tagBDSMThe Trials of Pauline Ch. 15

The Trials of Pauline Ch. 15


It was three days later that Cronos finally arranged for Polly and her companions to join him for dinner. Lucy had already warned them.

'Although Cronos looks mild-tempered, he must be obeyed without question and without hesitation. Any sign of disobedience and you will be thrashed ruthlessly. What is more, any sign of ingratitude will also be heavily punished.'

'Will we escape without any correction at all, then?' asked Marina, a note of disappointment in her voice.

'Not likely! But the correction will probably be for their own pleasure in domination. Hard, but not terrible. After last week, Polly, it will seem a pat on the back!'

The instructions were for Polly to wear a simple white tunic, her hair loose. Lucy and Marina were asked to put wide dog-collars, decorated with brass studs, round their necks. Each collar was attached to a leather lead. A flimsy pair of panties and an equally flimsy halter bra was all they wore. Lucy was expected to attach screw-type special ear-rings to her inner labia. They were simple rubber rings, about ten centimetres in diameter. They dangled between her thighs until tucked into the panties. When the time came, the severe-looking housekeeper escorted them to the dining room, Polly following, holding the other two by their leads.

The decor was luxurious, soft hidden lights reflecting from the pale ceiling, encrusted with an intricate interlacing moulding in gold and silver, with pale-blue bosses. The central chandelier in gold and crystal was elaborate, but unlit. To the right were large sliding glass windows leading onto a large conservatory, beyond which stretched a wide balcony, over-canopied with foliage and blossom. Amongst the shrubs and exotic plants in the conservatory was a small Greek band, playing soft romantic music.

To the left of the room, a dining area had been set up, with a low table covered by a white cloth and many different dishes. It was surrounded on three sides by cushions and divans. In the centre was a small dancing floor and, at the far end of it, a sitting area around a large coffee table having a shallow silver bowl filled with fruits of all kinds.

The men were standing in front of the divan as they entered. They were dressed in formal dinner suits with white tuxedos. Cronos stood in the middle. Polly immediately ran to sit at his feet whilst Lucy cringed and fawned at the feet of Pluto.

'First, let me introduce my nephew, Nestor. A young stallion of twenty years and already a wealthy shipping magnate, with a little help from his father.' Nestor was a tall, well-built man, with bright eyes, a mass of black curls and a ready smile. Marina looked at him with greedy eyes. Without hesitation she ran to him and bowed at his feet.

'Thank you master. Your bond servants and I are very pleased to fall at your feet and do your bidding this evening. My maid and Lucy's slave girl is Marina.'

'She seems to have found a new master already. Is she obedient? Is she trained?'

'Oh, yes, my lord. Marina is a devoted young bitch. No amount of beating will deter her from being faithful and true. She will do anything her master desires.'

'Good! We shall test that later. But first, for my guests, I have arranged for you all to watch the taming of the Greek shrew. It is a dramatic event set to the music of Zorba. He was the Greek master of the slaves.' He gave a signal to the small band.

The small band struck up the theme music of 'Zorba the Greek'. From out of the conservatory stormed a woman with generous curves, almost naked. Her raven hair was tied up with strings of pearls, with a pendant hanging over her forehead, with a solitary emerald dropped centrally over the bridge of her nose. She was swarthy skinned. Her body undulated to the rhythm of the music. The beads, suspended over her breasts, did nothing to hide the plentiful flesh, bursting to capacity, superbly supported by firm muscles, helped by a halter round her neck, crossing at the front and passing under each breast.

The almost black nipples were engorged and jutting, with a suggestion of milk on their extremities. Her rounded belly, with its deep cavity in which another emerald was embedded, undulated and swayed erotically. The minuscule modesty belt only served to accentuate the mass of black curls it tried, but failed, to obscure. Carefully shaved to remove any stray hairs, the profuse growth was shaped in an inverted pyramid, pointing down to the clitoral hood. With undulating arms, snaking around, swaying hips rolling the ample cheeks of her buttocks to and fro, she approached the company.

The men's attention was glued to her as she displayed her body in an obscene, though artistic manner. She knelt on the low table, knees splayed wide apart, arching her body backwards, supported by her arms behind her. All the curves of her seductive body were accentuated, her large, plump vulva yawning to reveal the generous lips of wrinkled flesh drooping from the orifice, their petals slightly parted.

The hood of her clitoris was pierced by a gold ring set with a large opal. Twisting to one side to retain her balance on the left arm, the dancer brought her other arm to between her thighs. She parted the lips with thumb and second finger. Her forefinger was clenched tight and placed under the clitoral hood where it began to stimulate the hard button beneath the ring. Her finger flickered rapidly on the sensitive part making the woman growl with excitement, deep in her throat.

At this point, from the conservatory came a tall, heavily-built, dark-skinned man carrying a leather crop strapped to his right wrist. He had no body hair at all. The head and groin were both hairless and smooth. He was completely naked, his semi-thickened penis swaying around obscenely. Muscles rippled on his arms, shoulders and chest. His buttocks were taut and firm, thighs muscular.

He strode to the woman dancer, gripped her right shoulder to swing her from the table. She looked at him with terror in her eyes, her body shrinking from him. He raised the whip as though to strike her. But she rolled away from him. He followed her. Catching her by the wrist, she was pulled to her feet and twisted round. A flick of his wrist was all that was required for the lash of the whip to curl round her hips, cutting into the plentiful flesh of her bottom. She spun round, contorting her body in pain.

The music grew in intensity as she threw her arms out to the man in supplication, but to no avail. The whip whisked through the air a second time, stinging her on the upper thighs. The woman recoiled, retreating from her torturer, watchful and tense. The man, dark skin now glistening with perspiration, stalked her full of menace, whip at the ready. Suddenly, the wrist flicked. A third lash caught her high on the cheeks. The slave shrieked in agony. The three weals could be seen in the soft flesh, crimson against the olive skin.

Shaking with fear, the voluptuous body crouched on the floor, curled into a tight ball. Muscles were tensed against the sting of the next, inevitable blow. It came. The hiss of the thong and the slap as it sank into the velvet-like skin. The body winced. Sobs accompanied the music, filling the room, but quickly stifled. The body kept shaking in its silence. During the short pause, waiting for the right musical cue, Zorba stood, legs apart, casually weighing the whip in his right hand. He stared maliciously at the defenceless woman in front of him.

The music swelled once again. Three more savage slashes followed in quick succession in time to the rhythm. Racked by the searing pain, the figure jerked and jolted, recoiling from the blows. The man dropped his whip, closed in to scoop her with apparent ease onto his shoulder. Collapsing forward, the slave twisted her thighs round Zorba's head, so that her head fell against his belly as though insensible. The strong man now paced round the table with the woman held upside-down against his chest, his now stiff penis finding its way into her scarlet mouth as though by accident.

He pressed his mouth to her bare vulva, fat and dripping with thick vaginal lubricant. As the music reached its crescendo, he swung the woman from his shoulders to the floor. He cupped the cheeks of her behind in his hands, his fingers pulling open the entrance to her secret passage, bouncing her from the floor into an embrace, her arms round his neck. The deftness of the move resulted in his erect shaft sliding straight between the open cleft of her vulva, penetrating her depths.

The woman still feigned senselessness, her body jumping like a rag doll as the man bounced her vigorously on his phallus. On the final coda of the music, he lifted her from his manhood, placing her in a heap at his feet, her expansive buttocks towards the spectators. He stood over her, stiff penis thrusting arrogantly, holding his arms high in victory. At the end of the exhibition, Polly stared in admiration at his swarthy phallus fully extended, straining hard.

After he had taken his ovation, Zorba lifted the woman into a squatting position on the low table facing the men. A large brandy goblet was placed below her vulva. It required two mighty slaps on her breasts to persuade the defeated woman to empty her bladder, squirt by squirt, lips pulled apart, into the glass whilst the onlookers studied her genitals.

Zorba lifted the glass of warm golden liquid to the light before knocking the dancer from the table with a swipe from the back of his hand onto the wooden floor. With a sudden gesture, Zorba grabbed her jaw in his huge hand, forcing it open to pour the contents of the goblet into her mouth. Some slopped over her chin, splashing down her full breasts. Defeated and humiliated, she was again thrust to the floor where she cowered on her side. Then, Zorba gestured for the men to take their leisure on the woman.

Cronos and his nephew were eager to respond. Standing over the passive figure, dripping with her own urine, they raised their arms and began whipping the supple flesh without care or mercy. Back, arms, thighs, waist, buttocks. The willow canes furrowed the flesh with deep red and blue stripes. The heap shuddered and trembled under the blows. A continuous high moan of agony filled the silence. Pluto joined in the humiliation with his strap, studded with sharp brass nodules.

The male dancer stood watching the terrible punishment. Finally, he raised his hand. The breathless trio rested their weapons, gazing down on the beaten heap of collapsed flesh, raw and speckled with broken skin. The dancer knelt at the head of the moaning figure. Taking her head by the hair, he jerked it up. The jaw dropped open, tears of pain wet the cheeks.

The drums rolled quietly. Opening her eyes, the belly-dancer opened saw the rampant penis in front of her face. Grasping it at the base she drew it towards her mouth. The spectators watched entranced as she slowly lowered her mouth over it, sliding and licking as she went, until it was completely submerged. With a slow lift of the head, the woman slid her mouth away, to the crash of cymbals.

The Zorba music struck up again, slow and rhythmic. As Zorba thrust deep into her mouth, Pluto knelt behind the woman, placed the head of his phallus at the entrance to her gaping vulva, and submerge it fully inside in one slow stroke. Both men increased their rhythm with the beat of the music, until her head was bouncing up and down vigorously in time to Pluto's thrusts. She was moaning loudly and gasping obscenities as the music got louder and faster.

As the climax slammed into her, she threw her head back, eyes screwed tight. Her lips were drawn back over her teeth in an agonised snarl, letting out a long high pitch shriek; loins lunging with savagery and lust on the mighty shaft. This was not the behaviour of a civilised woman, but of a trapped animal!

With a final whoop of release, she knelt up straight, disengaging from the phallus which was on the point of eruption. She reached behind to grab it in her hands. A powerful surge of starchy juice shot from the shaft, spraying her swollen tender buttocks. Holding her hand over the knob, the remaining spurts gushed into the palm, oozing down the shaft. With both hands, the woman caught the sperm as it erupted, rubbing the sticky juices along the shaft before collapsing on the floor. Zorba scooped her into his arms and carried her away to the applause of the guests.

After re-settling themselves, Cronos spoke to Pluto.

'I was telling my nephew that my new English slave is a virgin. He doesn't believe me. Let's show him, Polly. Lay across my lap.'

Without hesitation, Polly lay over the perfectly creased thighs of her master. Her tunic was pulled up to reveal her rounded bottom with its complexion. Although the scratches were fully healed, the severe beating of the previous week had left the skin slightly mottled and pink. Without hair to cover the plump vulva, the inner lips showed through. Polly felt them being pulled apart uncovering the puckered orifice of her vulva.

Nestor pushed a special instrument the into the opening of the flesh surrounding the secret entrance. It pulled the flesh apart to open up the pink folds. His eyes opened with pleasure and surprise.

'You are quite right uncle. A perfect specimen. But not a virgin elsewhere, I don't believe.'

'Ah, no. Last week's ceremony required penetration of the sacrifice. However, the precious passage was left unsullied as a tribute to the Marquis.'

Cronos caressed Polly's buttocks delicately. 'Your wounds have healed well, Polly. You withstood the punishment well. The Marquis was delighted at your bravery.'

'Thank you, master,' Polly responded.

Lucy was looking up into the stern face of Pluto with a pleading expression. He turned to Cronos.

'Do you object to my dog having her thrash, sir? She seems anxious to grovel.'

Cronos grimaced. 'If you must, Pluto. But whip the hound well. They are so much more obliging when they are humiliated.' Polly slid to the floor between his thighs.

'Shall we be pleasured by all three, uncle?'

'Most certainly! Between each course.'

Pluto grinned. Pluto took the lead bringing Lucy on all fours to the centre of the room, onto the small dance floor. He was followed by Nestor.

The two men brought Lucy to the centre of the small dance floor where she was pushed onto all-fours, her lead looped round the leg of a heavy table.

'Please do not whip me, master. I will do as you wish,' Lucy screamed! She knew it was useless, but it added to Pluto's sense of power

'Just wait and see!' Pluto taunted her. 'I will teach you complete obedience.' Lucy's silk panties were stretched tight over the overwhelming buttocks. They were a perfect shape, filling the kickers. Then men couldn't keep their hands off the supple flesh, smoothing the silk stretched over them. Outlined in the gusset could be seen the dark shape of the rubber rings.

Each of the men had taken up a weapon. Pluto the strap and Nestor the cane. The earlier exercise had given them both an appetite for their next victim. They stood one either side of the bent figure. At a nod from Pluto, they both swung their arms to strike the flesh at the same time. Lucy almost toppled over with the strength of the blows. The flesh reddened almost immediately. By the time the second blows reached her buttocks, they were already swelling with the pain.

Lucy bit her lips to avoid crying out with the agony tearing through her loins. Her pale bottom jerked! The pain stabbed through her. Both men were rivetted to the defenceless body, the perfect bottom displayed for them. Nestor licked his lips with exhilaration. He would put his back into the next blow. With a sudden twist of his waist, Nestor brought the cane down again, cutting into the soft flesh, whose only protection was the thin layer of silk. The hips recoiled against the blows, but Lucy managed to avoid crying out in pain as the burning seared through her loins, her eyes squeezed shut in pain. The fourth swipe split the fabric covering those delicious orbs. A tearing sound followed the thwack of the cane striking the tender flesh. Lucy recoiled savagely.

A fourth and fifth stroke followed in swift succession, aimed at the lower part of the buttocks. The tortured cry from Lucy could not be stifled! The stinging heat of her loins had reached her genitals, now responding by oozing with honey, vainly trying to douse the blaze in her vagina. The fat vulva, with its protruding inner lips and hanging rings, stood proud of the surrounding cheeks. The flexible cane sank into the folds with a sickening sound, sending Lucy into paroxysms of agony.

Her head was spinning, her whole groin stinging as the blood rushed to protect her tender flesh, swelling under the assault of the willow cane. Her knickers now were little protection. They had split from waist to crotch. Only one more strike to endure before that wonderful feeling of joy that it was over. The moment of numbness as a prelude to the soothing feeling.

Thwack! The last blow once again straddled both cheeks, catching the bloated lips of her vulva. An explosion of agony. Her mind was a whirl of fire works. The terrible sting radiated throughout her hips and loins. After the flinch, her body relaxed. The raging fire enveloped her entire lower half, seated deep in her loins, burning with desire. She opened her eyes. There before her stood Nestor.

Through her tears, Lucy saw his large cock sticking up from out of his open flies. It was a massive thing, the skin covered with a tracery of veins, thick and blue, pulsing with the heavy beat of his excitement. The foreskin was half pulled over the plum-like head, a polished purple. It was a menacing sight. She felt the waist band of her knickers give as Pluto cut through it with a knife, allowing the fabric to be peeled from her crimson cheeks, sensitive and swollen with long weals. The rubber rings swung from the labia.

'That is what women worship, bitch. The penis!' Pluto sneered at Lucy. Nestor's trousers now fell to the floor followed by the boxer shorts. The massive cock was there in all its glory, sprouting from the hard belly of rippling muscles, surrounded by a mass of black curls.

'Ah, my nephew has a magnificent weapon. Look, slave! But I do wish he would shave it!' Polly saw it being pushed into Lucy's face.

Lucy smelt the male sex excrement and sweat. It was exhilarating! Yes! She would worship this phallus to please her lord and master; to emulate the belly-dancer's homage.

'Lick it, woman slave! You are honoured to have such a prominent member to worship. Lick!' And she did!

Moments later she felt the rings attached to her labia being pulled aside. The lips were opened roughly. Then a prodding at the entrance to her vulva. The fire in her belly had produced a plentiful supply of honey, now smeared thickly over her lips and the entrance to her paradise. Lucy's craving to be filled by her master overwhelmed the pain she would have to endure, for the fire in her loins to be extinguished by a flushing penis.

She cried out with sudden shock and pain as the mighty penis forced its thick girth roughly into her passage. She thought her passage would split! The folds of burning flesh stretched to their limits to let in this lunging giant. Pluto plunged heavily in and out of her warm muff with no thought for its owner.

The thrill of being ravaged by a monster so excited Lucy that it drove her to an early orgasm. The release swept over her in a crashing wave, bubbling and boiling through her brain. She cried out in agony; a pitiful wail. Her twitching loins, hot and wet, slowly subsided. In her mind was the image of Pluto's massive cock, bigger than ever, as it plunged with regular rhythm, deep into her shrine.

The sight of such fierce ravishing stimulated Polly's lust. Just then, she saw Pluto withdraw from Lucy, fold the rubber rings over each other against the vulva, and crush his cock through the rings into the opening. As the rings pressed into the orifice, the screw fastenings tore at the labia as they were dragged into the vagina. Lucy screamed in agony. The massive cock pounded in and out. The rubber rings gripped the shaft. The fastenings scored into the tender flesh, tugging the labia behind them.

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