tagIncest/TabooThe Tornado

The Tornado


Tom bundled up his pack and started to hike back to his cabin. The day was sweltering, easily 100 degrees he guessed. As he passed through the woods, the trees seemed to droop in the heat. But Tom was happy. He loved the outdoors. He could hike these woods for hours. In fact he had hiked the woods for many hours over the course of the summer. Tom had been up in the woods for almost 7 weeks now, making do with very little, and living comfortably in the rustic northwoods environment. Today was the day he was scheduled to head back to civilization, and he knew he would miss the solitude to which he had become accustomed. On his last day in paradise, it would take more than 100 degree weather to keep him from enjoying himself.

Tom bounced easily down a deer path in the woods. To the unaccustomed eye, there was no path at all. But Tom moved through the underbrush easily, weaving through the trees and bushes and adroitly avoiding hazards such as stinging nettles and poison ivy. The day's atmosphere was still and heavy, but Tom was strong enough and had enough energy to move quickly through the heat and humidity, with a smile on his face.

He had spent nearly seven weeks on some untamed land in the northwoods. The property was his family's, but there wasn't much on it. There was an abandoned old farmhouse, but nobody ever even went inside of it these days. It was decrepit and could maybe collapse if disturbed. Tom had been sleeping in a one-room cabin. He had built the cabin with his father several years back. They used wood from the property and built it in the style of settlers. It wasn't the best piece of construction, but for two amateurs it was pretty good, and Tom was proud of it. His extended family often used the property for camping, but this summer, Tom decided to stay for a longer amount of time. He wanted some time away from it all before starting college. So he left his computer, cell phone, and most other trappings of civilization, and took off to the cabin for almost seven weeks. Today was the day he was supposed to be picked up.

As Tom emerged from the woods into the clearing where the cabin was, he saw that his family's red station wagon was already parked nearby. He felt a rather complex bit of emotion wash over him. He had spent nearly two months in solitude, and he really enjoyed it. He wasn't feeling all that eager to get back to the hustle and bustle of social living. On the other hand, he was glad to see his loved ones. It made him feel good to know that they were thinking about him and were there so early in the day, apparently eager to pick him up.

As Tom bounded out of the woods into the sun-drenched clearing, his sister Leah saw him and smiled. She noticed that Tom cut a quite attractive feature. He was wearing shorts, socks and hiking boots. His torso was bare and deeply tanned, as it appeared that he hadn't worn a shirt for most of his stay. Leah marveled at her brother's physique. He looked like an ad in a magazine. He was well-muscled, but not bulky, with the physique of someone who exercised regularly, but did not lift weights.

Leah ran to hug her younger brother. When they met his Jeremiah Johnson beard rubbed roughly against her cheek as he kissed her. He also lifted her up easily and swung her around. In his strong arms, she felt weightless, like it was no effort at all to handle her 120 pounds.

Stepping away from her brother, she could see through his beard, where his boyish smile bared a bright healthy set of teeth.

"Well, Mr. Outdoorsman, turns out the bears didn't eat ya after all."

"Nope. They knew I'd just kill and eat them first!" Tom's voice felt funny in his throat. Still, he playfully snapped his teeth aat his sister, playing like a wild animal.

"Hey, there he is!" Both Leah and Tom turned their heads to see their mother Tess approach. Tom smiled, just as glad to see Tess as he was to see Leah. Leah's gaze, however, darkened a bit, even as she continued to smile.

Tess marveled as she approached. In the glare of the sun, it was as if she had stumbled upon a couple of Greek gods, gathered in an Elysian field. Tom seemed to pulse with raw, natural masculinity, with his sweaty torso, and dirty khaki shorts which he wore sagging on his hips. To her trained eye, it did not appear as if underwear were a valued commodity for her nature-loving son. But next to Tom, was the equally beautiful Leah. On that hot day she wore minimal clothing. Up from her slim torso poked two perky handfuls of breasts. Tracing her curves downwards, Tess took in her daughter's shapely rump, and long, tanned legs. But as Leah turned toward her Tess could read Leah's lively green eyes well enough to know that, as pleased as Leah was to see her brother, she was still pissed off at Tess, and rightly so.

Tess kissed her son on the lips, through his beard, and pulled him hard against her breasts. A jolt of electricity coursed through her body. Her son's altered, rustic appearance made him feel something like a stranger. A spectacularly sexy stranger, that is. Combined with his manly scent and his exposed muscles, his embrace immediately flooded Tess' pussy. Oh, not again, she thought. She had always been very physically sensitive, and easily turned on. As a teenager in the seventies, that made her a very popular girl indeed. But as an adult, and quite recently, it had landed her in some trouble. She chastised herself for getting turned on by her own son, and hoped that her nipples were not poking through her shirt. What would Leah think if she noticed? Getting turned on by her own son? Tess couldn't deny it was happening, but she was desperate to hide it from Leah. Tess was worried that Leah would think her mother was an irredeemable hussy, and they would never repair their relationship.

The three family members walked to Tom's cabin, to "pack" the few amenities that Tom had taken with him to the cabin. Tom led the way, and both women followed behind. Each woman tried not to notice the athletic movements of Tom in front of him. He moved his six foot frame easily, as he took long, smooth paces, balancing each step on the balls of his feet. With each swinging step, the top of his glutes pulsed above his shorts, giving a teasing indication of his hard ass to each of his female family members.

Conversation remained minimal. The women seemed to have yielded to Tom's usual quietude. Tom was glad for the initial lack of chatter. He could be as much of a talker as anyone, but it would take some time to adjust. Out here, in nature, under the oppressive heat, any conversation beyond what was necessary just seemed out of place.

It was true that the heat was one reason for the lack of chatter. Both women were struggling to keep up with Tom's pace. But they were also focusing on suppressing inappropriate sexual thoughts. Neither had succeeded. Leah's nipples were practically on display. She wore a tight cotton tanktop with no bra. Her pink areolas didn't tend to show through the thin material, but now that her nipples were hard, she was regretting her decision to not wear a bra, even despite the heat. Tess was also turned on, but fortunately, she wore a blouse that was made of a sturdier material, which tended to obscure the exact contours of her nipples. Plus, her larger breasts were slightly less sensitive than her daughter's. Nevertheless, both women were doing a poor job of hiding their arousal.

It didn't take long to gather Tom's rudimentary supplies. In the tight confines of the cabin, the three family members could not avoid slightly brushing each other, as they helped gather Tom's stuff. Nobody complained about these touches. But Leah did seem to pay close attention to any contact between Tess and Tom. Tess knew she was on a pretty short leash as far as Leah was concerned.

Soon everything was safely stowed in the trunk of the car.

"Well, do you guys want to take a quick dip in the lake before you get back in the car?"

The question took the ladies by surprise.

"I mean, its barely 11 oclock. You guys can't possibly be excited to get back in the car and drive another four hours. Why not take a little while to cool down and have some fun, as long as you're here?"

Tess did not want to appear eager to see her children strip down and take a dip in the lake. "I don't know, Tom. Its supposed to thunderstorm this afternoon..." Leah as well was somewhat hesitant. She was self-conscious enough with the way her tits were pressed against her shirt, and she hadn't packed a swimming suit. "I dunno, I didn't really bring anything to go swimming in..."

Tom assessed the situation. Both women's nipples were on display. He surmised that they were simply reticent about stripping down and going swimming in their underwear, or in the nude. But he could also tell that they were hot and would probably appreciate a dip before piling back in the car. He decided to simply ignore their weak protests.

"Come on," he said. "I'm not quite ready to leave paradise yet until I take one last swim." As he said it he raised his arms and walked away from the women towards the lake. With his arms raised, silhouetted by the glaring sun, he appeared majestic. The beauty of the image itself led the women to forget what they had said, and follow Tom towards the lake.

Tom knew it would be slightly awkward. Although the family had been swimming at the lake several times, they had never been without swimming suits. He was well aware that the ladies were not wearing bras, so at the very least they would be involved in a wet t-shirt contest. He decided to just jump in and start swimming. He figured that they would figure out how to join him on their own. Tom jumped in, and swam underwater to the other side of the lake.

Standing at the edge of the water, Leah and Tess hesitated. Neither woman wanted to get her clothes wet and have to sit in damp clothing on the long ride back.

Leah realized that her mother, gunshy about her recently indiscretions, would not be the one to suggest the only viable solution: that they strip down and jump in naked. But Leah was also pissed at her mom, so she didn't want to tell her it would be alright to swim naked. Instead, she just pulled off her shirt, exposing her white breasts and pink nipples to the open air. Then she pulled off her shorts and panties, and without making eye contact, dove in to the water.

Tess soon followed suit, stripped down and jumped in. It felt exquisite to escape the heat into the depths of the cool, spring-fed water. For a moment, as her body sluiced through the cool water, all her troubles disappeared, she just felt free to exult in the pleasure of the moment. As the momentum of her dive slowed, she floated still in water, and felt very content. Then she realized she also felt the urge to reach down and stroke herself, to stave off the feelings of lust. Then she thought back to the lust she experience six days prior. And then, as if in a blink of an eye, all of her troubles were back again.

Treading water, Tess looked across the pond. She saw her two children wrestling. A spasm of jealousy sped through her, before she checked herself and realized that Leah hadn't done anything wrong. Still, she noticed how Tom was manhandling his sister's body, and sometimes brushing her breasts above water, and god-knows-what below water. As the two wrestled, she knew that their play was not perfectly innocent. Two young, sexy bodies such as those could not help but react to the situation, no matter that they were siblings.

Tess didn't mind really. What she cared most about was getting her family back. Or, if that wasn't possible, at least not losing her children. She knew that what she had to tell Tom on the ride home would not be pleasant. Thinking it through in her mind had the beneficial effect of distracting her from the sexual stimulus of her children's naked wrestling. She decided to leave them to do their thing while she swam serenely back and forth, doing the breaststroke, and letting the cool water slip past her while she considered how she would describe the situation to Tom.

After thirty minutes, Tess was still swimming back and forth. Looking up, though, she saw that Tom and Leah were back on the shore. She winced as she saw that Tom's shorts had somehow come off. She caught sight of his cock just as he stepped back into his wet shorts. It was not quite hard but not flaccid either. It was also, from what Tess could see from her position in the lake, a very serviceable piece of equipment. As he pulled his shorts over his seven inch cock, Tess ducked her head under the water and made her way to join her kids on the shore. Stepping out of the water, she saw that Leah was still naked. The two of them looked similar. Tess was clearly the older woman, but she retained the slim shape of her youth. Both women had the same blond hair and green eyes, which were mostly playful, but could turn fierce in a moment. Standing in the sun, Tess could see that Leah was almost dry. The few drops of remaining water sparkled with sunlight on her daughter's perfect skin. In particular, Tess noticed a drop of water sliding down Leah's taut belly, just past her navel, and picking up speed as it traveled over her daughter's shaved pubis. The lucky little drop disappeared into her daughter's nether regions.

Leah realized her mother was staring at her pussy. Good lord! Was this woman totally perverted, she asked herself. But as she considered the issue, she remembered how her mother had restrained herself, swimming back and forth, while Leah herself took every opportunity to enjoy the feel of Tom's sexy body. She had almost lost control of herself when she playfully unbuttoned Tom's shorts and "stole" them. In the process she "accidentally" grasped his hardening cock momentarily. She also knew that she was anything but upset about the feel of her brother's strong hands fleetingly passing over her breasts, her ass and even her pussy while they wrestled.

Tom also found himself aroused. He had been nearly 7 weeks without female companionship, or any kind of companionship for that matter. He hadn't masturbated. Not that he was above masturbating. He realized that he might need some sort of release. But it just didn't feel right, out there in nature, to be jerking himself off. So he didn't. But now, all of the sudden, he was in close contact with two beautiful naked women. It was a little more than he could bear. He normally wouldn't have taken such liberties, wrestling naked with his sister, but her soft breasts and ass, and the tantalizingly feels of her pussy lips, were difficult to resist. Each time his naked cock had brushed against her supple skin, it sent a jolt of pleasure through him.

The three family members stood, almost motionless, in the heat of the midday. The women dried themselves under the rays of the sun, and kept their eyes shut. Tom's eyes took advantage of his sister's and mother's bodies, while he had the opportunity. He appreciated each and every curve of their gorgeous bodies, and took a moment or two to let his sight linger over the two shaved pussies. Had his mother always shaved her pussy? The thought of his mother as a sexual person made him almost dizzy with excitement. While the three figures stood, silent and motionless, in the warmth of the pounding August sun, the only discernable movement was the growing tent of Tom's shorts.

Finally, Leah snapped to, and pulled her clothes on. Tess followed suit, and the three wordlessly trekked to the car and got ready for the drive towards home.

The three were still caught in the silent thrall of the woods for the first twenty minutes of the drive. They kept the windows down, and let the sound of rushing air fill the silence as they raced back to civilization. Leah sat in front and kept her lips pursed, self-righteously waiting for Tess to start speaking. Tom sat in the back seat, adjusting to the sensation, once again, of an automobile. He kept quiet, sensing some tension building in the front seat. Tess, for her part, sat there dreading what she was obliged to divulge. Outside, the heat was still there, but it was tempered by the air rushing through the open windows. On the horizon, in front of the car and to the west, an ominous darkness gathered.

Eventually, figuring that she had to do it anyways, Tess began:

"Tom, honey, I need to tell you about something that happened while you were away." Realizing it was hard to hear, Tess rolled the windows up.

"This is very hard for me to say," Tess started. Leah's eyes darkened, showing no sympathy for her mother's plight.

"Well, your father has been on the road a lot. We've been married for twenty years, and he is a very powerful man. I guess, what I'm trying to say, is that your father and I have not been as close in recent years, physically speaking, as I might have liked. I can't say for sure, but what with your father spending so much time in New York and Beijing, well, I don't know, but I guess, I maybe don't rank as highly with your father as at one time I might have."

"Are you saying dad's cheating on you?" Tom asked, his blood rising.

"Bullshit, mom. You have no proof of that!" Leah chimed in. Her blood was rising too, as she considered anew what her mother had done.

"No, honey. Leah's right. I don't know if he is or isn't. I was just trying to say that I'm a forty-five your old woman, but I'm still a woman. And without your father around, well, I guess, I don't have any ways for dealing with, well, for dealing with any sexual needs that I may have."

Leah stared out the window. Her mood matched the roiling gray sky that they were driving straight towards. She realized that her mom was trying to lay the groundwork for some sort of excuse for her behavior. And she clearly did not consider Tess's excuse to be adequate. But she decided to keep quiet and let her mother proceed.

Tom, for his part, remained quiet too, curious what his mother was about to say.

"Anyways, as you know, your father's been gone for quite some time. And, well, I try my best to keep faithful, I do. I have basically worn out my vibrator"

"Mom!" Leah shrieked. Tom's mind reeled.

"Sorry. Well, I might as well just tell you what happened. Leah invited her friends over for her birthday party last weekend. Because she's 21, I let her get a keg, and bring booze and set up a real full-blown party out by the pool. Her friends came over at around noon and started drinking quite heavily. They played games where you flip over these cups of beer after drinking them."

Tom almost chuckled.

"And there were all these young women and men there having a good time. I figured I would join them. Now, I don't drink that much normally, and it was a real hot sunny day."

A bolt of lightning streaked down in front of them. Tess flinched at the wheel. It took about 5 seconds for the thunder to reach them. In front of them the sky was swirling gray and black. It was clear they were in for a heck of a storm.

"I had made sandwiches and taken them out to the pool. And Leah's friends were real fun and friendly. I just wanted to have a good time. One of her friends, his name was Bone I think, well, I don't remember, someone, made me a drink with grapefruit juice and vodka. It tasted so good out there, on the pool deck, with it being so hot out. I barely could taste any alcohol. Plus, her friends were having such a good time, and they were all so friendly. They made me another drink, and another. Before I knew it it was almost evening. There were lots of people at the party."

Another lightning strike electrified the sky in front of them. This time it took 3 seconds for the sound of thunder to crash over them. Tess, nervy from her confession, flinched again.

"I don't know how many drinks I had. But the party was really wild. There were over 100 people there. And there was music. I guess at some point I put on a bikini."

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