The Trophy Wives Club 11


Hank copied his cousin's move, pulling his dick from Annie's tight ass and offering it to Jessica who sucked and licked it all over before sliding forward a little, his bulbous knob slipping down into her throat.

"Mmmm, yeah - - fuck me - - fuck my ass," Annie gasped as Hank slid his cock back into her ass, Bruce doing the same to Jessica. The cousins fucked their aunts for a few minutes, shoving their big cocks up their butts before Bruce suggested swapping again.

"No offence, Auntie Jess, but I wanna get in my mom's ass again," he said as he moved round to his mother's ass.

"None taken," Jessica gasped, grabbing his cock and sucking on it, tasting her own backside before letting him go and fuck Annie's asshole once more just as Hank shoved his own length back into her ass. "Ahhhggrhhh - - fuck yes! Fuck Mommy's ass!" she cried as Hank buttfucked her again.

"Yes baby - - Mommy's ass needs fucking - - fuck Mommy's ass hard!" Annie cried feeling Bruce cram his entire length into her butthole.

The two sons fucked their mothers hard and fast, grabbing their hips and pummelling their cocks into their asses urged on by the obscene cries and moans of the two women who would only fall silent when they willingly sucked their nephews' cocks from one another's asses.

"Oh God - - fucking - - cumming!" Jessica cried as Hank plowed into her ass over and over, feeling her pussy and asshole contract around his thick length.

"Fuck - - me too!" Annie moaned as Bruce stuffed his fuck meat into her behind.

"Uuuhhhhnnn - - making Mommy - - cum!" Jessica moaned as Hank's fuck meat sawed in and out of her behind.

"Fuck me - - you gorgeous motherfucker - - fuck Mommy's ass - - make Mommy's ass cum!" Annie cried, her son never slowing down, cramming his prick into her butt. "God - - fucking - - cumming!"

Hank and Bruce kept fucking them for as long as they could, never slowing as the mothers shook and shuddered as their orgasms rippled through their bodies. Eventually the fucking, the situation and the tight confines of their asses took their toll on the two sons.

"Ahhh fuck - - gonna cum," Hank grunted, Bruce echoing his call a second later. Hank pulled his cock free of his mother's ass and jerked on it once before sending the first of many thick lines of jizz splashing over his aunt's face.

"Ah yeah - -cum on me!" Annie urged, feeling another and another spurt of heavy spunk land on her forehead, over her cheeks to drip down and off her chin. "Gimme that load!" she cried as Hank kept jerking his prick, firing more and more of his creamy seed over her face.

"Fuck - - here it comes!" Bruce gasped, whipping his dick out of Annie's butt and, like Hank, sending a huge spray of jizz over his aunt's face. Jessica smiled as she took yet another massive blast of cum from her nephew, moaning as the thick fluid dribbled off her cheeks and nose and down to her lips where she could lick it from. Bruce kept cumming, spurting wide, thick ropes of semen across her face, glazing her gorgeous features before nudging the head of his dick between her lips, letting her suck and swallow the last of his big load.

"Mmmm, yeah, suck that cock," Bruce groaned.

Jessica finally let go of his prick and turned around, rolling on to her back as Hank moved away from Annie. The two sisters kissed, their cum covered faces heavy with jizz which dripped from Annie down on to Jessica who eagerly sucked it up. They ran their tongues over each other's faces, licking and sucking up the thick wads of pearly cock juice that their sons had delivered until, eventually, their faces were clean.

"God damn, I never get tired of seeing that," Hank said, watching his mother clean his and his cousin's cum from her and her sister's face.

"Dude, I could so get used to seeing it," Bruce said with a laugh. His mother looked over at him as Jessica slid under her and sucked gently on her nipples.

"Shame you didn't bring your iPhone to record it," she said.

"Next time, mom, for definite," he said.

"Mmmmm, I think next time we include Lucas and Clark as well," Jessica said, sitting up, the remainder of her nephew's cum running down her huge tits. "I want to get DP'd by my sons and my nephews."

"We should get Kelly in on it, too," Hank said, watching as his aunt leaned over and gave his half-hard cock a gentle kiss. "I'd love to get up her ass."

"Oh I want to see this big fuck meat crammed up my niece's asshole," Annie said, licking his length from tip to root and back. She turned to Bruce. "What about you, baby? Want to fuck your cousin as well?"

"God yeah, mom," Bruce laughed. "Not to mention Auntie Marie and Auntie Samantha."

"I think we're going to end up in a really big orgy sometime soon," Jessica said.

"I think you could be right, sis," Annie said, sitting next to her and kissing her, gently cupping her huge, round tits.

Bruce looked over at Hank and grinned. He raised a hand and the two cousins fist bumped again.

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