tagNovels and NovellasThe Toy Box Ch. 04

The Toy Box Ch. 04

byLothario the Great©

"You ready for the next act?" Bethany asked as she pulled her limbs in different directions, working through a simple set of exercises.

"What’s the next act?" Ben asked. He saw Karen’s eyes open. A small catlike grin crossed her lips.

"Don’t even ask!" Bethany said with a laugh, and the others laughed good-naturedly as well. "You’re either in or our out."

Bernie said, "Well, seeing as how you just pulled him out, I’m sure he’d like to get back in again."

Karen asked, "What act are we on?" These were the first words in English anyone had heard her say since Taggert fed her his meat at the beginning of the previous activity.

Taggart said, "Seven."

"I’d like one order of Act Seven, please," Karen said.

Ben said, "I’m ready for Act Seven."

"Very well," Taggart responded. "Is everyone still good to go?"

"ALICIA!" Bethany shouted in a too-loud voice. "It’s time for Act Seven!"

Alicia lifted herself into a sitting position, pulling on Ben’s arm for support. "I’m up, I’m up." She did not move for a few long seconds, then she leaned over and kissed Ben on the cheek. "You fucked my guts out, stud. We’ll be doing that again very very very very soon."

Karen stretched her body out on the bed. Ben watched with fascination as her breasts rose and fell with each deep breath -- tired as he was, some things never bore. She asked Taggart, "So what inventiveness do you have in store for us now?"

"I thought it would be obvious," Taggart answered. "The girls and the boys are going to swap."

Ben’s heart beat fast. Part of him had resolved to jump in feet-first when the man-sex was about to begin, but now that the moment had arrived, he realized how apprehensive he was about the idea. Oh well, no turning back now, and that was the thought he’d used all along to bring him to this point.

Taggart and Bernie walked over to Ben’s bed, where Bethany and Alicia still held him in their arms. Karen turned her tired head to watch the scene unfold. Her boobs betrayed her increased breathing, and although her body remained motionless, she did allow her hand to slip in between her thighs, unable to help it.

"I’m the raging queen," Bernie said. "Taggart here is the social fag, only on orgy nights, but he’s a very good lover. You’ll be screwing me, and he’ll be screwing you."

Taggart radiated the same confidence he’d shown throughout the evening. Hands on hips, he gently asked, "Are you sure about this?"

Ben steadied himself before he spoke, so that his voice would not crack. "Yeah."

Alicia and Bethany kissed Ben on the cheeks at the same time, then stood up from the bed. At the same time, Bernie sat down on the edge. Smiling, he reached out and caressed Ben’s chin.

What the hell, Ben thought. He leaned forward and pecked Bernie on the lips, tense as a drumhead. But Bernie reached behind to Ben’s neck and pulled him into his body, softly parting Ben’s lips and reaching his tongue inside. Ben thought how this guy’s mouth tasted just like you’d expect a guy to taste, but then Bernie moved his hands down to Ben’s shoulders and held him close. Both men were still damp with sweat, and neither had an excessive amount of hair on their chests. The feeling of Bernie’s muscular arms and torso against his own ignited something unfamiliar in Ben. WHAT THE HELL, Ben reiterated, and he embraced Bernie in turn. They made out effortlessly for several long minutes, allowing Ben to acclimate to the new world.

Ben stole a few glances at Karen’s bed, where the Boxer women were about to descend upon his date. First they pulled the wet sheets off, leaving only the mattress which was covered in vinyl or some other plastic protection. Karen got back on the bed, and when Bethany leaned down to kiss her, she seemed much more at ease than Ben had been. This either wasn’t her first time with the fairer sex, or she wanted to experiment more than she did. In either case, Karen couldn’t help but encourage Alicia to suck her hard nipples, and when the redhead’s hand dipped into Karen’s shaved nether-regions, the trio seemed to move like a well-lubricated machine, because that’s just what they were.

"Whoa!" Ben exclaimed as he felt a man’s hand grab his hard penis. Taggart was rubbing jelly on his cock, stroking him as he went. Immediately Ben realized how different a handjob from a man was than from a woman; the male fist knew everything there was about jerking off, and it didn’t matter what set of genitals the fist had in its grip. As the expert stroking continued, Ben began for the first time to really look forward to Act Seven. Taggart handed the jelly tube to Bernie, who used a generous glob to cover his asshole. The next moment, Bernie was on his knees in front of Ben’s kneeling form, and just like that the moment had arrived.

Ben couldn’t keep his eyes open as he grabbed Bernie by the hips, positioned his cock on the other man’s anus, and gently began to push. He’d already invaded the bottom of at least one girl in college, but Bernie was a professional, and the passageway opened up effortlessly. Within moments, Ben’s penis filled the other man’s rectum. When he finally pressed his stomach against the buttcheeks, Bernie responded by tightening his sphincter. A wave of pleasure washed over Ben; not even Bethany had gripped him this hard, although at the time he wouldn’t thought such a thing was possible. Bernie began to buck against Ben, and Ben fucked the man in response. He was amused to realize he was responsible for making another man moan; Bernie didn’t sound like effeminate, but rather like the average stud in a porno video, tough and masculine and ready for more. But his body moved with true fluidity, bouncing against Ben the way a woman would. Ben also had one hand around his own cock, masturbating as he got fucked.

A set of fingers touched Ben’s asshole, applying jelly. "Oh my god," Ben said, not trying to hide his nervousness, as the fingers slipped inside him to push the jelly in. At first Ben enjoyed the sensation of the fingers working his ass, especially since his hard cock was getting such a beautiful workout, but the fingers disappeared swiftly, replaced by the unmistakable feeling of a blunt object against the opening. Ben remembered Taggart’s size from watching him dominate poor Karen, and this was the moment he had dreaded all night. He tried his best to relax and let the penis fill his butt, and at first there was no pain, but then the tool hit that same barrier he’d encountered earlier during the dildo event, and there was nothing fun about it. Ben simply fucked Bernie harder, trying to redirect his attention away from what was happening to him from behind. Once Taggart’s thick cock was buried down to the balls, he started to fuck Ben in earnest. "OH FUCK," Ben cried. He stared at the ceiling as everything below his waist became a blurry haze of white-hot heat, too-tense muscles and the threat of a colossal ejaculation from his own cock.

All three men were relatively silent in their loving, and more so when compared to the females on the other bed. Ben had a hard time focusing his vision, but apparently Karen was standing on the bed with her knees bent, sandwiched between the two women’s mouths, with one licking her cunt and the other cleaning her asshole. They moved their palms up and down her body, sometimes leaving red marks where they gripped her white flesh too long. Karen simply stared upward with a vacant expression, pinching her own nipples as she cupped her breasts in her palms. The three created something of a melodic trio with their moans -- Karen was the high-pitched pleader, breathing noisily through her teeth; Bethany moaned in a mezzo-soprano squeal with her face buried in Karen’s sopping twat; and Alicia crafted the bass with her low alto humming, her tongue probing deep into Karen’s anus.

Ben watched Karen come, vibrate from head to toe, and never move out of position. Beth and Alicia held on tight through the orgasm, then began again.

And that was about all Ben had time to notice from the other bed before he felt the most disgusting, most erotic sensation of his young adult life, the feeling of Taggart’s cum filling his bottom. It squirted out his hole with squeezed spurts as Taggart continued to plunge his cock into Ben. "OH SHIT!" Ben cried as he released his own load into Bernie, experiencing the same backlash of cum against his pubic area and stomach. Bernie started moaning loudly as well, and Ben felt more hot semen splash against his left leg. He looked down to see Bernie actually bending his cock back to aim it at Ben.

Ben pulled out of Bernie, who pulled him down onto the bed. Bernie french-kissed Ben again, and their penises pressed together. Bernie reached down and stroked Ben, and Ben did the same to Bernie. Oh fucking-A, Ben thought as he pulled on Bernie’s rock-hard dick. They continued the hand jobs, and Ben’s still-lubed penis was having a good time. Then Taggart silently turned Ben’s head toward his throbbing tool, covered in cum, and he shoved it into Ben’s mouth.

"Relax your throat, open it wide," Taggart instructed. "Clean me off."

Ben sucked the semen off Taggart and swallowed as he went. Then Bernie exploded in his hand, covering Ben’s stomach and soiling the sheets. Ben came soon after. There was still no pain in the orgasms, even after almost seven in the course of an evening, but the semen loads were decreasing in volume.

With Taggart extracted from Ben’s mouth and Bernie lying satisfied on the bed, Ben was free to watch the women finish their round. Karen laid on top of Bethany in a 69, her first true moment of domination with another member of the Toy Box. Alicia sat on her knees to the side and rubbed both women with her hands. Bethany licked Karen as best she good, but Karen savaged Beth’s cunt with a passion, spinning her head back and forth to increase the friction.

"OH FUCK YEAH!" Beth screamed, re-establishing herself as the most vocal lover in the room. "KAREN FUCK ME WITHYOUR MOUTH BABY, YEAH YEAH! OOOH, OHHHHHH, OH GOD!" She didn’t even bother to try licking Karen, but simply gave into the oral assault on her clitoris. When Beth came, she flopped like a fish, or a girl suffering from cardiac arrest. "AAHHHHH! AHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!! OHHHHHH! YEE-YEAH, YEAAAAAH!!!" Then suddenly she stopped, spent, breathing hard. Karen got off, turned around, and kissed Bethany. They both licked the pussy juices off each other’s faces. Alicia leaned in and joined the kissing.

"Alicia," Taggart said as he stood by Ben’s bed, "we’ll take a twenty-minute shower break. Change the sheets on the beds." With that, he left the room.

"Come on, buddy," Bernie said with the same what’s-up-dude voice from before, but he took Ben by the hand and led him out of the room like a romantic scene from a movie.

What the hell, Ben thought.

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