tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Trials of Pauline Ch. 14

The Trials of Pauline Ch. 14


Pauline has been brought up to practise and enjoy sexual thrills from sado-masochism and is on a quest to find her father, a secret agent, last seen at the Athens Hilton. Though still a virgin, in spite of many sexual experiences, Pauline's controller, Fagin, has 'sold' her to a new master, Ulysses. After passing tests of severe tolerance, Ulysses entrusts her with a secret mission to an island in the Aegean. After a series of sexual adventures, during which she rescued a young Eurasian, Marina, from the sadistic clutches of a sea captain, she and her colleague Lucy arrive at their destination where they are introduced to the sadistic Cronos and Pluto. Following their introduction to them, Polly is called away.


Chapter Fourteen

When Polly later returned to the apartment, everything was quiet. There was no sign of Marina who was usually singing or humming when Polly returned. She went into Marina's bedroom where she was startled. There on her bed was the young Eurasian, stark naked, bound and gagged. Her dark doe-eyes were full of terror, her cheeks stained with tears.

'Marina!' Polly moved quickly to the bed.

But before she could reach her, Polly was grabbed from behind. She recognised the smell of an excited animal; pungent and nasty. A loop of rope was thrown over her head and shoulders, her arms pinned behind her.

'Now, I have you my fine beauty,' he growled.

'Leon! What are you doing here?' Polly struggled, but she was far too late. The rope was pulled tight round her waist, Polly spun round before being finally thrown onto a dressing chair,

'No-one treats Leon to such humiliation and pain. I come to recover what is mine. I come to punish you.' Leon tied the loose end of the rope round her ankle and chair leg, then the other one. He was much too powerful for Polly to oppose; she was like a rag-doll in his arms. Looking up at the cruel leer on Leon's ugly face, her face tightened at the stench of his stale sweat.

'When I finish with you, no-one want you ever again. I cut you into pieces,' he growled savagely. 'But first, I thrash you both, fuck you both.' He was unfastening his wide leather belt from his waist.

The brass tube hung round Polly's neck, out of reach. If only she could summon help! Leon stepped out of his dirty slacks, the huge bulk of his belly and loins appeared before Polly's eyes. A waft of sour urine and male sex offended her nose. His ponderous penis was thick and half swollen. First turning to Marina, Leon rolled her over.

She whimpered in fear as he held her, face down, over the edge of the bed. Her tight small bottom was at his mercy. The fleshy folds projected darkly from the defenceless vulva. He swung his other arm, swishing the leather strap across the smooth skin. Marina gave a muffled yell, her loins recoiling in response to the stinging blow.

'So,' he yelled as he swung his arm, 'you thought you would escape me, hey?' A third violent slash cut high into Marina's buttocks, her hips bucking in pain, her cry of pain muffled by the gag. The skin was already reddening, crimson weals crossing the cheeks.

The fourth slash! 'I teach you lesson you never forget!' The fifth slash! 'Little bitch!'

Polly watched in fear for Marina's life. The brute was demented with rage, his phallus now distended to its full, frightening size. Oozing vile starch from it's single eye, it throbbed beneath the overhanging belly blanketed with black hair, filthy and matted. His arm swung the heavy leather belt high before bringing it down hard onto the tender cheeks. Marina's body gradually stopped reacting to the blows, hanging limp over the edge of the bed. The flesh responded to the violent lashes, with sickening thuds, but the muscles no longer recoiled from the blows. Leon dropped the strap.

Falling to his knees, he unfastened the rope round Marina's ankles and pushed the legs wide apart. Her honey-coated vulva was open like a flower covered in dew, innocent and defenceless against the loathsome intentions of the brute. His eyes gleamed with lust as he gazed on the object of his lechery. Hoisting up his huge belly in both hands, the bloated penis sought the wet orifice between the cheeks, now a crimson mass, swollen and ridged.

Polly watched as the mass of thick masculine flesh was forced savagely into the crack, pushing aside the folds, delicate pink flesh. Leon grunted with the effort, then started to plunge in and out of the orifice with lusty thrusts. The defenceless body beneath him, rolled and bounced as the gross loins battered at it. Marina was only half conscious, moaning with the pain racking her body, loins burning fiercely. The victim's vagina responded to the thick shaft sliding in and out, as nature intended, seeping her honey to ease the passage of the invading shaft.

Polly looked on helpless. The bulk heaved as Leon roared, pouring his slime into the slight inert figure with jerks of the massive thighs, the buttocks shaking obscenely.

After he withdrew, panting from the exertion, Polly noticed his phallus already softening, stained with Marina's syrup. She watched the sludge dribble from Marina's tousled crack. Leaving her in a half-conscious state, Leon turned to Polly.

'Now for you! I have something special.'

An old satchel was behind the door. From it, he took out two lengths of wire with claw clamps at one end, an electric power plug at the other. Polly recognised the battery leads she had used on his testicles a few days earlier.

He dangled them before her face, guffawing lewdly. 'First I thrash you, then I fuck you, then I electrocute you. Your nipples will fry! An orgasm you never forget! If you live!'

Stepping up to her, he reached out his greasy hands, tearing away the flimsy tunic she was wearing. Polly took a deep breath. Her gorgeous breasts, thrust forward, heaved and swayed as she struggled, but in vain. The garment was ripped away, leaving only her gossamer panties protecting her genitals. But Leon was determined to strip Polly to the flesh. His strong hands tore the side seams apart and yanked the strip of silk from her sensitive loins. Naked and unprotected, Polly was at her wits end to think what she could do to escape his savage intentions.

Leon returned to his satchel for a bottle of whisky. He stood leering at Polly's gorgeous figure, her breasts swelling as he put the neck of the bottle to his lips. He laughed cruelly, his great penis - now softened - swaying before him. It was like a huge slug, glistening with slime; it nauseated Polly.

'So, Miss Clever! You think you outwit Leon, eh? Ulysses cancel my contract. Your fault! I get revenge! You watch! First I feel you up!' He reached forward with his free hand, pushing the grubby fingers into her crack, pale and syrupy.

'Ah! I feel wetness in your cunt. It is eager for cock. You desire me! But you must wait! Nice soft cunt! Warm and wet. Waiting for Leon's mighty prick!'

Putting the wet fingers to his mouth, he sucked them clean with a lecherous smile, taking another long swig from the bottle before groping into Polly's genitals again, licking off the sweet honey.

'You taste good! See!' he taunted, 'it make my cock stand again.' And, sure enough, Polly watched the slimy slug beneath his hairy belly, thicken and stretch. Leon released one of Polly's ankles from the chair leg, twisting her so that he could attach the rope to her wrists. After he had done the same to the other ankle, Polly was pushed to her knees, wrists and ankles roped together behind her back, breasts thrusting forward.

Kicking the dressing chair away, Leon took up the leather belt, swung it high and quickly swiped it hard across Polly's back. Thankfully, her tied wrists roped to the ankles protected the cheeks of her buttocks, still tender from the earlier activities with Cronos. But the belt lashed her hips with excruciating agony. She recoiled, falling onto her side.

With great guffaws of enjoyment from Leon, more lashes followed, indiscriminately aimed, stinging into Polly's body. She twisted her shoulders to protect her breasts from the blind scourge. The blows fell on her shoulders, waist and hips. Red blotches welled up on her skin, crimson weals cutting into the pale flesh. It felt as if her whole body was aflame with stinging, swollen weals. Suddenly, Leon, rolled her onto her back with a kick, her tied hands forcing up her waist, breasts and belly exposed to his cruelty.

'First I fuck, then I electrocute!'

Leon dropped the belt, pressing on Polly's knees to prise them wide apart. Her exquisite vulva, perfect in every detail, beckoned Leon. The beautiful folds of pink flesh parted the outer labia, showing the moistened entrance to her secret paradise. Leon looked at the vision as though dumbstruck. Even a brute could enjoy the sheer beauty of Polly's genitals.

'Beautiful cunt!' he muttered. 'Very beautiful! Made to be fucked.'

But, he soon found that he wouldn't be able to penetrate the delicious orifice without untying her ankles, and that would result in a kicking and struggling woman. Nor dare he ask her to fellate him. She would certainly bite his penis off. In desperation, he pushed his face between her thighs, pressing his stiff tongue into the honeyed crack, scooping the syrup onto his tongue. The tongue jabbed at the clitoris sending a jolt of agitation through Polly's body, in spite of the revulsion she felt. She screwed her eyes tightly shut to blot out the vile image.

Her hips began to jerk in response to the stimulation of her genitals. Leon's breath, hot and stinking, aroused her responsive vulva. His tongue lashed her sensitive button. Her belly was trembling. She tried to prevent the tension building up, but in vain. The familiar tensing had started. Her muscles twitched. Her breathing was irregular. Whimpers escaped her throat.

With a sudden recoil, an orgasm rippled through her loins, thighs shaking. Leon now lay on top of her, pressing his inflated shaft against her pubic bone and clitoral hood. His fingers probed her private flesh, now tousled with his spittle, and stimulated his heaving shaft.

'Perhaps I take you as slave as well,' he panted thickly as his huge thighs jerked rapidly. 'You have gorgeous cunt! Soon, I come!' His breathing was heavy, his groans loud. 'You got lovely cunt! I fuck it often!'

With a twitch of the huge buttocks, a loud bellow, his cock spewed forth his great globs of slime over Polly's delicate vulva.

After he recovered, Leon stood slowly and menacingly over Polly. She was breathless with the effort of resisting his bulk.

'Now the exciting bit!' he crowed. The power socket was in the wall directly beside Polly's head.

'Ah! Here is electric power!' Leon took the wires, pushing the plug firmly into the socket. Polly panicked! She fought furiously against the bonds, immune to the searing pain caused by her efforts.

'First I attach the claws to your nipples. They are strong. Bite deep into your tits. Then switch on the power.' He laughed loudly, enjoying his work. He picked up the metal claws and stood astride her. His fat hair-covered thighs, sagging buttocks and testicles towered over Polly. She screamed as loud as she could. He leaned forward to swipe her hard with the back of his hand across her cheek.

'Shut up!' he bellowed. She screamed again!

Just then came a deafening screeching noise. Leon turned in alarm to see Marina blowing into a brass tube.

'What the -?' Before he could finish the question, a spray filled his eyes, burning them! Leon bellowed with pain. He was blinded!

Meantime, Polly rolled over to the wall beside her, pressing the switch with her nose. It worked! A crackling noise mingled with the cry of terror as the voltage seared through Leon, still clutching the two metals claws. His huge body gave a leaping jolt. Polly rolled away. Almost immediately the room was filled with people, shouting and screaming. Nestor and Pluto had appeared with Lucy and others. One switched off the current, leaving Leon an exhausted, twitching mountain of limp flesh. Polly was untied and Marina's gag removed.

After Leon had been manacled and taken away to face Cronos, Marina and Polly explained to Lucy what had happened. They all tended to each other's wounds.

'If you hadn't raised the alarm when you did,' Polly told Marina, 'I would have been electrocuted! Perhaps it was only Leon's sheer bulk that saved him from a similar fate.'

'He thought I finished,' Marina smiled. 'But, when I fully awake, I watch him thrash you on the floor. Then, when he start to press his cock against fanny, I knew he concentrate on only one thing. Fastening round my wrist had worked loose during he copulate me. So I pull gag off, blow my whistle hard. When he turn, I spray his eyes!'

They all laughed and clapped hands together.

Polly and Marina never saw Leon again!

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