The Tour Ch. 6


The flight to Chicago was turbulent. A bad storm was raging throughout the Midwest. I was glad to have gotten out of Cleveland and into Chicago before the worst of the storm came.

I stood there in the pouring rain as the limo pulled up for my two starlet lovers. Christina and Britney were going straight to the hotel. Unfortunately, I would not be accompanying them. I was forced by my occupation to sit in the airport for two hours and wait for Mandy Moore’s flight to come in from New York. I sat there patiently awaiting the little brat.

Though I had never met Mandy Moore, I had always thought of her as a child. Whether it had been her music, or the things she said, or the way she dressed. She did not seem to me to be a sensual woman like Christina or Britney. But hey, I was a professional, I would never have thought, even with what had happened with the other two, that my relationship with Mandy would be anything but businesslike.

Her plane arrived an hour late. I was not surprised. As the plane pulled up to the terminal, I called the limo back to the airport. I also called to check in on Britney and Christina. They were relaxing in each other’s arms at the hotel and they awaited my arrival. I was quick to reply that it may be a while. The airport was cold, and I was standing at the opening of the terminal. I was tired and drawn out, ready to get some sleep.

When I saw her, I was immediately astounded. The first thing I noticed was her long blonde hair, tied back into a pony-tail. She was without make-up, yet so naturally beautiful that it was as if she needed no make-up. I surveyed her wonderful young body, from her luscious long legs, to her flat stomach, to her pert young breasts. Her nipples were hard and clearly visible through her canary yellow tank-top due to the low temperature of the airport. My first thoughts were of how wonderful it would be to put my head between those slim legs and run my tongue along the lips of her young twat.

My fantasies stop short as in reality, she spoke. “Hi there. Are you Josh?” She tried to sound perky, but I could sense that she was exhausted. Her smile was less than half-hearted.

“Why, yes, I am.” I replied. “And you must be Mandy.” I extended my hand, and we shook.

She wasted no time walking to the baggage desk and picking up her things. She had only brought a few small bags. For a teen starlet, this was surprising. I had expected nothing less than a truck full of clothes. Britney and Christina had wasted no space on our own private jet.

As we stepped out into the rain, I loaded Mandy’s bags into the trunk of the limo. I checked my watch; it was nearly four in the morning. I followed Mandy into the limo and sat across from her. I found her spread along the back seat. I poured myself a drink.

“Would you like a drink?” I asked. “It’s about a twenty-five minute ride to the hotel.”

She gave me a slight smile. “Don’t you think it’s a little early in the morning to have a drink?”

“I don’t think that it should be limited to a certain time of day.” I replied. In my own mind, I agreed with her.

“I think we should get some coffee instead.” She insisted.

I had no time to argue between my glances at her gorgeous long legs and her pert young breasts. I turned to the driver and ordered that he stop somewhere where myself and Ms. Moore could get some coffee.

About ten minutes later, we arrived at a small upscale coffee shop outside of the city. The driver caught up on his sleep as Mandy and I went in for a while. We sat there, drinking very good coffee, for the better part of an hour. We talked about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, to sum it up. I caught her giving me some teasing glances, and I returned those glances in full. She was a beautiful girl. I could not help but want to make passionate love to her right there in the midst of the empty coffee shop. She seemed very receptive to my flirtatious behavior.

At the end of the night, we took the limo back to the hotel, and we said our goodnights in a very businesslike way. I was heavily disappointed. I had blown my chance with her. I headed to bed trying to forget about Mandy and focus in on the concert that night.

The concert in Chicago went very well. Britney, Christina, and Mandy teased the men in the arena with their tight clothing and sexy dancing. Needless to say, I wasn’t paying that much attention to them. It was becoming old news to me.

That night, I lay in bed with Britney, who, in noticing that I was somewhat down and out of it, aided in “lifting my spirits” among other things. As we lay there, I revisited my night with Mandy and told her of how disappointed it made me not to be able to seduce her.

“Have you ever thought that maybe she doesn’t like men?” Britney asked with a smile.

“Not really.” I answered, puzzled. “Why?”

“Well,” Britney began then paused, she looked down as she ran her fingertips along her naked breast. “You weren’t the only one trying to seduce her.”

Now I was completely lost. “Say that again...”

“Well, you know how I let her use my dressing room yesterday...” She explained.

“Yes.” Myself and my cock began to take interest in her story.

“Well, I was coming back from rehearsal,” Britney’s hand began to gently massage her breast. “And when I went into the room, I found Mandy there, on the couch, in her sweat pants and tank top. She had her eyes closed,” Britney’s breathing began to pick up. “And her hand down her pants. She was gently pushing one finger in and out of her pussy. I couldn’t help but stand there and watch her pleasure herself. I began to run my hand down into my pants. God, Josh, I was so wet.” Britney closed her eyes as her left hand slipped beneath her legs. “I began to finger my own clit as I watched Mandy moan and writhe as she fucked herself on my couch. I was so hot that I had started moaning without even paying attention.” My cock was rock hard, awaiting Britney’s every word. “Then she opened her eyes and looked at me. There we were, masturbating together. All she had to do was smile, and I knew she wanted it. I started to go to her, and she stood, pushing her pants and panties to the floor. I felt so hot as I walked towards her, pulling my clothes from my body. I swear, when she took off her shirt, I almost creamed myself. Her tits are perfect. Nice, and round, soft, yet firm.”

“Just like yours.” I butted in.

Britney just smiled, and reaching down with her right hand, she began to stroke my throbbing member. She went on: “When I got to her, I pushed her back onto the couch, pushed her knees apart, and began to kiss her thighs. I could smell her sweet pussy as I kissed closer and closer to it. Then, finally I reached her pussy. My mouth was dripping. I ran my tongue from the bottom of her pussy, near her asshole, all the way to her clit. She moaned really loud when I sucked her clit into my mouth. She was wet as hell.” Britney was now panting, as she stroked my cock harder and harder, revisiting her encounter with Mandy Moore. “Her pussy tasted so good. While I was eating her out, I was fingering myself hard.” She was also fingering herself hard while telling the story.

“She was moaning louder and louder as I licked her clit and drove my tongue into her cunt. She was so tight. Her little pussy was just flowing with her sweet juices. Her moans just kept getting... louder and louder... as I licked her.... and then... oh god... then...”

Britney’s body shook as she arched her back, letting out an ear-splitting scream as she orgasmed hard. “OHhhhhhhhhh Goddddd....” I couldn’t hold back as I thought of Britney, eating Mandy’s pussy. I shot my load straight into the air. It landed on Britney’s stomach as she continued to writhe around in orgasm. I closed my eyes as the waves of orgasm ripped through both Britney and I. We came together, loudly. My world was spinning as my orgasm slowly came to a halt.

When she had calmed down a little, Britney turned to me, still breathing very hard. “And when she came.... She screamed your name, Josh.”

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