tagChain StoriesThe Training Ch. 03

The Training Ch. 03


Hello and welcome one and all to my first chain story. Thanks go to Alicia Charms for being brave enough to submit a chain story in the first place, Dr Mabeuse for writing such a good 2nd chapter and Tatewaki for letting me slip in front of him in the queue.

If you haven't read the previous two chapters: go read them. Or else you won't understand anything that's going on. Feedback is always appreciated and remember to vote before you leave (5 is a nice number, hint, hint).

Hope you enjoy. The Earl.

* * * * *

Alison scurried out of Master James’s office, pulling at her dishevelled dress to try and get it to return to some kind of respectability. It seemed impossible that it could ever have covered her; it was two sizes too small. She was aware of avaricious eyes staring at her as she scuttled through the bar and she could feel Ally’s hyper-libido start to surface again. She could feel the eyes coursing over her body, which was slipping further out of her disarrayed garments with every stride. She had to get away from them before she did something…something else she regretted.

Spying an open door, she ran in, slamming it behind her. The room was dark and furnished only with a bed. Another of the ‘playrooms’ she thought bitterly. She sank down on the bed and surveyed herself in the full-length mirror that was on one of the walls. She looked like a doll.

This wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted to be more aggressive in sex, but not this. She’d just had her veto power over her body removed at the slightest hint that a guy was interested in her and had rolled over to be fucked. Was she going to do this every time a man came near her? Was the rest of her life going to be spent being fucked six ways from Sunday by any man that showed an interest?

She smiled involuntarily. It had felt good though. Maybe it would be fun to go out there again and see what the other Masters were like…

Alison resisted this chain of thought. That was Ally speaking: the out of control nympho, who appeared to be controlling any of her thoughts about sex. Fuck, it felt like her head was splitting. Alison felt like she was in control, but she knew as soon as anyone else turned up, she was going to be left a helpless bystander while Ally fiddled with her body. She had to go and find Master M. Maybe he could put her back in control.

Suddenly the door swung open, banging back against the wall. A hooded figure stood in the door, silhouetted by the bright light that streamed in. Alison raised a hand to her forehead, her eyes squinting as she tried to make out the figure from the blinding sudden light. Then it spoke.

“Come with me.” The voice was quiet and soft, but carried an unmistakeable air of command. Alison got up from the bed before she realised and followed the figure from the room.

Q had observed Alison’s presentation from the back of the auditorium because it would have been considered presumptuous by the other masters to move closer. It was a very difficult position to maintain. On one hand, the other Masters couldn’t manage without Q’s undoubted skills, but on the other, the renegade Master represented the very anathema of their personal ambitions and opinions. They were all very strict doms who took great pleasure in humiliating their subjects, while Q was happy just to enjoy them. As sole member of a minority group, all sorts of opinions and expectations were attached to the renegade master. Q actually had no problem with their sexual quirks; they could do whatever they wanted, but the other masters resented any difference from their norm.

Alison’s noisy performance earlier had peaked Q’s interest and the sudden exit had settled it. The master had flicked up the gown’s hood and decided to take her to more private quarters.

Alison followed, her mind consumed with fiery thoughts of hate and fury while her body trotted meekly towards this strange Master’s private quarters. From what she’d seen of the other Masters, they’d all been loquacious and smarmy. This one hadn’t said anything apart from that first sentence and had crept with an odd grace away, not barracking or boasting with colleagues on the way out. Curiouser and curiouser.

Her interest was caught further by the fact that her leader wasn’t taking his hood down. Maybe this one didn’t love himself as much as Master James.

They turned into the quarters. It was well lit and spacious, but most of the room was taken up by a huge bed. It looked like the room had been designed around the bed, rather than the bed chosen for the room. As Alison turned to look at the Master, Q flicked her hood back, delighting in the look of blank incomprehension in Alison’s face as it revealed long jet-black hair and a definitely feminine face.

“But…but…but,” she stuttered, her mouth working without the brain having fully recovered from its shock yet. Q stopped her with one finger laid softly against her lips. The hand spread and her palm slid smoothly across Alison’s cheek and down to her neck. Q stepped forward and kissed her.

The feeling rushed through Alison and she felt a deep surge of erotic energy pulse through her body as soft red lips pressed into hers. Her lips parted and she began to kiss back; hesitantly at first, but with more conviction as each second passed.

They broke away and Alison reached for composure with the last vestiges of her control. “Who are you? Are you a Master?”

“I am Master Q.” At the confirmation that she’d kissed another Master, another erotic thrill rushed through Alison and she struggled not to throw herself at the woman in front of her. Q continued, amused at her reaction. “I am the only female Master. They…tolerate me because of my unparalleled talents in my field. I tolerate them because I get to enjoy the fruits of their labours. Like you.” Her finger traced the line of Alison’s jaw and she watched, enthralled as the girl shivered at her touch.

Ally felt her body rolling on the grace and smoothness of the unexpected English accent. Q’s voice seemed like liquid honey, dripping from her throat and coating everything she said with a soft allure.

“I must say, they’ve done a very good job on you.” Ally’s body thrilled with the compliment and she felt the mysterious Master’s hands skim down her back to clasp her arse briefly. Q’s lips curved seductively into a satisfied grin. “Oh yes, that’s good. Jenkins is an utter genius.”

They kissed again and Ally felt herself falling as Q manoeuvred her gently back onto the bed. Inside her head, a solitary voice was screaming that this wasn’t her, this wasn’t what she did, this wasn’t her…

Q’s hand grazed over her hips and the voice was quashed in the sheer thrill of pleasure. The renegade master moved her fingers, pressing firmly against Ally’s hips. The movements were slight, yet intensely erotic. Ally whimpered.

“I am the foremost expert in nerve technology.” Q spoke softly, her lips nuzzling Ally’s ear. “The other masters tolerate me, because I am the only woman in the world who can rewire your nerve endings to produce this kind of effect.” As she spoke, her fingers slid down the outside of Ally’s thigh, just grazing the skin, but causing all of her hairs to stand on end. Her other hand had worked its way between them and stroked across Ally’s stomach, seamlessly pulling apart the dress in a deft slight of hand.

Q’s smile broadened at the effect she was having on Ally and she removed the remnants of the dress to view the blonde’s body properly. Ally was now clad only in a black thong which contrasted sharply against the tone of her skin, making the sight of her somehow more erotic than if she’d been completely naked.

Q stood back from the bed and Alison sat up, rising with the Master’s movements as though they were attached by an invisible thread. She ached for the Master, her body reactions completely alien to her. Q undid some unseen fastening inside her gown. She wriggled her shoulders in an unexpectedly feminine manner and her robe slid to the floor, revealing nothing underneath.

In the sudden nudity, Ally was slightly surprised to note that Q had a fairly modest body: no voluptuous curves, no blonde hair, no huge breasts. The Master was slender and petite in a way not suggested by the all-concealing robes. It was something of a contrast to her new body; almost an antithesis. It was, however, one of the most desirable things she’d ever seen in her life.

Q smirked at Ally’s undisguised admiration. James had probably just used her to get off. Q took it as an obligation to show Ally the advantages of being a slave.

Ally reached out, her hand extended in a gesture of sheer desire, but Q shoved her roughly back onto the bed. The Master followed her onto the silk sheets, straddling her prostrate captive, her pussy pushing against the thin black thong that decorated Ally’s groin. Q pulled thin extendable straps from the bedposts and fastened them to Ally’s wrists, securing her to the bed. Ally’s body thrilled with the feeling of total submission; her body was being taken without her having any say in the matter and the adrenalin pulsed through her system.

Q roughly kissed her, her hands frantically roving her captive’s body, attempting to explore every inch in a second. Then, her initial all-consuming lust temporarily sated, she began to slowly move down Ally’s body, kissing and licking at Ally’s neck.

Every touch was glorious pleasure, a firebrand attached to her nerves, almost painful in it’s intensity. Ally struggled against the straps, desperately trying to free a hand, so she could touch herself. She needed to touch herself, needed an ever more extreme sensation and the fact that her bonds were preventing it brought out a strange frustration which aroused her further.

Q’s hands cupped Ally’s perfectly rounded breasts, enjoying their weight and the smooth silkiness of the skin. Her thumbs caressed a jutting nipple and she couldn’t resist slipping her mouth over it to suck, her tongue exploring the crinkled skin of the aureolae. Ally jumped, electricity coursing through her veins. Hairs stood up and her skin fizzed as Q trailed her fingertips lightly over her stomach.

Q’s movements were slow and languorous, but her hands seemed to be everywhere. Ally started to pant; her breathing coming in short sharp bursts as the Master’s hands awakened every inch of her skin.

Q looked up at her, the smirk plastered across her face. Ally stared into her eyes, abstractly noticing that they were brown, as the Master’s grin grew. Q’s fingertips were drawing little diagrams on her captive’s inner thigh and, although not touching her groin, was sending fireworks up and down Ally’s left leg, igniting her pussy.

Q stayed there for a second, one hand propping her up to look into her captive’s eyes so that she could watch Ally’s face. Her alabaster skin was flushed and her over-the-top makeup was smudged with sweat. Q’s fingers slid further up Ally’s leg with every movement, causing a jerk and a gasp as her fingers got closer and closer, but never quite touched.

Ally closed her eyes, her senses focusing on the trailing hand that was causing her so much agony and ecstasy in equal measures. Every time the hand circled near her pussy, she bucked her hips, desperately trying to force it to make contact. She was only vaguely aware of a hand tugging at her thong, before it was suddenly gone. She opened her eyes to see Q waving a small pair of scissors.

Q tossed away the thong and deliberately slid her fingers up to brush the outer edge of Alison’s shaven quim. Alison jumped further, a small moan escaping from her lips. Q’s lips curved as the smirk widened further. She pulled away slightly to attach straps to Ally’s ankles, the palms of her hands trailing down Ally’s legs as she moved, before gently squeezing her heels. Ally watched Q’s lithe body move, her hyper-libido preventing her from removing her eyes from the Master’s arse. Q slid back up her body, resuming her position between Ally’s legs. Her fingers crept to her captive’s pussy, drawing little circles just above her clit, before sliding down and pressing inside her.

Ally closed her eyes, her entire body shuddering with the intense sensations racking her. Sure, she’d been with another woman before, but it had never been anything like this. Q pressed in and withdrew slightly to add a second finger. Ally’s pussy was soaking the sheets and the corkscrewing motion of Q’s fingers as she thrust in and out weren’t doing anything to decrease her arousal.

The rhythmic stroking was driving Ally mad. She groaned, a sound resonating from the very depths of her body. Q’s other hand was running up and down the outside of Ally’s thighs, the lesser sensation providing a perfect counterpoint to the other. That was drowned out by a sudden rush of sensation, as Q added a turn to her rhythm, pressing upwards to find her G-spot. Ally whimpered, her entire body going slack as the sudden pressure on her sensitive spot collapsed her joints.

Q could feel a rush of excitement entering her as she fingered her captive. Her body was responding to Ally’s little moans and the feelings that she got from doing this were close to overwhelming her. Unable to resist it any longer, she bent her neck and applied her tongue to Ally.

The effect was electric. Ally threw her head back, almost screaming with the intensity of her pleasure and her hips bucked, trying to force more of Q’s tongue onto her. Q began to lick her, using the flat of her tongue to drag over the top of her captive’s pussy while her fingers continued to move, pressing and thrusting, applying pressure to Ally’s clit from both sides. The Master had to restrain herself from licking like a frantic dog and concentrate all her efforts into a slow and steady rhythm.

Ally could feel her orgasm building, a hot coal inside her. Her skin felt boiling and it felt like she was giving off waves of heat as the pleasure throbbed inside her. She bit her lip, her teeth scoring the inside as the Master’s attentions convulsed her body. Her back arched and the ecstasy spilled over, emanating from her groin and shaking her body, her pussy convulsing around Q’s fingers. She felt like she was screaming, her body disintegrating in the force of her pleasure, but all that escaped her lips was a long drawn-out moan.

Q shuddered, a wave of pleasure crossing her at Ally’s orgasm. She waited until Ally had completely finished, before withdrawing her administrations. Leaning forwards, she licked her captive’s stomach, enjoying the salty taste of Ally’s sweat.

Ally lay back on the bed, feeling as though any moment she was going to sink through it. She was only vaguely aware of Q undoing one of her wrist restraints and by the time she opened her eyes again, the Master was already slipping into her robe.

Ally sat up, disappointed that it seemed to be ending. “Don’t you want me to…” She fumbled with her other wrist restraint, unfamiliar with the clasp.

Q smiled as she shucked the robe around her shoulders, the gown enveloping her body. “No, I’m good. No offence, but there are slaves here who know more about how to do it than you. No offence.”

“Is that why you’re a Master? So that you can find girls who know how to fuck?” Ally asked, a bitter note marring the attempted innocent query.

Q laughed. “Course not. I’m here because I like giving women pleasure. I know where every nerve in you is and how to work them properly.” She stepped forwards and grabbed Alison’s knee, her thumb pressing just below her kneecap and grinding slowly. Alison jumped, a sudden rush of pleasure infusing her. “I just like to make girls cum.”

“So why haven’t you gone for the upgrade yourself?”

“Because I’m pretty already. All those arsehole Masters out there would love to fuck me and change me and make me their property. I’m not letting any one of them mess with my mind. And I’m definitely nobody’s property.” She leant forwards and kissed Alison on the mouth, briefly, but firmly. “I do lend myself out sometimes though.” Another grin caressed her mouth as she flipped up the cowl of her gown to become an androgynous Master again.

“I’ll tell you one thing though. The only way to work this place is to use it for your own purposes. At the moment you’re struggling with the new you that someone’s put in your mind, you’re not used to the way your body responds or the way your mind responds. You probably feel like you’re there’s someone else at the wheel and like you have no control.

“It’s not a different person though. Everything that you are now is just everything that you were before. There’s just different aspects of you to the fore at different times. So stop giving yourself a complex and enjoy yourself. You are who you are and if you can accept that all of this is you, then you’ll have a much better time here.”

She turned to leave. “See you around.”

As the door shut, Alison was left astounded at her perception. Maybe being Ally wasn’t a bad thing. Hell, if it meant she could experience that again, then it was worth not being in control. She checked herself: She was in control. It was just a different aspect of her at different times. She could handle this. She doubled over, her fingers trembling as she attempted to unfasten the ankle manacles, a smile coming to her face as she thought of the possibilities.

Q walked out of her rooms, but changed direction to walk away from Master James who was waiting outside.

“So I hear you’ve been enjoying our latest recruit. Are you getting any closer to deciding when you want to be a changee? We could have dinner in my quarters to discuss it if you like.”

Q walked off, her only reply a raised middle finger held over her shoulder. James smiled and muttered to himself. “Don’t worry Quieta. I’ll get you soon.”

The next chapter should be coming soon. Remember: All writers have fragile egos and if you vote nicely, then they'll be more likely to write more. The 5 vote is just beneath here :D. The Earl

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