tagIncest/TabooThe Truth About My Father

The Truth About My Father


I was raised in a very strict, Christian home. We didn't have church building, we had " fellowship meetings" in other church members homes, and "gospel meetings" in rented halls, or school gyms. We actually had the Wednesday night bible study at our house. I didn't really date much, just a couple of times with girls from our church, and at at the age of eighteen was still a virgin. I was the youngest of three children, and my sister and brother had already moved out by this time. I had lived a pretty boring life, but all that was about to change.

I awoke on this Saturday, and went to take a shower. I got out, and dried off, and noticed I had not brought any underwear with me. My room was downstairs, across from the bathroom, and I figured my mom was upstairs so I hung my towel up and started for my room, buck naked. As I exited the bathroom, I heard a gasp. My mom, with a laundry basket in her hands, was coming out of the laundry room.

"I always knew you were his son!" she exclaimed.

" What?!" I asked stunned, forgetting for the moment I was naked.

She pointed at my cock, and said," You sure didn't get that from Larry!" She smiled and giggled.

Perhaps I should stop and explain. I have a big dick. A very big dick. A fraction over ten inches to be exact, and nice and thick.

I stood frozen in time, trying to grasp what she had said. She kept her eyes locked on my cock. "Larry is not your father, William." she said matter of factly.

I burst in to my room, and shut the door. My mom followed me in, and sat on my bed. "You're old enough to know the truth, honey, but you have to promise me you won't tell a soul. Nobody knows, not even your fath...I mean Larry."

I pulled some underwear on, and went to the closet to get some jeans. "Sit down," she said, patting the bed. I sat down beside her after putting my clothes on, and she told me the truth about my father.

" Larry and I had been married for seven years, we had your brother and sister, and things were not going well between us. I was feeling fat and ugly, and Larry and I had not slept together for almpost a month when I stumbled upon Craig." She was smiling, and had a far away look in her eyes. "He was in college, and rented the house next door to us and he was really good looking!" Her eyes lit up, "On day he knocked on the door, and I wasn't dressed yet. I quickly put a turtle neck and jeans skirt on, and answered the door. He asked to use the phone, their's had been disconnected, and I let him in. He kept staring at my breasts, and then made a comment about my nipples, because I wasn't wearing a bra. The next thing I knew he was kissing me, and then we made love."

I was shocked speechless. My mom was the most prudish, unsexual person I had ever seen. She was proper and polite, and the most profane thing I ever heard her say was "gosh darn it". "He did things to me that Larry couldn't dream of!" she said. "I had more climaxes that afternoon than I have before or since!" She stood up, and moved in front of me. "I knew when you were born that you were Craig's son, not Larry's!" She knelt down in front of me. I tried to move away, but she grabbbed my knees. "Come on Billy, can you help mommy have a climax?" She said, and began to unbutton my jeans. I was paralized, and couldn't stop her.

She unzipped me and took me cock out. She began stroking it. "Come on Billy, get nice and hard for mommy!" She said as she jacked me off. I groaned. She took me into her mouth and sucked my cock. "Doesn't that feel good?" She asked.

"Oh yes!" I said. I had never been sucked, and it felt better than I imagined. As she sucked, my cock got bigger and harder, until it was a full proud, ten inches.

"My goodness, Billy, it's bigger than Craigs!" She said, and started to rapidly bob her head up and down and suck, and she jacked me off with both hands. About thirty seconds later, I came hard in her mouth. She gagged on my cum, and most of it ended up on her face, in her hair, and on her dress. "Look at the mess you made!" She scolded, and stood up and took her dress off. She peeled her panties off, and unhooked her bra and her big, floppy titties sagged with freedom. "Well, what do you think?" she asked, and held her hands out and spun around to give me a good look.

The first thing that struck me was how hary her pussy was. She had a big, black, tangled triangle, and a little trail up to her belly button, whick was encircled by hair. Her big saggy tits had big, dark nipples, and her belly was criss crossed with stretch marks, but I said," You look great, mom!" She smiled, and turned around and bent over. She placed one hand on each ample butt cheek and spread her ass and pussy open. " I bet you want to put it in here, don't you?" she asked as she inserted the middle finger of her left hand in to her pussy. "Yes, I do!" I said.

She told me to lie on my back, and climbed on top. My cock, which had softened up a bit, got hard real quick. She grabbed my dick, and aimed it up her hairy hole, and slid her pussy down my pole. It felt tight, but it slid right in. She leaned back a little, and began pumping. She went slow at first, not so much bouncing up and down, but moving her hips and gliding. she moaned and grunted, and started moving faster. I came inside her, and felt my cum dripping down my balls and asscrack. She began moving faster, and I timed my thrusts to meet hers. She leaned forward, and grabbed my shoulders for support.

"Oh yes Billy!" she was moaning and screaming and her fingernails dug into my skin. "OH, OH AHHHH!!" she shuddered, and I felt her pussy walls squeeze and release as she climaxed.

She laid on top of me for a while after she came trying to catch her breath. "Oh, Billy, thank you, I needed that!" she said, and kissed me long and deep. I tasted my cum in her mouth, and kissed her back. She got up, gathered her clothes, and said "I guess we beeter get cleaned up before Larry gets back from golfing!"

As she walked out of my room, I watched her ass jiggle with each step. I looked down at my cum soaked sheets and began planning our next rendezvous.

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