The Touch Ch. 22


When I went to the bathroom some minutes later there was no longer a light showing under Emma's door but Mum was obviously still awake. I eased her door open a crack and peeped in. She was sitting up in bed reading and so I crept in and sat on the edge of her bed. She was wearing pink satin pyjamas that night and I could see her pointy nipples pressing against the sheer fabric.

"I just wanted to say good night," I whispered.

"I've been waiting for you," she reached up and pulled my face down and we kissed lightly and briefly. "Just think, we have two whole days alone together, starting in the morning," she sighed.

"What are we going to find to do with ourselves?" I chuckled. I gently stroked her nipple with the tip of my finger and felt it start to harden almost instantly.

"Oh go to your own bloody bed, don't start something you can't finish," she hissed at me between suppressed giggles. I gave her a chaste kiss on the top of her head, and then went to my own room my head filled with the intoxicating perfume of her shampoo.

Saturday morning I was up early to take Emma in to work whilst Mum was getting showered and dressed. Maggie had invited Emma to stay overnight with her on Saturday and Sunday and taking her overnight bag in on her bicycle would have been difficult. By the time that I got back to the house Mum was ready to leave and our bags were already in the boot of her car.

As usual she looked terrific; she was wearing a knee length dress of French blue wool with a cream panel down the front, which was moulded to her figure. I hugged her to me and kissed her lightly before we left the house, I could feel through the fabric that she was wearing a suspender belt to support her sheer black stockings.

We had decided to drive up to London early to miss the commuter and early shopper traffic and also to give ourselves a full day in town to do whatever we pleased.

We were in the city by shortly after ten and drove straight to the Upper St. Martin's Lane car park and then walked the few minutes back to the Mountbatten Hotel at Seven Dials as we only had an overnight case and a suit bag each to carry. Even though I had informed the hotel that we might arrive early I had expected to just lodge our luggage with the concierge as rooms were normally not available before mid-day, but checking in at reception we were informed that our suite was ready for us immediately.

After registering, a porter collected our bags, and we followed him to our suite. As soon as he left we both collapsed into gales of laughter just hugging each other and unable to do anything for some minutes. Since the terrorist bombings in London in the early eighties, hotels were required to request identification from guests when booking in, and I had registered as Mr. James and Mrs. Gwyneth Riley, with the same home address, and presented our driving licences as photo identification. If the young receptionist noticed the difference in our ages when she glanced at the photographs and then back at us she gave no indication of any surprise.

It was Mum who had the problem; the 'Mr. and Mrs. Riley' thing had been a great joke to her from the beginning and the first time that the receptionist called us Mr. and Mrs. she collapsed with a fit of the giggles and had to turn away and pretend to have a coughing fit. I added to the situation by accidentally calling her 'Mum'. Fortunately, I was whispering close to her ear and nobody else heard.

"Oh bloody hell, you can't call me THAT!" she hissed quietly between giggles. As stupid as it may seem, up until that point I don't think that either of us had thought about what I should call her when we were away from people who knew us. "Gwen ... for God's sake, call me Gwen," she whispered. The humour of the situation had now infected me as well so by the time that we got to our room we were both ready to burst with laughter.

When we finally recovered we explored our suite, which was really sumptuous. It had a large lounge furnished with a couch, arm chairs, a small dining table and chairs, a colour television and tea or coffee making equipment. The bathroom was tiled with marble with an enormous half sunken kidney shaped bath; a shower cabinet and a separate dressing room with mirror fronted wardrobes and complimentary bathrobes and towelling slippers. I brought the bags through and hung our clothes for the evening in the wardrobe and put my dress shirt on a hanger. Mum ... Gwen, was absolutely thrilled and I must admit that I was very pleased as well, but the most impressive feature of the suite was the bed. It was the most enormous bed that I had ever seen, what was called a double king size, we both stood just looking at it and then Gwen kicked off her shoes and back flopped right into the centre, arms akimbo and laughing with sheer joy. I slipped out of my loafers and landed belly down beside her.

"Oh darling, this is fabulous ... thank you, thank you so much." She rolled over close to me, I pulled her against me and our lips came together in a long soft kiss, which as usual left us both breathless and panting. I slid my arm under her neck so that she could lay close to my side with her head on my shoulder.

"So, what do you want to do this morning, Mrs. Riley," I chuckled, "It's your day so you can choose to do anything you want."

She giggled and slapped at my arm playfully, "Well....Mr. Riley, it is such a beautiful room, and it is such a beautiful bed.... it would be a shame to waste it."

"Well I suppose we do need to work up an appetite for lunch," I laughed and drew her close again so that I could find her lips with mine. We fell into a deep long lasting kiss, lying fully dressed on the enormous bed, arms wrapped around each other. Our lips caressed each other gently, our tongues just lightly touching at first then probing and entwining as our mouths became the centre of our need and lust for each other. After an eternity we allowed our kisses to slow and eventually our mouths separated and we lay tightly embraced just brushing each other's faces with tiny affectionate kisses, until the pressure of my erection imprisoned in my chinos became too much to bear.

"I think we need to get undressed," I panted, "Your dress will get crumpled... and I am going to strangle if I don't get out of these trousers soon." I swung my legs off of the bed and put out my hand to help her up. As soon as we were both standing upright beside the bed we simply fell back into each others arms, I found her so totally irresistible, whenever I was near her I just wanted to be holding her. We started to kiss again but she pressed her hands against my chest pushing me back.

"If we don't stop this it's going to be dinner time before we get onto that bed," she chuckled, and then turned around so that she had her back to me. "Help me out of this dress."

I slid the zipper down, opening the back of the dress from her neck right down to her arse, exposing her pale smooth back and the strap of her bra. My hands explored the skin of her back and shoulders gently pushing the shoulders of the dress over and down her arms until she could pull her hands out through the short sleeves and I could ease the dress down over her hips. It reminded me of our first night together, when I had eased her out of that plain cotton night dress before making love to her for the first time.

This time she was not naked but was clad in an expensive set of French-blue lace lingerie, the colour perfectly co-ordinated with the dress she had been wearing. The bra had sheer silk, low cut cups with pure lace trim and was matched by soft silk, lace edged cami-knickers and a the skimpiest, fine lace, four strap suspender belt that I had ever seen, supporting her embroidered top silk stockings.

I pressed my lips to her naked back and made a trail of small kisses up her spine and across her shoulders before nuzzling my face into the nape of her neck. She arched her back slightly to squirm her neck and shoulder against my lips, making tiny moaning noises in her throat. I ran my finger tips over her shoulders and then down to release the hooks holding her bra strap and watched fascinated as the strap swung free. My hands slid downwards over her ribs and waist to rest on her hips, turned her to face me and then held her at arms length as I paused to admire her body.

Her bra was still loosely concealing her breasts and I used both hands to gently slip the narrow lace straps over her shoulders and lift it away to reveal her beautiful, well shaped mature breasts with their dark aureolas and tiny button nipples. I had always thought that her body was beautiful, but standing before me wearing those cami-knickers, suspender belt and stockings below her firm white breasts it was the most incredible sexy vision of loveliness and I felt my breath catching in my throat and my prick throbbing beneath my trousers.

I suddenly realised that Gwen's fingers were plucking at the buttons of my shirt and then tugging the tails out from under my waistband until my chest was bared and I couldn't wait any longer and cupped her face in my hands and pulled her close to me so that I could feel the warm softness of her breasts against my naked chest, the hard little nipples burning points, as we fell into another breath stopping cavernous kiss. I hardly felt the shirt fall away and was only subconsciously aware of tugging open my belt and wriggling out of my chinos, shorts and socks as we sank back down onto the softness of the bed, our mouths still locked together.

"Oh my darling, it's so good just feeling you against me .... Just being with you," Gwen murmured against my ear still breathless from our kissing passion. I felt the tips of her finger just lightly touch the tightly stretched skin of my swollen prick, it made me shudder with anticipation but I did not want the be that close yet, there was too much left to savour before we surrendered to our building need to merge our bodies and fulfil our desire.

I slowly moved my fingers down her body until I was cupping both breasts in my hands gently squeezing those fabulous globes of softness, her hardening nipples hot against my palms until my fingers were replaced with my lips and tongue. Her breath was coming in short urgent pants, each intake of breath causing her breast to thrust upwards against my massaging tongue and nibbling lips until the aureolas were swollen and the nipples were hot, hard buds standing proudly to attention.

"Ooooooooh," she moaned, still breathing deeply, "You've made them so big .... They feel huge .... They are like that just for you .... They love you touching them!"

I continued to move down her body, now dragging my lips down her stomach and belly leaving a trail of little soft kisses until I came to that narrow lace suspender belt. I knelt between her open legs and carefully unclipped the fastenings from the lacy tops of her stockings and then slid my hands beneath her to release the fastening and draw off the flimsy lace belt. Bending forward I planted a hot, open mouthed kiss to the silk crotch of her knickers, my lips feeling the outline of her pussy beneath the sheer fabric. Gwen jerked her hips spontaneously, letting out a deep involuntary moan and digging her fingers into the bed covers. I hooked my fingers into the waist band of the cami-knickers and slowly and gently drew them down as she arched her back to let me pull them from beneath her, her pussy was barely covered with the tiny cloud of honey blonde fluff, the lips already looked puffy and engorged and a few tiny pearls of moisture glistened on her pubic hair.

I was kneeling on the floor by the bed, between her knees and bent forward again to very lightly kiss the exposed lips, finding and flicking her little butterball, just once lightly with the tip of my tongue. I eased the knickers over her feet and then gave my attention to those sheer stockings. I discovered close up that they were not black but a very dark navy blue, the tops were embroidered with tiny blue and black roses. Very gently, careful not to cause a pluck or ladder, I rolled first one and then the other down her legs and over her toes, following each roll with my lips leaving a trail if tiny moist kisses from thigh to toes and then finally kissed a trail back up the inside of her thigh and over her belly until I was laying over her, my throbbing erection pressed hard between us against her Mound of Venus and my balls against the hot moistness of her pussy.

"Oh my darling, please, please make love to me!" her mouth was against my ear and I could feel her soft breasts pushing against my chest with each deep panting breath that she was taking. "No more teasing... I want you inside me ..."

I felt her fingers gently wrap around my prick guiding it towards her pussy and raised my hips to allow her to steer the throbbing length to the tight entrance to her vagina. I wanted her just as much as she wanted to give herself to me and as soon as the glans entered the mouth of her vagina I surged forward until my length was deep in her love tunnel as far as I could go.

She made one small upwards thrust as if to ensure that I was completely filling her, holding nothing back. "Oh yes, Oh, that feels soooooo good .... So RIGHT!" She whispered softly into my ear and then lifted her mouth to mine and we plunged into a deep kiss, our mouths were locked in a moist embrace and our tongues were thrusting and twisting in time to the motions of our loins as we made love languidly for a long time.

Making love to Mum ... Gwen, was always long and gentle, it was like our bodies were made to be together, everything seemed to fit perfectly and each stage of our lovemaking flowed naturally to the next drawing the maximum pleasure and emotion from each other.
Our bodies seemed to be more fused than locked together as if we had become a single entity joined by a slowly thrusting piston, every movement of our fuck co-ordinated and comfortable.

I sensed rather than felt her body starting to move towards orgasm, a slight quivering beneath me, her legs locked a little tighter around mine and her kiss became just a little more urgent filling my own mouth with tiny, gasping moans. Then the walls of her pussy were pulsing hotly as they expanded and contracted as her orgasm ripped through her body causing her to jerk and spasm uncontrollably. I crested on the waves of her pleasure, grasping her hips and thrusting hard into her, my glans was already throbbing as if ready to burst and my balls ached with the need to release, it took only a few thrusts into the roiling hot moistness and I exploded with a loud gasp, my cum ejaculating deep into her again and again.

We lay quietly in each others arms for a while and then hauled ourselves up the bed so that we could sit upright, I fished my cigarettes and lighter from my pocket and lit one for each of us.

"It's your turn to choose what we do next," Gwen chuckled, "But, I think that we should clean up, get dressed and have some lunch before we do anything else."

Dressed, happy and extremely hungry we left the hotel and wandered up Earlham Street to the Marquis of Granby on Shaftsbury Avenue. The pub served a decent pub lunch, I picked a gammon steak with chips and pineapple and Gwen choose the fried chicken with a baked potato and salad, washed down with a reasonably chilled bottle of Blue Nun hock.

"Ok, so we have had sex, we have had food and wine ..... what do you want to try next?" Gwen asked laughing as we left the pub, arms around each others waists.

"Well, we could try some culture," I grinned, "as we are just around the corner from Charing Cross Road do you feel like having a bit of a walk and browse around some of the book shops?" Mum, Maggie and myself could all spend hours looking around second-hand book dealer shops, and of course Foyles was at the top end of Charing Cross Road. The sun had come out and it was now quite bright and mild so it was a nice afternoon for a walk.

By the time that Gwen managed to drag me out of Joseph's book shop, I had a bag full of out of print books; a couple of obscure archaeology tomes, and several old but interesting gardening volumes, one of which I had gathered as a gift for Maggie. Gwen managed to pick up a couple of new novels that she was looking for at Foyles and so we counted it as a good afternoon's shopping and strolled back towards the hotel.

"Shall we stop somewhere for a cup of tea?" I asked.

"Let's just go back to the hotel and order afternoon tea from room service," Gwen giggled, she hugged my arm tightly, "I am starting to feel quite tired again, I think I may need to lay down again on that enormous bed."

I laughed and hugged her against me and we made our way back down Charing Cross Road and Earlham Street to the hotel. By the time we got back it was still only four o'clock and so we went up to our suite, and ordered tea, coffee and gateaux from room service and sat by the window over looking Seven Dials.

"It has been a lovely day, my darling," Gwen said placing her hand over mine on the table, "I really feel so happy and comfortable just being with you." It was true for me as well; it was really easy being with Mum, not just the sex which was terrific but the closeness and companionship which I only got from being with her or Maggie. We sat for a while just talking about books and music and family, just all the normal things that lovers talk about.

"I think that I want to try out that big bath before I change to go out," she got up and started towards the bathroom, "I'll run the water and then we can have a good long soak together," she giggled.

I heard the taps running and then she was back, she had obviously discarded her dress in the side dressing room and was just wearing that French-blue silk and lace lingerie. The vision of her gave me an instant erection and I stepped in close and pulled her to me our lips meeting in a soft passion and my hands sweeping her body from buttocks to shoulders and back and my erection grinding hard against her stomach.

"We had better stop now before that bath overflows," I whispered hoarsely, my fumbling fingers found her bra strap and released it so that her breasts spilled out against my chest, I could feel them warm and soft through the fabric of my shirt.

She spun away from me laughing and sat on the edge of the bed reached around behind her and unfastened that narrow lacy suspender belt and then freed the stocking tops and whilst I stood watching, my mouth agape, rolled each down a smooth shapely leg kicking the silk tube off her toes for me to catch. I pressed the balled up silk to my face, I could smell the perfume of her body lotion and natural musk.

"There," she laughed, "You can't complain that you haven't had your fill of my stockings, this week-end, and I've already lost count of the times that you've grabbed my bloody arse!"

"God Gwen," I panted, "You look, fantastic, so beautiful, so sexy, in that lingerie, just the sight of you keeps me totally horny all the time."

"Good! That was the intention," she giggled, "If you think that was good just wait until you see what I have bought for tonight!"

She sensuously slid her silk cami-knickers down over her thighs and feet stepped out of them and tugged lightly at the buttons of my shirt.

"You had better get out of your clothes if you are intending to join me in that bath," she said and gave me a brief soft kiss on the lips then turned and skipped off towards the bathroom, I watched her smooth white back, tight round arse and bobbing pony tail until she disappeared. My own clothes were soon in a heap on the floor and I followed her into the steamy bathroom my prick so rigid already that it was standing like a flag pole at the front of a parade.

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