tagGroup SexThe Toga Party

The Toga Party

byNo Panty Girl©

It was my second year at Western University and my first year living off campus. Freshmen were required to live in dorms for their first year and could move off campus after that.

It was no really a sorority house, just a rented house shared by half-a-dozen female students. The twelve hundred a month rent was split six ways.

It was a big old house walking distance from the university. We each shared a bedroom with another girl. My roommate was a pretty blonde girl from my hometown.

Lisa was very likable. Like me she had a steady boyfriend who was attending another university and only got to see him about once a month. In the meantime we were friendly with the guys at our school.

With six girls in the house there was always guys hanging around. The girls' boyfriends would hang out and bring their buddies along. We didn't mind as they kept the beer fridge stocked.

It was coming up to Christmas when Judy suggested we have a party. Most of the girls were in favor so I went along with it even though my boyfriend wouldn't be able to attend.

It was to be on a Saturday night and limited to six guys. Each roomy was allowed to invite one boy of her choice. For lack of a better choice I invited Theo Leftries.

Theo is a nice enough guy, always laughing and joking around. I thought he would be a fun date.

I was not physically attracted to Theo. He wasn't a bad looking guy, just not my type. It was not like I was going to get intimate with him and he would just be company.

As the day of the party approached Candice suggested we make it a toga party. At a toga party all the partygoers would wear would be white bed sheets draped around their naked bodies. I knew this would be inviting disaster but the majority was in favor.

By nine o'clock Saturday night the place was rocking. All together ten guys showed up, some of the guys had brought along buddies. Right away we girls were outnumbered.

Since three of the girls had their steadies there they were pretty well off-limits to the other guys. That left us unattached girls outnumbered two to one.

The beer poured like water and everyone was having fun dancing like fools. As the evening progressed people started to get careless with their "togas". Before long boobs and cocks were slipping out everywhere.

I was starting to feel giddy and I was soon guilty of flashing my bare 36C's to the fellows. Suddenly I became very popular and everyone wanted to be my partner. I was dancing a slow number with Theo when his hand slipped under my toga. Boldly he started caressing my bare ass cheeks and his hand moved around to explore my snatch.

"You bad boy!" I jokingly scolded him as his fingers slid into me.

I noticed Lisa was struggling with a couple of guys on the coach. One guy had her tit out and was sucking on it while the other was trying to get her toga completely off.

I just laughed enjoying getting finger-fucked.

The three roommates with boyfriends there had adjourned to the bedrooms leaving us to handle the randy single guys.

Candice was already busy fucking a guy while sucking another's cock while Lisa was fighting off her attackers.

I felt someone's arms close around me and scoop my breasts out of my toga. Theo continued finger-fucking me while the other boy fondled my tits. I yielded knowing they were about to use me.

Lisa was loosing her battle. I could see one guy had filled her mouth with cock while two more held her legs open and were looking at her wide-open pussy.

I was interrupted by Theo's cockhead pressing against my now wet pussy lips.

"No, I can't!" I begin to protest as he entered me.

Theo reached down and grabbed my thighs lifting me onto his cock. My legs wrapped around his hips as I begin to bounce up and down with him in me. What was I doing? I was fucking him and enjoying it!

I felt something prodding my now bare and open ass? It was a cockhead! It was the first time I had the attention of two cocks at the same time. I closed my eyes as I was sodomized.

Lisa had submitted to her attackers. A guy was between her legs humping her like crazy while she continued sucking the first guy's cock.

If our boyfriends had walked in now they would have been horrified. Their beloved sweethearts were just two sluts looking after five horny strangers.

I couldn't withhold a guttural moan as the two cocks worked my passages. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced, two rock-hard cocks sliding in and out of me.

"Oh yes!" I whimpered.

I couldn't control myself; the two cocks in me were awakening an orgasm.

I looked over and saw Lisa's hips thrashing, she was surrendering to the three hard cocks that wanted her. Candice had traded cocks from her mouth to pussy.

I came down hard on Theo's cock driving him up into my cervix. I gave him a sloppy French kiss as the cock in my ass reached new depths. I was so horny and ready to explode.

I had not realized what a whore I was until I became a piece of meat to be fucked. No longer did I care what anybody thought, I just wanted to cum.

"Oh fuck, here I go!" I thought as I felt the orgasm stirring around the head of Theo's cock. The cock slamming my asshole only fuels the explosion within me. It was truly the most intense orgasm of my life.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" I cry as I feel the warm cum flooding both my holes.

My body trembles and then goes limp on the two cocks impaling me. My pussy released my juices over Theo's cock.

Theo lay me down on the floor exhausted. Both guys drained the remainder of their cum into my mouth. I could taste my own musk as the crud slid down my throat.

I was not done yet, it was just time to change partners!

It was the guy whose cock Lisa had been sucking that took me next. His cock easily slid into my sloppy cunt while the other two finished draining into my mouth. My legs wrapped around his hips as I pulled him into me.

I was like a primed pump. I wanted cock and I needed cock. My pussy gyrated as the strange cock filled me.

Theo and the guy who had used my ass for a cumbucket diverted their attention to Lisa and Candice. Lisa was no longer resisting as her hips moved in rhythm with the guy fucking her. Candice was doing her best to satisfy as many cocks as she could.

I was amazed as I felt the beginning of yet another orgasm stirring in my pussy. My boyfriend had never fucked me twice in succession. I decided to go for it.

"Mmmmm, fuck me." I moaned to my unknown partner.

He needed no encouragement, after having his cock in Lisa's mouth he was ready for my cunt.

It was a sweet fuck, long deep strokes squishing into my drenched pussy. I contracted my pelvic muscles gripping his moving cock like a rubber glove. My fuck tunnel was being pulled almost inside out by his thick shaft.

My orgasm hit me like an avalanche; I was thrown into an uncontrollable series of body spasms and tremors. Unbelievable passion erupted from the pit of my womanhood causing me to scream my ecstasy for the entire room to hear.

"Oh my God!!!" I cried as I come.

The fucking continued until all seven of the guys had an opportunity to come in me. Seven cocks ejaculated into my mouth and pussy and a couple into my ass.

Lisa had also been violated by all their cocks and did enjoy a few orgasms in the process.

After our "guest" had left Lisa and I made a pact that our boyfriends must never know about our indiscretions.

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