The Transformation Device Ch. 01


"Good, then let us begin lazar treatment!"

More arms appeared and lazars spread throughout the chamber, hitting his whole body, a fine one appeared to get his face avoiding the top of his head. After awhile and with a horrible light burning pain on his body, the lazars went. "Hair treatment complete. No body hair will grow again! Now, let's see your other hair." He felt his hair band being ripped out so his long hair flowed out. "Requires re-colouring and full body." Carl felt his back of the seat return and put him in a seating position. Arms appeared and he felt them doing something to his hair, including washing and he felt some kind of chemicals being applied. Two more arms appeared and began plucking and shaping his eyebrows, then his eyelashes got some treatment as his hair is getting done. Soon, the hairdryer looking device was placed out his head as it came to life. "This will take some time; let us look at the rest of you."

Soon he was gently lifted as he saw a camera roaming his body. "Breasts requiring enlarging, hips need shaping to be more feminine. Lips need a bit of work. Sexual arousal and sperm production need speeding up, subject must be in constant arousal." The device said to itself.

The drugs had finally worn off and now Carl is more alert. "Fuck, get me out."

"Subject needs relaxing."

"Wait." Dr. Sanderson's voice rang out. "Give him something for pain, but let him be conscious, I want him to see everything we are doing to him."

"As you wish." Replied the computer. A needle is placed in his arm and a liquid is forced into him. "That is a painkiller, so you don't feel anything Mr. Duncan."

"I don't want this, let me go!

Carl frantically started pulling on his restraints but they would not move, as he was doing this, two massive metal cups shaped as breasts appeared and clamped themselves to his chest. "Ah Fuck!" He said as he looked down. "What are you doing to me? I don't understand."

"Your new master requires you to be more female Mr. Duncan. We are giving you breasts." The Device told him.

"What?" He asks, and then he feels a strange pressure around his chest, like something is filling his chest up.

"Your new master's fantasy is a shemale sex slave; soon you will be a sexy cock whore."

"No, how are you doing this? Please stop." Carl begged.

"I am designed to eliminate the need for surgery. We are giving the most natural looking breasts a woman can have Mr. Duncan. Your chest is being filled with a mixture of body fats and female hormones, and a special chemical designed by Dr. Sanderson. Now beginning female shape procedure."

Next a sheet of material is forced around his midsection and pulled tight. As he struggles to breath he sees it's a kind of girdle. "No, stop." He pants. Then some needles appear out of the mechanical arms and go into his midsection, then two more appear going into his hips. "Ah, please stop it."

"This will take awhile Mr. Duncan, chemicals and hormones are working into your system to speed up this natural formation of the female body, soon you will have hips to die for, permission to subdue him Dr. Sanderson? He must remain as still as possible."

Dr. Sanderson's voice sounds. "I suppose so."

A neck brace appears to hold his neck to keep it still then a needle goes into his buttocks and sends him to sleep. "Now, add more to his ass as well, it's not girly enough." Dr. Sanderson says to the devive via a microphone.

"Yes Dr. Sanderson." Two more arms appear and begin injecting the same substance to his ass. "Beginning mind read." Lights go off on the hair dryer, soon Dr. Sanderson's voice echoes.

Dr Sanderson reads the results of the Mind Scan to find info on where the files were taken to but reads something more interesting. "Well well. It seems he used to dress in his sisters clothes when he was a teenager, we can use that against him. Make sure he is conscious before dressing him, it will make the brainwashing easier."

"Yes Dr. Sanderson." Replied the device.

* * *

Three hours later:

Carl slowly opened his eyes to see the girdle and cups still on him, he felt strange. His chest is heavier and he felt more compressed in his mid section. "Hair complete." The hair dryer looking device came off. "Breasts complete." The cups came off and he looked down in complete shock, he had a big pair of natural looking DD breasts. He is lost for words, and then he hears. "Hips and Ass complete." And the corset is pulled off but his midsection but it still feels strange. "Would you like to see how sexy you look?"

A huge mirror drops down from the ceiling and lands in front of him. He stares back at a lovely sexy girl with long wavy blond hair with slight curls put in at the ends, big tits and an hourglass figure to die for. He sees the cock between her legs and realizes it's him he is staring at. He also sees while he was unconscious the machine had applied makeup to his face, lipstick; eye shadow and massacre are clearly visible. His Eyes have changed colour as well, they were brown now they are blue. "What have you done to me?"

"We have made you sexy Mr Duncan, we used a chemical to change your eye colour as you slept, then we did your makeup and we gave you a manicure and did your nails." Carl looks at his fingers and sees long red painted nails. "Your fingerprints have been altered as well. Your voice will not do. It doesn't suit you." The device said.

An arm appeared with a device that looked like a form of tazer, it went straight at his throat where his vocal cords are and fired. The pain was strong and overwhelming, soon it stopped and went. Carl coughed then spoke again. "What was that?" He froze; his voice is higher, and a bit rough, like Eliza Dushku's voice. A sexy sort of voice that a lot of men love. "What have you done to me?"

"Your Adam's apple has been shrunk and destroyed. You are now ready for the next phase."

Three devices appeared one spray and two needles, the spray went straight for his nut sack and sprayed, he feels a numbing sensation, then the two needles went straight into his balls. He didn't feel pain, he feels a heavy sensation, they pull out then he notices that his dick gets harder and harder and his arousal goes through the roof. He feels like he needs to cum, he feels so horny it almost hurt. "What's happening?"

"Slaves must always be aroused to please their master; your body will now produce more and more sperm so you will always be aroused. Now, let's dress you." The device says.

He is still standing as a black lace garter belt is placed around his waist, then two needles injected something into each of his legs. They feel weak and limp. "This is to stop you moving your legs." Then the leg restraints are removed so two Stockings can travel up his legs without anything getting in the way, now a pair or black thong panties appear, he looks down in a panic as they travel up his legs and encase his balls and dick in a silky smoothness, these are designed for shemales so his dick will always fit while erect. As he feels the silk touch his genitals, he lets out a soft moan. Memories flood back to when he tried on his sisters clothes, the feel and the sexiness of the clothing.

Dr Sanderson starts to speak. "You enjoyed that didn't you? Like when you dressed in your Sister's clothes as a teenager. A small part of you wants to be a girl, admit it!"

Carl didn't answer as a black bra is fitted over his new breasts; he is then forced into a sitting position. He lets out another moan as the material travels up his crack, he forgot how much he loves that feeling. His mind begins to feel groggy from the arousal; he is ready for the next phase.

Two earphones go over his ears and the monitor comes to life, a picture of a man in a suit appears as a strange humming sound is pounding into his ears. "Do you know this man?" The Device asks.

"No." Carl answers.

"This is Gregory Walsh, your new master."


"Yes, you want to please him."

A mechanical hand is slowly rubbing his member. "No, stop."

The noise in his ears gets louder, he thinks he can hear a faint voice but he can't work out what its saying. "You want to suck your new master's cock!" The device tells him.


The noise is overwhelming and the rubbing with the arousal is confusing his senses. "You want to be fucked by your master; you want to only receive from your master. Your ass is your pussy. Being fucked up the ass makes you cum." The Device orders him.


"Then let's try." The Device says.

A hole appears in the chair giving access to Carl's ass and the materiel of the thong is moved aside by a mechanical arm, and another arm with a dildo attached appears, it is lubed up and slides easily up his ass. Carl moans involuntarily as it travels up. It then thrusts up and down like it would while fucking him. "No, can't take it."

"What's your name?" The Device asks.


"No. Your name is Candy, such a sexy name. Say it." The Device commands.

The noise and the ass fucking is too much, the voices running through his head, he can't think. "Carl."




"Candy, my name is Candy." Candy smiles as she accepts her new name.

"Good Girl Candy, who is the man?"

Candy looks at the picture, she tries to resist. "No."

"It's your master Gregory Walsh."

Candy tries and tries but it's so hard to think. "No, he...isn't"

"It's your master, say it."

"No." Candy groans.

"Say it Candy, he is your sexy Master!"

"My...Sexy...Master." The mechanical hand rubbing her genitals rubs faster in reward for her acceptance. "Yes, Gregory Walsh is my Master."

"Which makes you what Candy?" The Dvice asks.

Candy smiles seductively. "I'm his Sex Slave."

"Good girl Candy. How do you please your master?"

"I must...I must receive and never give. I must suck Masters Cock."

"What makes you cum Candy?"

The voices, the ass pounding, the rubbing and the arousal send her over the edge. "Being fucked up the Ass!"

"What is your Ass?"


At that, what feels like gallons of cum shoots out of her cock into her new silk panties, she screams and moans as she cums and cums. The Ass pounding stops and the dildo is removed with a pop, then the rubbing stops and the mechanical arm goes away. "Good Girl Candy."

"I need new panties." Candy says feeling the cum on her cock.

"No, your Master likes his slave to be dirty, when you change every day, you must cum in your panties to show what a dirty whore you are!" The Device tells her.

Candy smiles again, her arousal isn't gone but seems to be stronger, making her accept all new instructions, the sound in her ears are still going making the instructions stick. "Yes, I am a dirty whore slave."

"Good Girl Candy. Who is the man on the screen?"

"My Master, Gregory Walsh."

"What does that make you?"

"His Dirty Whore Sex Slave."

"How will you please your Master?"

Candy smiles. "By sucking his Cock and receiving him but not giving."

"What makes you cum?"

"Being Fucked up my pussy."

"Well done Candy, a couple more questions."


"Who is Carl Duncan?"

Candy looks confused for a moment. "I don't know."

"Who is Sara Duncan?"

Candy again looked confused. "I don't know, a bitch?"

"Don't worry Candy, now we have lessons for you."

Candy spent the next hour receiving instructions from the device on how to apply makeup and to give a good blow job. Then she is taught how to maintain her body with diet and hormone treatment, and how to apply makeup and dress sexy for her Master. Her training complete, the feeling has returned in Candy's legs and she is given a tight leather mini skirt and a tight black top showing off her new cleavage. Then she puts on some stiletto heels and the doors of the device open.

Waiting outside is Dr. Sanderson, Candy gets up and walks up to him. "Hello Candy." He says smugly.

"Hello Dr. Sanderson, how are you?"

"Fine, would you like to see your new Master?"

Candy felt her cock twitch. "Yes, please take me to him."

Dr. Sanderson took Candy's arm and led her to a private room, inside is a large Bed and standing next to it is Mr. Walsh, his jaw drops at the sight of Candy and Candy slowly walks over and gets on her knees and bows. "Hello Master, I live to serve you."

Mr. Walsh looks sceptical. "Does she have a ..."

"Candy, show your Master you are ready for him." Dr. Sanderson orders.

Candy gets up and hikes her skirt up showing a bulge through her panties and white cum stains all over them. "Such a Dirty Whore for your master aren't you?" Mr. Walsh asks smiling, a clear bulge appearing in his trousers.

"Yes, I must always be a whore for my Master, and I must be aroused for my Master." Candy says smiling.

Dr. Sanderson coughs. "You have an hour to use this room to test the Girl."

"Yes yes fine."

Dr. Sanderson leaves and closes the door. "Candy, my cock is hard."

"Allow me to help you with that Master."

Candy gets on her knees and opens his trousers and pulls his straining cock out of his pants. The musky smell of his cock hits Candy and makes her cock twitch. She opens her mouth and starts to rub and suck him off. He groans in approval as she works his balls as she licks around the tip of his cock, teasing him and nearly sending him over the edge. "Stop Candy."

She stops and looks up at him. "Yes Master."

He gets her off her knees and kisses her; she returns the kiss with glee. The then pulls her top off showing him a full DD tits encased in the black bra. "Take it off, slowly."

"Yes Master."

Candy slowly removes her Bra and lets it drop to the floor. He smiles and starts to suck her nipples, Candy groans in pleasure as he does this, her Cock wanting more. He pulls away. "The skirt, take it off."

"Yes Master."

She removes her skirt, she stands in front of him in her stained panties, garter and stockings. He smiles again and hugs and kisses her. He removes his clothes so he is completely naked with a huge 12 inch cock leaking with pre-cum. "On the bed on your hands and knees."

Candy smiles and crawls onto the bed and looks back at him seductively. He pulls out a bottle of lube and goes to her Ass, he pulls aside her thong and rubs the lube in, Candy groans in anticipation. "I'm ready Master, please fuck my pussy!"

"I will, leave your panties on you dirty slut, I want you to cum in them."

"With pleasure Master."

He guides his cock into her ass and starts to fuck her. She moans as the pleasure travels to her cock as her pounds away, his 12 inch cock going deeper and deeper into her ass leaving a strange pressure in her midsection. "Oh, Master, you're so big."

"Yeah slut, you like it big?"

"I love it, fill me Master, fill me with your seed!"

He thrusts faster and faster, Candy can barely take it, she wants and needs to cum so badly, but she must wait for him to cum. Faster and faster. "Oh shit, I'm Cumming whore, I'M CUMMING!"

She screams with him as she feels him cum deep into her ass, and then loads of her own cum shoot into her panties again, filling it with more and more cum. He reaches round and starts to rub her cock up and down. "Such a dirty whore, filling your panties again."

"Yes Master, I'm so bad!"

He puts his cum covered fingers to her mouth as she eagerly licks her own cum off of his fingers. "Such a slut. Do you want to come home?"

Candy smiles. "I would love to Master."

* * *

Several weeks have passed, Candy is waking up in her new large bedroom with white walls, she sleeps in a four poster bed with white silk sheets. She sits up and stretches and looks at the clock on her bed side table. She has an hour to be ready for her Master before he wakes up. She gets out of bed wearing a long pink silk nightie with cum covered panties underneath. Due to her constant arousal, she has constant wet dreams, so she only changes her panties in the morning.

She steps into her en-suite bathroom and takes her clothes off, she sits on the toilet but goes far back so she can aim her erect cock into the toilet so she can pee. Afterwards she showers and washes herself, she does her hair and makeup. She steps out of the bathroom naked with a fully erect cock pointing up and opens her wardrobe. She pulls out a garter and some stockings and puts them on, she then picks up a black silk pair of panties, and slips them on, as it covers her, she starts to rub her cock through the panties. "I must be a dirty whore for master." She says as she masturbates, harder she rubs until she unloads lots of cum into her new clean panties. She smiles as the smell of her cum reaches her nostrils. She then licks any off her fingers then reaches into the wardrobe and pulls out the sexy French Maid Uniform and a pair of heels. She slips in on and looks at herself in the full length mirror. She smiles and steps out of the room.

Candy walks towards her Master's bedroom, he insisted she has her own room and he his own. Which upset Candy a little as she craved some form of contact at night, she felt lonely. But she must obey her master. She slowly opens her Master's bedroom and steps in, he is awake and waiting for her. "Good Morning Master."

He smiles and looks at her. "Are you ready for me?"

She smiles and lifts her skirt, showing him her cum covered panties. "I must always be ready for you."

"Good, I have an annoying morning wood Candy. No blow job today though, I want to fuck your pussy." He then pulled out some lube and indicated for Candy to go on all fours at the end of his bed. She smiles and complies; he lifts her skirt and pulls down her panties from her Ass but not off. He then applies the lube to her pussy and guides his cock in.

Candy groans as it enters deeper and deeper into her ass. "Oh Master, you're so big!"

As he fucks her, she groans and he smiles. "Candy, state you purpose in life as I fuck you."

As she is getting fucked, she is groaning while saying. "I must pleasure my Master, ah yes, deeper. I must be a dirty whore for my Master, oh yes. I must only take and not give, I must suck Master perfect huge cock. Oh Master."

"And who's your Master?"

"You're my Master!"

"And what does that make you Candy?"

"I'M YOUR WHORE SEX SLAVE!" She screams as she cums more into her panties and he cums deep into her Ass. He reaches over and kisses her on the cheek. "I love you Master!"

He smiles and rubs her cock through her panties. "I know Candy, I know." She smiles seductively.


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