tagGay MaleThe Tiniest Stones that Float Ch. 05

The Tiniest Stones that Float Ch. 05


I invited Hal over for a few beers because, quite frankly, I was completely fascinated in the sexual situations he and his tiny cock penetrated. I had seen some guys with the reputation of being larger than normal squeeze themselves into women's beds, but I was amazed that Hal's reputation for being tiny opened the doors, and legs, of just as many women.

"Hey Hal, I'm glad I was able to slip into your evening schedule," I said holding the screen door open for him. "The beer's in the fridge and the pizza is on the coffee table."

"Thanks, but Andy, my schedule is not that full."

"Come on, with the stories you told me, I wonder when you have time to sleep."

Hal smiled, shook his head a bit, walked into the den and sat down on the couch. He reached for a piece of pizza and took a bit, still without uttering a word.

"So you're gonna make me drag it out of you," I said.

"Well, perhaps over a beer," he replied.

I quickly headed into the kitchen, grabbed a couple of bottles and returned. I handed him a bottle and opened mine, taking a long sip. Swallowing, I continued pumping him for information, "You have to admit you get a lot of women, especially considering how small you are."

"I don't get that much more than you, it's just that because of my size, I get into more odd situations. I just tell you about them, I get into more odd situations than say a more normal sized guy would, but I don't get more women."

"It sure seems that way, I mean apparently word gets around to the women."

"Look, sure they talk, but it's nothing different for us, I mean we compare breast size, they talk about cock size. Sure there is some curiosity, but again, we get curious about tits, no big difference."

"No, but because you are so small, you've found a... a niche to stick your cock into."

"Just a few situations where being small is an advantage."

"It is amazing how you can, ah, work small to an advantage," I said.

"Like I always said..."

"Yeah, yeah, the tiniest stones that float. You know that's a load of crap, no matter how small the stones are..."

"Hey, you are looking for logic in a Monty Python skit? That's the whole point, the tiny stones don't float."

"Look, just how tiny are we talking?"

"Hell, I've told you, two and one half inches."


"Fully hard."

I held up my fingers trying to comprehend it. I mean I'm a pretty average size, say almost six inches fully hard, but two and one half inches.

"Look, do you want to see it?"

"Well, ah..."

"Hell, we've been in the restroom at the same time before, it's nothing you haven't seen before."

"Okay, okay, yeah I want to see it. Maybe then I can figure out what has the women lining up."

Standing up he said, "Like I said, they are not lining up, well a few of the freaks maybe, but that's it." I watched as he unfastened his belt and unzipped his shorts. He opened them, grabbed the elastic band of his shorts and hooked it under his balls.

Beneath a curly patch of pubic hair I saw the smallish head of his cock barely protruding above a normal size scrotum. It was small but nothing outrageously small for being limp, there's been plenty of cold mornings that mine was not much more than what I was looking at now.

"Damn Hal, it's not that small, hell mine is not much more than that. Mine just grows a bit more when I get turned on I guess. I wonder... ah no, I don't...."

"What it looks like hard?"

"Well," I said, wincing a bit.

"Watch," he whispered, unbuttoning his shirt.

I watched as he moved the palms of his hands over his bare chest, moving them up and then in circles around his nipples, touching them lightly. His chest had only a bit of hair, running in dark lines down the very center. My eyes moved downward spotting a touch of hair at his navel before they descended over his curly pubic hair down to his tiny, twitching cock.

Staring intently, I saw the purplish head move outward and upward in short twitching motions until it stretched out in its full glory, the tip rigidly standing about two inches out from his body. His cock had a uniform curve to it, with one thick blue vein running along the top that seemed to throb. Though small, the purple mushroom head was wonderfully smooth and symmetrical, with a tiny hole that oozed a clear drop of precum.

"Well, was it what you expected?"

Snapped out of my trance I looked up at his face, but said nothing.


"Well what?" I mumbled.

"Was it what you expected?"

I looked back down at his erection and realized my cock was also hard. "It's... ah, well, it is small, but..."

"But what?"

"I didn't expect it to be so well proportioned, I mean it's just like a smaller version of mine."

"What did you expect?" he asked.

I noticed his cock softening a little and quickly replied, "I expected it to be short, but much thicker, something oddly shaped, not something so... ah, something so, well so nicely shaped."

His cock seemed to stiffen a bit and the precum ran down the head a bit, leaving a tiny, glistening trail. I felt my hands tremble a bit so I grabbed my knees hoping he didn't notice. Looking back up at his face, I noticed him looking not back at my face, but down at my crotch, where my cock strained against my shorts.

An uncomfortable silence hung over us until finally Hal spoke, "Would you like to touch it?"

Before I could think, my head was nodding and I whispered, "Yes"

"Go ahead," he whispered back.

I reached out and wrapped my fingers over his small shaft, slowly sliding them up, then down the length. Gripping it a bit firmer I slid the skin back and forth over the length of his shaft, noticing the precum welling up in his tiny hole and then running down the head. I let my thumb run over the warm liquid and then slid it over the soft skin of the head. The slippery precum soon glistened over the entire purple knob and I stopped moving my hand so I could look closely at him.

Squeezing my hand and drawing it up the length of his shaft I milked some more precum from him until it welled in his, now gaping hole. I leaned forward and dipped my tongue into it, stating the faint bitter, salty taste of him. Taking a deep breath, I could smell the odor of his crotch, a musky odor that made me shiver.

"Can I see yours?" he asked.

I stood up, unfastened my shorts and let them and my jockey shorts fall to the floor. Feeling his hand reach to my hard cock, I could feel him trembling some as he took a hold of me and stroked me some. Looking up to his eyes I saw the uncertainty there.

"I've never..."

"Neither have I," I replied as I thrust my hips forward presenting my cock to him.

He moved closer and removed his hand. I wondered what he was doing when I felt something soft, but hard brush against my erection. Immediately knowing what it was, I looked down to see his cock gently bumping mine as Hal turned slightly from side to side. I reached down, and taking his shaft against mine, I began stroking both cocks with both hands.

The feel of his small cock against mine was invigorating, his soft skin nestling against mine as my hands moved. Next to his cock, mine did look enormous, but all I could think of was what his small cock might feel like in my mouth. I kneeled down in front of him and began to stroke him between my index finger and my thumb. Holding him this daintily, I took him into my mouth, closing it softly over him.

Tasting his precum again excited me and I quickly began sucking vigorously as my fingers slid back and forth. Wanting to feel all of him, I moved my hands to his ass, and while I kneaded his firm cheeks, I pulled him to me, sucking his entire length into my mouth.

The sensation was incredible as my tongue circled over the head and I tasted the precum. My tongue then curled to the soft, soft skin along the underside and then I moved it back onto the subtle textured skin of the head. His hips moved as he responded to my tongue and began withdrawing and thrusting his small cock in and out of my mouth. I continued to knead his ass, as his motion became more and more urgent.

I felt his hands running through my hair, as he held my head pulling it tight to him and I felt the muscles in his ass tighten as he groaned loudly. The shaft of the cock seemed to suddenly expand in girth and then I felt it release, pulsing in my mouth as he came. Hot cum flooded my mouth and I fought to keep from choking as I swallowed and tried not to bite him. My mouth filled, and I felt some of his jism dribble out onto my chin when I pulled back just a bit and swallowed hard.

The bland taste was not unpleasant, but the thick texture caught me by surprise and I winced a bit as the gooey liquid oozed down my throat. I kept his cock in my mouth, but stopped sucking, afraid it might cause discomfort on his highly sensitized head. Not sure if it was the same for all guys, I did to him what I would want done at this moment, I simply wrapped my arms around his ass and held his cock deep in my mouth as the last drops of his come slid out of him.

Breathing hard through my nose, I could smell his cum, a smell something like Comet cleanser, a bit metallic, much stronger than its taste. After a few moments, I felt Hal's hands gently pull on my head and I back off, letting his cock slip out of my mouth. I swallowed, savoring the taste of him as he took my shoulders and guided me up onto the couch.

Still a bit overwhelmed, I sat silently as he unbuttoned and removed my shirt. I then felt his hand gently grasp my cock as his head moved to my chest. Feeling the slight scratch of his whiskers, I gasped as his tongue found my nipple and I felt the sensation run straight to my cock.

Closing my eyes, I gave into the sensation as his hand did incredible things up and down my shaft as his lips, tongue and teeth worked on my nipples, first one and then the other. My hips rose and fell as I drove my cock into his hands and my breathing increased as his mouth suckled my nipples.

Feeling myself building, I thrust my hips upward, when suddenly his hands were gone. I flailed my cock from side to side seeking contact, searching for his body to grind onto, but he held back, licking my nipples, but avoiding any contact with my cock. Moaning I cried out, "Please," but he shook his head, "No."

The urgency calmed and I eased back down onto the couch, but then his hands found me again, stroking softly when I needed it and yes, yes, more firmly when I ached for it. He teased my cock and my nipples as I got closer and closer, sure this time he'd take me... he'd take me all the way, but dammit, his hands withdrew.

Grabbing him, I squeezed his shoulders hard and screamed, "Oh god now, please now."

His head descended and my cock was enveloped in his wet, sucking mouth. I lost any control as my hips bucked and I dove into his mouth, the pure, white light of pleasure between his lips. His hand cupped and then squeezed my balls lightly and then I came, in a complete and uninhibited release. I felt him all over me, hands, mouth, chin, whiskers, hair, him... him... him... I felt him. My cock spurted and spurted as my cum shot into his mouth , while one hand caressed my balls and the other kneaded my ass. The room spun as I held his shoulders and moaned his name, "Haaal..."

Collapsing back down on the couch, I felt my cock fall from his mouth into the cold air. He quickly grabbed it, holding it gently as it softened, oozing the last of my cum onto his hand. Hal then moved his hand to my mouth and I licked my cum off him as I kissed his hand.

Feeling his head rest comfortably on my thigh, I leaned my head back against the back of the couch and closed my eyes. I must have dozed off, because when I opened my eyes it was dark outside. Hal must have gone and taken a shower because I noticed him walk naked into the den, drying his hair.

"I hope you don't mind," he said.

"Oh no, that's fine," I said, letting my eyes fall down his body and focus on his cock, his tiny cock, his beautiful tiny cock. I wasn't sure if I would get to enjoy that cock again, but I began to understand. I whispered, "The tiniest stones that float."

Noticing my smile, Hal tilted his head and asked, "Whaaaaat?" drawing the syllable out in an extended drawl.

"Oh nothing, just thinking about the tiny stones," I replied.

"The ones that..."

"...float," we said together.

"The ones that float," I echoed. Looking back at his cock I wondered whether he could go again.

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