The Thug


Mark and Janet were on their way to their honeymoon resort. The plane gliding through the air like some majestic bird as Mark put some head phones on to drown out the noise. Janet feeling slightly nervous at their getaway to the Bahamas looked out the window memorizing the place that she lived for the last ten years.

They got married less than two hours ago and both couldn't be happier. Mark was a business man who dealt in the furniture business while Janet was a part time journalist. Both couldn't be happier together and were very much in love although they still had some of their little hang-ups.

Janet's was probably her very good looks and rather striking personality that many guys mistook as flirtatious. She stood at 5'8 and had rather large breasts but a rather slim figure that was due to working out at the gym on a weekly basis. Her face was akin to a young Cindy Crawford's. Reporters nowadays especially female had to rely more on their looks than any actual skills that they might posses.

One of Mark's was his racism, especially towards blacks but it was always thinly disguised and it was something that Janet was able to shrug off easily enough. The only time she had to confront Mark's ugly side was when he made a crude racist joke right in front of a rather intimidating looking black man. Although the man merely glared rather crudely at them before stalking off, for the first time in Janet's life she wondered if she made the right decision in agreeing to Mark's marriage proposal.

Looking over she noticed that a rather rough looking black guy was seated just right next to them. She was silently thankful that Mark was passed out. He casually gave her a glance and a smile that showed perfect even white teeth. Feeling rather flushed Janet quickly looked away.

The rest of the ride was pretty much uneventful and Janet dosed off thinking of how great this vacation was going to be.


"Honey how do I look?" Janet asked coming out noticing how her husbands jaw seemed to drop.

She was wearing a very thin white bikini showed off all the right curves. Her generous breasts and all too perfect figure was on display like she was some piece of meat. Never in all the time that Mark knew Janet did he ever imagine his wife could look so beautiful. Nor did he ever remember his beautiful bride could be dressed so sexily.

"You look absolutely beautiful." Mark whispered hoarsely his face flushed as he felt himself get hard as a rock.

"Lets do it here and now. I'm through with all the waiting." Janet said feeling naughty as she swayed to her husband and sat on his lap like a little girl but nothing was little about her.

Mark groaned in longing as he placed his hands gently on her thighs and began to pull her panties off. They hadn't had sex for some time both busy with their wedding and having too many other things to do at the time such as work to have sex. As a matter of fact the last time they had sex was almost year ago!

A sudden banging at the door interrupted them cursing softly Mark hurriedly answered the door wondering rudely who the hell it could be, especially with a do not disturb sign on the door. Opening it he found himself instantly scared as their was a big hulking black man in the doorway with an open smile on his bright even teeth and a hand gun in his right hand directly pointed at him.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Tingle how are you guys doing today?" The black said pleasantly as Mark more scared than he ever had been in his life stepped back trying not to show his fear as his wife screamed in surprise and terror.

"W-what do you want?" Mark nervously asked wanting to attack this black man but knowing that if he did that he'd surely be killed.

"Your money and all your pretty wife's jewelry would be a good start." He replied casting Janet a commanding look that set her instantly on edge.

Scared Janet took off her ear-rings and other precious valuables while looking at the black man defiantly he recognized this guy from the plane ride. What was more she was suddenly more fearful than she ever been in her life.

Mark got all the money they had for the trip all the time conscious of the gun pointed at him.

"Here you go." Mark said fighting the urge to vomit as he handed all their money to the black thug. "Now will you just go?"

The black mans answering laughter was as hard and cruel as the man himself. "Not so fast I want your new beautiful wife here to tie you up."

Mark wanted to scream in angry defiance as the black man pulled out a large roll of duck tape which he promptly threw to Janet who instinctively caught it. Looking over at her husband she noticed that he looked angry as she approached him and to his hands behind his back and began to unroll the duck tap around his wrists. As she did she noticed that her husband was trembling as if fighting back tears.

"On that chair now." The thug ordered pointing to a rather unsteady looking chair at the side of the wall.

Giving their captor an angry defiant look she moved her husband to the chair, which he sat promptly down as if in defeat. As she taped her husband's legs to the chair her mind was working in over drive wondering how they'd get out of this predicament. Once her husband was securely bound to the chair she put the duct tape down and numbly turned to face her captor.

"Now what?" Janet asked more than a little defiant despite her very real fear.

The thug still had his pleasant smile on as he put all the couples jewelry and money in the bag than turned his attention back to the beautiful young blond woman. Noticing how the woman looked standing there with her string bikini on showing off ample cleavage and more skin than he was sure she was used to.

"Why not take your nice little bikini off and show off for me?" The question came out mildly but had an iron edge to it that Janet wasn't used to.

Casting a nervous look towards her tied up husband than giving the gun a nervous glance she did what the man asked. The draw string came off easily enough showing her breasts in all their glory revealing thick hard delicious nipples causing the black man to smack his lips playfully his dark eyes roved downward as she pulled off the rest of her bikini.

Everything about this woman leaked desire from the way her breasts slightly jiggled to her beautiful neatly shaved almost virgin looking pussy. Everything about this white woman was perfectly delicious and the fact that the husbands face was turning beat red from struggling in the tape that his own wife put around him was a bonus.

"Now I want you to come over here pull down my pants and suck my cock." The thug ordered hoarsely as he felt himself beginning to harden.

Janet could only shake her head in denial stepping steadily backwards till her back hit the wall.

"Leave my wife alone you fucking nigger!" Mark yelled at the top of his lungs as the thug stalked towards his beautiful bride with an almost hungry look on his ebony face.

Janet trembled in fear as the man stalked towards her his powerful body looked like it was made out of bricks, the sizable bulge very noticeable and very scary. Fear filled her as she was backed into a corner cuddling in fear. The mans bulge was before her as she felt a tremble of fear filling her as she hesitantly pulled the mans pants down.

A gasp of surprise mixed with fear filled her as one of the biggest cocks flopped out hitting her on the right cheek. It stood their raging and at least ten inches of hard thick steel making her husband look like a dwarf. A loud gasp of surprise filled the room as she tried to tore her eyes away from the thugs huge cock. Her new husband sat there taped to the chair tears were silently coming down his cheeks.

"Suck it and I'll let you and your wimpy husband over there go." The thug ordered lying through his teeth.

Janet looked up at the black man defiantly before putting her hand around it noticing as she did that her hand could barely encircle its sheer girth, her wedding ring sparkled in the light. Reluctantly she put her mouth around it noticing that the salty taste of pre cum filled her mouth as she forced herself to put more and more in. Finally after getting at least six inches she looked up at the hulking black brute with sheer venom as she continued her blowjob.

After awhile Janet was able to overcome her revulsion and reluctance and put as much effort as she could to relieve this thug so he would let them go. Mark felt tormented as he noticed that Janet seemed to get into sucking this guy off something she rarely did for him and never with such enthusiasm.

"That's it baby keep on sucking nice and slow." The thug said almost gently all the while looking at the tied up husband noticing that the guys eyes were narrowed in rage and jealousy.

Janet kept her eyes closed the entire time trying to keep her from gagging on the black man's gigantic cock. She hated giving head for it always made her feel more than a little sluttish not to mention the taste never appealed to her. As she sucked this stranger off in front of her tied up groom she couldn't help but feel like a complete slut, wondering if he'd end up ever looking at her in the same light again.

"Enough!" The thug suddenly snapped pulling his huge batlike cock from the pretty girls mouth. "It's time to get a taste of that nice virgin white pussy."

At first Janet couldn't believe her ears but reality began to set in as he simply pulled her up and put her over his shoulder like she was some kind of prize. All she could do was bang on the mans back with as much force as she could master which wasn't enough. Almost lazily he threw her on the bed like a lump of trash her squirming seemingly only exciting him all the more.

"You can't do this! You said you'd let us go if I'd give you a blow job!" Janet cried practically sobbing as the man roughly pulled her knees aside her hands desperately trying to cover her pussy in which he simply slapped her hands away.

"I lied. Besides you're not all that good at giving head anyway." The black man said noticing that the husband was yelling and banging his chair about in an almost hopeless manner as he brought his huge black cock against his sweet wife's entrance.

"Leave my wife alone you fucking nigger!" Mark screamed realizing as he did that it was useless but not caring.

The thug only laughed at the pathetic white husband as he pushed forward causing the bride to groan in pain and almost hopeless protest. Continuing to fight him even though she knew it was helpless.

Her whimpers soon turned into loud cries of pain as the thug continued to force his huge cock inside her tearing her pussy up. Each inch he proceeded to penetrate her with caused her to cry out in pain his cock being thicker and larger than she ever thought possible.

After hitting five inches he felt like he hit rock bottom a grin was on his lips knowing that any further was a place that her new husband never passed. Biting his lip slightly marveling at how tight this beautiful woman was he pushed forward till his balls rested against her causing her to cry louder than ever, her hands pushing against his broad chest uselessly trying to push him off her.

"What's the matter baby, whitey never get this far?" The thug grated as he rested against her looking deeply into her eyes that just stared sightlessly at the ceiling.

Slowly he pulled out till just the tip was in her before pushing all the way forward his balls slapping against her. No pleasure filled the young bride as she struggled against her capture with as much strength as she could master. Desperately she looked over to where her husband was tied up silently beseeching him to save her. He simply stared back the tears in his eyes falling silently his hopelessness all to real as he desperately struggled to get out of his bindings.

"Don't think that I'll forget this you fucking nigger! I will find out where you live and I'll fucking kill your darky ass!" Mark screamed in sheer rage and frustration as the thug continued to use his wife like she was some piece of meat.

The thug suddenly stopped and pulled out of the beautiful white woman's pussy, her juices fresh on his huge cock testimony of her pleasure. He had enough of this white boys racist comments and decided it was time to show this man a dose of humiliation. The woman's sobs were fresh in his ears as he went up to Mark and gave him a long look in which he promptly looked away.

"Ya see this white boy?" The thug snarled showing off his huge hard cock so the honky couldn't help but notice his woman's pussy juices all over it.

Mark looked away from it desperately denying it to himself when suddenly a fist slammed into the side of his head causing him to cry in pain as he slammed onto the floor. The black man moved in on him suddenly with a savage fury his fists striking him unmercifully an almost empty smile on his lips. It was after the third hit where the white boy began to cry like a little baby when a pull on his shirt interrupted his concentration.

Turning around he was almost surprised that the mans girl looking almost fearfully at him than gave him a gentle kiss on the lips and pulled him gently away from the beaten husband who still laid on the floor crying pitifully.

"Don't hurt him anymore. I'll do whatever you want." She whispered leading him to the bed scared that he might hurt her love again the sight of his beating almost unbearable to watch.

The thug held her breasts in his large callused hands before roughly pushing her on the bed his eyes cold and hard beheld this beauty with an all to real hunger. The resistance she had previously seemed to have fled as she grabbed it marveling at its length and sheer girth noting that it was a lot bigger than her husbands and wondering if she could take it again. Remembering how it hurt her so badly.

"Can you please put a condom on?" She asked afraid of getting pregnant due to it being her time of the month.

Cold hard laughter answered her as he realized that she could very well get pregnant by him but the knowledge that they could possibly press charges on him if they found DNA stopped him.

"Sure but you gotta get one from your white bitch of a husband because I didn't think to bring any you know."

Janet getting up went to where her husband was tied up his sobs slowly quieting down. She tried to avoid looking at her husband in the eye as she went through his pockets till she found a rubber in his wallet.

I'm sorry dear but if we're going to get out of this alive I think it's best that I give into this man's demands and I promise to make it quick." She whispered hoarsely trying not to look at the venomous look he cast her way. Wondering if this was the end of their marriage before it even began.

Taking out the condom she couldn't help but notice that it looked a lot smaller next to the black mans huge cock. Slowly so as not to rip the condom she tried to put it over his cock and found it to be no easy task. It took two minutes at least before she was able to roll it down the mans massive ebony cock and even than it didn't even go half way. It brought to mind how much bigger this guy was than her groom.

"I gotta an idea bitch why not ride me for awhile." He said with an evil smile.

Reluctantly she got on top of him still holding his massive cock in her dainty white hand aiming it towards her pussy she pushed down and gasped loudly as she felt the head slowly entering her feeling better than the first time he entered her. Slowly she lowered herself on the massive cock each inch filling her in ways that she never thought possible. Sharp pain mixed with pleasure filled her until she got him all inside her. For a moment she paused biting her lip in denial of what this big cock was doing to her wondering guiltily if her husband would ever forgive her as she slowly moved up and down on the massive cock.

Thoughts of her husband hopelessly tied up and now beaten severely fled her mind as she proceeded to ride this black stallion for all that she was worth. Not realizing as she did that sharp cries and moans echoed the room every time he bottomed in on her. Nor did she feel the condom break. Suddenly all to soon she could feel one of the greatest orgasms in her young life overwhelm her causing the bed to shake and her screams of sheer passion to echo the room.

Before too long the thugs cock jerked in her as he groaned loud and hard cumming in her tight fertile pussy. It was than that she knew the condom broke and desperate now she tried to lift herself off him in which the black man simply grunted and grabbed her arm and gave her a harsh look. Meekly she fell against him in defeat scared that he would hurt her or Mark if she tried to resist him.

Tears filled her eyes at the way her body betrayed her to this nameless cruel thug. Wondering as she cried if her racist new husband would ever forgive her. It was awhile she wondered this to herself that she felt him get hard again causing her to start in surprise as he rolled over on top of her.

"You like my nigger dick don't ya bitch?" The thug taunted as he slowly moved his huge cock in and out of her formerly tight pussy.

"Just let us go please." Her whispered plea was more for her husbands benefit than any real desire to be let go.

She could feel herself respond to this man against her will and it both terrified and disgusted her. The fact that this overly hung black guy was causing something stir in her that the man she loved couldn't even hope to was more than a little unsettling.

"At least let me go see if my husband is all right." Her words came out in a gasp as he felt him fully hard now thrust against her causing his balls to slap against her.

"Don't worry about little whitey. He'll be okay as long as you do what I say." He breathed looking deeply in her eyes causing her to blush slightly and look away.

Mark couldn't fathom what was going on in his wife's head as all he could do laying like this was hear his beautiful brides sighs of pure unadulterated pleasure echo the room. The orgasms were bad enough effectively emotionally castrating him but now it almost sounded like they were making love.

The sounds of flesh moving against filled the room flesh as he simply laid their unable to move wondering if it was best to move on hoping that this was only an act and that his wife actually had something planned. He couldn't help but hear the soft kissing sounds and soft moans that followed as he hopelessly struggled noticing as he did that the tape started to tear.

"Please pull out!" Janet cried out as she felt the black man beginning to cum in her a hopeless feeling that she found impossible to resist filled her as he merely grunted his ass cheeks clenching and unclenching as he came in her violently. Falling against her his muscular body enveloping her as she hopelessly turned away tears of helplessness falling from her pale cheeks as simply resigned herself to her fate.

It was than when she noticed her husband getting out of his bindings and a huge amount of relief mixed with apprehension filled her. He got up and proceeded to pick up the chair trying not to look at his beautiful bride who laid beneath the black man like some breeding possession. Fear mixed with rage at the thought of her being pregnant knowing that if she was that she would have to get an abortion or possibly send the baby up for adoption.

The chair came crashing down knocking the assailant out his huge cock once hard now deflating rapidly. Pushing him off her she gave her new husband a grateful look who simply looked away almost embarrassed at how wanton she looked. Her pussy was sort of distended now and looser than he ever saw it not to mention at the way she seemed to cum with this black guy.

"Lets tie him up and call the police." Mark murmured.

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