tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Trials of Pauline Ch. 04

The Trials of Pauline Ch. 04


Chapter Four

Polly and Rita were impatient for Saturday to arrive. When it did, they went with Janine, breathless with excitement and anticipation. When they arrived at the barn that first Saturday, her twin brother was waiting, leaning back against the wall with a casual air. He was a fresh-faced young man with tousled mousy-coloured hair. It was a warm, sunlit, secluded spot in a small copse surrounded by a hedge behind the barn. After Janine explained what they were there for he grinned.

'Come into the barn,' he said. Without demur, the three girls followed him innocently into the shadowy interior. It was dank and dirty, smelling of horses and stale urine. There was a wide hay-loft at the back of the barn, about two metres from the ground. Little light penetrated the windowless hay-loft. A few narrow shafts of sun-light gleamed through the gaps between the wood cladding, reflecting from strange discarded farming implements. Four heavy cross-beams, with central upright supports, carried the roof structure.

Although there was old straw scattered on the cobbles, it was clearly unused for the original purpose. The straw was now a home for insects and vermin. Around the walls, Polly could see rusty tools, hanging chains and old harnesses. To one side were four stalls, now empty and uncared for. At one time the building must have been an active stable, full of the sounds of horses hooves clattering on the cobbles and snorting nostrils. Today it was silent and still.

Polly heard the sound of feet crunching into the straw behind them. She spun round. Silhouetted in the doorway was a large, scruffy man. With him was a group of five youths. Hands in pockets, they looked at the girls with insolent grins.

'Well, well, well! If it isn't our friend and mate, Janine. You're right on time my dear. We know what you girls have come here for,' the leader drawled. He turned to Janine. 'How old are they?'

Janine looked at James. He smiled and shrugged.

'They're eighteen, same as me,' Janine retorted with as much confidence as she could. 'We've only come for a walk. What do you want, Fagin?'

'Well, that's a coincidence.' He turned to the others. 'So have we.' They all laughed. 'James told us about your little rendezvous, my dear. You holding out on us, are you Janine, my dear?'

'No, Fagin. James here, wanted to suss out the new young ladies first.'

'Oh? In what?'

Janine paused. 'To see whether they might interest you.’

'Well, now, my dear. You know all young ladies are of interest to me. Particularly virgins.’

Janine remained silent.

'We'll show the girls something to excite them, as well, won't we lads?' They all laughed again. 'But you show us something first, eh?'

'No, I think we'd better be getting back to the school.'

'Oh, don't be spoil sports, my dears. We've got some mighty fine pieces of weaponry to show to girls eager to learn. Haven't we lads? Besides, if they are to be part of the team, we need to see what they are offering our clients. See what price I can put on them.'

Polly was dumbfounded by this exchange. Was this a set-up, she wondered? Had Janine deliberately brought them into a trap; were they in danger?

'Come on.' Janine strode purposefully to the door. As she passed the large man, he put his arm out stopping her. His hand was pressed against her right breast.

'My! That feels nice and soft, my dear.'

Janine pushed him away, but with a quick swipe with the flat of his hand across her face she fell into the dirty straw. She looked at him in surprise, rubbing her sore cheek.

Polly and Rita had remained still all this time. Both were pale with fear. They were terrified they might be beaten up and raped.

'Tie her up,' he ordered. Three of the youths picked her up roughly. She kicked and screamed but was no match for the strength of three strong young men. Ropes were fastened to her wrists and attached to the heavy beam supporting the front of the hay-loft above their heads. Still, Janine twisted and kicked to try to free herself.

'Help me, James.' she cried. But her step-bother just smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

'They're all bigger than me,' he said, 'and besides, we're all in this together. The gang would not have been happy if we had broken away on our own.'

Hearing this, Polly began shivering with fear. Rita came up to her and they held each other protectively in their arms.

'Don't be afraid, my dears, you’ll come to no harm' Fagin said to Polly and Rita. 'But Janine here has ignored my wishes. Anyone who defies my authority must be punished.'

Polly found her voice. 'Who are you? What do you want with us?'

'Ah! Two questions. First, they call me Fagin because I control a gang of youths. Like my famous forebear, my dears, we engage in burglary and other money making activities. To answer the second question, what we want with you is to offer you a means of income, my dears.'

Fagin took down up a short whip hanging on the central post. It was an old horse whip with a leather handle. Without any preliminaries he swung the whip. There was a hiss, then it struck Janine round her hips. She yelled in pain. A second lash struck her higher on the buttocks. A third lash struck her buttocks with a sharp crack. Janine yelped, her body recoiling from the blows.

He looked down at the whip, weighing it the palm of his hand. 'Mmmm! A well-balanced instrument. Nice and light.' Fagin turned to Polly and Rita. 'At the beginning of each new scholastic year, my dears, I survey the new students. My particular interest is in virgins, my dears, but I also have some use for those who have already lost their maidenheads. If they are still tight, soft and pliant. Not too slack. My clients don't like them too slack. Janine is my scout in these affairs. And she has disobeyed my wishes.'

He smiled engagingly at the young women. 'Strip her, my dears, as much as you can with the ropes in place.'

It all happened so quickly! Polly and Rita were dumbfounded as well as in fear. They glanced quickly at one another, then went up to Janine.

Polly whispered. 'We have to, Janine. Or we'll all get beaten.' Janine just nodded.

Her blouse front was unbuttoned. There was no bra underneath but the pockets on either side hid the fact. The blouse fluttered open like wings hanging from her shoulders, exposing her full breasts, pulled high on her chest. Her skirt soon followed. She wore blue woollen knickers, the regulation underwear of the school.

'Leave her the bloomers on for now, my dears.'

The two girls cowered back to await the next development.

Fagin studied the near naked body festooned from the beam. Janine glowered at him, her eyes flashing with anger.

'That's a fine young body, my dear.' He turned to his gang. 'Who'd like to whip it into submission?'

One tall sturdy youth stood forward and took the whip. He was a blonde with short cropped hair. Polly recognised the gardener!

'No, not Bill!' Janine screamed. She fought her bonds, but in vain. Her breasts shook wildly with the effort. 'He's a sadistic bastard,' she cried in dismay.

Fagin ignored her outburst.

'You don't need your trousers, my dear,' his leader told him. There was no hesitation. The youth's trousers came off in quick time to show that he was already aroused. Polly and Rita stared at the stiff rod, fascinated by the sudden disclosure of the youth's hidden charms. They watched, spellbound with disbelief and awe, as the half-filled tube stiffened up, swaying from side to side like a cobra, waiting to strike. It heaved itself out of the light patch of blonde curly hair at its base with a succession of jerks, until it stood upright, quivering with pride, and pressing stiffly against the youth's belly.

Fagin noticed their interest in the youth's equipment. 'That,' he told them, pointing to the erect penis. 'can give more happiness and satisfaction to a girl than all your dolls, toys and other games put together. And what's more, you'll never grow tired of that toy. In fact, once you've played with it, and sunk it inside you, you'll want it again and again. You won't be able to get enough of it! You women are all the same.’ He gave a coarse laugh.

Rita and Polly exchanged glances of incredulity. Both were too astonished to show any embarrassment.

The young man was now ready to begin the punishment. 'You've let the gang down, Janine. You got to be punished.' Bill spoke in a low growl, with a heavy East-end accent. Twisting his body round, he weighed the whip lightly in his hand to find the proper balance.

'Don't whip me, and I'll suck you off,' she bargained in a hoarse whisper. The youth's reply was a sudden twist and flick of the wrist. There was a moment of silence; a holding of breath; the leather thong sighed through the air. Then, with a sharp crack, it curled round the pale thighs. He gave it a quick tug, slicing the thongs through the blue knickers. Janine threw her head back, her mouth pulled open against her teeth as the pain bit into her consciousness. But no sound came.

'You'll suck me off anyway,' he laughed.

Twisting his hips again, the second lash curled round the swell of the hips and buttocks. As the crack sounded, Bill yanked the whip back to slice once more through the fabric of the knickers. Polly was dismayed but felt a ripple of excitement in her groin. Even with the protection of the woolen garment, the victim's throat opened and a long scream tore through the barn.

'No, please!' She pleaded, tears streaming down her face. The faces of the onlookers were sneering. They stared at her defenceless body, ogling her luscious breasts, swinging frenziedly as she pulled at the ropes.

The sturdy youth merely grinned at her. His thick phallus rose obscenely in front of his hard belly, like some kind of god from clouds of golden curls. It swayed drunkenly as though looking for a place to lean on. Polly couldn't take her eyes from it, licking her dry lips. She was mesmerised. It was hard and straight with a head no thicker than the shaft itself, tapering to a blunt point.

Another of the youths had dropped his trousers and was lounging against the frame of the barn door, fingering his half-stiffened penis, giving it occasional pulls. He was a small youth with tousled, dirty hair. The hair on the youth's belly was a dark extensive growth, the dangling testicles heavily covered with the thatch. The cock had an upward bend so that the end touched his belly.

The fourth lash struck Janine across the top of her thighs, below the line of the knickers. An angry red weal formed immediately, thin and painful. The scream was pitiful. Returning her gaze to the victim, Polly saw that her friend was sagging heavily in the ropes tying her to the heavy cross beam. Her knickers were torn where the thong had cut through them. The fifth lash reached round the drooping cheeks, ripping away yet more of the fabric. The young victim was groaning and whimpering. She was totally subdued.

'Enough,' Fagin snapped. 'You two girls, take her knickers off.'

Unwilling to show any disobedience, Rita and Polly came to Janine's hanging suppliant figure. Carefully, they pushed down the shredded garment. Polly stared with horror at the result of the whipping. The flesh of the cheeks of the young victim were covered with blue bruises. These were superimposed with red weals, which looked swollen and painful.

'Come here, my dears.' Fagin beckoned with his crooked forefinger. Polly and Rita exchanged glances, but dutiful stood before the big brute. 'Do you see that beautiful penis, my dears?'

The blonde youth was standing, breathing heavily with the effort of lashing Janine, grinning broadly. He jutted out his hips, thrusting his mighty weapon before their eyes.

'Yes, sir.' Polly's voice was a bare whisper, so dry was her mouth, her gaze rooted on the monster she had seen briefly some weeks earlier.

'You shall see it at work, my dears.' He nodded to Bill. Dropping the whip, the young man crossed to face Janine. She looked at him with lack-lustre eyes. 'You two girls must now help your friend. Take a leg each, and part them as wide as you can.'

Afraid to refuse Fagin's demands, they squatted on either side of Janine, taking a knee each in their arms, drawing them apart as wide as they could. There, in the fork of her thighs, Polly looked on the pink lips, softly folded. They were puffed and wet, thrusting from her vulva. It was a pretty display; the perfect folds of young flesh, fully aroused and glinting with honey.

‘I see she’s properly prepared, my dear.’

Two of the other youths sauntered up to the girls, leering at them lewdly, before standing behind them. Polly felt hands rest on her shoulders, a groin pushed against her buttocks. She froze in fear of what he might do to her. But, unconcerned with her reaction, they all watched as Bill positioned himself between Janine's thighs. He nudged the shining blunt head of his penis between the soft lips, coating it with the ample honey seeping from the orifice. With a strong firm thrust, the huge shaft disappeared deep into Janine's secret shrine.

They heard the girl gasp with shock as she became filled to bursting with cock. The youth started to thrust in and out, slowly at first, then more quickly. Polly felt the thrill in her own loins as she watched the thick shaft plunder the soft passage of Janine. The victims eyes were ablaze, her belly pushed urgently at the thrusting groin. Polly heard her eager, rasping breath. She was becoming apprehensive about her own fate.

As the young man pounded Janine's Loins, Polly felt hands caress her shoulder. Looking down, the dirty hands slipped into the neck of her blouse. She held her breath, knowing they would find her stiff nipples and soft breasts. She was powerless to stop him; a prisoner of this gang of devil-may-care men.

But, before anything further could happen, the blonde youth gave a huge lunge. His choking cry shattered the quiet. His great cock withdrew from the vulva, spouting jets of thick cream over the victim's belly. The sight took their breath away. Their friend's body was trembling and shaking with frustration, squealing for more.

'Leave her,' Fagin commanded. 'Come here to me, dears.' Rita and Polly complied, head bowed. He smiled at them wickedly. 'I think I should see yours now, in return for this display. That way, we all remain friends, my dears.'

The two girls already felt a hot desire fluttering inside their chaste vaginas. Even so, the thought of exposing their naked bodies to these seven men filled them with fear and shame. Besides the blond man, Bill, there were now two other boys without trousers, sporting heavy erections. One was the smallish youth, with the bent prick and masses of dark curls over his belly. Polly could now see his penis more clearly. It filled her with foreboding. She was surely going to loose her virginity today. But with which man she did not know.

Polly was wet with the thrill of fear. Looking round her, she saw three of the men were naked from the waist down, fondling their impatient cocks. The third young man was gripping his phallus hard, slowly drawing the foreskin back and forth. It had a slight sideways bend to it, though not as long and thick as the blonde man’s

'Come along, my dears! Don't be shy. We're all friends here. We merely want to see what charming bodily gifts you are hiding from us. I would hate to have to compel your obedience. Our boys shall help, eh, my dears?'

After exchanging hesitant looks, knowing they had no choice in the matter, the girls remained passive as their blouses were removed by the two excited young men. The small bras were unhooked and slipped from their shoulders to flutter to the ground. Their innocent breasts sprang into view.

'Stand back!' Fagin bellowed as the men pressed forward to peer at the young breasts. The youths took a few steps back, but still watched greedily as the girls undressed. Polly was trembling with terror!

'Now the skirts, my dears,' he demanded. They reached down to unfasten and remove their navy-blue gym slips. Blue knickers were pushed down with uncertainty. The men watched in silence, as the young ladies stepped out of their knickers, wide eyed at seeing their virgin genitals, with their light covering of hair - one blonde and one ginger - over pink lips pouting with excitement. Both had flat bellies, but Rita's hips were narrow with slender thighs, tight little buttocks and thin legs covered with black stockings to above the knees.

Her inner thighs didn't quite meet allowing Fagin to see within the gap her small pouting inner labia. Polly, on the other hand, had a small waist, but wide hips and full cheeks. Her secret folds were tucked away between her thighs, although the blonde curls on the plump mound promised much.

The dark-haired youth, unable to contain his lust, suddenly made a grab at Polly, thrusting his loins at her. The stiff up-thrusting penis jabbed into her blonde curls just as Fagin, with a bellow of anger, struck the youth hard on the head with the flat of his hand. The young man staggered, reeling from the blow, falling onto the straw, his penis swinging lewdly.

Polly was relieved. 'Come closer, my dears.' When Fagin raised his hands to stroke their smooth breasts, Polly noticed that he was wearing mittens. They were very dirty with holes in them. His nails were broken and encrusted with dirt. Goose pimples sprung up on Polly's skin as the filthy hands touched her creamy breasts.

'Hmmm! That's good!' he muttered. Then his hands dropped to their loins.

With a gasp of fright, Polly realised that he was going to feel their vulvas. Both girls were wet with the bodily secretions they had been unable to control during the salacious scenes played out before them. Her loins tensed and jerked involuntarily as the stubby middle fingers snaked their way through the growth of hair, over the clitoral hood before dipping into the honeyed lips.

Polly felt tears of humiliation roll down her cheeks, unable to prevent a slight jolt as a mini orgasm rippled through her loins. She hung her head in guilt at her private juices being violated in this way by a total stranger. An old fat man with dirty broken finger-nails.

'That's even better, my dears. You have sweet little pouches. They respond well to the touch. So, they are worth a heavy fee. Now, you need to begin your training.' He raised his voice to the members of his gang. 'If I find any of you molesting these two girls, I shall punish you personally. As for Noah here, for not keeping his lechery under control, he shall be punished.'

Turning to face Janine, drooping exhausted, Fagin ordered her ropes to be released. The victim sank to the floor. Her blouse was removed. She was completely naked; her body unprotected from the cruelty in store for it.

'Watch!' Fagin warned the two virgins. 'Prepare the victim,' he told the youths.

As Janine was brought to kneel unresisting in front of the leader, Fagin casually unfastened the rope round his trousers, allowing them to shutter to the ground into the straw. Without underwear to restrict it, his phallus sprang into view.

'Look!' he commanded the two girls. The penis was almost fully erect. 'Even we older warriors are moved to enthusiasm by some sights. Your pretty organs have aroused me. But do not fear, Janine shall satisfy my lust.'

With his long coat tails hanging over his fat buttocks, he flaunted his powerful cock. There was no foreskin to protect the purple head. The shaft was rough and knobly, like the bark of an old tree. Dark blue veins made lumpy ridges on the surface; grey locks of hair spread over his corpulent belly and thighs. Polly thought she could see lice crawling around in the dense mat at the base of the stiff cock. It looked repulsive, dirty and threatening, protruding out from the dark loins, ingrained with dirt.

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