The Touch Ch. 35


Becca was trembling slightly beneath me, whether with passion or nervousness I wasn't sure but our need to be joined was so urgent that neither of us could wait any longer, there could be no time for the niceties of foreplay we both needed me to be inside her. I adjusted my position over her and eased my prick down until the tip was sliding in the warm moistness of the already well lubricated pussy and then suddenly I was entering her, a single thrust and my prick was totally immersed in her hot wetness and both of us were shuddering with the unexpected suddenness of that deep penetration.

I hugged her tighter against me my hands sliding down her back until I was cupping her firm rounded buttocks and pressing her even harder to me so that I could penetrate into her those last few millimetres my groin grinding against her clit and drawing tiny moans of pleasure from her open lips. We were not really making love, the only movement was the slight jerking of my throbbing, rock hard erection so deep inside her pulsing honey pot, but it was enough.

Suddenly I felt the rush of sensation which heralded my need to climax, a tingling which seem to start in my toes and surge through my aching balls to my pulsing glans and explode as I pumped my hot load deep inside her, causing her to gasp and cry out.

"Aaaah! Oh my God.... Oh yes!"

Her body responded to mine, her hips jerking spasmodically as she rammed herself onto my hardness again and again until the inside of her vagina erupted into a fluttering, roiling orgasm that left both of us panting and gasping.

It was several minutes before either of us could attempt to sit up and wriggle back into our clothes. Our love making had been over very quickly but the intensity had left both of us breathless and my legs felt far too rubbery to be able to drive for a little while.

I fished around behind the seat and found my satchel and poured both of us a plastic mug of hot black coffee from the vacuum flask and lit myself a cigarette.

Becca looked happy and radiant again, her green-blue eyes were bright and sparkling and surprisingly her hair was hardly mussed at all. In the past it had been Becca that had soothed my fears and wiped away my stress and angst, I guess that I had in some measure returned that favour, she looked happy again and that made me happy.

After a while we drove on to Bishopsdown and sat in the garden of Caroline's house and I drank another cup of coffee whilst Becca took photographs. She had agreed to paint the water colour for Caroline's garden party and was enthusiastic when I asked her to come up to London with me to look at the roof garden. I hadn't found a solution yet but I was mentally working on how we could make it an overnight trip. Becca deserved the simple luxury of a night of unhurried love making.

"If you come with me to the party next week you could even gather other commissions from her friends," I enthused, "it could be the start of a new career."

"I need to get to grips with the idea of a new lifestyle first," she smiled. She indicated my cigarette, "Let me try that," she giggled, "I haven't smoked since I was a student.... "

I passed her the half smoked cigarette and she took a deep drag and immediately started to cough. She passed it back to me, gasping for breath her face pink.

"Now I remember why I gave it up..." she laughed. "I think my new debauched lifestyle will have to stick with us exploring sex some more, for now."

"If you have finished here there is somewhere else that I want to take you, before returning you to urbane suburban life," I chuckled.

We drove back across the city to Craven Manor. I knew that it would be safe to take Becca there as Georgia was always at her London office on Monday.

"Oh this is such a lovely house," Becca said, as we got out of the Land Rover and stood in the front drive.

"This is your next commission," I announced. "I want you to paint a picture of the front face of the building with the flower beds and the rhododendrons whilst they are still in bloom."

"I would love to, this house has so much character," she said enthusiastically her bubbly self again. "Who is the painting for.... Do they want watercolour or oils? I prefer working with waters as you know."

"The picture is for Georgia Craven, who owns the manor, but the commission is from me." I told her. I held up a finger to silence any query. "It is a proper commission, I SHALL be paying you for the work done... at the going rate, no arguments."

"Who is this lucky lady?" There was no hint of jealousy in her enquiry, Becca was not clingy and we both just appreciated the times that we enjoyed together, there could be no commitments and no ties.

"Georgia is actually my solicitor, but also a good friend, she has been very kind to me and gave me a very expensive set of golf clubs a short time back, the painting is to be a thank you gift."

By the time that Becca had taken a roll of photographs of the house and surrounds and made a quick preliminary outline sketch it was late morning. We sat in the Land Rover and exchanged another long passionate kiss before pulling out of the shelter of Georgia's drive and into the city, back to Becca's house.

"Oh dear, back to reality, housework and cooking dinner for Leslie and the boys," Becca sighed as I pulled up by her gate.

"I did mean what I said about getting a life," I told her, "You are worth much, much more than you give yourself credit for."

"As long as you meant the bit about sexy and beautiful," she chuckled, "but you have got to keep coming back to prove it to me...." She gave me a friend's kiss on the cheek and jumped down from the cab and walked up her drive with just a single backward glance and wave of her hand. I watched her tight round arse and bouncing auburn hair until she disappeared through the door and then drove away.

It was after mid-day when I got back to the garden centre. Emma was waiting for me, hopping from foot to foot like an excited school girl waiting to be taken on an outing. I had promised her that as soon as I got back I would drive her out to the car dealership to collect her new car.

She was wearing her usual working gear, a plain black long sleeved, t-shirt and tight black jeans but since our day together on Thursday she somehow seemed to look sexier and more voluptuous... or perhaps it was just because I now unreservedly saw her that way.

"I have telephoned the broker and arranged the motor insurance," she told me excitedly, "and I have had you and Mum both added to the policy as 'other drivers'; just in case you need to drive it when I am away..."

"OK, that's great," I laughed. I held up my briefcase containing my notes from the Manor Farm Road job. "Let me just drop this off in the office and we can get the car and go."

Emma's car was ready and waiting when we arrived at the showrooms, the little VW Beetle soft-top was gleaming from a fresh polishing, fuelled up, taxed and ready to go. It only took her about ten minutes to complete the sales documentation and the car's log book details.

I had called the dealer and arranged to have the Polo washed, polished and valeted, inside and out whilst we were there. I would be giving the car back to Lauren and Lucinda that evening for the week that they were at home and having it cleaned thoroughly was the least that I could do in appreciation of the long term loan of the vehicle whilst they were away. I had got used to having my own car and I would need to find another vehicle before they came home permanently in August and I finally handed the Polo back to them to take away to university.

The car cleaning would take about an hour and so I suggested to Emma that she take her new car back to the garden centre and I would follow when the Polo was ready.

"No way!" she exclaimed. "This is our break and so I am going to drive you across to the park for some lunch... I want you to be the very first passenger in my new car."

She pulled a large paper sack from her shoulder bag and held it up for me to see. "I had Grace make us cheese and ham sandwiches and I put in a couple of bottles of Coke, we can sit on the grass and watch the swans on the river."

It was only a few minutes drive to the Queen Elizabeth Gardens which was an absolute picture of English beauty with swathes of late crocuses and hyacinths and clumps of daffodils painting a splash of colours across the well manicured grass, the warm weather had kept the spring blooms going for a few extra weeks that year. We parked the car and walked down to the river edge, the grass was still damp from the early morning shower of rain and so we found a bench and sat side by side and consumed our sandwiches hungrily with hardly a word passing between us.

"We used to have picnics all the time we were kids.... remember?" I remarked. Mum had a huge wicker picnic hamper which she used to fill with goodies and we would drive into the country in her original car, a big old Volvo estate, and she would spread a table cloth on the ground and we would sit and enjoy a real alfresco lunch, chicken drumsticks, sandwiches, cake and Mum's homemade lemonade.

"We can again," she replied cheerfully. It was really nice to see my sister happy at last. "You must promise me that you will make time to have lunch with me at least once a month, and during the summer we can have a picnic." She threaded her arm through mine, sliding up the bench so that her hip and thigh were pressed hard against mine. "I shall buy one of those nice tartan picnic blankets to keep in the will be an investment.... I know we could put it to good use..." she added saucily.

My responding laugh probably sounded a little nervous which gave her an opening to tease me some more.

"What? Don't you think it would be fun to be laid out on a picnic blanket with me?" She giggled sexily and before I could stop her had taken my hand and pressed it tightly against the crotch of her jeans, holding it there with surprising strength. It was probably only a few seconds before she released me but it seem like forever, I was sure that I could feel the warmth of her sex through the fabric and was convinced that everybody in the park was watching us.... but there was nobody anywhere near to our bench.

"Oh bloody hell, Emma!" I exclaimed. "You can't do things like that...somebody might see!"

"That was just to remind you what is waiting for you," she chuckled leaning in very close to whisper in my ear, "The clock is ticking, Jay.... You ARE going to fuck me... and very soon!"

She tipped my face towards her with a finger against my chin and gave me a soft wet kiss on the mouth, her tongue flicking between my lips for the briefest of seconds, but long enough to cause a serious tingling in my groin. I was finally starting to agree with her; I WAS going to fuck her and it really did need to be very soon.

Emma dropped me back at the car sales forecourt to pick up the sparkling clean Polo and then she headed off back to work, whilst I took a short detour to the High Street to pick up the photographs that I had dropped off for developing on Friday.

As the library was only a couple of streets away I decided on a whim to walk over and see if Anthea was on duty. As luck would have it she was; I spotted her before she saw me, she was standing by the enquiry desk checking some books against a document. Across the open space of the library she looked really tiny and cute; her hair was loose and flowing in a coppery cascade provoking a mental image of her face framed by a halo of bronzed tresses as we lay on the museum rug after our passionate lovemaking a few nights back.

She was dressed in a very similar outfit to the one that she had been wearing on Friday evening. A thick tweedy cardigan worn open over a moss green t-shirt and matching colour wool knee length skirt with her usual thick black stockings. She sensed me watching her and looked up, her face breaking into a smile as she put down her list and started towards me. She seemed happy, at ease and pleased to see me, obviously not embarrassed or uncomfortable about our impromptu shag in the museum attics.

"Hello Jamie," she greeted me, grasping both my hands and standing on tip-toe to give me a light friendly peck on the cheek. Her pleasure in seeing me was warm and sincere and although we had only met a few times and spent a single evening together it felt as though we had been intimate friends for years.

"I was in the area and thought I would drop in a see if you were.... were...." I began lamely.

She smiled, her eyes sparkling behind her oval frameless spectacles. "If I had any regrets about what happened between us on Friday evening?" She volunteered, then took my hand and led me to one side, out of earshot of any passing members of staff or browsers. "No.... I have no regrets... I desperately needed our intimacy just then.... in fact I feel better about myself now than I have for ages...."

"I am glad," I sighed with genuine relief, "I was a little bit worried about you when you hadn't telephoned."

"Thank you for caring," she said smiling warmly, "I did actually call you this morning and leave a message... you were out of your office... "

"Sorry...stupid of me, I have been out all morning and haven't picked up my messages yet."

"I just called to say that I have found quite a lot of useful references about the Shelby House gardens which should help you track down what you need in Ms. Shelby's private library," she pursed her lips in a little pleading pout. "I would really love to get back in there and look at the original volumes again, if you could arrange it?"

"Oh that's really great," I enthused. "I will ring Philippa and arrange access to the library.... and I wouldn't dream of doing it without you. You are my resident expert remember... I need you."

She wrote her home telephone number on the back of one of my business cards and we agreed that I would call her once I had arranged with Philippa to get into the Shelby House library.

She reached up and gave me a light parting kiss on the mouth, our lips touching for just a fraction of a second too long for the kiss to be totally chaste. I strolled back to the car, I was glad that Anthea was happy and pleased with the progress she had made with our research. I really liked Anthea and I hoped that we could remain close friends, I wasn't sure that we would ever have sex again, that may have just been a one-off thing of the moment, but being friends was enough, being friends was good.

When I got back to the garden centre I drove straight up the back lane to Maggie's house and parked the cleaned and polished Polo in the big double garage and then walked back down to the office. Maggie's Range Rover was not in the garage and I guessed that she had already left to pick up the twins and their aunt. They were due home that evening, their flight from Dijon was due into Southampton airport late afternoon and so Maggie had taken the day off to drive down and pick them up.

By the time we had closed up the garden centre at six-thirty there was still no sign of Maggie and the girls and I guessed that they had probably stopped off for something to eat on the way home. I was seriously tempted to go up to the house and wait for them but I knew that they would all be tired and so accepted a ride home with Emma.

I was very fond of my cousins and was eager to see them again, they had been away in France since February and I know that Emma had missed them as well. Lauren and I had become particularly close and she had often telephoned me, secretly, in the evening when I was at the office alone, her erotic and sexy teasing over the telephone line was probably bordering on the illegal and always left me feeling horny as hell. For some reason those calls had stopped a couple of weeks ago, I wasn't concerned....I guessed that the twins were just busy enjoying their sabbatical.

Gwen was teaching at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon that week and was commuting the sixty odd miles each way daily so she was unlikely to be home before seven-thirty and I had ample time to prepare an evening meal for the three of us. I had brought home a dozen of Grace's homemade, plump and succulent beef and Madera wine sausages from the garden centre restaurant and slid them under the grill until they were part cooked and then laid them out in a large baking dish. I had decided to made a big Toad-in-the-Hole and so mixed up a jug of batter and left it to stand in the fridge. There would be plenty of time to pour the batter over the bangers, cook the Yorkshire Pudding and reheat some gravy from the stockpot, whilst Gwen was changing.

Gwen and I were lounging in the sitting room reading and Emma was upstairs in her room when the telephone rang about nine o'clock. I heard the thunder of feet on the stairs, the ringing stopped and was replaced by Emma's voice in animated conversation. A few minutes later she poked her head around the door.

"It is Lauren on the telephone, "She smiled, "Just to let us know that they are all home safely and invite us over for dinner tomorrow night ..... " The head disappeared and then re-appeared, "Oh, Jay... she wants to speak to you..."

I went out into the hall and picked up the receiver. Emma had fled back up-stairs and I could hear pop music seeping from behind her closed door.

"Hi Lulu... it's great to have you home...." I opened cheerfully.

"Jamie.... I need to see you... " she sounded serious, "Make an excuse to get out and pick me up at the bottom of the back lane.... You can tell Auntie Gwen it is about Emma's birthday...that is what I shall tell Mummy."

"Lauren, what is the matter? What has happened?"

"I will tell you when I see you," she said, a bit sharply I thought. I crossed my fingers and prayed that nothing serious had happened to Maggie or either of the twins.

I went back into the sitting room. "May I borrow your car?" I asked Gwen, "Lauren wants to meet me..... something to do with Emma's birthday that can't wait..."

"Of course you can... the keys are on the hook. Give her my love.... And remember she is probably tired so don't take her to a pub and keep her out half the night, OK?"

Lauren was waiting for me by the side gate to the garden centre; she got into the passenger seat and snapped the seat belt on with a jerk. She looked great. Her outfit was very French, an extremely fashionable grey cashmere top with a high polo neck but totally sleeveless, a black mini skirt with a pale blue swallow embroidered near the hem and black fishnet stockings. Her skirt had ridden up as she sat down to expose a glimpse of suspender clasp and a flash of pale thigh. Not for the first time I marvelled how sexy my cousins were, but I was too worried to get horny right then.

"What's going on, Lulu," I asked concerned, "Has something happened to Maggie or Luci or you?"

"No, we are all just dandy...!" she snapped. I reached out and tried to turn her face towards me but she pulled away and just stared out of the front windscreen, "Just drive somewhere private where we can talk...."

This behaviour was so unlike Lauren. OK, the twins could be real little bitches when the felt like it, we had had our falling outs over the years, but everything was good with us now and I had felt that I had a special relationship with Lulu in particular. It was not just the sex; fucking with Lulu was wild and raunchy but I thought that we had a singular understanding, a real closeness.

I really did not know where to take her and so I just pulled out on to the main road and then took the next left hand turn into one of the narrow lanes that separated the fields and turned onto Lower Road; and then I remembered. There was a gap in the high hedge where you could park out of sight of the road, Lauren and I had stopped there and shared frantic sex in her car just before the twins went to France. The entrance loomed in my headlights and I pulled in and stopped.

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