tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe True Story of Snow White Ch. 2

The True Story of Snow White Ch. 2

byThe Story Teller©

Snow White was sitting in the only chair in the sparsely furnished room of the cottage owned by her seven tutors. Upon her arrival a servant had escorted her to this room where a steaming hot bath had awaited her. Then to Snow White's confusion, once she was ensconced in the tub, the servant had removed her discarded clothing and had barred her door from the outside. She had been left with no clothes and only a skimpy towel to cover her naked form.

Anger radiated through her and her fingernails tapped out an impatient rhythm against the wooden arm of the chair. She was so intent on her fury that she failed to notice that her door had opened until a set of legs was standing in her lowered vision. Snow White slowly raised her eyes, taking in the bulging thighs underneath the leather breeches. Up past the muscled chest covered by a white linen shirt opened to the waist and tucked into the breeches, further upwards over the arms that reminded her of small tree trunks, up even further over his powerful shoulders and then still higher until her head was tilted back to stare at ruggedly handsome face that was giving her a fierce scowl.

"Get out!" She shrieked, hugging the towel tighter around her. "Out! And send that maid up here with my clothes. Now!"

She no more than got the last scream out when her arm was gripped hard and she was yanked to a standing position. The other hand grabbed her towel and ripped it away. The barbarian then sat down in the chair and pulled her struggling form over his knee. Her legs were held between his, immobilizing them and a thick muscular arm kept her from rearing up.

A harsh slap split the silence of the room followed by a scream of pain.

"That was to get your attention, girl." He explained. "Now you will listen well.

"You" SMACK! "will" SMACK! "not" SMACK! "speak" SMACK!

"unless" SMACK! "you" SMACK! "are" SMACK! "spoken" SMACK!

"to." SMACK! SMACK! "Understand?"

Snow White could only nod while tears ran down her face.

"Good. I will escort you downstairs to meet the rest of your tutors as soon as you are composed."

But he didn't release her as she thought he would, instead his large hand caressed her ass, squeezing each rounded globe gently, kneading. The effect on Snow White was arousing not calming.

It was also arousing to the barbarian whose lap she was draped across. A very large erection was forming beneath his breeches and poking insistently in the hollow between her legs.

He gave her one last slap on the ass before standing her up on her own two feet. She dared a quick glance to find him smiling in amusement at her arousal.

"Just so that there is no misunderstandings, girl, you will follow behind me, naked-" his smile grew at her distress over this bit of news, "into the gathering room where you will walk to the center of the circle of chairs and stand. At no time are you allowed to speak. You will nod your understanding when appropriate and do everything you are told. And at no point in time are you to cover your nakedness. Nod if you understand."

Snow White nodded angrily.

He laughed. "I like spirit in a woman. It makes the ride so much more thrilling."

Snow White frowned in confusion over his words.

The barbarian saw it and laughed even harder. "Oh, this is priceless. You're just the next thing to a virgin aren't you?"

She nodded as a blush pinked her cheeks.

"I look forward to my lessons with you, girl. You may call me Gabriel, and I will be your fourth tutor. Follow me."

He led her to a spacious room, bright with the evening light that flooded through the windows. A circle of plush armchairs dominated the center of the room. It was there that Snow White found herself standing with her arms at her side, submissively, while she awaited the entrance of her tutors.

A sound at her back let her know of the their presence. They fanned out moving to their respective seats. She studied them, amazed at their remarkable beauty. Every one of them was enough to draw awed stares. Even the woman was beautiful in a delicate pixie like way. The men ranged in sizes from mere inches taller than her to as tall as the giant barbarian that had brought her here.

"This is our new student, people. She is here so that we may teach her everything we know. I trust you would like a closer look at her so I will bring her around to each of you. Please take a seat and wait your turn." Gabriel's large hands settled on Snow Whites shoulders and turned her to face the first chair.

Long golden hair that flowed over powerful shoulders reminded her of a golden god. Tight leather breeches covered his legs like a second skin. His brilliant blue eyes waited until she looked directly into them and then he smiled a smile full of pure erotic sin. Her breath caught in her throat.

She was guided over to stand, reluctantly, in front of him.

"This is Derek. He will be your first tutor." Gabriel informed her.

"Come girl, sit in my lap while I get to know you a little better." His voice was like silk, flowing over her and leaving her skin sensitive.

Snow White tried to do as he asked, but she was awkward and he finally had to help her settle in his lap. Her embarrassment was such that she could not bring her eyes to meet his while he looked his fill.

"Very nice. You have beautiful lips, nice and full. I want to taste them. Kiss me." He ordered.

She raised her face and brushed her lips lightly across his.

"Hmm. I see we will need to work on that. One more time, girl and this time I will take the lead." He gripped the back of her head and brought her mouth once more to his. He conquered her mouth. His hard lips slanted over hers in a drugging kiss that stole all thought from her mind. His tongue urged her lips open and surged inside. She was not allowed to be passive but forced to duel with his tongue until he broke away from the kiss.

"Much better." His voice was husky and thickened with desire. "Much better. I can just imagine what your lips are going to feel like pulling on my cock. Fuck, I'm getting hard just thinking about it. Up, girl and go meet your next tutor before I embarrass myself." He helped her from his lap and pushed her back towards Gabriel.

The next chair held a less muscular man, but no less powerful looking. Where the first man had been golden this man was darkly handsome with jet-black hair as black as hers, that curled gently around his face. His eyes were a deep green and his lips full and sensual.

"This is Brutus. He is your second tutor." Gabriel said.

"Turn around girl, I want to see the back of you." His voice was gruff and curt.

The chair creaked as he leaned forward and put his hands on her back. "Nice skin, smooth and silky." He said to himself and lowered his hands down to her ass where he gripped a rounded cheek in each hand. "I see our dear Gabriel had to give you a spanking. Your ass is still delightfully pink from it. Now tense your ass for me, girl, I want to feel the strength in it."

Snow White lowered her eyes in embarrassment, not wanting to see the others staring at her while she did as he demanded.

"Good. Now relax your muscles and keep them relaxed there is another thing I wish to test."

Snow White gasped in distress as a wet masculine finger slowly forced its way up into her anus and she had to tighten her hands into fists in an effort to stay relaxed. The finger slowly slid out and then plunged back in.

"You're nice and tight back here, girl. I'm going to deeply enjoy having my cock in your ass." He withdrew his finger and leaned forward to give a gentle love bite to each ass cheek.

She was pulled along to the next chair where a brawny man with rich auburn hair pulled back in a ponytail sat staring at her. His look was impersonal as it skimmed over her breasts and down to her pubic hair. At first Snow White didn't think that he was interested in her, but as her gaze traveled over him she saw the huge bulge of his massive erection pressing outward against his breeches almost to the point of splitting the seams. He motioned her towards him with one hand, patiently waiting until she stood in front of him before pulling her down to straddle his lap. Widening his legs, he forced her legs apart opening her pussy further.

A light breath blew through her hair just before Gabriel's voice spoke next to her ear. "This is Samson. He and I teach together. We have decided to give you a little sampling of our teaching method."

Samson braced Snow White's hands on the arms of the chair.

"Don't move, lass, or you will displease me mightily." He spoke in a thick brogue that had her nipples hardening in response.

A thick masculine finger slid over her clit, flicking at it gently before sliding into the wet folds of her pussy. Another finger slid down the crease of her as to circle teasingly around the rosebud back there.

Samson captured her gaze and held it, watching her eyes darken with passion and then widen in pleasure as he thrust his finger all the way up inside her cunt.

Snow White bit her lip as his finger began finger fucking her pussy. And then Gabriel's finger thrust inside her ass. Snow White moaned at the feeling of having two fingers fucking her, one in her ass and one in her pussy.

And then realization broke over her. Surely, they couldn't mean to-. Not both at the same time. Through the pleasure the fingers were giving her a tiny rational part of her mind made the decision to escape at the first opportunity. This was not proper for them to be teaching her. Only her duly wedded husband should have the privileges of her body that these people were taking. She had to leave, soon, before any of them got a chance to fuck her.

"That's a good lass. Trust me, you'll enjoy having two cocks fucking you at the same time. I promise you'll be screaming our names when you orgasm."

Gabriel had to help her stand, and then because her legs were still wobbly he had to support her while they moved to the next chair.

Snow White now stood between the beautiful woman she had seen earlier and another dark haired man. A riot of long golden curls curled gently around her pixie face. Brilliant violet eyes stared at Snow White with curiosity. But she made no move to speak or touch Snow White. The man's hair was a dark wavy brown that brushed against his broad shoulders. He had a neatly trimmed goatee, which he was gently stroking while he stared at her with eyes so dark that they almost appeared black.

Gabriel's voice again spoke behind her. "This is Hannah and Devlin. Hannah is his slave. They are your number five and number six tutors."

"Hannah, undo my breaches and take out my cock." He said. His voice was surprisingly mild compared to his looks.

"On your knees, girl." He ordered Snow White.

She obeyed, her attention fully captivated by watching Hannah release Devlin's erection. The girl caressed it lovingly, her eyes watching her master and waiting for his next order.

"Hannah hold my cock ready." To Snow White he said, "Lick it."

Snow White did not want to do what he had ordered her to do. Not in front of all these strangers staring at her. But she was not fool enough to disobey, yet.

His cock was still semi-erect. But as Snow White's tongue went to work, sliding up and down the length of him, curling around the tip, grazing his cock with a light touch of her teeth, he hardened and swelled, growing thicker and longer.

"Enough. That was a very adequate attempt. I have so many nasty things to teach you I can hardly wait. You'll look even more beautiful in the collar I've chosen for your lovely neck."

Snow White did not know what to make of that. He talked as if he was going to collar her like a dog. She most certainly would not stand for that. Not at all.

At the next and final chair Snow White encountered another man. But this man was different from all the others. Even though he was still muscular and very powerfully built, he did not give off the same kind of vibes that the others did. Instead of being completely attentive of her, his baldhead was cushioned against the side of his chair and he was sound asleep.

"Your last tutor is Sloan. As he is asleep, we will not wake him." Gabriel once again led her over to stand in front of Derek.

He stood up, grabbed her hand and tugged her out of the room. They went back up the stairs and through the long hallway where the bedrooms were located.

Snow White's mind was racing. She hadn't expected them to want to start her lessons so soon. What could she do? She had to do something. She could not let this happen.

And then, the opportunity arrived. Derek, the golden god, turned and yanked Snow White towards him, but Snow White instead used the momentum to add strength as she kneed him in the groin.

A harsh moan ripped from Derek's throat and he doubled over in pain. Snow White wasted no time running back down the hall and down the stairs towards the front door. Unfortunately for her, Gabriel had heard Derek's anguished cry and had started up the stairs, easily catching Snow White and throwing her over his shoulder.

She bounced with the motion of his feet as he finished racing up the stairs and reached Derek.

"Are you all right?" He asked Derek who was still slumped over.

"Yeah." He wheezed. "I wasn't expecting her to do that."

"What punishment do you want me to give her?"

"Give her the horse."

Snow White struggled in vain as she was carried out of the house and into the stables. She was held immobile while Gabriel tied her hands in front of her and blindfolded her. Then, once more she was slung over his shoulders.

Time stood still for Snow White. One minute she was hanging upside down and the next she was righted. Her body was lifted once more before she was dropped slowly downward. Her legs met the fine leather of a saddle and then slid over the sides of a large animal, the fine hairs tickling her legs. In the next instant, she gasped in shock as a large solid object forced its way deep inside her pussy. Snow Whites hands were then tied to the pommel of the saddle and her legs were left to dangle at the animal's sides.

Gabriel's voice broke through her shock. "Well, girl, it pains me to do this. But because of your foolish actions you have to be punished. Now this punishment is one of our more lenient, but it will still do the trick. Remember my words throughout this punishment. You will not be allowed to escape us and you will not ever again try to do us harm. Trust me in this, you do not want me to have to give you a harsher punishment."

The horse began to walk and the object in her pussy wiggled with the motion.

Well, this isn't bad, thought Snow White. I can handle this, how they think this is a punishment is beyond me.

Then the horse began to canter sending Snow White bouncing up and down on the fake phallus. Up and down, in and out it went, slamming deep inside her pussy. Harsh gasping cries came rhythmically from her throat. Her breasts swelled up, aching to be touched.

"Ohhhh God! Ohhhh Fuck! Ah! Ah! Ah!" She screamed as the first orgasm shattered through her.

There was no reprieve for Snow White. The horse continued to canter and Snow White continued climaxing again and again, until they seemed to break on top of each other. When the horse stopped she begged and pleaded for the punishment to end. But her pleadings were ignored. Instead the phallus and her pussy were lubricated and the horse was slapped into a gallop.

This time the orgasm was never-ending. Continuous pleasure smashed through her until her body went numb to the pleasure and she was so weak she could only slump in the saddle. Only then was the horse stopped.

Warm hands lifted her down and once again over a strong shoulder. Insensible, she was carried into her room and laid on her bed, her body still twitching with aftershocks.

"Sleep, girl, you have until after dinner to recover and then your lessons will continue." His husky voice seemed far away to her overworked mind.

* * *

Snow White was scared. Actually terrified would be a better word. She was standing once more in front of Derek's bedroom door and in just a few seconds that door would open and he would be standing in front of her. He was going to be furious with her; she just knew it. Oh God, what if he wanted her punished some more. She was close to panicking when the door opened.

Snow White was pulled into the room and left to stand just inside the doorway, nervously wringing her hands, unsure what to do.

"Come here, girl." The silken voice slid over her causing her nipples to harden.

Snow White looked to where the voice had come from and found the golden god, waiting for her naked, sprawled across a much larger armchair than she had previously seen. Her eyes slid lower, widening at his partially erect penis….

"Come here now, girl." Derek ordered again. He smiled at her nervousness as she moved forward. "Turn around slowly."

She could feel his eyes burning over her skin as she turned.

"You have a lovely ass. And your lips are so full, and kissable. Turn some more. I like perky breasts. Tell me, girl, do you like when I look at you? Does it turn you on? Why don't we find out? Take one of your fingers and dip it into your pussy and we'll see if your wet."

Hesitantly, Snow White slid her index finger through the moisture already flowing from her cunt. Pink tinged her cheeks as she held the finger up for his inspection.

"What a wonderful sight. Give me a taste of those slutty juices. Come on, girl stick that finger in my mouth."

She leaned over the chair and brought her finger to his lips. His long moist tongue wrapped around her finger and drew it deep into his mouth, where he sucked and licked until her finger was clean.

"Very tasty. I will definitely require a better taste of that delicious pussy. But now, I have to admit that my feelings were hurt when you kneed me, not to mention how hurt my cock was. I want an apology." Derek demanded.

"I'm truly sorry for hurting you." She said in a small voice.

"Well, that soothed my feelings, but it didn't soothe my cock. Get on your knees, girl, and kiss it all better." His voice hardened on the last order.

The blush on her cheeks intensified as she got on her knees in front of him and gave a small pecking kiss to the head of his shaft.

Derek threw his head back and laughed. "Is that what you call a kiss? Pay close attention girl, you're going to learn how to suck my cock, and you'll learn it well before you leave this room. Now, take your hands and run them up and over my cock."

His skin was warm. She circled her finger around the head and discovered it to be soft and smooth. Veins along the rest of him pulsed under her hand.

"Now, cup my balls in your hands, and squeeze them ever so gently."

Snow White did, delighting in the shivery moan he gave. Squeezing a little harder got her another moan as his head tilted back. Curiosity flowed through her and she wondered if his cock and balls liked to be tickled. Deciding that she had to find out, she brought a fingernail to his elongated shaft and delicately scraped a fingernail along its length.

Derek's breath hissed out and his cocked jumped in her hand. "Fuck, that was good! Do it again!"

She drew her fingernail up and down his cock, along the front and then the undersides. Down through his pubic hair and over the full sacs and then back up his hard rod she went, over and over again. His moans turned to growls that came from deep inside his throat. Snow White took it further; taking all her nails she scored his thighs. He almost jumped up from his chair.

She could tell when he had enough, when his hand speared through her hair to grip the back of her head, relentlessly pulling towards his jumping cock. "I want your tongue on my cock. Lick it well and make it hard." He ordered.

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