tagErotic CouplingsThe Trophy Wife Next Door Ch. 01

The Trophy Wife Next Door Ch. 01


Even though I had officially lived in my new home in the exclusive Cooper Trail Estates for six months, I did not know any of my neighbors. In fact, over the long winter months, I had been traveling for fun but now it was spring and I was working to get my prized possession in good working order. I had only put ten thousand miles on my custom California Chopper in five years. This year I was determined to avoid seminars, speaking engagements, etc. and be generally footloose and fancy free through September. None of this makes much sense unless I tell you how I got here.

At the beginning of the tech explosion, my only two great ideas resulted in patents and a company that exploded around me. I was an engineer. What did I know about running a company? I didn't want to go the MBA route or trust the company to others, so I sold out and pocketed more than fifty-mil after taxes with more due in the future and I still own twenty percent but I had to agree not to meddle. Now at forty; I am set for life; I'm single; I have great health; I have time to write; I'm not too bad to look at and I'm horny all the time -- a standard problem for geeky engineering types.


On the first truly beautiful warm Saturday of the year, I threw a pool party for friends who I had not seen in months and their families. It was a typical party, with kids screaming, playing in the pool, getting too much sun and eating. The parents drank, socialized, ate, bragged and drank some more. All during the party, I caught glances of my next door neighbor, either looking out her second story windows onto the pool or making seemingly unnecessary trips into the back yard. Her thirty year old petite body looked like a well toned and tanned Goldie Hawn at her peak. She had a prettier face than Goldie ever did but I never saw her smile during her entire day of watching.

A few days after the pool party, I was in the turn-around area in front of the garage on the side of the house, getting my treasure ready for its first outing of the year. "Goldie" watched and I waved at her several times. Finally, she waved back. About three, she went to check her afternoon mail, just as I hopped on, fired up and the powerful rumble disturbed the entire neighborhood. I only drove twenty yards and stopped by her.

"Hi, neighbor. I'm Tony Akins."

Her smile was delightful and her voice could perk up my spirits anytime. Her handshake needed work. "Nice to meet you, Tony. I'm Sue Carroll. You have the most beautiful motorcycle, I have ever seen."

"She is almost ready for some serious riding. Right now, I am just going to take a spin around the neighborhood. Have you ever ridden on one?"

"Oh no. I've never had any adventurous or dangerous experiences."

"Sue, a ride around the block hardly falls into those categories. Hop on and we'll see if the bike is set up right."

"I can't do that."

"Why not?"

"Harold, would not like that."

"Is Harold your husband?"

"Yes, he is an executive down town. He doesn't like it, if I leave the house."

"You're kidding? In this day and age, I didn't think such relationships still existed."

She stood quietly, admiring the bike, listening to the rumble and running her hands on the polished chrome. She was dreaming about how it would be to ride fast and free.

"We won't tell him. Hop on."

I saw another excuse start to form on her pretty mouth but she turned, put her mail back in the box and hopped on behind me.

"Am I supposed to have a helmet?"

"Yes, and I'm supposed to have one too but we are just going to go slow around the block. We'll be alright."

As we pulled away from the curb, Sue's arms locked too tightly around my waist and she pressed her body and face into my back. Halfway around the block, she relaxed some and looked about. We were almost back to her mailbox, when I asked, "One more time around?"

"I would like that. Can we go a little faster this time?"

"Maybe a little faster."

Down the block, I swung out the gate and onto the sparsely used rural road and gave "Sweet Thing" the gas; she loved that so very much. She roared and lurched. Sue tightened against me again but her head stayed up. I glanced into the mirror to see her hair waving and her eyes sparkle with only a hint of fear and her smile for the first time. I turned around in a couple of miles and hit sixty on the way back.

When I stopped by the new biker's mailbox, I told her how to dismount to avoid the hot pipes. Her legs spread and a damp spot was visible in the crotch of her yellow shorts.

"Did you like your first bike ride?"

"Yes. Yes, I did. It was very exciting. More than I thought it would be. I'm still shaking."

"It's like driving a car. At first you are tense but you relax more and more as you get used to it."

"I don't drive. Harold says it would not be safe for me."

"When do I get to meet Harold?"

"He leaves for work early every weekday and comes home late. On the weekend, sometimes we stay home but I don't know which ones. When you see us, come over, but ...................."

"I won't mention the bike ride."

Sue's little hand stroked the handle bars and came to rest over my hand. I'm not sure she realized that. She was just doing what felt right and good.

"Maybe we could meet your family. I saw the big pool party but could not pick out which people made up your family."

"Just me Sue. I'm single and live alone."

"Single, in that big house, in a family neighborhood, I would think you would want an apartment downtown where the life, action and beautiful people are."

"I could hardly find a more beautiful woman than you."

She blushed, pulled her hand back but reveled in the sincere compliment.

"I'm just and old, boring married woman."

"I'm going to buy you a new mirror. The ones you have are not showing you what I see."

She wanted to continue flirting and to fish for another compliment. It was new to her.

"Tell me what you see."

"Sue, you are going to get me in trouble. I am often too direct. I don't want to offend you or chase you away from being my new friend because you think I am coming on to you."

"I won't. Tell me what you see."

"I see an exciting, sexy woman who needs to spread her wings and experience life. I don't know why you are a prisoner in your home. I already enjoy you."


"Yes, your voice. How your body felt when it pressed into my back, the excitement in your eyes, your smile and that beautiful damp spot between your legs."

She looked down instantly and turned bright red as she brought her legs tightly together and sought to cover herself.

"Oh, God, I am so embarrassed."

"Why, Pretty One? Big bikes vibrate and are exciting to ride, especially the first few times. I would have been surprised, if you did not get a little turned on."

Her face blazed an even hotter red. She didn't know what to say.

"Sue, please forgive me for embarrassing you. I am single, attracted to beautiful women and to open for my own good. If it makes you feel any better, I'm wet too. I'm also twisted and uncomfortable. Your body is quite the turn-on. Now that we have all that out of the way, let's go back to being next door neighbors, who have just met and have just enjoyed a short bike ride together."

She gathered her mail again. She turned back to me and our eyes locked together. "Thank you for taking me on my first ride. I really enjoyed it." She paused, got the coy, naughty look of a playful virgin and added, "But you already noticed that."

I sat on the rumbling machine and watched her every step back to her house and through the front door. When I saw her peeking out the window on the side of the door, I stood, reached into my pants and adjusted myself. Then I made a face and blew air out of my pursed lips, as if to say, "Wow, that is one hot, exciting woman."

It was a little over two weeks, when I saw the opportunity to meet Harold. He had just gone inside when I rang the bell and was greeted by his expression of, "Who the hell are you?"

"Hi, I'm your new neighbor, Tony Akins."

Grudgingly he stuck out his hand, "Harold Carroll. I've wondered who my new neighbor is. I haven't seen your lights on much since you moved in."

Sue was watching, holding her breath and hoping that I would not mention our meeting. "You are right. I moved in and then took off for the winter."

Harold did not invite me in or introduce me to his wife. He was an easy twenty years older than Sue. The air about him was staunch, even haughty.

"Well it was nice to meet you Harold. Maybe you and your family can come over one weekend afternoon for a little bar-b-cue and we can get more acquainted."

"We stay pretty much to ourselves."

"I understand. If I can ever be of any help, please don't hesitate to call." I handed him my card and went home.

Thursday afternoon was so hot it was uncomfortable. I was washing my cars dressed in a swim suit. I was holding the hose over my head with my back to Sue's house, when she surprised me.

"You are all wet."

Her skin glistened with a sheen of sweat. Her hair and make-up were perfect. She was dressed in tan shorts and a white shirt tied around her waist.

"I brought you a bottle of water because it is so hot but you look like you found a way to stay cool."

When I turned, I playfully squirted her legs. She jumped back and took off her sandals.

"These are very expensive. Harold will shoot me, if I ruin them."

"I'm sorry. I'll buy you another pair." I let my eyes appreciate the view and was too quiet for her.


"If I had known all I had to do was squirt you with the hose to get you to remove clothing, I would have squirted you the first day we met."

Again, she turned red and was even quieter than I had been.

"Sue, I'll quit my teasing. Being playful like that is the way I am. I don't mean to make you uncomfortable. I want us to be friends and I truly thank you for thinking about me and bringing the water."

"You're welcome."

"I met Harold last Saturday."

"I know, I saw you. Thank you for not saying anything about our meeting."

"I guess, he's a jealous, controlling and private man. Maybe he feels insecure because he is older than his beautiful wife."

The compliment worked. She sat down on a folding lawn chair in the shaded, yawning opening of my garage door.

"We've been married for seven years. I come from a small town and an overly protective family. Harold's power, money, the chance to get away and experience life made me to fall for him immediately."

"He doesn't let you do anything or get out without him?"

"No, he is very protective and as you said, controlling."

"If you love him and that is what you both want, I'm happy for you both."

She did not respond for a long count and then added, "Harold had you checked out."

"Really, what did he discover?"

"You sold your company are very well off and you now are a successful mystery writer."

"Is that all?"

"I think so. That's all he told me."

"My life is pretty much an open book. I'm sure he got volumes filled with truth, scandal and stories from people I thought were friends."

"Tell me all about yourself."

"I didn't eat lunch and it is now a little after five. Come on into the kitchen. I'll fix us a fruit and cheese plate, find us something to drink and tell you about the horrible man you live next to."

"I would like that, but I had better not. Harold would flip out, if I went into another man's house without him."

"I've noticed, he gets home about seven. I'll never tell, if you come in out of the heat and then run home about six; that will give you a big margin for error."

I made no move to get up. She thought and then announced. "Just for a few minutes. I've seen your beautiful backyard from my upstairs windows but I am very curious to see the inside of your house."

"Why, think a bachelor lives in squalor, with posters taped to the wall and dirty bathrooms?"

Sue smiled. Probably that is exactly what she thought.

I gave her a quick tour and told her to look around but pointed her away from two downstairs doors.

"Your house is beautifully decorated. It is warm, relaxing and inviting."

"You are always invited. Will you be more comfortable in the kitchen or on the patio?"

"It is too hot outside."

Conversation with Sue was relaxed and easy. She did not have a presumptive or ego filled bone in her luscious body.

"We really cannot afford to live in this area. Harold says the address really helps his image. We don't have much furniture, only one car and very few luxuries."

"So you have given up your freedom and fun to live in a Spartan house with a jealous controlling man."

She looked shocked that I would be so blunt.

"I apologize again. Your world seems to be that of the classic trophy wife to an older man who needs to show off. What is in it for you?"

"Let's change the subject. What is behind the two doors you steered me away from?"

"One is my bedroom suite and the other is my office."

"I have to get back but I would like to see them before I go."

"Sue, I am more open, playful and worldly than you and Harold. I'm concerned that you will be shocked, if you learn too much about me too fast."

"The rooms are that bad?"

"Come on."

The bedroom is a room of luxury and implies sensuous pleasure. It takes little imagination to realize the furniture is selected to be comfortable and sex position props. The massive walk-in shower is obviously for two. Sue survived the bedroom. Her face, neck and shoulders were flushed.

"Sue, my office is where I write, escape from reality, can ignore the pressures of life and can let my imagination and fantasies play in my head. I will show it to you. Promise to ask me questions about anything that shocks you before you pass judgment."

She just nodded as I pushed the right side of the double door open. My office is seven hundred square feet of masculine wood paneled office complete with computers, erotic pictures, fireplace, built in bookcases and special lighting. Sue did not miss a thing. She memorized every picture and then walked past me toward the front door. Her eyes recognized my presence as I opened the door for her and she walked home. I should not have been so open with my new friend.

I was typing as fast as I could to complete work on an already overdue deadline, when the door bell rang about a week after Sue's first inside visit. I was surprised to see her. Without even a hello, she asked, "Can I see your office again?"

I went back to typing while she looked around. I felt she wanted to talk about thirty minutes later when she started to browse the books instead of looking at the erotic art.

"Hate me now? Have you judged me and labeled me as a pervert?"

"No, but I find the pictures confusing and it is frightening to know that you think this way."

"When you are all alone and you reach down and touch yourself for pleasure and release, do you sometimes imagine people, acts and situations that have never happened? Maybe, you even imagine things that are impossible but are pleasurable in your fantasy?"

Sue was learning to hold up under my "outrageous" questions. "But they are nothing like this."

"Talented painters and writers let their imaginations go and sometimes haunting, exciting images are created. Like being helpless and being taken by a tentacle alien and made to orgasm against your will many times. Maybe you imagine a beautiful movie star being your lover. Whatever your thoughts are, they are unique to you, private and pleasurable. They are not right or wrong; they are normal."

"Peeing on people is normal?"

"Try this. You and your lover are satisfied from having sex. You are drinking champagne together in a large shower, playing at washing each other while enjoying each other's touch. You get a naughty smile on your face, reach for him, hug him and kiss him passionately. He feels warm liquid flowing onto his balls, on his stomach, down his thighs and trickle between his toes. He looks down and sees your yellow stream finally dwindle into only drops. He steps back, says, "You are hot, wild and exciting. I love you." He aims his hardening cock and a hot stream splashes into your abdomen, drilling gently into your bellybutton, bathing your still excited clit and trailing through your pussy's lips and down your legs. You look dreamily back into his eyes. He has not degraded you. You have not degraded him. It was naughty, playful pleasure. Something you did; something he did; something you shared; something that you may never repeat but something that was very special this once."

Sue's breath was ragged. She was not accustomed to allowing a mental fantasy play through her mind. Her eyes had been closed. As they opened, I kissed her lips lightly and licked them. She stared questioningly into my eyes.

"You know that I want to touch you. You know that I want to make love with you. You know that I want to lick you, kiss you and suck your body until you climax in my mouth and I can watch your face contort in pleasure."

Her eyes filled with panic.

"Don't worry, Sue. I will not press you or be any different than we have been already. I know you have to go. Will you do something for me?"

"I don't know."

I took a four inch thick filled lose leaf notebook from the bottom shelf of a bookcase. "This is a collection of erotic fantasies. Some are raw and rough. Some are tender romances that can never be. Read them and tell me, if you find any of them exciting."

I walked her to the door while she clutched her book of contraband.

"May I kiss you, "Goodbye?"


This time I tilted her head and kissed her properly. I pulled at her chin until her mouth opened slightly and I inhaled her breath and pushed my tongue into her mouth. "Now give me yours."

I sucked her tongue and lips until I pulled away and pushed my tongue into her mouth again. She played with it, teased it, sucked until it hardened and she bobbed her head against my lips.

"Sue, you have given me a wonderful fantasy to remember when I go to sleep thinking about you tonight. I will remember this feeling while I work my hand on my cock. I will think of your head moving and I will imagine you want to take my cum."

She moaned into my mouth.

"Is she wet?"

Sue did not answer. The question was still too personal even in these circumstances.

"I will imagine she is. I will imagine sucking your pussy's juices from you and I will imagine how you taste. You do not have to answer me. This is so wonderful. Inhale with me. I can smell that she is aroused and is calling to me. You are driving me crazy. Run home and wash her so no one else can share the gift I am imagining you have for me."

Friday, the weekend, Monday and Tuesday, Harold was home. I did not see Sue on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. I wanted to tell her I had to spend the next week on the East Coast. I figured she would guess I was on a trip when I was not home. The Tuesday I returned, I was watering flowers in the backyard when I saw her come out of her house and walk to the six foot high fence that separated our yards.

"Hi, Pretty Woman, I have missed seeing you and talking to you."

"Who wrote all those stories?"

"I did and dozens more. Did they offend you?"

"I did not like all of them but they all were exciting in some way."

"I'm glad."

"Are you as oral as in your stories?"

"That is the most exciting thing to me. God put my brains in my hands and taste buds."

"There are a million questions that I have for you."

"Anytime. We'll share some wine and you can ask away. I'll even tell the truth, if you want."

I heard her little snicker that said her serious mood had been broken.

"Can I keep the stories a few more days?"

"They are yours if you want them. I have copies on the computer."

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