tagLoving WivesThe Toilet Seat Was Up

The Toilet Seat Was Up


The toilet seat was up.

I stood there looking at it wondering if it meant what I thought it did. My wife Sally, has a pet peeve. If I leave it up, she has a fit, I so am always careful to put it down after I finish my business. I had just come home from a three day trip with an out of town client. Two hours and a couple beers on the plane and then another hour in a traffic jam before I got home at nine pm. After a fast hug and kiss with Sally I made a beeline for the bedroom toilet and made my discovery.

Sally is my second wife, some say my trophy wife. She is a beauty, 5'2"and built like a playboy model. She twenty years younger that my forty eight and is a very vivacious friendly person. My first wife, I had divorced because I found her cheating on me and I guess that makes me naturally suspicious. Also being a lawyer leads me to see some of the nastier sides of people. I had no other reason to suspect Sally of cheating on me, our sex life was good, or at least I thought so, and I never noticed any change in her attitude toward me. But as I said, being a lawyer ......

My firm is a large one and I am managing partner, which means I make the big bucks so Sally does not have to work at anything but being beautiful for me. It also means we do all kinds of law, with each partner specializing in a specific field. So I went to have a chat with our guy that handles domestic problems including divorce. Having been burnt once, I had have him draw up an iron bound per-nuptial agreement. I thought I was pretty well protected. He agreed that if we could prove infidelity, she was toast. I really love the girl but I was not about to be a cuckold in my own home so we put the wheels in motion.

We employ a private firm to do all kinds of investigations from insurance fraud to, yes matrimonial infidelity, and within a few days a report came in that Sally met a young man for lunch and they went in her car to a local motel for several hours. The detectives were not able to identify him or observe what went on in the motel room. Several days later there was a repeat performance at another restaurant and motel. The next week I had to call on another out of town client for two days. The report came in that the young man had come to my home about an hour after I left for the airport and stayed over night. This time they got his ID from his car registration. I turned out that this guy was her high school sweetheart. I guess she never out grew him.

Any way, now that we knew where we could tape them doing the nasty. My guys came in, wired the phones for recording, put video recorders in all the rooms they were likely to play in, and even a microphone in the padding in the head board of out marital bed. Two weeks later I left town for another two day trip. When I got back the investigators had plenty for me, all on tape, video and audio with time and date stamps.

He arrived in the late afternoon parked his car in my driveway, used his key and just walked in the front door. He didn't even have to ring the bell. She had given him a key! She met him in the hallway wearing a garter belt, thigh high stockings and high heels. Nothing else. She was gorgeous, sexy and so desirable. That's why I married her but now it was for some one else. She moved into his arms, put hers around his neck and kissed him. Her body molded into his, his hands cupped her ass and they stood there for minutes just tasting each other. She sank to her knees, feverishly opening his belt, sliding his zipper down and after removing his pants and jockeys, swallowed his cock down her throat. He came fast. I could see her cheeks puff out and she swallowed it all. Now I knew why she was so good in bed with me.

She took him by the hand and led him into the living room where they kissed again. Soon he was on his knees in front of her as she sat on the edge of the sofa, his face buried in her snatch. He must have been pretty good, it looked like she came twice on his tongue. Then he turned her on her knees facing away from her and took from the back to a screaming orgasm. She was hot and he was a stud. He had come twice in less than a half hour and she at least three times. It was time for a break.

While she made martinis he finished undressing and as they sat and drank they discussed their plans. They wanted to run away together but had no money. Now I had given her some important jewelry, over a million bucks worth, but it was in our safe deposit box and she could not access it without me. I, on the other hand, could get to the box without her. Sally said,

"I know how we can get a lot of money from my husband."

"How." He asked.

"Kidnap me."


"I mean fake it."


"We have a big wedding to go to in a few weeks. He will want me to get dressed to the nines with all my jewelry. He likes to show me off. Some time during the wedding reception I will disappear with all my jewels. I will get on a plane and be in Rio de Janero before morning. Meanwhile you will leave a ransom note asking five million for my safe return. After you pick up the money you can join me in Rio."

The dumb shit bought the idea and they went back to fucking. He took her in more positions than I could think of, much less perform. Down stairs and later in the bedroom. The audio was awesome. Her screaming,

"Yes yes fuck me. Deeper harder . Your cock is so big. I love you. More. Cum in me. Give me your baby......"

She went on and on. This guy performed like I never could but this was no excuse for her behavior and I was determined that they would pay for it.

Her jewelry was all custom made and I had replicas made of each piece at the same time only with base metals and fake jewels. I know how insurance works and was taking no chances. When the time came for the wedding I took out the fake jewels for her to wear. She never knew the difference. Well she disappeared as planned and flew to Rio. I was glad to let her go. As far as I knew she had no more money with her except some pocket change. I canceled all her credit cards and closed the joint bank accounts. I don't even know if she had enough money to check into a hotel. When he tried to collect the ransom I had the cops waiting. He got five years for attempted extortion.

Serves the ass hole right. He should have put the toilet seat down.

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To short and pretty basic cheater story.

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