tagGroup SexThe Trouble with John

The Trouble with John


"Men are always horny. Men think below the waistline. One track mind!"

How I wish that were the case. Now I'm a fairly good looking girl, 23 year old, 38 inch bust, slim little waist and legs that go all the way to my feet. I can usually pull if and when I feel like it. I feel like it quite a lot but sadly I was slightly restricted in my pulling!

Nine months ago on a night out with Sara and Gill, my best friends we were being chatted up by these young guys. One stood out above the rest and all three of us were coming on heavy to him. His name was John and he was an 18 year old, 6 feet 2 inches tall, slim, black curly haired gorgeous guy. What made him even more desirable was that he didn't realise how hunky he was and he was very coy and shy. He spoke quietly but had a wonderful, quiet sense of humour that worked well in a one to one conversation but was dwarfed in company. In many ways he was quite plain but his dark hair, dark eyebrows, dark eyes and beautiful teeth just made me melt.

Next day and my cellphone went.

"You're a bitch Carrie Johnston," the voice said.

I recognised the number and the voice of Sara.

"He was absolutely gorgeous and you pulled him without even trying!"

She was right, of course. He was and I had!

The bit I didn't tell her is that when he walked me part of the way home, he did no more than peck my cheek. I so wanted to feel if his cock was big and my slit was wet with anticipation. The only reward it got was a bit of diddling with my trusty right index finger when I got home. I, Carrie Johnston, was used to getting fucked as and when I wanted it and the previous night I had wanted it and didn't!

I'm not going to bore you with the details but it took three long weeks and my flatmate going away for the weekend before I got him alone and peeled his clothes off. He stood naked in front of me, his cock half soft but showing great promise in the size department, his hairless chest with a few relevant muscles and a red face as I looked at him. He wasn't a virgin but the feeling was that what little sexual training he had had, wasn't well remembered. His cock was big as it eventually reached an impressive 7.5 inches long and nicely thick but I struggled to get off as he thought that sex involved sticking it in, fucking a few times and shooting his impressive load into a condom before standing up, pulling it off and going for a quick shower leaving me naked on the floor with my gaping cunt looking like the Mersey Tunnel.

I eventually trained John to improve slightly in his techniques but much as I found this guy a cute as fuck and took great delight in showing him off to all my drooling friends, I wasn't climaxing enough, and in some cases, at all! John was plain knitting in the sexual prowess department. The trouble was, he loved me. He told me often enough and family were starting to use the "E" word.

"When are you getting engaged then Carrie?" said Mum.

I needed raunch. I needed fucked out of my brains. I needed dirty, horny sex! This overgrown schoolboy wasn't giving me it. I either was going to have to dump him, or try to access his "raunch button."

On a hen party with 10 friends where we stayed away for a couple of nights, I was picked up by 2 guys in their late twenties, one slightly balding and with a little paunch and the other a tall married guy on a night out with his mate. They both fucked me one after the other and then again, back in their hotel room. I came 4 times that night and I then decided I had to do something with John.

Something happened by accident a few weeks later. My older sister was celebrating her 25th birthday and as she lived just outside London it meant John and I having to stay there for the weekend. A hotel was going to be expensive but sister Diane had a good friend Sue and her boyfriend Graeme who agreed to put us up as they had a two bedroomed flat as opposed to Diane and her boyfriend's one bedroom one.

Sue was also 25 but Graeme, her boyfriend, was 22 and rather dishy. Only about 5 feet 8 inches he was a medium build but all the build was where it should be and his short, dark hair and light stubble only added to his sexy looks.

We were to arrive Friday for 3 nights and the first night was quite literally sitting in at Diane's, drinking and catching up, all six of us. The three guys ended up in the kitchen on bottles of Carlsberg while we girls sipped New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in the lounge area. At 2.00 am we decided to call it a night and headed back, all the worse for wear to Graeme and Sue's. John was drunker than I had seen him for some time and was staggering a little on the way back. We all headed straight to bed.

I had a quick wash and when I got back to the room, John was splayed start naked on the bed, his cock semi hard even though he was sound asleep. I closed the door and stripped looking at his beautiful body and wondering why he wasn't hornier. On the spur of the moment, I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him. He rose surprisingly quickly and I wondered if he was awake but his breathing stayed at the same steady pace. Soon he was harder than I had felt him for some time. And I wondered what it would be like to fuck him while asleep. I arranged him straight up and down on the bed and started to finger myself as I continued to suck his cock. I lifted his hand and stroked my breast with it.

The time was ripe and I straddled John's prone body and slowly lowered by wet cunt down straight on to his shaft. I started very gently and then plunged myself all the way taking his cock up to the hilt. God it felt good. I started to ride him up and down, holding both my breasts as I did so. His cock was so hard and I was able to withdraw up to the tip and drop down to take every single inch as I fucked him. I felt that wonderful warmth slowly creep up my body and I knew I was going to cum. I focussed on the sensation his rigid tool was creating in my lower body and increased my thrusts up and down. A couple of times John moaned so he was obviously feeling something. I came with a force I had never felt from John before and kept thrusting up and down until I felt spent. As I pulled myself off his body I looked at his cock, slowly softening and realised John had cum in me while asleep! I was soaked in sweat.

While we were out together the following day, I told John what I had done.

"I fucked you while I was asleep?" he said incredulously.

"Not only that," said I, "You were fucking great and you came in me."

"Why didn't you waken me?" he asked.

"A, you were pissed and B I was enjoying myself too much. I'll waken you next time," I said.

The Saturday was Diane's party and that was all. John drank less due to a hangover and we stayed until 1.30am before leaving and going straight to sleep.

The Sunday was a snack meal for the six of us at Diane's and we left early (she had work in the morning) and went back to Sue and Graeme's to continue drinking into the evening. We ordered some pizza and at 10.00pm, Sue went off to bed and left John, again a bit pissed, Graeme and I talking.

"Sue can't take the strain," he said. "Once she's in bed after a drink it would take an earthquake to waken her."

I wondered why he was telling me this and then blushed when I thought what I had done to John while he was in that condition just a couple of nights before.

By 11. 30pm we were all mellow and John was on my left, Graeme on my right, as we sat on the floor, back to the sofa, music playing and a drink in our hand. John had his arm across my shoulders and Graeme his left hand against my leg.

"He's a lucky guy," Graeme said to me, nodding to John. "Having a sexy little girl like to to play with."

His direct sexual comment came out of the blue and caught me unaware but did get me a little excited.

"Do you stick to you relationship or sometime play around a little? Sue and I sometimes dally with an extra partner or two. It's fun!"

I saw where this might be going and, though I liked the idea. John looked slightly shocked in his semi-comatose way! Surprisingly he neither did or said anything. Graeme took this as some kind of approval and his hand squeezed my thigh after it had pushed my skirt up a little. My breath was coming in short gasps. I was randy, but I wasn't sure this was going to go much further before John blew his top.

Graeme leaned over me and took John's hand, laying it on my other thigh. John looked at it, then Graeme and went back to idly watching television. Graeme pushed my skirt a little higher and my bottom slid down slightly meaning my legs opened. As I slid, my skirt went higher still. Graeme again leaned over and pushed John's hand further up my leg.

"Can't you see the poor girl's horny for some fun?" he said to John as though I wasn't there.

I was a little offended that he should assume it but as he was right, I said nothing. By now my skirt was so high my panties were showing. Graeme's hand was now between my legs and his finger was sliding around the elastic to reach the wet target behind the lace. I gasped as his finger slid into me. I took John's hand and squeezed it, lifting it and placing it on top of Graeme's. Soon I felt the second finger in me. John was going for it! I couldn't believe my luck!

Graeme had heard the starting pistol as his leg was now across mine as he undid my blouse and bra, letting my breasts hang free. His lips caressed and sucked my nipples while John, his attention now on the scene unfolding had slightly quickened his fingering pace. I figured the next stage was going to be embarrassing with a very hot and horny stranger on one side and my boyfriend bemused on the other.

I stood up and stripped naked.

"Well, what happens next?" I asked.

Graeme didn't need telling. He stood and stripped to his CK's in 2 minutes flat, an impressive tent stuck out through his tight trunks. John stared, not sure what to do so I took his hand and stood him up. He towered over both of us as I started to strip him kissing him as I went. Soon he was standing, stripped to the waist, jeans at his ankles and at least a semi-erect cock, obviously not sure if it was going to switch off or get going.

I knelt and pulled John's briefs down, his cock sprung out and hung down between his legs as my mouth engulfed it. It didn't take him long to rise to his healthy 7.5 inch length. I was aware that another piece of flesh was prodding my cheek and turned to see another 7.5 inch cock. This one was even thicker than John's. I sucked both in turn and then rubbed the heads of them both together. I felt John shudder as I did this. He still had said nothing even though Graeme was making approving sounds.

I stood up and took John's hands, making him caress my body. He stroked my breasts and eventually leaned over to suck my nipples. Graeme's finger was inside me gently stroking me from behind, his hot lips licking my back and his cock prodding my buttocks. I put my hand behind me and took his thick hard cock in my hand, hoping it might soon be inside me. Hoping, too that John wouldn't suddenly freak out when he saw another man enter me. John was at last warming up and had become a little more proactive. He took me and lay me back on the sofa. He climbed alongside me and offered his cock to my mouth. Graeme use the opportunity of open legs and an exposed vagina, to kneel between them and push his tongue into me. This was something John was never too keen on and something I absolutely adored. This man was an expert and his tongue was diddling inside me building me gently and giving me tingles along my whole body. He stretched my legs almost obscenely apart as he did this and I noted John watching him. I was also aware that John's cock was like a rod of iron. I had never felt it so hard. Usually the texture was slightly spongy even when hard but not tonight.

Graeme then did something that really surprised me. Well not as much as it surprised John, to be honest. He reached up to my mouth as I held John's cock and sucked him, and placed his lips against mine, kissing the edge of John's cock as he did it. John withdrew slightly from my mouth I assume to allow Graeme to kiss me, but Graeme gripped his cock in his hands and put his mouth straight over it for a few seconds, before offering it back to me. I sucked, but Graeme still held John's cock firmly and kept taking the sucking in turns. This was new to me, I had never encountered a bi-sexual man before. The next time Graeme took John's cock, John rammed it into his mouth, grabbed the back of his head and started to face fuck him. I had never seen him so randy.

John's breath was coming in short gasps and when Graeme eventually let go, John pulled me quite forcefully, on to the floor and started to position me for fucking. He opened my legs and though he made a cursory attempt to enter gently his entry was quite swift and took my breath away. John and I fucked bareback. I was on the pill and we had been tested a few months previously so felt quite safe. John was fucking me in quite hard thrusts, more manly than I had ever felt from him. Graeme wasn't finished with him yet and went behind John, kneeling down and rimming him.

"Oh my God," said John, "Jeesus Christ that's amazing!"

At last he spoke!

"I'm gonna cum soon," he said.

"No you fucking ain't," said Graeme, obviously realising that if John came and the guilt kicked in, he might not get his hands on the prize – me!

He pulled John off, procured a condom and quickly stretched it over his cock.

"Watch and enjoy," he said to John and John did just that.

He sat on the couch as Graeme positioned himself. He lifted me and turned me into the doggy position, before feeling for his target and gently pushing his thick meat into me from the rear. John wanked and watched. He took it easier than John. I was grateful for that as his angle of approach was stretching me. Soon he had a rhythm and was fucking me steadily. His thick cock was wonderful and I could feel a familiar tingle bubbling away in the background, promising to build with Graeme's help into a full blown orgasm quite easily. He held my hips and fucked steadily and the slurping of my juices just added to the eroticism of the sex. John came to my front and stuck his cock in my mouth, more gently this time and then he leaned over my head to caress my lower back, just close to Graeme's hands on my hips. Graeme grabbed John's head and then, leaning forward kissed his lips. John recoiled but Graeme gripped him again and stuck his tongue straight into John's mouth.

I could hear John making a "Mmmm" sound as though trying to say, "stop it," but Graeme was having none of it.

John eventually broke free and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"That's what swinging is all about John," said Graeme, not missing a beat with his fucking. "It's a case of anything goes!"

John said nothing but I was starting to build to an orgasm. Graeme realised it and started to move gently around inside me ensuring that his cock head rubbed against my clitoris.

"Oh fucking Hell," I screamed, as quietly as I could, aware of the sleeping Sue just down the corridor.

The orgasm was amazing, a warm glow burning throughout my body. Graeme hadn't cum and pulled out to offer me to John. John quickly took up position. His entry was steadier this time and easier too, having been nicely stretched. He rolled me on to my side and lifting my right leg entered me from the rear. His cock entry was easily visible to Graeme who watched from the front, kneeling to caress my breasts and kiss me. His hands wandered all over my body, coming to rest between my legs where his finger teased my clitoris as John's cock pushed past it on the way inside me. John was groaning as he fucked, an unusual display of sexual excitement. Graeme slowly licked his way down my body until his face was at my crotch and in easy access of the action. His tongue licked outwards and started to lick John's cock and my clitoris at the same time. He held John's balls as he lowered his lips and tongue to lick them.

"Fucking Hell!," exclaimed John and I felt the muscle inside me flex and pump as his cum emptied inside me with John thrusting hard as he pushed as much of his cock inside while he orgasmed.

His cock slurped out in a sea of cum and Graeme eagerly took it in his mouth licking it dry like a hungry beast. John looked a little embarrassed but gave Graeme a few moments of hungry feeding before gently pulling his cock away. Graeme, his cock still condom covered and brick hard, opened my legs, laid me on my back and pushed his cock easily inside me into the sea of semen dripping out of my cunt and used it as lube while he fucked me hard.

I came again with Graeme's enthusiastic fucking and it took him no more than five minutes before I felt the familiar muscle throb and more cum pumping into me, albeit within the safety of a latex covering.

I was glad Sue hadn't woken even though she might have been ok with this going on, I didn't want to look as though I was a slut seducing her boyfriend. We partly dressed, and made idle chat for a few minutes before retiring to bed. John snuggled up tight to me that night briefly asking if I was all right.

"All right?" I thought. I had just had one of the best fucks of my life so I should say I was all right!

You want to know that John and I went on to having wild sexual threesomes and parties but I just couldn't get him to keep up with my appetite and when we went back to having sex together, he found the missionary position really good. He told me the session we had with Graeme had blown his mind but it was strange he never wanted it blown again. He did say that the most exciting part had been watching me being "abused" by another man. I allowed it to happen once more where we picked up a guy and he fucked me royally while John watched. John again had been really excited and fucked me wonderfully after the guy went but I needed more from him when we were together so that the threesomes were the cream on the cake and not just the cake.

So we drifted apart and now I can be the slut I want to be without feeling guilty. I have Graeme to thank for that and I assume John probably had the one and only exciting sex session of his life.

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