tagChain StoriesThe Training Ch. 05

The Training Ch. 05


The Emirate of Kobekistan is one of those wonderful places where a visitor feels that they have stepped back into a more leisurely, more dignified era of history, but without sacrificing any of the more useful gadgets of modern civilisation. Air-conditioning protects the inhabitants from the rigours of a sub-tropical climate. Motor cars whisk them from one building to another. Desalination provides ample water. The most modern medical advances are practised in the hospitals. Television shows umpteen channels. Education utilises the most modern computer-aided systems. Childbirth is no longer as dangerous as it used to be, even though eunuch doctors are the only ones available to the women of the harems. Becoming a eunuch is very rarely a fatal operation since it is carried out by experts in surgical conditions second to none. A girl being cut and sewn to make her incapable of sexual pleasure and virtually unusable by a man (except for sodomy) now has a less than one in a thousand chance of contracting a dangerous infection. Moderation in all things is the watchword. Toleration extends to allowing alcohol to be sold to foreign workers in the country, though only within their company compounds. Women are taught to read and write, at least in some harems.

Of course, these facilities are not all available to all the population, but for all those who matter, the better families, they are taken for granted. A field slave might not benefit from all of them, but the medical services ensure that a slave no longer has to be humanely destroyed if an over-enthusiastic owner damages it somewhat while administering discipline.

The disadvantages of civilisation as it is understood in the West are nevertheless kept at bay. Advertising is negligible. Tourists are not permitted to enter the country. Women are not allowed to show their faces on the streets. Marriages are arranged by parents, who are wiser in their choices than the impulses of youth would be. There is none of the political brouhaha since the country is ruled by the Emir whom Allah has appointed. His word is law, literally; were he to say "Off with his head," the miscreant would be executed in public within the hour.

All of this is made possible by the oil on which the Emirate rests. When all the oil reserves have been extracted, in some centuries time, the level of the land will have been lowered by an average of ten feet. The oil is a 'heavy crude' which is dug out of the ground in lumps, looking for all the world like treacle toffee. There is none of the messy liquid to process and no unsightly wells.

The Emir, His Magnificence Mahmoud Abdullah, has ruled the land in peace and prosperity for many years. In that time he has made many friends throughout the world. Some of his especial friends share his tastes and interests in the selection, training, and breeding of women. Hearing of the transformation skills of the Masters Guild and its staff, the Emir decided to investigate.


It was some weeks after Alison returned from her visit to Japan when the Guild of Masters received an unusual visitor, and a royal visitor at that.

"Welcome to the Masters Guild, your Majesty," said Master James, somewhat unsure of himself in the presence of one so far above him in social standing. It wasn't the title that frightened him, it was the credit report he had seen that morning. Dun and Bradstreet had rated his personal wealth as requiring a telephone call to them. When Master James telephoned, fearing a hoaxer, they had assured him that the Emir could afford to pay a bill of "more than a billion dollars" from his personal bank account, and Master James had never realised that such a rating even existed.

"Relax, my friend," the Emir said, "I am not a Majesty. If you really want to be formal I am a Magnificence; to be truly formal I am His Magnificence, the Emir Ibrahim, but I thought that here I was among friends. A simple Sir will suffice."

After the tour of the premises, the Emir explained why he was there, "It is not the training of the women which interests me. We have our own ways of training them which I assure you work well. It was the transformation process that interested me."

As Master James started to speak the Emir held up one hand and continued, "I know. It is a secret. I don't want your secret, though doubtless it could be bought."

'To a man who could pay a billion dollars out of his personal bank account, the whole of the Masters Guild and all the Masters in it could be bought, and there would be enough left over to buy most of the US Senate,' Master James thought.

"All I may wish to do is have some women transformed, for a proper fee of course. The fee would have to include a guarantee of their safety."

"Sure we could arrange that, Sir," said Master James, "No problem."

"What worries me is that when you have transformed, let's say a quiet ordinary woman into a Hollywood Beauty Queen and enhanced her sexual desire to the point of nymphomania, can a man still enjoy her? Does it ruin her self-control and training?"

"If you will permit me, Sir, we can demonstrate such a woman to you whenever you wish."

"Tomorrow, then, about four in the afternoon? And it will be a private demonstration?"

"Most certainly," said Master James, and the Emir left.

Master James immediately rang Felix.

"Felix," he said, "Do you enjoy your visits with us?"

"Yeah," said Felix enthusiastically.

"Well, we, that is the Guild, would like to ask a favour of you."

"You got it," replied Felix without hesitation.

"We would like to offer Alison tomorrow, as part of a demonstration of our skills, to a visitor who is not a member of the Guild. He is an honoured guest of ours from overseas. Of course he does not have a member's right to demand her, so I'm asking it as a favour."

"I thought you now owned her?" asked Felix, perplexed.

"We do, for Guild purposes, but this is so far beyond our rights in her that I felt we should ask you, as a favour, to agree to this."

"Okay, right. Can I watch?"

"We hope you don't insist. He's a might touchy about that. You can watch on video afterwards, but not directly," said Master James firmly.

Felix shrugged, "Okay, I guess. Who's the big VIP?"

"Let us just say that he is Royalty from one of the oil states."

"A Sheikh or something?"

"Something like that, yes."


Mid-morning of the next day the Emir's Rolls arrived and Master James wondered what was happening. The chauffeur, a tall well-built Arab, seemed to be the only occupant and he delivered a parcel to Master James without uttering one single syllable. Opening the parcel in his office Master James found two pages of detailed instructions, and a harem costume.

Just after lunch Alison was duly delivered to the Masters Guild.

"You got plenty time to prepare; he won't be ready for you for a couple hours. Here is the gear he wants you in," said Master James, handing her a bundle of clothes, "I'll check you over and finish the preparation when you are done. Oh, and no jewellery. The rings come off for this man. He figures nipple rings are gaudy, and clit rings are stupid because they give the woman some pleasure but contribute nothing to the man's excitement."

Alison had a leisurely bath and examined the clothes she was to wear. The top was a sleeveless brocade waistcoat with some sort of sequins sewn in behind the embroidery making it sparkle in the light. It was in the style of a western bolero top, but had neither buttons nor button holes. That did not matter because it did not meet across the breasts but left them visible at each swing as she walked. The other garment was a pair of loose sheer chiffon trousers in pastel blue, with no gusset or seam between the legs. Thus the legs were encased, but the gap left the wearer's cunt completely visible and accessible. As the gap ran from the front waistband right through to the back, the arse-crack was also totally available.

Ally's spirit rose and her cunt began to liquefy at the mere thought of the reactions of the men who might see her in this outfit. Clearly these clothes were not designed for warmth, decency or comfort. They were designed solely for the pleasure of the man watching the woman who wore them. The blue of the trousers complemented her blonde tresses perfectly. Putting them on, she sat at the dressing table and carefully applied her make-up.

Then she walked out into Master James's office and asked, "Will I do?"

"Not yet," said Master James, "Lay on the couch; I have to complete your make-up."

He took some rouge and reddened her nipples and areolae carefully, then he applied more rouge to her labia. Turning her on her front he spread her arse-cheeks and oiled her anus carefully, using three fingers to make sure she was thoroughly eased open and it was all Alison could do to keep her mind on the guest she was expected to pleasure. As he was doing so, he explained what this client wanted.

"First, you are nothing to him. Your sole purpose in that room is for his pleasure. If he says 'cum' you cum immediately. If he doesn't order you to cum, you don't cum. You only ever do exactly what he orders. You only speak in answer to a direct question. If he hits you, he hits you and that's that. If he fucks you that's up to him. If he says 'jump' you don't wait to ask 'how high'. You start by kneeling at the foot of his bed and kissing his feet and slowly work your way up his legs. Then you start to kiss and lick his prick and balls. You don't take it in your mouth unless you are told to do so. He will direct you from there."

Master James paused.

"On your back and play with your clit," he ordered, "Make yourself nearly cum, but don't you dare finish."

After watching her for some minutes, Master James motioned her to stop, and then squeezed her cunt top to bottom to make it gape open and poured in a liberal helping of oil. Fingers again ensured she was completely lubricated. As he did this Alison longed for his thick length inside her.

"OK, you'll do," he said, "Now get in there and remember everything I told you about how to approach this man. If he isn't pleased with you, I shall be angry. If I'm angry, Felix will be angry. The visitor will punish you; then I'll punish you for being punished. Then Felix will take you home to the worst punishment of all; never to return here again."


The bed on which her temporary Master reclined was higher than any she had seen before, easily three feet off the floor. She only had to bend at the waist to be perfectly positioned to kiss his feet. Quickly she worked her way up the legs, marvelling at the cleanliness of this man.

"Mmm," she murmured as she licked at the plum-coloured head of his prick, "I do adore a lovely big ..."

She was never clear what happened then but she found herself in a heap on the floor with her head ringing from a blow over her left ear. The Emir was standing over her with a small dog-whip in his hand.


The pain across her lower back and buttocks where the whip had landed was excruciating, but she retained enough grasp of her surroundings to hear him say, "You were not given permission to speak. Americans never train their women properly. Start again, and be quick about it. Personally, I have all my American concubines' vocal cords removed before they come to my bed."

With that he lay down on the bed again.

"Do I have to send you back and ask for a replacement?" he asked impatiently.

Alison scrambled to her feet and made her way to the foot of the bed, where she carefully started to kiss his feet and legs again, reflecting on how upset Master James, and especially Felix would be if the Emir rejected her. Then she remembered Master James's threat that she would never return to the Masters Guild if she failed tonight. The thought horrified her and she realised, for the first time, that she was utterly addicted to this place and its many demands.

As she licked and sucked her way round and along his prick and balls, she waited for a command to change what she was doing. Eventually that command came.

"My nipples."

She moved carefully up his body, not neglecting his navel en route to his nipples which, she discovered, erected whenever she feathered them with the tip of her tongue, but did not appreciate being sucked. She learned that because he also played with her nipples, exciting her when he was pleased and digging his nails in cruelly if she displeased him. This confused her a little, because the pain excited her more than the stroking. The next order arrived soon after that.

"I believe your police instruct you to 'assume the position'."

Obediently she slid off the high bed and stood, feet apart, bent forwards on to the bed, arms above her head, ready to be searched for concealed weapons in true 'Highway Patrol' fashion. The Emir slipped quietly off the bed at the opposite side and walked round the foot of the bed to stand next to her. For some moments nothing happened and she wondered if she should do something; then she remembered her instructions that, 'You only do what he orders'.

Her arse-cheeks were gripped firmly and spread apart as he inspected her darker rosebud. Then he released them and she thought for a moment that liquid fire had been poured on them. The pain quickly localised and she understood that he had hit her, hard, with the dog whip exactly across the centre of her buttocks, as near as she could tell. A second conflagration arrived a little above the first one; this made her cry out in pain.

"Hold still. Has nobody taught you to take a whipping without dancing about like a dervish on Ecstasy?"

A third stroke, lower this time, elicited a small scream. Her tormentor grunted his dissatisfaction and she quickly quietened herself. Again nothing happened for an appreciable time.

"I must admit that white-skinned women mark more colourfully than our native olive-skinned beauties," remarked the Emir, as though the colour of the weals of a whipping were as inconsequential as the exact shade of her nail varnish.

He spread her cheeks wide apart again, and this time thrust deep into her cunt with a rigidity that pleased her immensely. She wiggled her arse and clenched her cunt muscles at the sheer delight of this man's iron shaft deep inside her. She almost had an orgasm, but remembered just in time that it was forbidden until she was told she could. It was only when she felt his penis enter the narrower passage that it dawned on her that her vagina was occupied by the handle of the whip.

Settling himself firmly in her anus he issued the next order, "Cough."

She did not understand this order, and he had to repeat it in an exasperated tone, "Cough. That way the muscles contract on me and I receive some small pleasure from it. In the name of all that is holy, have you had no training?"

Interpreting this question as not being rhetorical, she answered, "Almost none, by your standards, Master."

At this he laughed so hard that he was dislodged from her rear end. He sat on the bed and stared at her so that she, too, started to laugh.

When they had both recovered, he raised his voice a little and called, "James."

In seconds Master James was in the room. This was not the suave assured Master James that Alison knew. This Master James looked very worried and was almost stammering.

"Y-Your Majesty, what can I do that will be of service?"

"What I want now is a liquid."

"Sir, what fruit juice would you like, or coffee, or anything else you may desire?"

"This is not Kobekistan, here in your country alcohol is permitted. Champagne please."

Master James dashed from the room and as he did so the Emir pulled the whip out of Alison's cunt and pushed her face down on the bed. Master James returned in a matter of moments with a magnum of Champagne and a single glass. The Emir looked at the bottle critically.

"Schramsberg Blanc De Blanc, well I suppose it will do," he said, "After all it isn't to drink."

Expertly opening it he proceeded to pour a good deal of it on to Alison's abused rear end.

Rubbing her buttocks enthusiastically, he remarked, "That should relax the muscles."

Dropping the bottle on the floor, he re-entered her arse and continued to sodomise her enthusiastically, ignoring Master James completely, whereupon that gentleman withdrew discretely. Alison again found it very difficult to hold her own climax off but she fought against it with all the effort she could muster. This was a Master she wanted to please, not because of the threats now, but because he was so unbelievably self assured. The Masters here shouted and gave orders but it was always possible to disobey them, if unwise. With this man, Ally thought, disobedience just was not a possibility. After a steady pounding for some minutes, Alison felt her bowels flooded with copious jets of his semen.

Rolling off her he again called, "James."

As Master James rushed in to the room, the Emir simply said, "Dinner," nodded to Master James, and said nothing more as he swept out of the bedroom.

"Well done," said Master James, "His nod showed that he enjoyed you. Visiting Masters here don't often tip that well, either."

Suddenly pushing her back on the bed, to her great delight Master James fucked her hard and fast. Well before he came, Ally screamed out as her own release overtook her, and it felt as if a giant weight were being lifted off her shoulders. She realised how hard she had had to work in the last hour to prevent herself from coming without being ordered to. When they had both recovered from this bout which had been triggered by their relief at the departure of the Emir, they stood up and she remembered what Master James had said.

"Tip?" asked Alison perplexed, "What tip?"

"The coat and trousers. He indicated that you can keep them."

"So? I need more bedroom clothes? I can't buy what I need?"

Alison shook her head; of course Felix could provide anything she needed.

"You little fool. You see how the jacket sparkles as you move in it? That is because it has diamonds sewn into the embroidery. It must be worth several hundred thousand dollars in jewellery alone. If you auctioned a genuine 21st century harem outfit in the right place, there is no limit to what some men would pay, especially if a night's demonstration of its use by the woman selling it is thrown in."


As the Emir was leaving after the excellent dinner that the Guild had provided in a private dining room, he surprised Master James again with a suggestion.

"Can you alter the physical characteristics really drastically?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir, we can change anything the client requires."

"Well, when fucking a woman I sometimes like to suck on a nipple at the same time," said the Emir, "Could you move one nipple to the middle of her shoulder blades so that I could have that pleasure while fucking her arse? And still have it functioning properly to rouse her, of course? It would save having two women in the room at the same time, which is awkward with some of our larger women."

Master James assured him that such an operation was entirely possible, and then he wondered if some of their other Masters might also like the option of a woman with one, or even both of her breasts at the back.


Later, as Alison and Felix were leaving the Mansion, Master James said to Felix, "Here's the tape of the evening. Don't lose it, and Alison, don't leave the pj's on the subway."

"We're not going home on the ..." Alison started to say, and then realised it was a joke, the first he had ever made to her; she glowed at the thought that she must have pleased him today.

Please excuse my writing in English. They didn't teach American at my school.

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