The Touch Ch. 09


"Cum for me, Jamie," she whispered, "Please cum for me! I want you to cum too!"

She increased the pressure and speed of her hand movement and I felt my prick start to swell and jerk towards release. I knew it was going to be messy but I could stop myself and I sure as hell didn't want to. I ejaculated furiously at the same moment that Joanna twisted herself towards me, crying out as she wrenched her bad leg, my cum spurting hot and long across her belly and up between her breasts.

"Oh, Fuck!" I panted, "Are you OK? Did I hurt you?"

"Not really," she said and grinned at me, "I just forgot about the leg in the passion of the moment."

I peeled back the covers and looked at her naked body; my jiz was everywhere. "Bloody hell!" I said, "I've soaked you again! I think we must be what they call a 'messy shag'."

I am convinced that semen is like spilt paint, just a average man's spoonful seems to have the ability to soak an entire room.

We both laughed. This time it was my turn to creep into the bathroom for damp towels. After I had wiped us both clean, I got back under the covers and we lay together quietly talking and occasionally sharing a kiss or caress.

I must have fallen asleep. When I awoke the first thing I realised was that Joanna had rolled over and we were 'spooning', my arm was over her body and my hand lay on her breast, I realised that she must be awake too as her hand was holding mine in place. I had a rock hard 'sleeper's erection' which was pressed firmly against the crack of her arse the tip trapped tightly between the tops of her thighs. Joanna must have realised that I was awake, because she gave a little soft chuckle, deep in her throat and then began to wiggle her buttocks so that my prick was being squeezed between them and the glans was making little fucking movements between her thighs. I moaned with pleasure and made my fingers explore her breast tweaking the nipple until it was hard and I had forced a small pleasure sigh from her as well.

Then she raised her leg a little releasing the end of my tool, allowing me to slide the whole length between her thighs. I felt the sensitive tip of my prick slide gently into her slit from behind, a small distance at first then more, until her small, neat buttocks were pressed firmly against my stomach and my erection was inside her. I started to slowly thrust in and out, hugging her tightly to me and kissing her back and shoulders, her hair tickling my face and getting into my mouth.

Then suddenly she clamped her thighs together tightly, trapping my prick inside her in a hot, moist quivering vice. I felt the blood pulsing in my trapped organ, the glans felt ready to burst, but she held me ensnared, I could neither push in nor pull out. It was the most sensual experience and then it got better. I felt the tip of her finger slowly rub at the base of my tool where it entered her vagina, then her hand moved further down and very tenderly and gently grasped my jewels. It was too much and I tried desperately to thrust into her and achieve release, but I couldn't move and Joanna just held my erection captive whilst she slowly gyrated her hips in tiny swirling motions. Then with a sharp gasp she was cumming, her swollen vagina increasing the pressure on my prick unbearably. She opened her thighs a fraction, and my flood gates burst, I shot my second load of the night hard inside her, I yelled out as my ejaculation seemed to go on for ever, pulse after pulse, until she had drained me dry.

"We should have thought of doing it that way earlier," Joanna said quietly, "That was really awesome!"

We lay there together unmoving for some time and then I got up and dressed. I was totally shagged out and my prick felt as if it had been through a mangle but I felt happy and content. I sat on the edge of the bed holding Joanna's hand, "I've really got to go." I said.

"I's OK." she replied. Then she added seriously, "Jamie, can I ask you something ....something really important?"

"Yes, of course," I added. I started to feel a bit apprehensive as I anticipated her question. Why do girls always want to turn a good thing, into a relationship, and spoil it?

I was wrong, totally wrong!"

"Jamie," she started hesitantly, "Just because we are shagging, it doesn't mean we have to stop being friends, does it? We are great in the sack together, and I really love being with you...but, we don't have to become an item do we?"

"No, of course not," I smiled, and breathed a sigh of relief, my good mood returning.

"Good!" she said. "We can just stay the way we are, no commitments. If we feel like hooking up we can, if we feeling like shagging we can." She smiled broadly her pretty face lighting up, "You don't have to fuck me every time you see me, you know ..... but you had better have a bloody good excuse if you don't!" She added, laughing.

I thought about Jo as I drove home. I really liked her and she was a fantastic shag and she wanted no emotional ties; if we could keep it that way, then that would be cool. I totally understood that getting her degree and a good career was everything, her home life was shit and she needed something substantial that was all her own. I wonder briefly if she was seeing any other men at university, the idea made me feel something.... not jealousy really, perhaps just a bit protective.

I got home about one-thirty. Mum and Emma were both in bed and so I made myself a mug of chocolate and took it up to my room. I noticed immediately that my bed looked as if somebody had been laying on it. I sniffed the pillow and detected a faint trace of Emma's shampoo. I thought about what Mum had said about teenage girls the night before and put it out of my mind.

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