The Traveler Ch. 02



Vanessa entered the room just in time to see Sophia's eyes go blank as she arched her back violently. The alien pulled out of her pussy the same instant that a large squirt of white fluid burst out from her vaginal lips, spraying his cock and thighs. The slimy head of the newborn maggot emerged from Sophia's pussy, stretching her wider. The besieged female rode her potent and long orgasm bucking up and down on top of the first alien, his cock still impaled deep in her ass. The woman's legs trembled as the fat maggot slid out, slowly, accompanied by a river of sperm that leaked from her. When the alien beneath her finally exploded inside of her rectum, Sophia went completely limp, overwhelmed beyond her strength.

The maggot was already on the floor, twitching around, looking for a source of food while Vanessa knelt on the floor just in time to catch the abundant load of sperm ejected by the other alien. She swallowed as fast as she could but a lot of cum dribbled down her chin to her chest.

The alien lifted Sophia and placed her unconscious body on the sofa. Then he grabbed the maggot from the floor and placed it on her chest where it soon found an erect nipple and attached to it, milking its food eagerly.

* * *

Not far from there, an old man was looking at the firearms store with a suspicious look on his face. It was very strange that it was almost 10 am and the store was still closed. In the last ten years, Mr. Keller, the owner, had never opened late one single day. He decided to cross the street and check what was going on. The old man looked through the front windows and saw no movement. There was a light still turned on in the back room. He knew that the door to the backyard was always open and he walked around the building using a narrow alley on the left side. It didn't take him long to see the blood splattered on the back windows.

Twenty minutes later, there were two patrols and an ambulance parked in front of the building. Two men were carrying a black body bag into the ambulance and an officer was talking to the neighbors and taking notes.

After the incident with the homeless man, Captain Vega was checking all the murder reports in the area, making sure that there was nothing out of the ordinary. He called the officer in charge of Mr. Keller's murder to ask about the body's condition. Vega was informed that the motive had been robbery but the body had been severely damaged, as if it was a hate crime. Vega started to get worried again and rushed to the morgue to check Mr. Keller's body himself. When he saw it, he knew instantly that they were in trouble.

It was past noon. Captain Vega was back in his office with all the curtains closed and the door locked. He pulled out a black device from a safe-box he had hidden in a drawer. The device had a single black button and Vega pressed down on it. A black sphere that floated quietly behind the moon detected a weak signal and retransmitted the signal with full power aiming at deep space.

Place: Kurt's ship

Time: Pulsar M217+100072

Kurt was checking the travel route on the large display of the main deck when an emergency message filled the screen. The message read:

"Distress signal"

"Origin: Cumulus: 309; Spiral galaxy: M323; Section: OL298; Star: 875; Planet: 3"

"Time: Pulsar M217+100071.87645"

Kurt typed a few commands on the keyboard and sent a response to the message. Then he changed the ship destination toward Earth and walked into the resting area looking for Claudia.

"There is a change of plans. We received a signal indicating there is trouble back on your planet. We will make a stop there first," Kurt said to Claudia.

"Trouble? What kind of trouble?" she asked.

"I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the killer alien," Kurt responded.

"But I thought you killed him," Claudia said.

"I did. That's why we have to go back there and find out what's going on," Kurt said.

The ship was moving almost at light speed to the closest 'wormhole'. Kurt was thinking on the possible threats that he could find on arrival... Maybe the killer alien sent a signal to his peers before I killed him. There may be more than one beast prowling the planet now and that could become a nightmare.

Kurt knew that he couldn't subject Faith to that kind of risk.

He also considered the possibility that the killer alien had a secondary nest, which was not the normal behavior of this kind of aliens but that didn't mean it wasn't possible. In this case, he thought, things would be much easier to deal with. He knew that a killer alien without advanced technology was still very dangerous but there was no comparison to one with full fighting equipment.

Kurt just had to wait until arrival to assess the situation and decide the course of action.

The women were all together in the observation room looking with fascination at a gigantic nebula formation a few million miles away. Kurt entered the room and said, "Lisa, Rebecca, come with me".

They both followed him obediently, thinking that maybe Kurt just wanted to have sex with them before arriving at their home planet. Rebecca's nipples swelled with anticipation just thinking about it. Lisa was puzzled that Kurt chose her since her bloated belly full of eggs could make things a little complicated in bed. Nonetheless she was very happy that her lover had chosen her.

They entered a comfortable room, not far from the cargo area, and Kurt said, "Lisa, since we might face a dangerous situation shortly, it is not convenient that you alone carry that many eggs inside you so Rebecca is going to help you with that"

Rebecca gasped, surprised when she heard this and bit her lower lip with a sinful smile, then she approached Lisa and caressed her belly, looking intently into her eyes.

Lisa smiled back at her and said, "You are going to love this..."

Meanwhile, Kurt was in one corner of the room opening a medium-sized metal box.

"What's in there?" Rebecca asked.

"You will see. Lay on the bed," Kurt ordered.

The curvy woman walked sexily to the bed and lay there, spreading her legs. Her pussy lips were already glistening with lubrication and her clit was inflamed even before being touched.

Kurt pulled out from the box some sort of slimy snake. As it writhed in Kurt's hand, the women could see that it was about fourteen inches long and two inches wide. It was completely black and it appeared to have no eyes or mouth where the head was supposed to be. The body was slick and it narrowed toward a pointy tail. It also oozed a bluish slime that poured abundantly from its skin.

"Are you going to do with that what I'm thinking?" Lisa asked.

"I sure will," Kurt responded, "This little friend has the ability to change its body density and can expand or contract to many times its actual size. It also loves warm, humid places and it is going to do whatever it takes to convince you to keep him inside of your body. This will help us to set the mood for the egg transfer, just like the octopus-alien prepared you two days ago."

Rebecca's chest was heaving as Kurt approached her with the black snake. She sighed when the tip of the alien worm touched her crotch. The snake also reacted, squirming forcefully in Kurt's tight grip as it sensed the contact with a female body and therefore, the possibility of a warm and cozy cavity to explore.

Rebecca wriggled about, jamming her cunt forward on the worm's rounded head. Kurt pushed the snake into her determinedly, knowing what the little creature was going to do as soon as it entered a few inches. Rebecca's face was a mask of passion as the worm's head slipped into her body. Her pelvis jerked a few times from the incredible feeling. She sighed loudly as the slippery life form wedged between the wet nether lips.

The slimy worm felt the hot walls clenching all around the contours of its body and immediately changed its skin texture to a more rugged one, aiming to increase the area of contact. The little invader inserted several microscopic fibers through Rebecca's inner body until it found her central nervous system and attached to it. This way the worm could read everything that caused her pleasure and work accordingly. All it wanted was to stay inside of her as long as possible.

Rebecca's lubrication juice trickled around the edges of her pussy and ran down into the crack of her ass. The woman moaned with lust as she felt the snake inflate its body and stir deeper in her cavity. Her cunt muscles pulsed, clinging and clutching to every lovely inch of the animal, trying to suck it deeper inside. The long snake was steadily vanishing up her stretched canal, it's head reaching her womb and going further in, probing those places that a normal penis could never touch, sinking into the very depths of her body.

Kurt just let go and stepped back to watch. Rebecca was now more that ready for the eggs.

The woman whined and whimpered as she trembled, beleaguered by the extreme sensation. It felt like she had an anaconda stuffed up her pussy and still it fucked itself deeper. Rebecca was half crazed by lust and in that dreamy bliss she wouldn't have been surprised if the head of the snake had come squeezing out of her mouth, having spiked right through her writhing body. At last, only the pointy tip of the snake's tale was visible and it quickly curled up and wrapped itself around her clitoris. This sent Rebecca to her first orgasm.


Lisa watched with amazement as her friend arched her back and squealed under the rapture that enveloped her body. She could see the muscles of her abdomen contracting with the spasms of pleasure as Rebecca's eyes rolled back into her head.

As her orgasm passed, Rebecca lifted her head and gazed with unfocused eyes at Kurt. Her face showed unrestrained passion and a hint of fear that the inflating intruder might hurt her, since her body was so full already. At that moment, the worm stuffed in her pussy started to vibrate and the young woman gasped in bliss, all concerns vanishing away.

Meanwhile, Kurt was coming back from the metal box carrying another snake, exactly the same color and size of the previous one. Lisa knew that this worm was for her and she hurriedly sat on the bed, next to the writhing body of her friend. She quickly spread her legs, never taking her eyes off the slimy animal.

Kurt pressed the new snake against Lisa's pink anus and the warm, humid sensation initiated a frantic squirming motion from the snake, which slipped off Kurt's hands and started to squirm its way in. When the slippery alien was only one inch inside, it felt the great tightness of the woman's anal cavity and compressed its body to only one inch wide. Kurt released his grip to the worm and it started to sink within the velvety rectum walls.

Lisa was flat on her back staring at the ceiling, all her muscles in tension, feeling the new intruder probing deeper. The worm was soon attached to her nervous system as well, trying different shapes and skin textures to better satisfy its female host. Seconds later, the tip of the snake's tail disappeared as it sank beyond the anal entrance. Lisa was bucking her hips up and down, feeling her belly expand bigger than it already was to accommodate the prowler. An orgasm was building rapidly in her curvy body.

Lisa couldn't see practically anything that was happening in her ass since her bloated abdomen blocked her view but she could certainly feel everything. The young woman gasped and opened her eyes wide as the twisting snake dug beyond possible. The worm found that the female's cavity was already crowded with eggs and it changed the shape of its body accordingly to the available space. Anyhow, it just wouldn't fit and it daringly pushed one egg out the way expelling it from the Lisa's anus. Kurt was right there, ready to catch it. Lisa just screamed loudly with the incredible feeling of the large sphere sliding out and the slippery snake sliding in. The sensation was amazing and the alien worm soon detected that the female host liked it.

Another egg was immediately pushed out while the rest of the black snake submerged completely inside Lisa's overstretched body. Kurt trapped the second sphere and he placed both of them carefully on the bed, away from the thrashing females. More eggs followed until the worm was fully embedded in Lisa's rectum, twisting and vibrating, surrounded by the rest of the eggs still inside of her.

"This feels incredible!" Lisa yelled before climaxing.

The woman gasped and crumbled on the cushion as her orgasm rushed from her brain. The girl was almost unconscious from the overwhelming session and she barely noticed when Kurt placed a small device in her ass and forced the reluctant snake out of her cozy cavity. It was time to go back to Rebecca.

The nurse was moaning, already enjoying her fourth orgasm. The bed beneath her pussy was soaking wet with her own juices and she seemed to be getting tired. Rebecca sighed as she felt Kurt insert three fingers in her cunt and grabbed the snake, whose pointy tail was still wrapped around her clit. The worm's body made a squishy sound as it left the hot female tunnel and Rebecca stirred with pleasure; the feeling of the little alien sliding out proved to be as good as when it slid in.

Kurt placed the snake on the floor, grabbed the eggs extracted from Lisa and started to push them inside of Rebecca's pussy. One sphere pushed the next one deeper and deeper, past her cervix and into her womb. When the last egg was inside, Rebecca was already unconscious, overcome by the extreme sensations that spread throughout her body at the same time.

Lisa had almost fully recuperated from her previous bliss and was now sitting on the bed, next to her sleeping friend with a barely distended belly. Lisa watched her own belly, which was currently half the size it was when they started the session. She was happy that now she could move around easily and faster in case of an emergency as Kurt had said before.

After a while, Rebecca woke up and asked, "What happened?"

Lisa just smiled at her and caressed her friend's belly. Rebecca looked down and said,

"Oh, yes, I remember... Wow!!" she said out loud.

Kurt placed the black snakes back in the metal box. Then he let both girls rest while he left the room and closed to door behind him.

Place: Earth -- Police headquarters

Time: Day three -- Afternoon

Captain Vega was sitting at his desk, happy to see a bright strange symbol on the signaling device. He knew that Kurt had received his message and help was on the way. Vega still worried about being wrong regarding the murders. He didn't want to think about the embarrassment if everything turned out to be unrelated to aliens.

Little he knew that his doubts would be cleared very soon.

Vega noticed an abnormal excitement outside his office and stepped out to see what was happening. Several police officers were running out, wearing vests, helmets, the full gear.

"What's going on?" Vega asked a passing officer.

"There were gunshots reported in a house downtown. Someone went down there to check it out and he spotted a man through the window carrying a rifle. It's the house beside the alley where the homeless man was found dead. SWAT team is on the way and we are going to back them up," the officer responded.

"Shit!" Vega shouted.

It was almost sundown and he knew that things could turn really ugly. The worst was that he couldn't do anything about it. Not until Kurt's arrival. He had seen what the killer alien was capable of and he feared a massacre.

* * *

Vanessa's street was closed on both ends and the neighbors in the adjacent houses were evacuated silently. There were already several police cars parked in front of Vanessa's house when the SWAT team arrived at the scene. Everyone took positions. One sniper was posted on the roof of a house right across the street and he was carefully scanning all the windows with his telescopic equipment. Most of the curtains were closed except two. The sniper could barely distinguish the tip of a rifle moving in the lower corner of one window and he reported on the radio,

"I see him. He is in the left window of the second floor. He is carrying a rifle of some kind."

A few black-dressed officers were posted beside the front door and another one was prepared to knock the door down. Several other officers were taking cover behind the police cars, their guns ready, aiming at the windows. A few other men were silently moving through the alley to the back of the house.

"Corley, What do you see?" somebody asked on the radio to a second sniper posted on another roof, two houses down the street.

"Nothing. I see light on the back roo..." he never finished the sentence. Someone hit him on the back of the head and he was killed instantly. His helmet rolled down from the tilted roof to the street below. The helmet hit the street noisily and most of the officers looked in that direction. They saw a shadow standing fearlessly in the spot where the sniper was supposed to be. An instant later, the unmistakable sound of an automatic rifle AK-47 echoed in the normally quiet street. Bullets shattering windshields and entering the car's metal parts created a growing confusion among the police. And if that wasn't enough, another shower of ammunition fell down from the opposite direction.

"It's an ambush!!!" one officer shouted.

Everyone took cover wherever they could. One window broke on Vanessa's house and another 'gunman' started shooting from inside the house. The SWAT team tore down the front door and entered. They scanned every corner but there was no one on the first floor.

Outside, the fire blasts sounded everywhere. It looked like a war zone. The police officers discharged their guns almost blindly to the roofs around them. The daylight couldn't be worse. It was too dark to see clearly but it was too bright for the streetlamps to be of any use.

One moment they could see someone shooting at them from a high position and three seconds later, another person was shooting from a different angle. From the officers' logic, there had to be a least four armed men because nobody could move that fast. So they thought.

Inside the house, the team leader ordered gas grenades thrown to the second floor. The gas immediately started to fill every room, but nothing happened. Three officers wearing gas masks were carefully walking half way up the stairs when two gunshots knocked one of them down. The other two officers started shooting as they saw a shadow move swiftly across the hall, away from them. The heavy smoke diminished the visibility and that worked to the alien's advantage.

* * *

Meanwhile, several miles away from there, Vanessa was driving her car, paying close attention to the road signs, looking for the right turning spot. Sophia was in the back seat, her blouse open and the growing maggot engulfing one of her breasts almost entirely. It massaged the soft orb while it sucked on her nipple delightfully, milking the woman. The opposite end of the maggot was fondling her clit beneath the short skirt she wore especially for that purpose. Sophia moaned, oblivious to the cars passing in the other direction, completely devoted to her new offspring.

* * *

Back in Vanessa's house, the nightmare was not ending. The eldest alien was silently attached to the wall in the space between the room's door and the ceiling. One policeman was standing right below him, searching the room. The alien was aiming at the officer's head. His sharp claws were in position; ready to strike down ... The alien heard more men stepping onto the second floor. The situation was becoming too dangerous and he decided to wait. The officer left the room yelling, "Nobody here!"

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