap her heavy breasts, kneading them and lifting them up and together, she was clearly enjoying her exhibitionist show. Clare's gaze was fixed upon her hands as they squeezed and caressed her fleshy mounds, causing her dark pink nipples to stand very proud and erect. Looking down she admired the woman's fuller figure and wondered about her pussy and if she would undress completely.

"Well, this is it!!" thought Clare as she reached up to her firm nipples and pulled on the neck line of her costume, her one desire was to share the beauty of her breasts with this stranger and nothing was more important at that moment in time. The thrill and excitement she was feeling pumped the adrenalin around her body and almost trance like, she slipped both arms out of her swimwear and not only pulled her top down, but continued to push it over her hips and down toward the floor. Without giving it any thought of suspense and theater, Clare was now full frontal naked for another woman whom she has never even spoken to, doesn't know her name and had only seen in the showers on a few occasions before.

The most exciting thing for Clare was that all the thoughts and dreams she had enjoyed, whilst wondering how it would feel to expose herself to another woman were back in her mind and were stronger than ever. The throbbing of her pussy was immense and the firmness in her nipples was almost painful. For the first time in her life, Clare was intent on performing for another person and she was going to enjoy it.

Looking over at her voyeur she was pleased to see her pulling on her own costume and as Clare soaped up her heavy wet tits her eyes followed the hands down until they revealed a well-trimmed pussy. The woman had little pubic hair but just enough to form a neat, trimmed triangle highlighting her pink pussy lips. Noticeably they were quite full and fleshy lips, and Clare began to wonder how different they would feel in comparison to playing with her own pussy. These thoughts only heightened her sexual state and without thinking, her hand drifted south to her own waiting pussy

Almost in unison, the two women stood facing each other, their big tits wet and soapy, hard nipples confirming their sexual state and each reaching down to the focal points of their pleasure! Clare shook as her fingers slid over her swollen lips and found the feeling she was craving, her touch was electric and her clit was throbbing for attention. Looking over, the other woman had one hand on the wall steadying herself as the other hand made circular motions over her clit, she was no longer bothered that somebody was watching her perform her most intimate private pleasure, and seemed intent to give Clare a show worthy of its intensity.

Watching the water cascading down on off her long nipples particularly pleased Clare as it was a sensation she took pleasure from herself; and the more aroused the woman became the more adventurous they both became. Without noticing Clare was now leaning against the back wall of the cubicle with her hips pushed forward and knees apart, almost offering her pussy to her new friend, the soft folds of her pussy exposed like never before and her fingers sliding between them from her clit to her honey hole.

Clare knew that if anybody else appeared outside her cubicle they would both be discovered, openly masturbating for each other.

Momentarily, Clare paused to think about the situation she was in and how a few years ago this would never had happened. Back then the thoughts were there but fear kept them at bay; now she was living out one of her fantasies, knowing that this was a road to a place she wanted to be with her sexuality and sexual achievements. In some respects this was a defining moment for Clare as it encouraged her to accept that many other women would find her attractive and that she was by no means alone with her thoughts and fantasies. Another thing dawned on her: that this situation was so poignant because it was a coming together of two desires; one to expose her sexy body to an on looking admirer, and two, to watch another woman reveal her body to her and for her own sexual gratification.

This was not just enjoying knowing that somebody was watching her but actually performing for their pleasure with the view to them fulfilling their kicks. In a flash Clare was brought back out of her momentary ponder, by the sound of another shower being turned on further down the line; suddenly a new excitement heightened the thrill, as the thought of being discovered served not to cause panic but in fact, the opposite, suddenly the touch of her fingers became more sensitive, her clit became more responsive and her inhibitions were lost somewhere in her pleasure. Suddenly Clare knew she was close to actually fulfilling a long burning ambition of performing for another woman whilst she reciprocated for her.

Focusing on the other side of the aisle, it was clear her admirer was also close to orgasm, one hand grabbed and clawed at her breast and nipple, and the other frantically slid two long fingers in and out of her pussy. Clare took great pleasure in the look of wanton lust on her face and tried to hold the picture of the stranger opposite, eyes rolling and mouth open as she gasped her way to a body- shaking orgasm. A couple of moans were clearly audible as she watched the woman shudder and shake her way through 30 odd seconds of uncontrollable convulsions, hips rocking and jerking as a wave of pleasure suddenly overwhelmed her.

Finally, Clare knew she was there, seeing this stranger reveal herself and then perform to orgasm was so thrilling she too could no longer hold back the burning ambition to openly masturbate for another woman. As the other woman regained some composure and massaged her breasts, she looked Clare directly in the eyes; almost as a nod of approval and indication that the time had come for her to finish herself off.

Clare was now beyond caring, if anybody discovered them and as one hand clamped hard against her pussy with the palm massaging her clit; two fingers pleased the wetness from within, her other hand rolled and pulled on her nipples, before also caressing her bottom and finally probed at her butt and her own pussy from behind.

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