tagIncest/TabooThe Trophy Wives Club 03

The Trophy Wives Club 03


These stories will feature mature mothers with big, fake breasts enjoying the over-sized endowments of their sons. If that's not something you want to read then go find something else on this excellent site.

Feedback is appreciated but don't bitch about how unrealistic or cliched the scenario is in the comments - - you'll be wasting your time and mine.

Everyone involved is 18 or over.


Marie Summers stood in her large lounge watching her son Bill working in the garden. They had gardeners, of course, but Bill was a conscientious young man of 18 who believed in doing his fair share around the house. Despite his father's wealth, Bill was already looking for jobs, wanting to prove himself rather than rely on inherited money. For this and many other reasons, Marie was very proud of her son.

Which is why she was hesitating about trying to seduce him.

Only the night before, she and her friends Jessica, Samantha and Annie had gone to a private sex club where young studs serviced MILFs like them. They'd all been surprised to find Jessica's youngest son Hank working there, though that hadn't stopped Marie fucking and sucking him as the others - - including his mother - - watched. While Jessica had been shocked to find him there, let alone watching the pair of them fuck, Marie suspected that it wouldn't take the horny housewife long to succumb to the desire to sample her son's impressive prick. And once she did, Marie would put money on the fact of Jessica fucking her other son Lucas as well.

After screwing Hank, he'd admitted that he and his friends, the sons of the four MILFs, had all secretly harboured desires to fuck each others' mothers for years. Hardly surprising as the four of them, known in the neighbourhood as the Trophy Wives Club of Colonial Street, were all gorgeous, their natural beauty having been enhanced by the best plastic surgeons. Each of them sported a pair of huge, fake breasts that could have put them on the cover of Score magazine or won them a leading role in a porno. Their husbands, though, were all older than their wives and, over the years, took less and less notice of them.

Marie's husband Thomas - - who was actually Bill's step-father - - was currently out enjoying the weekend on his yacht, possibly with one of the teenage bimbos he employed in his firm. Marie certainly didn't begrudge him his flings; she indulged her own passions whenever she could, as she had last night with Jessica's son.

Which made her think of her own son once more.

Bill had turned 18 two weeks before, the same day Marie had turned 36. She'd been something of a wild child in her teenage years and ended up pregnant in high school, giving birth to Bill on her own eighteenth birthday. Meeting Thomas a few years later, she'd married him and settled down, bringing up her son as best she could. Thomas was almost twenty years her senior and was already rich and Marie loved the life they had.

Now, finding out from Hank that Bill and the others all secretly lusted after her and the other members of the Trophy Wives Club, made her look at her son in a whole new light.

He was good looking, and had inherited Marie's pale skin and red hair, though his was more blonde than her own fiery locks. He followed his biological father - - a football player - - and was tall and muscular, a full head taller than Marie's own 5' 2". And now, for the first time, Marie wondered whether he'd inherited his father's cock as well; the football player had been hung like a horse. And would he, as Hank had, admit to wanting to fuck his own mother?

"I guess there's only one way to find out," she said to herself. She headed out into the garden, shielding her eyes from the sun and called out to him.

"Hey mom, how's it going? You have a good time out last night?" Bill asked, downing tools and walking over to her.

"Pretty good," Marie said, smiling at the thought of fucking Hank. "I was wondering if you'd like to head out for lunch with your old mom,"

"Yeah, sure," Bill said with genuine pleasure. While he could never be described as a "mommy's boy" he made no secret of his love for his mother and would happily spend time with her. "Where do you want to go?"

"I was thinking maybe Zefferini's out near the beach?" she said, knowing Bill loved the food there.

"I'm definitely up for that," Bill said.

"Great. Want to drive the Audi?"

"Really? Wow, thanks, mom," Bill said. His father hardly ever let him touch the big saloon car even since he'd turned 18. "What's the occasion?"

"Think of it as a late birthday present," Marie said, stepping on tip-toes and pecking him on the cheek. "Go get showered and changed and we'll grab an early lunch."

Twenty minutes later, with Bill dressed in a shirt and slacks while Marie had changed into a simple but elegant skirt and a blouse with maybe one or two more buttons undone than was really necessary, Bill drove the big Audi out of their drive and headed out to the coast road. Throughout the drive, Marie let Bill enjoy driving the car, something he'd wanted to do for some time, while she wondered whether or not she was really going to be able to seduce him. The night before, Hank had said that all the sons wanted to fuck each others' mothers but what if Bill drew the line at screwing his own?

"Lost in thought there, mom," Bill said, tapping her on the shoulder.

Marie was surprised to find he'd pulled up in the parking lot of Zefferini's; she been so absorbed she'd missed the whole drive.

"Sorry, honey," she said. "I was miles away."

"Thinking about anything in particular?"

"Just how much I love you," she said playfully, reaching over and mussing his hair up.

"Hey, quit it," he said with a laugh before leaning over and pecking her on the cheek. "Just as well I love you too, mom," he said. Their gazes locked and they paused, staring into each other's eyes, only a couple of inches separating them. For just a second Marie thought he was going to kiss her on the mouth - - then he slid back into his seat and got out of the car.

"Shall we head inside?" he asked, Marie noticing he seemed a little embarrassed.

"Let's walk along the beach path first, shall we?" she said.

They headed over to the gated entrance to the beach path that ran from the parking lot down to the beach. Beyond the stretch of sand, it ran through a naturally formed tunnel that burrowed through the headland before coming out the other side to another beach where it then looped up and back towards the restaurant. As they stepped through the gate, Marie put her arm through Bill's.

"Sure you won't mind being seen with your old mom?" she asked.

"You're not old, mom," Bill said, his momentary embarrassment gone. "You know I like hanging out with you any time."

"That's very kind of you, honey," Marie said as they stepped on to the sandy path. "Most young men your age wouldn't want to spend time with their mom."

"Most guys my age don't have a hot mom like you," Bill said without thinking.

"Really? What about Hank and Lucas? Don't you think auntie Jessica's hot? Or auntie Annie or Samantha?" All the women and their respective sons had been friends for so long, they were all unofficial aunts to each other's boys.

"Well sure," Bill said as they walked along the beach. "No-one would deny they're all really good looking and they've got killer bodies, but - - "

"But what, honey?" Marie asked.

Bill grinned. "But they're not as hot as you, mom," he said with a slight blush.

"Oh honey," Marie said, beaming. "You know, you probably shouldn't think of me like that. You need to get yourself a girlfriend. Anyone on the horizon?"

"No, not really. There was a girl a few months back but that didn't work out," Bill said as they walked across the sand, approaching the entrance to the dim rock tunnel.

"Why not?" Marie asked, finding herself feeling both jealous and relieved.

"Well - - " Bill said but before he could continue, a groan came from the tunnel. They both stopped talking and edged forward, peering round the rock.

Inside, leaning back against the rock wall, was a middle-aged man, his trousers round his ankles while on her knees in front of him a younger woman bobbed her head back and forth, blowing his small dick. He groaned again, making her lean back and look up at him.

"You tell me when, okay?" she demanded. The man just nodded and gasped, pulling her back onto his dick. Barely a second later and he groaned, his hips bucking. The woman coughed and spluttered, falling back from him and spitting out a mouthful of cum. "Asshole!" she shouted, spitting again. "I told you I don't fucking swallow!"

She stood up, brushed her knees off and headed out of the tunnel in the direction of Marie and Bill.

"Baby, wait," the man wailed, pulling his trousers up.

"Take me home, you jerk!" the woman shouted over her shoulder as she walked out of the tunnel. She glanced at Marie and Bill and stormed past them, the man stumbling after her.

When they'd reached the path and were heading up to the parking lot, Marie and Bill finally released the giggles they'd been suppressing.

"Oh my God," Marie said through her laughter. "She was not happy at all,"

"No she wasn't," Bill laughed. He glanced back into the tunnel. "You know, I'm not sure I want to walk through there after that pair."

"Come on, let's head up to the restaurant and have some lunch instead," Marie said, taking his hand and walking back along the beach with him.

Zefferini's was a small but exclusive restaurant; on the ground floor you were able to sit at tables generously spaced from each other so you didn't have to overhear someone else's conversation. Upstairs, though, you could sit in a more private booth next to the window, overlooking the beach and the sea. It was to one of these that Marie had a waiter guide them.

After ordering they sat and drank - - white wine for Marie, a coke for Bill as he was driving - - and laughed about the older man and his younger woman from the tunnel.

"I don't ever want to hear about you disrespecting a woman's choice like that," Marie said with a laugh, wagging her finger at her son.

Bill laughed back. "I've never had the chance so far," he said, blushing a little.

"Are you still a virgin?" Marie asked quietly.

"Not really," Bill said. "I've had sex a couple of times but both times it was in the dark, missionary style and the only foreplay was kissing," he said with a disappointed tone.

"You mean you've never had a blowjob?" Marie asked, lowering her voice to a whisper. There was no-one in either of the booths to each side of theirs but she was still aware it wasn't really the sort of question she wanted overheard.

"Nope," Bill said with an embarrassed grin.

"Is that why you broke up with that girl?"

"It wasn't the main reason," Bill said but before he could continue, the waiter arrived with their meal. He served it up and refilled their glasses, making sure everything was fine before leaving them alone once more.

When he was gone, Marie quietly asked "So what was the main reason?"

Again Bill blushed a little. Marie was finding this new shyness quite appealing; her normally confident son was still able to talk about this sort of thing with her, but he was still showing a sensitive side.

"Honestly, I only dated her because she kept pestering me. She didn't really have - - you know - - the equipment I go for,"

Marie grinned as Bill's gaze came up from his plate and locked on to her heaving tits, the start of her cleavage and the tops of her tits visible beneath the white, silk blouse.

"Oh honey," she said with a laugh. "You have a thing for big boobs?"

Bill laughed and picked at the food on his plate. "I guess I do, yeah," he said.

Marie giggled. She put her hands in her lap, using her upper arms to squash her big jugs together, the creamy white tops of her orbs bulging out of the gap in her blouse.

"You like mine?" she asked, putting her head on her side and fluttering her eyelids comically.

"Oh yeah," Bill said quickly, blushing again. "I probably shouldn't say this - - "

"Go on, honey,"

"I - - I love watching you round the pool, mom. Those tiny bikinis you wear. I know I'm probably saying too much but - - damn, mom, you're so fucking hot I can't take my eyes off you."

They fell silent, Bill convinced he'd ruined everything between them, Marie surprised at his confession. Surprised, but pleased.

"I'm sorry, mom, I shouldn't have said that," Bill said, moving his food around on the plate, his appetite having disappeared.

"It's okay, Bill," Marie said, reaching over and taking his hand. "I really don't mind. Honestly. In fact, I'm very flattered you think of me like that." She slid round the booth's seat until they were sat next to each other. "I like the idea of you looking at me in my bikini," she said.

"Really?" Bill asked quietly.

"Really," Marie said. She placed her other hand on his thigh, drawing patterns on his slacks with her fingers. "Which bikini's your favourite?"

"The - - the small black one," Bill said.

Marie smiled. "That's the one that's hardly there, isn't it? It's just two triangles over my boobs connected with a bit of string on top, and the bottom's just a G-string that's so small you can see all of my butt. Why, you might as well have been looking at me while I was naked," she said.

Bill gulped, feeling her hand travel up his thigh, closer to his swollen crotch.

"Would you like to see me in that bikini now, honey?" Marie whispered, leaning in closer, her big tits pushing against his arm. "Would you like to take Mommy's bikini off her?"

"Oh God yes," Bill whispered.

Marie's hand reached the front of his trousers and ran along the bulging length of his large, hard cock, making him gasp.

"Mmmm, that feels really big, honey," she said with a satisfied purr. "Have you got a big hard-on for Mommy?" she asked, her hand moving back and forth along the thick log. "Have you got a big hard-on - - because of Mommy?"

"Yeah," he whispered.

"It feels like it," Marie said, glancing down at the long bulge in his pants. "God, you must be hung like a fucking horse,"

"That's - - that was kind of another reason - - I broke up with that girl, mom," Bill said. "She said I was too big,"

"Oh honey, she was right," Marie said, smiling at Bill's confused look. She slowly unzipped his pants and eased her hand inside, clutching his girth through his boxers. "This is way too big for some flat-chested teenage bimbo - - but just right for your big titted mom,"

She leaned in and kissed him, feeling him kiss her back passionately, their tongues darting around each other. As she moved her hand along his thick cock, she felt him cup her tits through her blouse, squeezing them gently, running her thumbs over her hard nipples as they pushed against her bra and the silk of her blouse.

"I want this inside me," Marie said, looking at her son and firmly squeezing his prick. "I want to feel you fucking me."

"Then let's go home," Bill said, but Marie shook her head.

"No, we don't know when your father's going to be home," she said. She smiled at Bill's crestfallen expression. "Don't worry, I know where we can go." She kissed him again, still stroking his cock through his boxers. "Think you can get out of here without anyone noticing that huge thing in your pants?" she asked.

"No-one'll see it," Bill said. "They'll all be looking at you, you're so gorgeous."

Marie smiled. "You are a flatterer, aren't you?" Regretfully she pulled her hand from his trousers and straightened her blouse. "Well, are we going to get out of here or what?"

In record time, they'd paid - - assuring the waiter the food was fine, there was just a home emergency - - and were back on the road, Bill driving and following his mother's directions. She took them back towards the town, veering off before they reached it, heading to a small wooded area. The road became a gravel path then a dirt track and finished in a circular clearing on the side of a hill, just below an old building that was boarded up and falling apart.

"What is this place?" Bill asked as he parked the car at the edge of the clearing, the town spread out below them.

"This used to be the make-out spot for me and my friends when we were in school," Marie said, sliding across the seats and putting her arm around his shoulders, turning his head towards her. They kissed deeply once more, Bill reaching for his mother's big, fake tits as her free hand unzipped his trousers again and reached inside for his thick cock.

"And was - - making out - - all you did here, mom?" Bill asked through their kisses. He began unbuttoning her silk blouse as quickly as he could, groaning as he felt her stroking his now rock hard dick.

Marie smiled. "Oh no, I did lots more than just making out," she said. With practiced ease, she pulled open his belt and then his slacks, pushing his boxers down so his hard-on could bounce free and upright into her hand. "Oh honey, that is a big cock," she said, looking down at the meaty length that pointed up at her.

She moved back, kneeling on her seat, her head dipping down towards his lap. Marie looked up at her son, his cock in her hand, and rubbed it over her face, kissing it every now and then. Staring into his eyes, she held his dick steady, stuck out her tongue and ran it up the entire length, swirling it around the flared head before popping it into her mouth.

"Ohhhh - - fuck!" Bill gasped, watching as his sexy MILF of a mother gave him his first blow job.

Marie purred, feeling his already hard dick swell slightly in her mouth, as she bobbed her head up and down as much of its length as she could, her lips spread wide to take his impressive girth. Drool ran from her mouth and she used the slippery fluid to jerk him off as she sucked him, loving the fact that she was blowing her own son. Fucking Jessica's son Hank the night before had been fun but was nothing compared to this.

"Fuck, mom - - that's so good," Bill groaned.

She took his dick from her mouth and stroked it next to her face, looking up at him and smiling.

"Glad you like it, honey. You know this isn't a one-time thing, don't you?" she asked. "I'm going to want this big cock of yours on a regular basis."

"Really?" Bill asked, unable to believe it.

"Oh yes. And any time it gets big and hard and you feel like jerking off? You come and find me and I'll take care of it for you."

"Fuck," Bill sighed.

"But right now, I want you to fuck me," Marie said. "That okay with you?"

"Jesus, yes!" Bill cried.

They separated and, as quickly as they could, started to lose their clothes. Bill pushed his seat back, laying it flat, and it was easy enough for him to push his trousers and boxers down around his ankles. Marie took her blouse off but left her lacy white bra on, her huge tits almost straining to get out. She too lowered her seat and spun round to push her skirt and panties off, kicking her shoes off as well before climbing on top of Bill.

"You've still got your bra on, mom," Bill said as they kissed. She raised herself up on her hands, looming over him, her perfect tits pushing against the cups of her bra.

"You like my big tits so much, honey," Marie said, "I think you should set them free."

Bill grinned and eagerly reached up and around her back, fumbling for a moment at the clasp of her bra until it unhooked. Marie lifted her arms one at a time to let him pull the straps down and toss the bra to one side before he lovingly held her big jugs in his hands.

"God, mom," he gasped, feeling their weight and firmness, her small but hard nipples pushing against his palms. "They're so fucking big," he said.

"They're all yours, honey," Marie said. "No more just watching Mommy in her bikini. Next time I'm out there by the pool, I expect you to oil me up and slide that cock of yours between my big tits and fuck them till you cum all over them and my face. Would you like that, honey?"

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