tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Tormenting Tease Next Door Ch. 01

The Tormenting Tease Next Door Ch. 01


Chapter 1 – Erection at First Sight

I had started my day, the same as any usual day. However, since, it was a phenomenal day, with the sun shining brightly, no clouds hanging overhead and little humidity; I decided to work in the yard. I had been meaning to get to it, and actually thought about it all winter, but finally on this elegant spring day, I did.

I started by weeding out around our privacy fence that sits on one side of the yard. It was a dark brown wood and stood about six and half feet tall. I had made it half way along the bottom of the fence, when I noticed a missing, broken plank.

I quickly turned off my weed-whacker and got down onto my knees. Examining the area around the absent section, I could not seem to find the missing board. The empty space went half way up the length of the fence, and sort of made a visible hole into the neighbor's yard. I began to think this would defeat the purpose of a privacy fence, as it lost its concealment with this new opening.

My wife and I would often sit in our hut tub late at night, which was the reason for the fence in the first place, and I knew this would give her an uneasy feeling. It is not that our neighbors were nosey or even 'bad' people, more that she was shy and I knew we would never have sex in the tub again if I did not fix this situation.

Continuing my task of searching the ground for the missing piece, I got a curious thought. Thinking it was not that irrational, I decided to peer through the hole and check our neighbor's yard, as it may have somehow fallen to the other side.

Placing my hands on the ground, I began to lean my head into position. I could not really get a good view of the yard, at least not either side of the fence and left merely with an open view of their yard. When I had just about given up, and thinking I would have to replace the entire plank; I noticed movement in the opposite yard. Looking deeper into the opening, I began to see my neighbor's wife, standing in a towel and flapping another towel up in the air.

She stood above a folding, reclining yard chair, as she laid the towel that she had recently been tossing through the air over the chair. Un-tucking her towel, that covered her body, she discarded it one somewhere behind her into the grass.

She was now standing there, in a very small, black string bikini. I began to notice saliva start to form in my mouth, and quickly wiped it away as it started to drip down my chin. Since the chair was facing me, when she lay down, her feet were the first thing in my view now.

My neighbor, Tiffany, was rather young as her and her husband was most likely in their mid-twenties. She had to be about 5'4" or maybe 5'5", with jet black hair to her shoulders. I always noticed how her bangs would drift into her eyes when she laughed, and I am guessing because of this, always had her hair up when I saw her. She had an ample bosom, about a D cup, as her breasts were not 'huge' but just right. She had several tattoos, one running down her upper thighs. It was a vine type thing with rosebuds on various ends, which started above her waist and swirled along to her knees. I thought it was somewhat sexy, especially the one vine that ran up to her breast, and I could only imagine to her nipple as well.

The bikini she was wore had strings instead of 'straps' keeping them together. It was very thin; I noticed and barely covered her breasts. The bottoms were a thong that looked as if; it cut into her pubic area. I thought she was maybe just using the beautiful day to relax outside in the yard, as she already had a nice bronze color to her.

Lying flat, with both of her legs on the chair, she sporadically spritzed herself with a spray bottle. With each spray, rubbing her hands over the now wet area. When she got to her legs, she did not bend at the knee to spray, but rather lifted her leg into the air; each time exposing her crotch to me, with the bikini bottom sliding slightly to one side. I then began to notice she was shaven clean, down there.

Suddenly I realized what I was doing. I was out in my yard, down on my hands and knees, peeking through a missing section of my fence at our very attractive, younger neighbor sunbathing. I then quickly looked around her yard, to see if her husband was by some chance joining her on this fine spring day. There was no sight of him, and I already knew my wife went with her sister shopping today. They would be gone for hours, so I decided to take advantage of my present situation and enjoy the show Tiffany was unknowingly giving me.

In between spraying, she really did not do much. She just lay there, soaking in the rays. Finally, she began to rise up, turning over, and crouching to her knees. Leaning on her feet, her ass in plain view I noticed how her thong cut between her very sexy ass cheeks. She had a nice ass, which looked very juicy as thoughts of licking her ran through my mind. She reached up behind her and untied the strings holding her top, with one hand and the other holding the front on.

As she went to lay back down, this time on her stomach, I got a very nice shot of her pussy when she extended her legs back outward. This was really turning out to be a beautiful day indeed, as I cannot lie; I have often fantasized about Tiffany, and the things I would do to her naked body. This being as close as I have ever come to seeing it, I was set on enjoying the opportunity.

She laid before me, on her front, legs spread outward and giving me a direct view of her bikini covered crack. Her legs looked so smooth, and I really was beginning to like a tattered thick, brown string she had tied around her ankle. Maybe it was the position of her body, but something about that string really enticed me.

She lay there, in her current position much longer than she did on the other side. However, I was not complaining, as this way provided me with better angles of her body that would sometimes expose certain areas when she moved. I could feel my erection beginning to grow in my pants the longer I watched her. Although, I was beginning to feel like a dirty pervert, I continued.

After a few minutes, she again began to flip herself over. Carefully watching her eyes, I saw her turn completely over, without reattaching the bikini top. I was indeed correct in my assumption of her tattoo. It did in fact; surround her nipple as it covered her breast. I liked how it only ran up and around one breast, the other left completely bare.

Her bare toes wiggled in the sunlight, as she parted her legs even further now. I then, began to see her hand caressing her belly and gliding up to her breasts. This excited me, as she was not spraying herself any longer yet, rubbing her body nonetheless.

The rubbing began to escalate as she incorporated both hands now. Her left hand was still rubbing around her tummy, while the right began to caress her breast. My penis was growing with every move she made, and I did contemplate masturbating at the sight of her, but could not bring myself to pleasure myself out the yard.

Her legs spread a little further apart, as her hand began to move down below her belly. The right hand was busy moving between each breast, stopping intermittently at a nipple, and giving a little tweak. The left hand, continuing its way down, slowly slid underneath her bikini bottoms. She then started to rub her crevice, very slowly.

I could not believe what I was watching. Right before my eyes, a very attractive woman, that I have often thought about, was going to begin masturbating in front of me! I began to wish I had not worn my jeans out to work in the yard today, as it gave no room for the erection I now had. The constant tugs on the area were not helping either, as they seemed only to make it grow and not reposition my cock.

One of her feet lengthened as she pushed her toes outward. That was when I thought, she must have been inserting her fingers now. The other leg lay over the side of the chair, foot flat on the grass. I could see her hand; under her bottoms begin to move more quickly in a stabbing motion. Her caressing of her breasts also turned more vigorous as now she was grabbing and clutching them tighter.

I quickly leaned back into my yard, as the fondling of her breasts stopped. Peering in slightly, I was able to tell she was only pulling the string on the side of the bottoms, exposing her now wet pussy. I had the perfect view of her entire uncovered area. She had indeed begun inserting fingers, and it looked as if there were two. She was steady in her thrusts, inserting both of them together.

She never resumed the breast manipulation, instead brought her hand down, joining the other. She began softly rubbing on her clit, the whole wile continuing at the same speed with her finger insertion. I could tell she must have been close to orgasm, as she brought her foot up from the ground and both feet began pointing outward. At the same time, the clit rubbing increased in both speed and force, while her fingers now speared into her more quickly.

I had to be a good five yards away from her, but I could still hear her moans as she reached her pinnacle. All at once, every movement slowed, and she began to take her hands away. Leaning to the side and finding the loosed string, she tied her bottoms back together. Without covering her front, she sat upright and grabbed the top of the bikini off the ground next to her. She smiled brightly, eyes closed and exhaled deeply before moving to her feet. She then walked over toward her house and out of my sight.

Damn, that was amazing, I thought. I was still in awe of what I had witnessed today here in the yard. The events were replaying repeatedly in my mind, and beginning to sound like something out of Penthouse Forums. I guess it is true, every dog does have his day... and today was mine!

Later that night, when my sister in-law dropped off my wife from shopping there was a knock at our door. I did not go to check, as I was busy in the den, but could hear my wife talking with a man. I then heard the front door shut and my wife entered the room.

"Are you busy tonight, dear?" My wife questioned standing before me with her hands on her hips. I looked up from my task and shook my head no.

"Why, do you need me to do something?" I asked.

"Well, Thomas, our neighbor just invited the two of us over for a barbeque, since it is such a nice day." She had a big smile on her face as she spoke to me.

Perhaps it was because of my perverted adventure today, I suddenly got a feeling in the pit of my stomach. "Oh yea..." I stammered out.

She shook her head in the affirmative and waited, I am guessing for my reply.

"Uh... yea... that sounds good," I said, trying not to show any indication of the guilt I was now feeling. She agreed then walked out of the room. 'OK, no one knows what you did', I tried to reassure myself.

I quickly fumbled with what I had been doing, and cleaned up the area. Standing, I began to walk into the kitchen where my wife was. "Did he manage to give a time?"

She was finishing some dishes and barely turned her head when I walked into the room. "He said it would be about a half an hour." She replied.

I stood there paralyzed for a second. What was wrong with me? Nobody suspects anything and why he or she would, I was alone and out of sight, no one could possibly even know. "Alright, then I am going to go change and clean up a bit." I said turning to go upstairs.

"Oh yea, I had forgotten you worked out in the yard today." My wife said.

As I continued to the stairs, I noticed an aching feeling around me. It did not hurt, at least not physically but something felt 'off'. I am just being paranoid and filled with guilt, I thought to myself trying to shove the thought out of my mind.

Less than an hour later, I was sitting in my neighbor's back yard, next to the folding lawn chair I had recently watched Tiffany lay in to masturbate. I had an easy feeling about me, probably because Thomas was a rather muscular young man, and could most likely kick my ass. He probably would, if he had known what I did today.

He walked over to me with a smile handing me a bottle of beer. "Tiffany will be out shortly, she just had some things to take care of in the house." He said sitting across from me.

I began to imagine if she was playing with herself inside the house; getting a 'quickie' out before joining us. Stop it! Stop doing that shit! I corrected my thoughts. "Yea... uh... It would be nice to see her again; it has been quite a while." I managed to stutter out.

"Are you OK, Joe?" My wife who was sitting next to me asked looking at me with concern.

"Oh yea, I'm fine" I said placing my hand on her knee. "Don't worry, just have a slight headache."

Just then, the screen door to the house opened and Tiffany walked out. She was wearing this silky, multicolored summer gown, which cut just above her knees. She grabbed the beer bottle from Thomas' hand, walked over and sat right next to me. "Hello." She said to my wife and I with a smile. I nodded.

"Joe was just saying how long it had been since he saw you." Thomas said pointing in my direction. Tiffany looked over at me with a puzzled look on her face.

"But I just saw you today." She said with a snicker. "Don't you remember, silly?"

My stomach dropped. She had not seen me, had she? Oh my god, I thought as my mind again began to race.

"Oh did Tiff help you out in the yard today, dear?" My wife chimed in.

Tiffany looked straight at me placing her hand on my leg and gently began to rub. "Oh I don't know did I manage to help you today in the yard, Joe?" She said with a grin on her face.

What the fuck, I thought. Did she manage to see me, watching her? "Uh... yes... yes you did help a little." I spit out, unsure of what I was supposed to say.

"I was beginning to think I had not done nearly as much as I could have, though." Tiffany said, removing her hand from my leg. Thomas stood up, and walked over to the grill.

"I think these burgers are almost done," he said opening the grill.

A few minutes later Thomas thankfully returned with the food, handing each person a plate. I was increasingly feeling uneasy, and was not sure what Tiffany had actually witness, although I was beginning to suspect.

When Tiffany received her plate, she switched chairs, sitting in the one across from me, next to Thomas. As she set her plate onto her lap, she flung one leg over the other, exposing her bare pussy to me underneath her gown. Again, I began to feel my nether regions start to grow, and quickly looked over to my wife's direction.

"How is your burger" I asked her. She looked at me and nodded with a mouthful of food. My gaze began to drift back in that sizzling harlot's direction and I could see her giving me a knowingly devious expression. I quickly shot my eyes toward Thomas now.

"So, did you just pick these up at Costco?" I asked him. What the fuck was that? I began to think. That had to be the dumbest thing you have ever said.

He shook his head yes, as I took another bite of my burger. I was trying so hard not to look in that devil of woman's direction, but without fail, my gaze eventually returned to her. I realized she was now holding her plate above her lap, and both fee were on the floor, but not together. Trying desperately not to see, I could only imagine how much of herself she was teasing me with now.

My wife finished her food, and I took in my last bite. "Well, it's getting pretty late, we should probably head out." I said beginning to stand. Thomas shot me a confused look.

"It's only nine thirty," He said dropping his jaw.

"Well, we were hoping to wake early and work in the yard some tomorrow." I said, reaching my feet and extending my hand for my wife.

As she stood to join me she said, "Oh, why don't you join us tomorrow, Tiffany."

You have to be fucking kidding me, right, this was not happening; I began to think to myself. "Oh, I'm sure she's far too busy to waste her Sunday doing yard work with us." I told my wife as I meagerly glanced at Tiffany.

Tiffany stood up rather quickly, "Oh, I don't have anything to do tomorrow. Besides, Thomas will be gone all day and I'll be left here all alone." She said with a diabolical grin on her face. My blood boiled as I looked at her and faked a smile. Shaking my head yes, I clinched my teeth. What was this woman doing? I started to wonder again.

She obviously had seen me, but was she putting on a show for me the entire time, and why would she bother? She in no way has any interest in me sexually, she is a young, sexy, hot little firecracker and way out of my league. Was she just doing all of this to watch me squirm, and getting off on my misery?

My wife and I had left abruptly. I was not sure what Tiffany was playing at, but I really did not want to find out in front of our spouses. The horrible evening was finally over. My wife and I went to bed, while I wondered if my peep show was worth all this stress.


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