tagChain StoriesThe Training Ch. 06

The Training Ch. 06


Alison stood in the anteroom of the house not sure where to go this time. She had been released to Felix and he had ordered one last round of physical changes for her. He wanted her to have red hair and some of the commands for his "new" wife had been changed. The commands were changed to these in a list easily followed.

Phase 1- Light arousal and strong oral urges.

Phase 2- Medium arousal and intense anal urges.

Phase 3- Heavy arousal and total slut wanton urges.

Phase 4- Complete control given to the commander and no reserve what so ever to deny any request or command.

Felix stood in the doorway watching the sexy redhead who used to be a reserved wife and decided that now he would test out the first of the phases. But first to set a little plan in motion he commanded her to go and fix dinner for four and to wear only an apron. Alison had wanted to change clothes first and freshen up and she started to voice this to her husband when suddenly Felix spoke.

"Phase 4 initiated slut," he said firmly, watching her for a reaction.

Suddenly deep inside her a switch was flipped and Alison now only knew to follow her husband's instructions to the letter. "Yes, Master," she replied quickly looking down to the floor.

In an instant she was gone and in the kitchen setting out food and stripping down to her birthday suit and placing an apron over her head and tying it off behind her just above the swell of her juicy buttocks.

Felix walked into the den and placed a few phone calls. He called his buddies that he knew were lacking in the getting pussy department and told them to come over for dinner and a surprise. One of the guys said that he had a girl with him and would it be alright to have her join them. "Of course," Felix replied, "but she might have to participate in a little game I have planned." Ted, his friend said that shouldn't be a problem and then hung up.

Twenty minutes later Felix finished his phone calls and was standing behind his wife admiring the sweet reconstructed ass she had and decided to get some for himself before sharing his new slut with anyone else.

"Phase 2 initiated," he said as he walked behind her and started to kiss her neck and reached down to squeeze her firm ass.

Alison now felt the overwhelming urge to have her husband fuck her tight asshole, she had never been much for taking it back there but now for some strange reason that is all she could think about it. She dropped the dishes in her hand into the sink and reached behind her. Her hand immediately brushed the front of Felix's pants and his cock aroused and erect pressed against her palm.

Alison stood there with so many different thoughts running through her mind and yet the only clear thought was get Felix to fuck you in the arse. She wiggled her tight little bum back to where her hand was grasping Felix's cock and ground into him. Not being able to wait a second longer she unzipped his pants and pulled open his boxer shorts and tugged his adequate manhood out the opening.

Not a word had been spoken barring his command and she was dripping with lust. Felix had only kissed her shoulders and neck yet she was feeling more randy than she had in years for her husband. Leading him by his cock she walked to the refrigerator and opened the door. She peered inside looking for some quick type of lube and there it was. The container of butter would do nicely she figured for the impromptu ass fuck that was about to take place.

Still holding Felix's cock firmly in hand she led him towards the serving island in the middle of the kitchen and stopped. Once there she dropped to her knees and came head to head with her husband's bouncing love warrior. Alison slowly stroked his cock as she looked up into his eyes. "Felix," she whispered.

It was then that Felix remembered what the Master's had told him about taking firm control over his new slut, he would have to be assertive and rough at times to make sure she never strayed far from within his control. Being that right now he wanted her mouth wrapped around his cock he just put his hand in her fiery red hair and nudged his cock into her open mouth.

"Suck me Alison," he both commanded and begged in one quick quip.

Alison new nothing now except trying to please her husband. Before she had been transplanted to the compound and trained she would have laughed at her husband and walked away if he talked to her like that. But, now she felt her pussy moisten even more at the way he was taking control. She liked feeling helpless to her urges and hoped that he would continue to dominate her in this way. Alison felt she could get very used to being his slut, after all that is what she was now, his for the claiming.

Alison stopped thinking and licked the swollen head of her husband's cock as he pushed it into her mouth. Her tongue slid over the helmet repeatedly, she could taste the copious amounts of precum leaking from the slit in his cock and it only fueled her on for more. She was torn though between wanting him to cum in her mouth or in her ass or all over her. That would be his decision. She knew they didn't have enough time for two or all of those choices just one bout for Felix before his friends arrived.

Felix pushed his cock deeper into Alison's throat and was amazed that for the first time in their years of marriage she didn't gag when he hit the back of her throat. This spurred him forth and he hoped this was only the beginning to his wife's transformation gifts. Felix held Alison's head in his hands and fucked her mouth like he had always dreamed of doing.

Once Alison felt Felix's hands on her head she went crazy, the lust quelled up inside needed to find its own release and she would help it she thought as she reached underneath her apron and rubbed her hairless pussy with three fingers. Rubbing wasn't good enough though and she slipped her fingers up inside and curled them touching her sweet spot as her cunt quivered and tugged at her fingers as if trying to suck them up deeper inside. She could feel the tightness and elasticity of her pussy now and was amazed at how impossibly tight she could be after being so thoroughly fucked throughout her training and during her overseas adventure.

Felix was nearing orgasm but, damn, he thought, I don't have enough time to cum and then fuck her so I have to get into that tight ass now. "Alison, stand up and bend over the island, you dirty little slut wife," he ordered.

Alison quick to obey jumped up and pulled the top off the butter and pushed her hand down into the creamy mixture. Once she had enough she grasped Felix's cock and stroked the makeshift lube all over his cock. He slid easily between her fingers and she found that she was having trouble keeping her grip on his shaft. Well that would make slipping into her ass easier.

Alison now focused her attention on her own tight little asshole and as Felix watched she scooped up just a bit more of the butter and then spread her asscheeks with one hand while running the cold butter all over her anal opening. Alison rubbed it in and then pushed her fingers deeper past the tight ring to her asshole and inside. Once she had gained access with two fingers she worked a third in and satisfied she was prepared she reached back and grabbed Felix's slippery cock and pulled him to her. She had to readjust twice because his manhood slid out of her fist as she pulled him nearer.

Felix watched as Alison spread her asscheeks and bent over the island. Her little brown asshole was slick with butter and looked enticing. He had to have her now. He placed one hand on her asscheek and the other gripped his cock as he pushed forward and nudged the head of his shaft against her anal ring. At first it seemed he wouldn't be able to get into the tight backdoor opening but then with one more push the head slipped inside as well as an inch or two of his shaft.

"OH god," Alison exclaimed in a mixture of joy and pain, "that hurts, but feels incredible Felix."

WHACK! Felix let his hand slap hard against her ass as he pushed more of his shaft inside the tightest of orifices on his wife's body. "You will call me sir or master slut," Felix growled feeling his power now.

"Yes, master," Alison cried out as she felt more of Felix's shaft pushed into her tight asshole.

Felix couldn't believe this feeling of complete power and control and the how virile fucking his wife's ass was making him. He felt like a young stud again and this time around he had his own personal whore to please him whenever and however he should choose. Felix pulled almost all the way out of Alison's rectum and then shoved the remaining length of his shaft in to the hilt. He proceeded to pound his wife's asshole as hard as he could and reading her body language and moans it seemed to him she loved it.

"Yes, master, fuck my tiny little asshole as hard as you can, please make it hurt, make it feel so could," Alison begged.

"Grrrumph!" Felix growled loudly as sweat dripped from his body onto his wife's backside. He couldn't hold off his orgasm much longer and he wanted to make his little slut come with him. Reaching around he took her hand in his and guided it to her dripping little pussy. "Play with your cunt, whore," he commanded as she started fingering her snatch with feverish passion.

Once they were in sync and moving in a flurry of ass pounding rhythm Alison reached her first orgasm in days. She had repressed her sexual urges as long as possible or rather until her master would allow another orgasm.

"You may cum now trollop," Felix spoke between breaths.

He held her hips as he pounded her asshole for the first time and slammed her with every muscle he could work in his legs and hips. Felix would every few seconds remove his hand from her hips and swat her ass hard reminding her who was her master now and forever.

As Alison climaxed her body went into a frenzy and her pussy clenched and gripped her fingers making it feel as if they might be snapped off inside her. Her asshole did the same to Felix's cock and it only managed to draw the orgasm welling deep within his balls.

Felix shouted, "I'm cumming slut get ready."

"Yes, master, yes!" Alison joined in with her moans and squeals of delight.

One hard stroke later his cum traveled up the length of his shaft and the first few spurts went deep inside Alison's butter slicked asshole. He pulled out and grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees. Even as he was doing this she was spinning around and reaching up on her own trying to grab Felix's pulsing shaft and force more jism from inside.

Spurt after glorious spurt landed on her face and outstretched tongue as Alison threw caution to the wind and wrapped her mouth back around his cock and mouth fucked Felix's cock until he could shoot no more.

Sated Felix stood there looking down as his happy wife sucked the remaining oozing cum from his cock and then bent forward to kiss his feet. "Sir," she inquired, "may I go take a shower quickly before the guests arrive and dress for the evening?"

"To the shower yes," Felix replied, "as for getting dressed you will wear only a thong a one of my dress shirts for dinner tonight. Now run along and be quick or you will be properly disciplined."

Alison rushed upstairs still horny and needing more but if she was reading Felix right there would be lots more fun before the evening was up. She hoped he would use her now in front of his friends and maybe even let them all have a go at her. She knew that at least Ted was hung like a mule and that would be more than enough for her lust filled desires at the moment.

Felix went up just as Alison was stepping out of the shower. He knew he could command her to do things now and he would but first he wanted to get a shower and greet the others. It was his plan to show off the changes in his wife and then to have his friends fuck her. He had always liked the thought of seeing other men fuck his wife but she would never go for it before now she wouldn't have a choice. His command was sacred now and she would have to do whatever he commanded and like it, although he had no doubt she would be more than ready for anything he ordered her to do once the phase was set correctly in her mind.

Twenty minutes later Felix was greeting his friends at the door as his wife prepared the rest of dinner. Ted and Tiffany were the first to arrive and Tiffany was quite the little knockout. Felix had no idea how Ted had pulled this fine piece of ass but he was glad he had brought her along and hoped that she was bi as well that might just lead to more fun than he had expected.

Ted was a burly black man and the two men worked together and played cards every Tuesday night so Felix had heard all the tales of sex Ted had and also his bragging about a well above average cock swinging between his legs. Tonight may just prove his bragging wrong or right.

James and Ed arrived a few minutes later sans dates as they never seemed to find dates when they all went out. The guys were attractive or so Alicia had told him once before they just had no game, as the younger guys at work put it. Felix had no idea how his other two friends were endowed but as he had thought numerous times over the past few weeks and earlier tonight he may just find out.

"Welcome you guys, and girl, sorry Tiffany," Felix greeted once everyone was inside and had rid themselves of their coats, "I'm glad you all could make it tonight." "The occasion is just that Alison just arrived home today and I wanted to show her off after all her hard work."

Felix left it at that and then called to Alison to come in and join them in the living room for a moment. As she walked in the three men who were regulars in this house all let their jaws drop. Felix smiled to himself as the men looked Alison up and down appraising her new form. Her breast were a bit larger and more perky than before and she seemed a tad bit taller. Her lips were fuller and her hair color changed to red from its mousy coif prior to tonight. The last thing the men noticed was the fuller more luscious looking ass of their hostess.

"Hello gentleman," Alison greeted them shyly. She was aware of her new shapely form and its effect on the male gender but she had yet to try it out amongst their friends or out in public.

Each man rose and kissed her hand and admired her, this didn't fail to get noticed by Felix who had hoped for just such a reaction. When it came time to greet Tiffany the girl stood up and hugged Alison and reached down behind her and patted her tight freshly fucked little ass. "So nice to meet you," Tiffany said.

Alison felt underdressed standing there in only a thong and Felix's shirt but that was what he had commanded so that was how it would be. She turned quickly and led the others into the dining area where dinner was sitting prepared on the table. Alison was careful not to spin to fast, she didn't want to expose her assets to everyone. At least not yet.

As they sat and drank and talked the conversation was slowly nudged towards Alison's new shapely form. "So how did you do it," Tiffany inquired. Alison was a bit reluctant to speak of all that had happened to her but Felix quickly chimed in and told them that she had gone to a spa that used herbal therapy to help suppress appetite and enlarge bosoms and tone her body through working out.

Satisfied that everyone had their fill thus far Felix stood and looked at Alison, he walked over behind her and whispered in her ear, "Phase 1, my pet."

Alison immediately felt a stirring between her legs light and constant and she had a dire need to get someone's cock into her mouth, or to at least taste Tiffany. Felix again stood behind her and commanded her to stand. "Let us adjourn to the living room everyone," he spoke.

Tiffany led the way back into the living room slightly intoxicated from the alcohol she had consumed during dinner. She was feeling playful and turned towards Ted and slipped her hand in his pocket. As they sat down Alison watched as the outline of the girl's hand steadily moved in Ted's pocket and she could see the shaft of his cock rising beneath the trousers.

Felix watched this and then went behind Alison, looking to his two other friends he asked if they liked his wife's new look. James and Ed nodded their assurances and then wide eyed stared as Felix lifted the shirt over his wife's head exposing her breasts and thong.

"How would you like to see more fellows and Tiffany?" Felix inquired.

"Oh god yes," all three answered in unison. They continued to watch as Felix ran his hands around the sensitive areolas of his wife and then pulled at her nipples as they hardened. Each could see the wetness on the front of her panties as she grew more aroused.

"I think she wants to see you too everyone," Felix coaxed.

With that the men who all were interested in seeing as much of Alison as possible stripped down to their boxer's. Ted's above average cock being hard already was poking through the opening in his underwear and it slapped his stomach as he stood up.

Tiffany couldn't believe what was going on but nor did she mind, here before her out in the open was one of Ted's best friends wife nearly naked and Ted sitting next to her with his enormous hard on waving in the air.

"Tiffany don't you want to see more also?" Felix asked.

"Yes, but I, well I um," she fumbled for words, "I guess I could go down to bra and panties if Ted doesn't mind."

Ted quickly responded, "Get your clothes off now my sexy little succubus."

With that Tiffany stood up and removed her blouse and started to shuck out of her skirt when Felix spoke into Alicia's ear again, "Phase 3 slut." As soon as the words left his mouth Alison was on the edge of an orgasm. She had no idea why but she wanted to get all three of four of the cocks in this room inside her and now. She also had more than a passing fancy to get between Tiffany's legs before it was all over.

Tiffany although a bit shy and reserved about stripping in front of perfect strangers decided to go with the mood. The mood being her pussy was on fire and she had a strong enough desire to see where this night could lead. She had been with a woman before but never with this many men in one setting. Perhaps this would be a night of many firsts.

Alison carefully observed Tiffany's body language as the girl removed her bra now and stood there in front of them with only her panties on. Her hair was shining and she looked a little scared but delightfully turned on. This was ever visible by the rock hard nipples, and her shallow breaths.

"Go to her Alison," Felix instructed. He now sat down in his chair and watched as Alicia made her way to the newly naked female in the room. Once she was within arms reach Alison stretched her arm forward and pulled Tiffany to her kissing her deeply. No hesitation from either woman at this point.

The four men sat there with rock hard erections waiting to see just how far Ted and Felix would allow this to go before sending at least Ed and James home. Deciding that this was a rare enough site for them all four men slowly started jacking off watching the women. None of the men would look at the other fearing some homosexual comment from one another about looking at another guy stroking his shaft. This would all be rectified in a moment though.

As Alison and Tiffany kissed their hands roamed on another's body and it was simply an erotic experience they shared together. Alicia turned Tiffany around and bent her over at the waist. Standing behind the beauty Alison heard Felix give her a command through her fogged up with arousal mind. "Lick her," was all he said.

Alison knelt down and grabbed Tiffany's asscheeks in one hand and spread them and then leaned in and darted her tongue over the tight little sphincter. Suddenly she had the urge to do more and as her hands traveled up the inner thigh of Tiffany she felt her fingers come in contact with the woman's wet pussy. Her fingers slipped in effortlessly as she tongue fucked Tiffany's asshole and worked her fingers in and out of the girl's wet snatch.

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