The Trolls

byMy Erotic Tail©

I was just strolling along, whistling a lil' song.
When all of a sudden I was hit, with a 'One Bomb'

I looked about to see, who this could be
but they were well hidden, while I had been smitten'

The rumors roared around, this literary town
that Trolls could be found, doing the dirty down.

"Trolls?" I asked, a bit curiously
"They bomb ya, and then they leave?"

I had heard of ghost and goblins, leprechauns too,
Gremlins and some gargoyles, but trolls were something new!

Seems Trolls are more selective, of whom they will abuse
"Better not say nothing, or you will lite their fuse."

Of Faults I may have many, but one that I endear
Is that I live my life, without the feeling fear.

Monstrous Trolls with long talons, red eyes that glow?
Are they half a man or woman, who really knows?

Then I felt another, 'One Bomb' come in.
Like mischievous children, I shook my head and grin.

They're lower than the hind end, of a hyena
they scurry under rocks, to be hiding from Ya'

Waiting and watching, for their next victim
Never do they worry, that you might catch'em

Cause from they're smaller bodies, comes a smaller brain
Obviously they're actions, shows that they're insane.

Like the rats in New York, you could never drive them out
It does no good at all, to just sit and pout.

So I devised an armor, immunity you might say
To the 'One Bomb' Bombers, crazy crazy ways.

I removed ambition, it is the Shaolin way
Not to be bothered, by what people say.

Adhere to my Vow, to help troubled souls
To except these ghouls, know only as ...The Trolls.

Arthur's note:
Exceptance is the key tranquility
Poetry is an expression...a literary creation.
I see the yin and yang...of this Troll thing!
Once a pictures painted...words can not taint it.
If your minds at peace...with your masterpiece.
Put a helmet on...prepare for the bombs.

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