tagErotic CouplingsThe Trip Ch. 03

The Trip Ch. 03


Barry caught two more rides that day, almost reaching the Alabama-Tennessee border by nightfall. He found a small roadside motel and checked in for the night. He was pleased with his progress as well as the fuck he had had that afternoon. He was pretty tired and decided to turn in early so he could get an early start in the morning.

The next morning, Barry caught a ride north, into Tennessee. He was walking along a state highway, admiring the beautiful horse farms along the way. This was horse country and there were white, split railing fences for miles. Every so often he would see someone riding in the large acreage farms. He hadn't realized how long Tennessee was. He had been in the state all day.

Around mid-afternoon, Barry was starting to tire, catching just a few short rides but walking a good bit. Fortunately, the sky had been overcast and not too hot. As he walked along the fence, a young woman riding a large quarter horse rode up to him, bringing the horse to a slow trot. She and Barry began talking, about the horse, his trip, the countryside. Barry found out that her name was Carla and that she lived on the farm she was riding. He told her that he was going to San Francisco to start a new job in a few weeks. Carla was wearing tight, riding pants and a top that did little to hide her ample breasts.

Suddenly, a loud clap of thunder sounded and it began to rain hard. Barry looked around for a place to get under, when Carla called to him to climb over the fence and for him to get onto the horse. Barry mounted the horse, sitting behind Carla. She told him to hold onto her waist and they rode off. Instead of going to the house, Carla rode to a little cabin in the corner of the property. They were both soaked with the rain as they ran into the cabin, laughing. Once inside, Barry could see the effect the rain had on Carla's clothes. Her top clung to her body, accentuating her breasts, while the wetness glistened on her ass. He felt himself becoming hard looking at her.

"Why don't you start a fire, Barry?" Carla said. "I have some other clothes here I can change into. Why don't you get out of those wet things, too?" Carla smiled as she walked into another room. Barry looked around for a place to change, but didn't see any place else. He took off his shirt, shoes and sock, leaving on his pants.

Suddenly a pair of sweat pants came flying out of the other room. "Here, put these on," Carla said. Barry stripped off the rest of his clothes, slipping into the loose pants, noticing that his hard cock tented them.

Carla walked out wearing a black baby doll. "I thought I had some other clothes here, I hope you don't mind, Barry," Carla said coyly. Looking at Barry's cock, she answered her own question, "Obviously you don't mind."

Barry felt a little embarrassed until she walked over to him, turning her back to him. Carla rubbed her ass against his cock, feeling the hardness pressing against her cheeks.

Barry wrapped his arms around her, cupping her large breasts. Carla moaned as he toyed with her nipples, rolling them between his fingers. She rubbed herself harder against him, loving the feel of his cock on her ass. Barry squeezed her tits, feeling the soft flesh of her globes in his fingers.

"Ooooohhhhh gggdddddd," Carla moaned, grinding her firm ass against Barry's hard cock. "You feel so hard." Carla grabbed one of Barry's hands, pushing it down her belly to her wet pussy. Barry's fingers slid over the silky baby doll, past the hem, onto her bare thigh. She pulled his hand back up, catching the moist area between her legs. "Ooohhhh fffuuuucckkkkk," Carla groaned when Barry pulled her panties to the side, plunging a finger into her. Her hips began bucking against his finger, feeling bolts of electricity shooting through her body.

Barry bit on the back of her neck, sucking her soft skin, his finger plunging in and out of her tight pussy. He picked the woman up and sat her on the bed. Carla bit her lower lip as Barry pulled her straps off her shoulders, exposing her firm tits.

"Suck my tits, Barry, please!!" Carla pleaded. Barry attacked her tits, his tongue circling her hard nipples. He took her nipples into his mouth, biting them as he squeezed her large firm breasts. Her tits had always been very sensitive for some reason. She could almost make herself cum by just playing with them herself. Barry was bringing her to a quick climax, his hands groping her tits, his mouth sucking and biting her hard nipples.

"Ooohhhhh gggdddddd, Barry," she screamed, her body shuddering, flooding her pussy with her juices. She held his head tight to her chest, his face buried in her luscious tits. She closed her eyes, feeling her warm juices flowing inside her.

Barry slid to his knees, pushing the hem of her baby doll up. Carla looked down at him, smiling, wanting to feel his tongue on her cunt. Barry grabbed her ass, pulling her wet cunt hard to his mouth, his tongue lapping at her cum.

Barry drove his face between her legs, pressing his mouth hard against her pussy. Carla grabbed his head, pulling him harder into her, moaning and screaming as her body shook and trembled from his wonderful tongue. Carla fell back onto the bed, grabbing at her tits, her hips bucking against his mouth. She felt her body become alive as Barry sucked and ate her wet cunt. Barry spread her lips, sucking on her swollen clit, tasting her juices.

"Ooohhhh gggdddd, Barry... I'm cumming again!!!" Carla screamed, pulling his head hard between her legs. Her hips bounced up and down on the bed, thrashing from the massive orgasm overwhelming her body. "Ooohhh gggdddd, YES!!!" she screamed, arching her back. Her cum flooded Barry's mouth. He lapped as hard as he could, sucking on her lips and thighs. Carla came again and again, soaking her lover's face and the bed with her cum.

Carla's heart was beating hard against her chest. Barry licked all he could, sliding up her body, his hands smearing her body with her warm juices. Her cunt was on fire, aching for more, even though she had just had one of her hardest climaxes. She kissed Barry, tasting her cum on his lips and tongue. Carla slid her hand down his bare chest, grasping his hard, thick cock. Barry moaned with pleasure as she stroked his cock through his pants. She felt it grow harder and thicker to her touch, exciting her even more. Carla loved sucking a hard cock and she wanted Barry's very badly. She fell onto the floor, pulling his pants down with her. His cock sprung out, hitting Carla's cheek. She slowly stroked the thick shaft, looking at its shape and structure. Carla licked her lips, eager to take his cock deep into her waiting mouth. Barry looked down at her beautiful face, her mouth opened. Carla dropped her head down, engulfing his thick cock all at once, sending wave after wave of excitement through Barry's body. She bobbed her head back and forth, squeezing her lips tight around his throbbing cock. She loved the feel of the thick head rubbing against the inside of her cheeks.

Barry thrust his hips back and forth, fucking her hot mouth, filling it with his cock. Carla moaned as she sucked hard, tasting the ooze of his pre-cum. She reached down to her wet cunt, fingering herself. She felt another orgasm building inside her. Carla plunged her fingers deep inside her cunt, fucking herself hard as her head bobbed back and forth on Barry's delicious cock. She felt his cock throbbing, beating against her throat. She rubbed her clit hard and fast, bringing herself to the edge.

"Cum on me, cum in my mouth!!" she moaned, wanting to taste his seed. Barry grabbed her head, thrusting his hips, fucking her mouth.

"Ooohhhhh gggdddd, I'm cumming," he cried, his body tensing, then filling her mouth with his hot cum. Carla gulped all she could, swallowing his juices, then letting the rest splatter over her face and tits.

Barry squeezed his cock, draining it of his cum, watching it fall onto Carla's face and body. Carla scooped some into her fingers, rubbing the hot goo over her hard nipples, feeling the heat deep within her. Carla licked and sucked Barry clean, savoring the taste of his cum. Barry could barely stand, his knees weak from the wonderful sucking he had just had. Carla looked up at him, smiling. She loved sucking cock and knew that she was good at it. She pulled the blanket off the bed, laying it on the floor near the fire. Barry and Carla cuddled on the blanket, their hands exploring each other's bodies, listening to the crackling of the fire and the sound of the rain on the tin roof. They lay in each other's arms, talking softly, caressing and kissing between sentences.

Barry looked out the window, noticing that the rain was not letting up and that it was beginning to get dark. "Why don't you just stay here the night, Barry?" Carla smiled. "Besides, your clothes are still wet." Barry really had no other choice, plus he was hoping she would ask him to stay. He smiled and thanked her. After a while, Carla got up and called her house, telling her parents that she was going to stay at the cabin because of the rain. Barry smiled when he heard her say that she had plenty to do there.

There was some food in the refrigerator and Carla make a nice meal out of whatever she could find. After watching some TV, they decided to go to bed. Carla wanted to feel Barry's cock inside her, and Barry wanted to fuck her just as badly. Barry pushed her onto the bed. Carla looked back, smiling at him as he walked up to her, rubbing the thick head of his cock over her ass. While cuddling on the floor, Carla had already made him hard again with her fingers, gently stroking his long shaft. Now she was about to get fucked by this stranger's hard cock. She wiggled her ass against him, feeling the head pressing between her cheeks.

"Fuck me Barry, please, fuck me hard!!" Carla moaned. Barry rubbed the head over her lips, then pressed his cock into her tight cunt. "Oooooohhhhhhhh gggddddd'," she moaned, pressing back against him. Barry grabbed her ass, pulling her hard against him, driving his hard cock deep into her. Carla groaned with glee as he thrust again and again, plunging his thick cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. Barry moaned as Carla squeezed her cunt around his thrusting cock, adding to the friction. His hips slammed against her ass, pounding her hard.

Carla felt his cock stabbing deep into her, the head rubbing against her cervix. Barry fucked her hard, slamming his thighs against her ass, pounding hard into her tight cunt. Carla moaned and groaned, her cunt gripping his cock, trying to hold him inside her. Her fingers clutched at the sheets, her head being driven into the bed from his fierce pounding. She felt her body trembling, shuddering from his thrusts. His fingers gripped her ass, squeezing her cheeks. She felt a rush of pain, coupled with a rush of pleasure racing through her body.

Barry fell onto the bed on his back, pulling Carla with him. She sat on his lap, riding his thick, hard cock. She rode him hard, rocking her hips back and forth, feeling his cock filling her cunt.

"Ooohhhhh Barry, fuck me hard!!!" she screamed, rocking her hips on his lap. She could feel his hard cock rubbing against her clit as he thrust his hips, plunging the thick shaft deep into her quivering cunt. She felt his cock throbbing, growing harder and thicker inside her, stretching her walls. She felt his cock filling her, rubbing against her walls. She rubbed her clit as his cock slid in and out of her tight cunt, adding to the pleasure. Barry groped her tits, squeezing her soft flesh in his fingers. Carla squealed with pleasure, rocking her hips faster and faster, fucking his hard, thick cock. Barry pulled at her nipples, sending bolts of electricity throughout her trembling body.

"Ooohhh gggdddd, Carla," Barry cried, his hips thrusting up into her, filling her tight cunt with his cock. Carla leaned forward, supporting herself on his knees, her ass rising and falling as she impaled herself on his hard pole. She felt him plunging deep into her cunt, bringing her to another climax.

Carla screamed, her hips pounding up and down on Barry's cock as she came for the last time, her cunt flooded with her hot cum. She squeezed his cock with her muscles, holding him deep inside her. The sudden heat of her cum on his cock was too much... Barry came hard, his cock jerking and throbbing in her cunt. His cum slammed deep into her, filling her with his hot juices. Their fluids mixed in her tunnel, oozing out around his cock. She fell back onto his chest, his hands groping at her tits. She felt his heart beating on her back, his fingers pulling at her sensitive nipples. Carla felt her heart beating rapidly on her chest as she tried to catch her breath. Barry rubbed Carla's quivering cunt gently, smearing their cum over her lips and belly.

"Oh, Barry, that was wonderful," Carla said softly. Barry continued caressing her body, wanting to feel every part of her. Barry kissed the back of her neck, his hands sliding gently over her trembling body. She turned around, lying on top of him, her breasts pressed against his chest. His hands slid softly over her back, down to her firm ass. Shortly, they drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, they awoke, making love again. Carla made him a quick breakfast then off he went, not sure which way was best to go, but just heading in the general direction.

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