tagChain StoriesThe Training Ch. 04

The Training Ch. 04


The Six from Japan

Master James had been fucking the living shit out of Alison for hours. She'd been strapped face down into a wrought-iron bondage horse, one with comfortable leather padding and thick leather straps. Her insatiable body had been well used all morning. It finally learned the meaning of the phrase ‘totally spent.' The always cunt-hungry Head Master made sure he ravaged all three of her cock-starved holes, filling them repeatedly with his come. The precious, viscous stuff leaked out of her. It oozed out of her stretched, fully dilated asshole and battered, gaping pussy. She felt like she'd been doing Kegel exercises for ten hours straight. Her pussy couldn't grip anything smaller than an eggplant right now.

Alison wished that the leather-wrapped iron ring that kept her mouth pried open would vanish. She hated even a drop of James' come escaping from her lips. The ring gag allowed his creamy spunk and her thin drool to flow out of her mouth. It pooled on the polished planks of the walnut flooring. Seeing the white tendrils of his love mixed in with the clear spittle leaking from her mouth made tears well up in her eyes.

As spent as she felt, Alison knew that if he decided to take her again, she'd be more than willing. Being well-loved without love getting in the way suited her just fine. She knew and accepted the difference. Felix loved her. James fucked her soundly and well, but would discard her in a heartbeat when it suited him.

She planned to make sure that this never happened.

"We're late, Alison. You've got to hurry. Make me come one last time." Master James, the Head of the Masters Guild, undid the straps from behind Alison's head and removed the ring gag. Her sore jaws creaked shut. Before she could properly work out the stiffness Master James' thick, black cock banged at her lips, demanding entrance. Her wide, pearly gates opened for him. His rigid tool brushed past her teeth without being scraped. She was well trained in oral service. She never made such an amateurish mistake. Master James ruthlessly skullfucked the bound woman. Her tightly secured body allowed nothing to move except for her hair as his hips slammed against her lips and nose.

Alison's toes and fingers grasped empty air, desperate to find solid purchase as Master James rode her face. Her secured wrists and ankles strained in the cuffs, denied even a creak from the well-worn leather. How many others had lay prostrate like this, awaiting his cock? She willed the unpleasant thought away. They were gone. She remained. His cock pulsed inside her mouth. That meant something. The Mansion crawled with attractive, willing women. He could have any of them. He repeatedly chose her to provide him with pleasure. That pleased her in return.

She had come to enjoy the feeling of helplessness, of being made to serve a man without question. Her pleasure mounted as Master James, usually a silent comer, uttered deep, guttural grunts. Alison sucked as hard as she could. She loathed the brace that kept her from being able to move her head. Bobbing her head would increase the stimulation. She wanted to provide him with the ultimate blowjob, but felt severely limited by the restraints.

She needn't have worried. Master James had enjoyed his morning. This final act would keep him buoyed all day. He slamfucked her talented mouth, knowing that depriving her of motion for so long, then freeing only this one part of her would result in oral gymnastics of unprecedented artistry and savagery. Her lips and tongue, now free to move, enveloped him in a steaming, sucking pocket of bliss. He wouldn't last much longer. "I'll come for you if you help, Alison. You have sixty seconds. Fail, and I pull out of you. That’ll mean no more come, Alison. I'll whack off into a handkerchief and toss it away. You want that?" Her piteous, wounded wails around his cock broke his heart.


"Then suck me, Alison. Fetch the creme you want so badly out of my balls. You've fifty seconds left."

She worked that cock more deftly than a child molding Play-doh. Her cheeks sank inwards as she increased the suction upon him. All her throat muscles were in overdrive, kneading him every time his cock slipped down her throat. She wanted him so bad! She decided his come was her prize for the morning, and she'd get it all. Twenty seconds saw him spurting creamy goodness down into her belly, warming her insides like hot oatmeal on a cold morning. She felt comforted by his semen inside her.

Master James pulled out of her, sighing. The room swam in his vision. Gods, that woman could handle dick! He hated leaving the warm enclave of her mouth but business awaited. He quickly released her from her bonds, then ordered her to get dressed.

She dressed in the gauzy, diaphanous, clothing she knew James preferred to see her in. The baggy, translucent pants hid her body in smoky grey shadow. Her silhouette moved enticingly within them. The matching gauze vest hid even less of her. The half-vest left a bare swath down her front and her midriff uncovered. Only a thin gold neck chain that clung to her throat held it together. Her full, round breasts filled out the vest, her nipples and aureoles barely covered. He directed her to don her hand flower, and two exquisitely bejeweled foot flowers. She thrilled to the knowledge that she'd be paraded around barefoot today. Such dazzling accouterments were not meant to be concealed. The fine, scintillating gold mesh and the tiny bells and medallions incorporated into the jewelry glittered in the light as she put on the ornate Indian jewelry. Every move she made set off a cacophony of tiny clinks. A dainty windchime in the warmest of breezes.

"I have a new piece for you today, Alison. Here." Master James gave her a necklace with a crystal ring threaded upon it. The detailing on the crystal ring made it look like twisted lengths of flexible, braided rope. She half expected it to collapse inwards when pressed. The solid piece of glass looked like it could be unraveled like real rope.

"It's beautiful," she whispered. "Thank you."

"Yes, it is. Put it on. Never leave it behind when in the mansion from this point onwards." Before she could question him, Master James snapped a heavy gold girdle around her shapely waist. The low slung belt accentuated her curvaceous, flowing form. It also had a convenient loop where Master James could snap on a leash. He coiled the golden tether in his fist, giving it a slight tug. "Come along. We've an appointment to keep. But do take the time to greet the membership with the proper respect. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Head Master James," she said. She loved obeying him but hated the assigned task. Small, filthy dicks had no business in her mouth! She only wanted to service him. And her husband Felix, of course.

Master James led his tethered slave barefoot through the complex. Whenever a Master of suitable station greeted Master James, she gracefully knelt before the startled man and orally serviced him. Like pissing at hydrants, she left her scent upon them as she passed. Even if she never came their way again, they'd be marked by her passage. By the time they reached their destination, Alison's belly gurgled and sloshed with come.

Not in a pleasant way, either.

Still, she felt elated with her Master's looks of pride and approval. Even now, Alison remained unsure if this feeling was a natural one or an artificial instinct created by a trance state. She chose to believe it to be a natural proclivity of hers.


Master James and Alison waited in the spacious chamber. She'd never been there before. Her kindly Master answered her unasked question. "We're waiting for the Eastern Masters to arrive. They'll be here soon."


"Asian," he clarified. "Japanese. They've come to see our techniques."

"They use different ones?" Alison sounded surprised. She hadn't realized the Masters Guild was a multinational organization. But why would they need to travel to learn the techniques behind altering appearances? They were Masters, were they not?

"Different ones, yes. Eriko is a traditionalist, I fear. She doesn't embrace change like I do."

"She?" Alison blurted before she could stop herself.

"Yes, they allow females in the ranks." Allison's eyes sparkled at the news. Female members? Suddenly, she spied a route to power she hadn't known existed for her. "Interesting," she drawled.

They didn't have long to wait. The tall double doors at the end of the chamber opened, allowing a small procession to come inside. Alison held her breath as three women and three men entered, robed in colorful, elegant finery.

The Japanese, the Masters of the East, had arrived.

Master James introduced the Six to Alison. Eriko Achida, a short Japanese woman, smiled at her. No kindness marred her delicate features, just rigid civility. Marisha-Ten, the Queen of Heaven, gave her the ability to know the minds and hearts of people, Master James said. Her elegant clothing had ivory mixed with aquamarine and topaz swirls. The mesmerizing pattern upon her robe of office looked as fragile and stylish as the woman herself.

Her second-in-command and diametric counterpart, Arieru Hirase, worshiped Ohonamoghi of the Earth. She sculpted flesh and bone. Russet and rose quartz paisleys adorned her ivory robes, the expensive looking material rustling in the faint breeze in the room. Her kindly features belied the cold, piercing gaze she kept leveled at Alison. For some reason, Alison sensed that the Japanese woman didn't like her.

The third woman, Keira Karamorita, gave thanks to Tamon, the Guardian of the North for her power. She dressed in lavender and ivory, rather delicate colours for a woman who dealt in nightmares and fear. She could both instigate doubt and hesitation in people or alleviate them. Her abilities allowed for the amplification of the libido by mental coercion. She gave off an uninterested air, Alison decided. She preferred that to Arieru's unvoiced hostility.

The handsome man in green and white pushed himself in front of Master James. "I am Nobuhiro Yoshida. Zocho is my Lord. The Guardian of the South has blessed me with the gift of sculpting desire and fantasy out of the minds of my subjects. I am happy to meet you, Alison." He bowed to her, the practiced, deep sweep making Eriko's eyes widen almost imperceptibly. "Glad to meet you, too," Alison chirped. At least one of the Japanese had manners! She could believe that he wove desire. His beautiful face and form made her damp between the legs. She liked how his ivory and emerald robe clung to his body, letting her see the play of his muscles over his spare frame as he moved.

Master James cleared his throat. Nobuhiro pointedly ignored him. He had taken over twenty years to become fluent in English. Why shouldn't he do his own talking?

Master James continued his introductions. Alison heard him, but kept staring at the bulge that grew and twitched at Nobuhiro's groin. Now, this was a Master she'd love to greet in a hallway!

Hiroaki Nora, Master James said, represented Jikoku, the Eastern Guardian. He wore ivory and sapphire. He bestowed reason and logic upon those he gifted, or idiocy upon those he cursed. His abilities allowed people to realize why they should or shouldn't act in certain ways. That pricked Alison's interest. A couple of good shots of Scotch whiskey could have the same effect upon her, though alcohol didn't agree with her. All the effects of bottle bravery without the rough morning after? Sign her up.

The next fellow had looks that put Nobuhiro's to shame! Ryota Shirane personified Zocho, the Western Guardian. He embodied inventiveness and imagination. He knew and could impart advanced sexual techniques. His voluminous ruby and ivory robes reminded Alison of a violated virgin's once-pristine sheets the morning after. Alison found her gaze wandering over his handsome face and broad shoulders. What lay beneath the ornate, draping robes, she wondered? The flashing smile he gave her in return made her nipples stiffen. She found herself pushing out her sizable tits at him. Nobuhiro cut Ryota a sidewise glance, but said nothing.

The Lesser Four, the Guardians, provided power and mental stability. The Primary Two would mold the flesh of the subject, Master James said. All Six would then work on altering the mind and attitudes of the subject. "Subject?" Alison asked. "Who would that be?"

"You, fool!" Arieru hissed. "Do not pretend that you did not know."

"She didn't know," Master James said. "I don't tell women my business. This isn't Japan." Arieru's face remained impassive, but her shining black eyes glittered with anger. "She expected surgery tomorrow, not Psychic Remolding."

Master James told Alison that the surgery would be done without cutting her flesh. She didn't believe it. "No surgery?" she said. "You can do everything you said without any surgery? No drugs? No trances?"

"They can, yes," Master James said. "But they might not choose to do so. First you must agree to something." Master James spun her around so that she stared directly into his warm, brown eyes. She seeped for him. "These are very ancient techniques, Alison. They're not for the wife of a lowly Master of the first rank. Before they can begin working on you, we require you."

Alison felt alarm tighten around her heart. "What?"

"We require you." Master James placed a reassuring hand upon her shoulder. "One weekend every month isn't nearly enough. We need more access to you, Alison."

"They, or you?" Alison asked. She'd been in Master James' bed more than anyone else's, including Felix's. Knowing of his interest, she had played it against the lesser members. They now mostly steered clear of her. A couple of brave souls occasionally tried to corner her, asserting their right as Masters to use her for their own pleasure, but an exasperated sigh and a mumbled "Head Master James expects me in his chambers in a few moments," always ensured that she escaped unmolested.

These close encounters left her feeling all tingly and ready to fuck. Master James knew how to capitalize on her amorousness. While fucking him she never thought twice about her beloved husband, Felix.

Now, she thought of him. Part time wasn't full time. She craved cock but liked her regular life. She wasn't ready to let Felix or it go. Not yet.

"I have a life and a career," she said. "I can't lounge around the mansion indefinitely!" A lie sheathed in truth. Her whole body craved the sensations that only could be provided here. She wanted things to remain as they were. She'd love to stay, but didn't want to lose Felix or her independence. What to do?

"Why not?" Master James asked her. "We can pay well for your services. Think how convenient it could be for you. Right now we don't make many radical alterations. You can't afford for your aspect to change too much. Your friends, family and colleagues would comment."

"They already have about my increased height. I had to stop wearing high heels around them," Alison said.

"So you see the problem," Master James continued. "What if I said that by staying here with us we could modify you beyond your wildest dreams? Make you into anyone you've ever imagined?

"Like who? Janet Jackson?"

Master James looked over the pale, curvaceous brunette. "Janet? We could make you into Michael Jackson if we wanted," he said. "But if we fucked up you'd end up looking more like Diana Ross."

Master James paced around her, examining her through her diaphanous clothes. She no longer felt any shame at being displayed like this before him. Her fat breasts poked out. Her ass and calves tightened as she posed for her favorite Master. She couldn't help it; when he looked at her, her traitorous body always responded like this. If he asked it of her, she'd fuck him right this instant, dignitaries be damned.

"How would you like to be Japanese for a week, Alison?"

"Can you do that?" she whispered. Her excited response made the words trip over each other in their haste to exit her lungs. "Is such a thing possible?"

"Not only possible but a requirement, actually. The delegates prefer to stick to their own kind."


"No Occidentals allowed," he said. "You need to be Asian in order to be properly presented to them."

Nobuhiro winked at her. She smiled in return. Ryota ignored their exchange.

"It's customary to give as a gift the most becoming woman possessed by the Brotherhood to visiting dignitaries," Master James said.

Color flooded Alison's cheeks. All four of them. Her well-used ass glowed as brightly as the cheeks on her face did. "Most becoming woman? You mean me?"

"Yes, Alison. You've exceeded all my expectations."

Alison looked like a princess just given a crown. Then a skeptical look crossed her face. Apparently she noted that the necklace and scepter were still on backorder. She didn't like Arieru or Eriko all that much. "Thank you, James," she said.

Master James shook his head. Alison realized her mistake. James might be the name she used in her head but she'd never before addressed him by his first name. Now she had done so in public! She eyed the Japanese dignitaries. They all ignored her embarrassment.

No, that wasn't right. One definitely noticed. Eriko, the diminutive Queen of Heaven, examined her with a forceful, considering gaze that stripped Alison to her skeletal frame.

"Will you stay?" Master James asked her.

"No. I cannot."

"I see." His voice sounded chiseled from a glacier. "If you can't, you can't." Master James shook his head with regret. "We'll schedule your final restorative surgery for the day after next to return you to your original appearance."


"We're done, Alison. I release you from your husband's bargain. I give back to you your old life and body." He flicked one of her hard nipples with a fingernail. She flinched. "Too bad. I really like these new tits of yours." Master James sighed, suddenly world-weary. "When you get home, forget that we exist." Master James kissed her chastely on the cheek. She immediately felt her clit, nips and asshole tingle. Why did she have that response whenever he paid her the slightest attention? "Go back to your old life, Alison. We'll find someone else to replace you."

Alison looked a trifle disheartened. "Is it so easy to replace me?"

"You'd better believe it," Master James said. "I won't miss you when you're gone."

Master James excused himself, bowing formally to the Japanese delegates. Four of them returned his kind gesture. Eriko, in Empress fashion, nodded her eyelashes. Arieru didn't move a muscle. Master James smiled at their imperious natures. Those two were just as he remembered them. He left Alison in their care.

The other Japanese looked at her curiously, as if seeing her for the first time. Eriko watched Alison watching his retreating back for ages. Master James vanished through the doors.

"He likes you," Eriko finally said.

"Who likes me?" Alison asked.

"James," the Asian woman said. She carefully emphasized the name. "Your Head Master. He likes you. He wouldn't get so angry with you otherwise."

"Angry? James?" Alison flinched as she again embarrassed her Master in front of the strangers. Thank God he wasn't around to witness it.

"Nor would he tolerate such impertinence," Eriko said. She clenched Alison under the jaw, moving her head back and forth like an owner inspecting the profile of her favorite mare. Anger welled up in Alison, an impotent, stillborn anger she dared not express to these important visitors.

Eriko slid her hand down into the valley between Alison's breasts, over her stomach, and down to her crotch. Her long, tapered fingers snaked into Alison's wet, clenching pussy. Two fingers slid in easily, that hole being well fucked by Master James not even an hour ago. The tiny woman frigged Alison's slack pussy, milking it of its juices.

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