The Tour Ch. 7


Wasted, tired, spent; those words explained the way that I felt as I stumbled back into my apartment. I was home. The Starlets Tour was two days away from being over and done with. As much as didn't want it to end, as much as I didn't want to end the relationships that I had acquired with Britney and Christina, I felt that it was finally time for me to move on. Mandy Moore, being added after our stop in Cleveland, had been wonderful for the show. Her youth and strong vocals lit up the stage, keeping the young fans more than occupied in between Christina and Britney. From what I had heard, that had not been the only time she was between the two other beauties. I had been reluctant to make my move on her.

Christina had also faded off in the distance from me. In Denver she met a cute ski instructor who showed her the moves. As well, Mandy kept her distance, paying more close attention to the younger guys. With those two, I felt that I had lost my appeal as a sexual partner. I paid it no mind. I continued to see Britney almost every night as the tour progressed through Denver, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. I had enjoyed her ripe, young breasts, and her wonderfully toned body. I found that no matter how many times we made love, I could never grow tired of the tightness and warmth of her beautiful starlet pussy.

We returned to Los Angeles a day ahead of schedule. I had attended a meeting with Bob Mason and other corporate executives no more than an hour that I had stepped off the plane. The meeting was mainly to congratulate me on such a wonderful tour. We had succeeded in every aspect of running a tour. We had brought in more money than any other previous Jive tour, and we had destroyed the ticket sales of the Backstreet Boys' tour. I felt content with my work and humbly accepted their offer of a two week paid vacation. Little did those suits know that the tour had been more to me than just a great business opportunity, it had been a sexual revolution.


That night, I left my apartment in Hollywood Hills four hours before the concert so that I would be there early enough to make sure that everything went smoothly. Just as with every other show during the course of the tour, the staff did their work quickly and precisely. The girls went on stage, and performed a wonderful show for almost 75,000 people packed into the Forum. They wore their tightest fitting sexy outfits, and belted out their most loved songs. As I sat in the sound booth across from the stage, I felt a sort of sadness that I would never again know the comforts of these girls' arms. Although it felt bad to leave them, it had been one hell of a run.

After the show, I made my way down to the backstage area, where I was met by a smiling Bob Mason.

"Josh, my boy," he renounced proudly. "A wonderful production. I knew you could pull it off."

"Thank you, Bob." I thanked him politely. "The girls were great tonight. If you'll excuse me, I have to go congratulate them before they run off to their various after-parties."

"Alright Josh," Bob replied. "Give me a call tomorrow afternoon; I have something to talk to you about before you go on vacation."

"Okay Bob, I'll talk to you tomorrow."

I made my way through the backstage area towards the dressing rooms. I stopped in the first room which had been used by Mandy, and she was no where to be found. The second room, which was Christina's, was full of the same thing, nothing. I was disappointed that I had missed the two of them; I had at least wanted to say goodbye.

I made my way around the corner and down the next hallway, heading towards Britney's room. My only hope was that she had not left already. I went to the door and knocked lightly.

"Who is it?" Britney's sweet voice came from inside. I felt better, knowing that she had not left.

"It's me," I replied.

"Come in," she trailed off a little bit.

Nothing could have prepared me for what lay behind that door. As I opened it, I saw that she was alone. To my surprise, she was not getting ready to go out. She was dressed in her blue lace night gown.

She turned to me, her eyes burning with lust. "I've been waiting for you. What took you so long?" Her voice was deep with a sense of primal lust.

"I got.. um.. stopped." I stammered. "Oh, it doesn't matter; I'm here for you now." I locked the door behind me and made my way to her.

When I reached her, Britney placed her soft hand on the back of my neck and pulled me to her, kissing me with more passion than the world had ever known. I let my hands move over her back and down to caress her smooth, round ass as we continued our passionate embrace. Her mouth burned with lust and her body felt wonderfully warm against mine. To my dismay, she pulled away, directing me to the leather couch in the corner of the room. I quickly unfastened my belt and khakis and let them fall to the floor. Britney, following closely, helped to remove my boxers and my silk shirt. It felt good, at that moment, to be completely naked with Britney Spears.

I sat down on the couch as she backed away, slowly beginning to pull away the straps of her nighty. She pulled the soft material down over her firm breasts, allowing them to break free. She stopped as the top of the material came to rest on her flat stomach, placing her hand on her left breast. She held her breast in her hand and turned her nipple upward toward her sweet lips. She gently stuck out her tongue and began to lick her own nipple as she watched my cock grow to its complete length. Letting her breast fall back into place, she smiled in my direction. She slowly resumed the removing of the nighty, pushing the material down past her hips, revealing her cleanly shaved pussy. I felt as if I could cum right then and there.

What happened then nearly caused me to lose it. From behind Britney's dressing table appeared another figure, it was a very naked Christina Aguilera. My interest had peaked as Christina made her way to Britney. As she reached her fellow goddess of song, she let her hand fall on Britney's breast, gently caressing her tits as their lips met. I wrapped my hand around my cock gently and began to slowly work my cock up and down, taking in the sensual sight which I was now in the process of beholding. Precum ran ramped down all sides of my long, firm cock.

Britney and Christina continued to kiss passionately and fondle each other for about another minute before they abruptly stopped. Britney turned away from me and let out a low whistle as Christina turned to me, winking. If there was anything more surprising in the world than the next occurrence then I was convinced that I would never find it. From behind the dressing table appeared the angelic nude figure of Mandy Moore. Her long blonde hair trailed in curls down her slender back and over her smooth shoulders, ending inches short of her beautiful firm breasts. Her nipples, already very firm, were the size of a nickel, quite small really, but my mouth watered nonetheless. My eyes burned a lusty trail from her wonderful breasts; down her firm six pack stomach, finally stopping at her young pussy. Her pussy was topped with a small strip of blonde hair leading down to her noticeably engorged clit. I could do nothing but stare at her beauty. My hand gently massaging my cock, I kept looking her up and down.

"Hello Josh," she said sweetly as I noticed her hand moving down over her stomach, softly caressing her clit. I noticed her shaking and I could sense the electricity that ran through her.

I failed to emit any sort of reply.

"To be honest," she said in a deep, lustful tone. "I have wanted you since that first morning we spent together drinking coffee. I have just been afraid to make my move all this time." She inserted one finger into her sweet little pussy as she took small steps towards me. Meanwhile, Christina stood behind Britney, her fingers buried in Britney's pussy, as they both watched Mandy. "But thanks to my friends," she placed a finger on Britney's breast and ran it the length of her chest, causing her to moan. "I have found the strength to tell you what I want."

I stopped stroking my cock as she leaned in towards me. I could feel her heat radiating off of her body and I could smell her sweet perfume mixed with the sensuous scent of her pussy. She leaned in to my side, whispering what she wanted into my ear. "I want you to take my virginity." I almost died, right there. Here I was, having made sweet love to more than my share of gorgeous women over the past few months, and here was the most beautiful young starlet asking me to take her sacred bond of sexuality. I could do nothing more than comply.

I gently wrapped my hand around the side of her head and pulled her lips to mine. She tasted sweeter than heaven itself. I felt the instant passion between us as if it had been there for years. Her lips were soft and her tongue was expert as it battled with mine in the ultimate battle of sexual passion. I let my hands fall to her firm breasts. I felt her moan as I pulled gently on her hard nipples. After giving her breasts enough attention, I let my hand trail down her firm stomach to her sweet pussy. I let my fingers run through her closely cropped blonde bush leading the way to her now well engorged clit. She moaned out loud at the initial contact of my finger with her clit. She pulled away from our embrace and stared me deep in the eyes.

"Take me now," she ordered. "I need you now."

I was up to the task as Britney and Christina had now moved to either side of us. I felt Mandy move her pussy above me as Britney's hand positioned my cock for entry into Mandy's tunnel of love. I felt the incredible warmth of a nubile teen pussy as Mandy began to lower herself down onto my thick cock. She gasped as my cock came to rest on her last remaining sign of youth, her cherry. Our eyes connected as she continued moving down on my cock, pushing through her teenage years and into womanhood. The pain and bleeding was forgotten before anyone noticed that it was there, and Mandy Moore and I felt only pure, sensual pleasure. She paused as my cock filled her tight hole. Her cunt felt wonderful, holding my cock tight within its warmth. Our eyes never strayed from each other as she began to slowly ride me, up and down. It was not long before I could feel her pussy pulsating around my cock, and her moans became louder and louder.

"Oh god," she moaned. "Oh god. Ohhhhhh Godddd!" She exploded as Britney reached in to rub her clit. I placed my mouth over hers as she screamed, cumming hard all over my cock. I could feel her pulsating and convulsing all over my eight inches.

As she came down from her high, Mandy slowly began to pick up pace, riding my cock. I carefully instructed her to switch positions. Now that she was broken in, I was going to give her a fucking that she would not forget. I turned her up onto her hands and knees and knelt behind her. I began to fuck her a little more fiercely now. As I continued to pound Mandy from behind, Christina moved behind me. I lost site of her for a moment, until I felt her warm tongue on my ass. She ran her tongue along the crack of my ass and then down to my asshole. Her tongue worked my asshole like a pro as I watched Britney move to the end of the couch, facing Mandy. She sat on the couch and placed her hand on the back of Ms. Moore's head, pulling Mandy's face down to her dripping pussy. I could see the pleasure in Britney's eyes as we came to a glance with each other. Mandy sure did a quick job on Britney, as I could see an orgasm coming in Britney's eyes. Between Mandy's wonderful pussy and Christina's warm tongue, I could feel the seed rise from my balls into my shaft.

"Ohh." I moaned as tried to hold back. It was futile. I reached back and began to rub Christina's engorged clit as she ate my ass hole. This set her off instantly, screaming loud into my ass as she came. Mandy was next, her pussy exploding again on my cock, causing me to loose it, blowing an incredible load deep into her pussy. By this time, Britney was in the throes of a wonderful orgasm herself, her screams echoed throughout the small room.

I continued to thrust my cock in and out of Mandy's tight cunt until her orgasm subsided and my cock went limp. I fell back onto the leather couch; soon after, Mandy fell back to my right and rested her head against my chest, Christina occupied the other side of me. Britney sat down between my legs and rested her head against my abdomen. Completely spent, we all fell asleep together, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, and me.


The next morning, I awoke to the faint sound of my cell phone, still covered in naked pop singers. I reached for my pants, trying not to wake the sleeping beauties around me. I found my phone and answered it as quietly as possible.

"Josh Thomas." I answered.

"Josh," it was Bob Mason. "Where the fuck have you been? I have been looking all over for you."

"I've been out."

"Damn right you have," He complied. "I called your fucking house, the office, the tour bus, the plane; everywhere."

"Bob, Bob," I stopped him. "Please tell me this has a point; I am a very busy man right now."

"Oh, Josh, don't give me that shit." He became somewhat perturbed. "Listen, like I was telling you last night, I have something for you."

"What is it?"

"We are kicking off this tour in three weeks with Destiny's Child, and I want you on it."

"Bob, slow down. You know I am on vacation."

"Yes, I know that."

I cut him off. "So call me when I get back. I'll talk to you in two weeks Bob." I snapped the phone shut, hanging up on him. I looked down to see Britney sitting there, looking up at me, smiling.

This was going to be one hell of a vacation.


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