tagErotic PoetryThe time has come to say goodbye

The time has come to say goodbye


Every beat of my hart inspires me

The time has come to say goodbye

The time has come to say goodbye,
I promised my self I wouldn't cry,
This time has been the best for me,
And I hope that you will see,
That it just had to be done,
Its the best for every one,
The guilt I feel every day,
Has worn my very soul away,
I had to weigh it carefully,
And I hope that it will be,
The best choice I can make,
The hardest I've ever had to take,
To leave you here and to walk,
To never ever be able to talk,
To you again and to hear,
The sweet words in my ear,
That you whispered in my head,
God I wished I'd stayed in bed,
That day instead of signing in ,
As a cyberer called sin,
To have meet you in the tub,
I should have gone to the pub ,
Then I wouldn't have my heart breaking,
And I wouldn't be here making,
This passioned plea to your senses.
All I can say in my defence is,
That you have captured my soul.
And made me feel whole.

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