tagBDSMThe Training of a Young Submissive Ch. 01

The Training of a Young Submissive Ch. 01


She really was a seductive young thing. Her family had moved in a few months ago. A nice family really, but she seemed to always be alone. The father traveled a lot and the mother had some sort of social calendar that kept her busy all of the time. Annie was often in the backyard and occasionally she would flirt with me. She was starving for attention as she didn't seem to get much at home. But there was something more about her. I wasn't sure ... it was just a feeling.

I could not help but watch her. She was sunbathing in her parent's backyard next to the pool. I was trimming the shrubs and bushes in my backyard. She kept glancing my way ... to see if I was watching her. I definitely was, but she couldn't tell. I was wearing my sunglasses and hard at work.

And then I stopped, turned to her and said, "Annie, did you put some sunscreen on?"

"No," she said.

"I think you need to put some on. You'll burn if you stay out here much longer."

She sighed, "You sound just like my parents."

"Really? Did they warn you about not using sunscreen?" I asked.

She stopped and thought a moment .... and then turned towards the house to get some sunscreen.

"Yeah," I said under my breath. "I didn't think so."

When she returned, she sat down and started applying the sunscreen to her body. She was back to playing that game of seeing if I was watching. I was, of course. But again, I wasn't letting her know that I was watching. I had this twitch of guilt in my stomach. She couldn't have been more than 18. And I was having very erotic thoughts about her. She voice snapped me out of my daydreams.

"Sam? Would you please put some sunscreen on my back?" She was flirting again.

I smiled. "Sure."

I walked thru the fence gate on my side and then through the gate on her side and approached her. She smiled that seductive smile I had seen before and rolled over on her stomach. I sat down next to her and applied the lotion to her young skin. I was trying to think about anything else but what I had been thinking earlier. If I wasn't careful, I would have a noticeable erection.

And then I smiled and said, "Sit up so I can put some on your face."

She turned back and looked at me with surprise on her face. She did as she was told. I smiled again. She definitely obeyed commands when she wanted to. Gently, I applied some to her face, carefully. I watched her face. I couldn't be sure what all was going through her mind, but her face told me some of the story. She enjoyed the intimacy she was getting. Applying the sunscreen on her back was flirting, or maybe even lust ... on both of our parts. But applying the sunscreen to her face was intimate. And I don't think she was used to it.

I finished and said, "Ok. Much better. But don't stay out too long."

"Yes, Sam."

She was still a little stunned. I got up and walked away.


I liked that she was willing to call me by my first name. I hated being called Mr. I was sure I was older than her father, but I couldn't help myself. I had a desire for her I could not explain. I had been a Dom for many years. And I had several relationships with submissive women. But they didn't seem to last long. Annie, on the other hand, gave off this feeling of wanting to please people, specifically men. She may not have even realized that she might be submissive. The thought of molding her into a submissive slave was very appealing. I could train her without having to battle old and bad habits.

A week earlier, I had asked if she was willing to walk my dog once a day for $10 each day. She happily agreed. She didn't really need the money. Her parents had everything that she might want. But Maggie and I gave her attention. She seemed to love Maggie. And Maggie took to anyone who was willing to walk her. And I was sure she liked my attention.

When the door bell rang, I knew it was her to pick up Maggie. She smiled when I opened the door. "Hello Annie."

"Hello Sam." And then she spoke to my dog in that special voice she would only give to Maggie. "Hello Maggie! Ready to walk? Walk?"

Maggie was wagging her tail happily. She loved Annie and was more than ready to walk.

I knew she was home alone again. By the time she returned, it would be lunch time. Yes, I had this desire for her, but I also worried about her. "Do you have anything planned for lunch?"

She was a little surprised. "I'll find something in the kitchen."

"I'm going to MacDonalds for a burger. You are welcome to come."

She smiled shyly and said, "Ok. Sure."


As I drove us to MacDonalds, I had an idea. I wanted to see just how willing she was to obey my commands. I was already thinking of my requests as commands. She had no idea. We walked into MacDonalds and ordered our food. She was polite and thanked me when we got our food.

"Let's go sit over here," I said.

She stopped and whispered, "But that is the children's area."

"Yes it is. We're going to sit there. Come on."

She followed quietly. She was blushing, but she didn't question me and sat down across the table from me. Very good, I thought. And then something interesting happened. Some girls her age walked in and saw her there. It appeared they knew her and they giggled. Annie turned completely red and squirmed in her seat. But she did not complain or get up to move. She continued with her meal.

As we drove home, she was a bit quiet. She was still embarrassed, but not about what I thought. When we got back to my driveway, she thanked me again and quickly got out of the car and ran home. I thought to myself, I had pushed her a bit too far. I felt disappointed in myself. And then I noticed the car seat was a little wet. I ran my fingers along the seat. Oh my god! Did she really? She did! It was cum. She had an orgasm. I saw a perfect opportunity.

I called her a few minutes later. "Annie? Could you please come over? We need to talk about something."

"You want to talk now?" she asked.

"Yes, it is important."

She was back at my house a few minutes later. She had changed clothes and I had to suppress a smile. I ushered her into the living room and we sat down.

"I think you have something to tell me, Annie."

She blushed again and said nothing.


And then she blurted it out almost in once sentence. "That has never happened to me before. I was so embarrassed when those girls walked in. I felt so humiliated because we were sitting in the children's area like a little kid. They knew me and laughed at me ... and all of a sudden, I was cumming. I have no idea why that would happen to me. You must think I'm a freak." And then she started to cry.

I got up and sat down next to her and wrapped my arm around her shoulders. "Annie, I don't think you are a freak. And I am not angry that you left a stain on my car seat."

"Oh my god! I left a stain on your car seat?" She turned beet red once again.

"Humiliation seems to get you off." I paused. "Get off my of couch, Annie."

She quickly stood up, face red, tears running down her face. I pulled her into my lap and held her. She continued to cry and buried her face in my chest. I kissed the top of her head and said in a soothing voice, "It's ok, Annie."

She finally stopped crying and looked at me. "Aren't you worried about me staining your pants?"

"Nope." And then I slide my hand between her thighs. She had shorts on and I slowly rubbed her cunt through her pants.

"Sam! What are you doing?" But she made no move to stop me.

I ignored her question and said, "Unzip your shorts for me."

She paused, but I could feel her heart race with her closeness to me. And then she did as she was told. I slid my hand inside of her shorts and gently massaged her cunt. Her body squirmed again. She pressed her face into my chest again. I slid a finger inside of her and she grunted. I slowly fucked her with my finger. Her hips started to rock for me. I then used my thumb to massage her clit.

She moaned quietly. "Sam ....."

I kissed the top of her head again. My fingers did not stop. Her hips moved even more. She moved her face into my neck and wrapped her arms around my neck. I felt her breathing quicken against my skin. She was close. She was moaning with pleasure. And then without warning, her body jerked and she climaxed. My hand was wet as I slowed and finally withdrew.

I held her for a few minutes before she pulled back and looked into my eyes. "You've wanted me to touch you like that for some time," I said. It wasn't a question.

Her voice was almost a whisper. "Yes."

"I want you to come back tomorrow. We have more to talk about."

"Yes, Sam."

Training had started.

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