The Tip


It is Monday and in an apartment in the middle of Brooklyn, Wendy sat waiting for the cable/television repair man. "Where the hell is he?" she thought. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. She answered it to a very handsome young man in a cable uniform. "Heard you had a cable problem ma'am" He said.

"I have many problems, but I will let you take care of the cable first." She replied with a glint in her eye. Beckoning him to follow, she led him into the bedroom and showed her the television. "The picture will not come in, I cannot play my VCR tapes, I am going insane without my daily dose of Jerry Springer."

Seeing her distress the cable guy got to work. As he looked at the wires in the back, Wendy took a good look at him, taking notice of his tall, dark, and handsome looks.

"Would you like something to drink....or anything else?" She inquired.

"Well, a cold beer wouldn't hurt." He replied, with a sheepish grin. Happy to be set upon her task, she went into the refrigerator and grabbed him a cold Corona with a twist of lime for good measure.

"Well, thank you, that just hit the spot." He said after taking a long drink. She could not help but stare at his throat muscles working as he drank and wondering what his lips tasted like after the beer.

"I am glad I wore my short shorts instead of the baggy jeans I had planned on," Wendy thought, " I wonder if he will notice my butt barely visible beneath the hemline..."

"Well, it looks like we have a major problem here, I will have to come back tonight and look at it when I have all my tools handy." He said. "By the way, my name is Eric." A little disappointed that he was going to leave with no action, she saw him slipping glances at her chest, and knowing he was too shy she made a move.

"What about your tip?" Wendy asked...with a sly grin. She began to unbutton her shirt, exposing the creamy tops of her breasts. "I have to offer you something."

He looked on hungrily, eyes eating her up with every undoing. Licking his lips, he stepped forward, bold at last, reaching for her. Pulling her to him roughly, he grabbed her ass and pushed his crotch against her. Feeling his hardness pressing her, Wendy reached down and gave him a squeeze, bringing a grunt from him. Eric then pulled her hair, tilting her head back as he kissed her neck. When he let go of her hair, Wendy kissed his neck, running her tongue down to the top snap of his shirt, ripping the buttons open and kissing, tonguing her way down his chest. Reaching his belly button, she looked up at him, grinning while she unbuttoned his pants, freeing him into her hand. The sound that escaped his mouth as she held him was almost animal. Wendy flicked the head of his hard cock with her tongue, then licking all around the head, getting it nice and wet. Moving her hand up and down she started a pace for things to come. Looking up, she could see that Eric had his eyes closed and was holding her hair like a rein.

Wendy leaned down, still stroking him and placed one of his balls in her mouth, massaging it lightly with her tongue. Going back up after a few moments to play with him some more, he growled and lay her down on the floor, spreading her wide.

Kneeling between her legs, he leaned up, sucking on her nipples with a ferocity she had not anticipated, bruising her. Moaning, she threw her head back, running her fingers through his hair. Kissing down her stomach he reached the extremely wet and encompassing place between her legs. Leaning down, just barely breathing on her was enough to make her sopping. Nibbling at her lips and clit, he then lapped her up and down with his wet tongue, tasting her moistness. He bent his elbows underneath her hips and held her as she bucked at his face, wanting more. As he felt her about to reach her peak, Eric flipped her onto her hands and knees, slapping her on her ass for good measure.

"I am going to fuck you in your ass, you want it don't you?" He said to her as she looked over her shoulder at him beckoningly.

"You know I do" She replied breathlessly. He went to the front of her, and let her lap on his big dick until it was sopping wet, then went back behind her. When he spread her ass cheeks open, she moaned in anticipation. He slid into her slowly, giving her a taste of his luscious cock. Wendy pressed back against him, painstakingly taking his full length. "Fuck me." She breathed. Reaching back to massage her clit, she came almost at once. It was the first of what would be many. Feeling him shudder at the pulsing around his manhood as she came, she moved forward, almost to the point that he withdrew. Slamming back onto him, he began to fuck her in earnest. When he was about to climax, he pulled out of her and ordered her to turn over. Taking himself into his hand, he came all over her tits.

"Let's go take a shower, I am feeling dirty...." Wendy said. She then led him into the bathroom where they turned on the hot spray and washed each other. After rinsing, Wendy could see that Eric was up and raring to go yet again. She bent over and braced herself against the wall. Reaching around with his stomach to her back, Eric massaged her breasts, getting her wet and ready. Pinching her nipples, he then slid into her soaked pussy.

The feeling of being fucked and the hot water running down her back was exquisite. They heard his breathing getting faster, she felt herself coming yet again. Moving back against him in her climax, she felt him throb inside of her and he gave a yell....She hurried and kneeled to catch all that he offered into her mouth. He held her hair in both hands as she pumped and sucked every drop from him. Both utterly exhausted, they got out of the shower and slowly dried each other off. "So..about my other cable problem?" Wendy asked. "Oh, I definitely plan on returning tonight to fix is my job you know." He replied with a sheepish grin.

Watching him get dressed and wrapping a robe about herself, she walked him to the door. He turned and gave her ass a squeeze. Wendy shut the door, turned and slid down onto the floor, her legs unable to hold her up any longer. Sighing to herself, and thinking how glad she was that the cable had gone out, she went to decide what to wear for her encounter she was sure to have later...maybe that new leather number she had bought last week. Thinking of him, she began to get wet again, and she could not wait until tonight.

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